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A World of Keflings Achievement Guide

Guide By: Judge Bergan
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 20 (200 )
-Online: 0 (0 )
-Approximate time to 200 : ~6-8 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
-Missable achievements: 1 (Thirst For More - see description)
-Glitched achievements: 1 (Giant Boogie - see description)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Extra Equipment Needed: Windows RT/8 Device

A World of Keflings is a hit title on the Xbox LIVE arcade and has now made it's way onto Windows 8 platforms. This game features 20 achievements for 200 , and as of right now, has no mentioned plans for adding DLC like the Xbox LIVE Arcade title has done, but this obviously could change. The game itself is a bit "watered down", and forum user EatSleepDreamAchievements has kindly outlined all of the functions from the arcade version that has been left out of this Windows 8 version in this forum topic.

Beware, this title has some achievements with odd achievement values, so if you get a couple achievements with these values without completing the game, then your Gamerscore will not end on even numbers.

Step 1: Main story play

There are a total of 4 achivements for 32 you can get without trying too hard as they are tied directly into the main story and are not missable. These achievements are gained by progressing through the worlds and completing the main storyline quest.

As you progress throughout the game, be aware of the two "problem" achievements with this game, Thirst For More and Giant Boogie. Thirst For More is missable, so make sure you read the description below prior to starting the game. Giant Boogie is a bit buggy, so make sure you also read that description prior to the game. Being aware of both of these will save you from needing a second full playthrough.

Step 2: General Play

Using the strategies below, you should not miss many achievements in this game, or have to play long after you complete the game. Throughtout the game, simply accept any quest you see, and focus on completing these. While playing, be vigilent for collectibles aroudn the map that you unearth under various resources. If you focus on harvesting all the resources in the background then you will have no issue building various buildings, completing quests, and gaining the miscellaneous achievements. There isn't much strategy to this game, it is pretty straightforward.

Step 3: Mop-Up After Main Story Completion

This game gives you the ability to play through the game even after main story completion, so any achievement below, with the exception of Thirst For More can be "mopped up" or gained just by playing and doing what is required. If you followed the guide to this point and were mindful to collect all resources and complete a majority of the quests, then you should be in good shape.


As long as you did the missable achievement and the glitchy achievement didn't give you any issues, you should walk away with a nice 200/200 for this fun little game.

[x360a would like to thank Judge Bergan for this Roadmap]

Pest Control5
Scare away the dragon    

This is story related, cannot be missed.

After building the "Ice Carver" building, a dragon will appear. You will learn a new emote, and need to use it to scare away the dragon to advance.

Technicolor Sheep Coat7
Paint all the sheep   

In the forest kingdom there will be plenty of sheep roaming around the map. These sheep can all be sheered in order to gain wool for building materials. For this achievement however, you will need to paint them all when they have their wool (wool will grow back if you sheer them).

In order to paint them, you need to first build the "Paint Shop". Once that is built, you will have the option to drop paint on the sheep to color them. Focus on painting all of the mainland sheep first as sometimes the color will disappear, but if you color them all right away it won't matter as the game will remember you colored them. There are two sheep that are out of reach on an island in the bottom right map corner that also need to be painted, however you will first need to build bridges to reach them. Once you build bridges, painting these last two sheep will net you the achievement.

Cutthroat Business10
Build the Metal Trader    

This is story related, cannot be missed.

At the end of chapter 4, after returning from the Ice Kingdom, you will be instructed by the King to build the "Metal Trader". Simple follow the specifications to build this and the achievement will pop.

Jolly Giant5
Laugh with 35 Keflings   

This can be completed throughout the game without trying, but you can easily get this right away at the start of the game. Click on the emotes symbol in the bottom right of the screen and select the face with a wide smile and squinted eyes. You can keep laughing with the same Kefling and the achievement will pop.

Ultimate Collector13
Unlock all the collectible pieces   

Collectible pieces are unlocked by completing various objectives in the game. If you play through the game and get the rest of the achievements then you will be doing a lot of the actions that result in collecting pieces. The one that people often miss is for kicking 300 keflings. To get this last quest, simply kick 300 keflings in the forest world and then a quest should appear, that upon redeeming, should give you an emote and heart.

Talk to each quest giver   

Whenever you are offered a quest by a different NPC, simply talk to them to accept the quest. If you talk to every NPC that gives the quests then you should unlock this in the desert kingdom once you speak and accept a quest from the Genie.

Pretty Bird7
Build a Monstrous Perch for Mr. Feathers   

Once you send the princess to the forest kingdom, the king will offer you a new quest. Simply accept the quest from the king and build the perch by following the blueprints to advance and gain the achievement.

Tailor Made13
Build a piece from each custom workshop   

For this one you need to make one special piece from each of the different workshops. They are as follows:

Forest Kingdom: Fountain Workshop, Nursery, Sculptor & Florist
Ice Kingdom: Snowman Shop
Desert Kingdom: Master Artisan

Thanks to "DM HavoX" for the tip!

Explorers League15
Find all the items in the world   (1) 

For this achievement, you need to have you keflings harvest all the groupings of rocks, crystals and trees around the map. Doing so reveals and collects various items such as gears, eyeballs and different kinds of hearts. Just keep looking and harvesting, and you should get this before the desert world assuming you cleared enough resources to find everything up to that point.

Thanks to "DM HavoX" for the tip!

Where the Sun Don't Shine10
Kick 150 Keflings   

This is pretty self explanatory. You simply need to kick a Kefling 150 times. Any regular Kefling will do (not Bob), and once you have kicked them 150 times this achievement will unlock. You can choose to either kick the same Kefling repeatedly, or kick different Keflings, both will get you to the total you need.

Orchestrating an Orchestra15
Build 53 machines   

By machines, the game really means canons. Canons can be built once you construct a "Machinist" building in the forest kingdom. It takes 1 gear to make a canon, and there are at least 60-70 gears that can easily be found in the game by completing quests, collecting resources, or finding them laying on the map, although technically you only need 1 gear for the achievement. You don't need to have 53 on the map at one time, you just need to build them, so this can easily be gained by building a canon, destroying it, and then building it again.

Be It Not So Humble15
Build the Castle    

This is story related, cannot be missed.

This is the last part of the story. After you return from the desert kingdom you will have to build the castle. The castle itself requires a lot of resources, so this will take time, but once completed, will net you the achievement.

Build a Tent and Igloo in the Forest Kingdom   

Pretty self explanatory. Simply use the specs to build a tent in the forest kingdom. Once you get to chapter 5, you will get a blueprint as part of a quest to build an igloo, and once built, the achievement will pop.

A Little to the Left10
Push 30 buildings   

Talk to the witch in the forest kingdom and she will give you a "potion of pushiness" which will allow you to move buildings. Simply go up to a building and press the icon that is a building between two arrows . Once you do this, simple move the same building in different directions 30 times and the achievement will pop.

Story Time13
Participate in 60 Kefling's stories   (4) 

"Stories" in this sense really means quests. Quests are available from any NPC that has a yellow explanation mark over their heads. Simply talk to them and complete the quest in order to complete the "story". There are a little over 60 total quests, so you will have to do most of them in order to get this, so take your time and help out anyone who needs help.

Thirst for More15
Get all the speed and strength potions    


For Thirst for More, you have to buy 6 potions in total, 3 for your speed, and 3 for strength, which are found in the top two rows of potions at the "Witch's Hut". You purchase a potion by taking the eyeballs you get from completing different quests and from harvesting materials, and placing them in the witch's hut. After you place the eyeball in the witch's hut, you can buy one potion. There are only a total of 8 eyeballs in the game, and 9 possible potions to make, so make sure you start out buying the speed and strength potions and NOT the carrying capacity potions, as if you max out the carrying potions, you will need to start a new game to try for this achievement.

Partial credit to forum user "DM HavoX" for helping with this solution!

Colors of the Rainbow7
Paint 20 different buildings   

After you build the "Paint Shop" in the forest kingdom, you have the ability to paint sheep and buildings. To paint a building, simple pick up the kefling that comes out of the paint shop and drop them on a building. You need to do this to 20 different buildings in order for the achievement to pop.

Giant Boogie7
Perform each of the dance emotes   (1) 

Emotes are gained by doing quests for various Keflings throughout the game. By the time you get towards the end of the game you will have gotten your last emote if you have helped everyone with their quests. Simply select each emote to perform it and this achievement is yours.

*Glitchy - This achievement is currently a little buggy, whereas your save file might decide it wants to wipe out your emotes. It is best to perform the emote as soon as you get it incase this happens.*

Building Bridges5
Place one of each bridge in each kingdom    

For Building bridges, you have to build one vertical bridge in the Frozen land (story related, can't be missed), one vertical bridge in the Desert Land (story related, can't be missed), and one vertical and one horizontal bridge in the Forrest Land. Once you pust the last bridge in place, the achievement will pop.

Credit to forum user "DM HavoX" for this solution!

Start with a Bang5
Activate a building by bouncing a kefling through a cannon   (1) 

This is a fun little achievement, and is easy enough to get in the forest kingdom. You will be required to build some buildings that require Keflings in them for them to operate, such as a lumber mill, machinist, sculptor, wood carver, ect. What you need to do is grab one of the already built cannons on the map, or build your own canon using a gear at a Machinist shop and place it near a building that requires a Kefling to operate and is greyed out (no Kefling assigned to it yet). It might require some trial and error to get the cannon positioned correctly, but get a Kefling that is jobless (no hat) and then place it in the canon and have it shoot into the building to assign it to that building. Achievement will pop if you successfully shoot the Kefling into the building on the fly!

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