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Dream Master

Capture a level 40 enemy.   

You do not need to actually capture the souls, you just need to possess them. You can also buy them from merchants or pick them up in multiplayer games after the other person drops them. Capturing a enemy's soul requires being at least the same level as the enemy you are trying to capture and using your + attack on the enemy. You can only use this attack when you have a full mana bar. After using the attack, you will need to defeat the enemy and pick up the soul that it drops.

Method 1 (Capture the Soul):
Level one of your characters up to Level 60 and set up their fireball/jellyfish attack for the maximum mana increase. Now follow the method outlined in "Lion Tamer” to get the Living Creature to appear. Use your fireball/jellyfish attack to fill your mana. Once it is full use your + attack on the Living Creature and defeat the living creature to pick up its soul.

You could also capture the Warlock’s soul, but you will need to be Level 70 to capture it.

Note: Verbum Dei is level 40 but does not unlock the achievement when his soul is captured.

Method 2 (Buy Soul):
Find someone that successful captured the soul of the Living Creature or the Warlock. Enter their game at the Sacramentinos Cathedral and go to the Shopkeeper that sells souls and buy the Living Creature or the Warlock. You will need to be directed to the correct soul, as the shop window will show many blank spots that cost 0 gold. One of these is the one you are after and it will charge you gold. You will need approximately 20000 gold.

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