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Guide By: Corrupt.
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 20 [200]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-6 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [2 recommended]
- Missable achievements: None [level select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

In Abyss, you control of the Nep2no biomechanical robot that is tasked with collecting Gaia, a new energy source. You need to guide your robot through twenty levels, avoiding traps and other obstacles while collecting the Gaia, collecting them all to unlock the level exit.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Most of the achievements will come naturally while playing through the story; however there is one achievement you need to keep in mind - “Darkest Hours.” This achievement needs you to complete the game on the darkest brightness settings. You could start the game on that setting and play through each level, but it is highly recommended to play each level twice, once on the highest brightness then on the lowest. This way, you know the level, where the obstacles and Gaia are and know your route. This will make the level on the lowest setting easier, and will probably end up being faster than trying to get through some of the later levels first time in the dark. You should have everything by the time you finish all twenty levels.

One other thing to note is that once a Gaia is collected, it cannot be used for “Fast Recollector” or “Artificial Intelligence” again. You will need to try again on the next group of nicely positioned Gaia. If you miss these, the only way to get them is to reinstall the game and try again.

Use the level select to go back to any level to mop up anything you may have missed. If you have been cautious, you may need some deaths for “Robocide,” “Robocaust,” or “Roboextinction,” so go back and get them if needed. If you still need “Fast Recollector” and/or “Artificial Intelligence,” you will need to reinstall the game and try again.

Abyss is a well made game, with interesting mechanics and some tough but fair levels. The controls work well, meaning when you mess up it is normally your fault. The achievements are all pretty easily available in a few hours.

[XBA would like to thank Corrupt. for this Roadmap]

Fast recollector5
Get 2 Gaias in less than 5 seconds 

Refer to “Artificial Intelligence” for more information.

Artificial Intelligence15
Get 3 Gaias in less than 15 seconds 

The easiest place to get this is in the first Nightmare level, as there are eight Gaia. It is possible in the regular Abyss levels, but there are only a few per level and they are pretty spaced out. Have a little explore of the level, and find the first five, they are all in close proximity to each other. When you know where you are going, take aim and go for it.

NOTE: Important note, once you have collected a Gaia, you cannot collect it again for this achievement. Basically you have one run at each one. If you miss your first attempt, there is no point reloading the level and trying again, just try again on the next level. If you finish the game without this, you will need to reinstall and try again.

A thread of hope5
Gather your first Gaia 

Gaia’s are the collectable in this game, and there are dozens of the things. You can see where they are (but not necessarily how to get to them) by looking for the light sources, as they glow brightly.

Hope of human kind5
Gather 25% of the Gaia 

Refer to “A saviour has arisen” for more information.

Provider of life10
Gather 50% of the Gaia 

Refer to “A saviour has arisen” for more information.

Hero of human kind15
Gather 75% of the Gaia 

Refer to “A saviour has arisen” for more information.

A saviour has arisen20
Gather 100% of the Gaia 

There are a total of twenty levels in the game, twelve Abyss and 8 Nightmare levels. Across the twenty levels, there are a total of 136 Gaia. Collect every Gaia in every level for this one. You can see where they are (but not necessarily how to get to them) by looking for the light sources, as they glow brightly. None of them are particularly difficult, you just need to make sure you explore the levels fully before finishing.

Welcome to Abyss5
Die for the first time. 

You can die in a number of ways in Abyss, this will unlock when you die for the first time. And you will definitely die at least once!

One does not simply cross Abyss5
Die 10 times in the same level. 

Unsurprisingly, you need to die ten times in any level, in any manner. The first place you can get this is the first level after the tutorial, Just don’t touch anything, and drop to the bottom ten times.

Houston, we have a problem.5
Beat a level after crashing 5 times. 

You need to crash at least five times and complete any level for this one. The safest way to do this is to get through most of the level until you can see the end, then crash five (or more) times before heading to the exit. This way you ensure you don’t fail before you get the end and waste your time.

Die 10 Times by a saw 

You won’t see the saw until near the end of the game. You first see them in Nightmare 6. Run into any saw ten times and this will pop. This must be done in one sitting as the counter resets if you close the game.

Die 10 times by a rock 

Nightmare level 4 is the easiest place to get this. There will be several large blocks falling from above, just make sure you get squashed and killed, then do it again another nine times. This must be done in one sitting as the counter resets if you close the game.

Die 100 Times 

Die 100 times. This is cumulative and counts any and all deaths. This will most likely come naturally, but you can grind it on any level if you want it early. Dieing in this game is definitely not a difficult skill!

Promising future5
Complete the tutorial 

Story related, cannot be missed.

This is the first level you play, and will teach you the basics of the game. Finish it for the achievement.

Gather all 6 pieces of the first Nep2no vessel 

Scattered throughout the game are six pieces of the predecessor to your craft. You will notice them they spin around and fade in and out, giving off bubbles. They are quite well hidden, and blend in well with their surroundings, so are quite hard to see

Fortunately, their locations are as follows:

1: Abyss 2 - This one is just past the exit to the level; make sure you don’t exit by mistake and continue a little further.

2: Abyss 4 - After the first Gaia, continue down and to the left

3: Abyss 6 - Between the two vertical pillars around half way through the level

4: Abyss 8 - To the right side of the exit at the end of the level

5: Nightmare 5 - Between the fourth and fifth Gaia, to the right

6: Nightmare 8 - Near the start of the level, on the left between the second and third Gaia

Darkest hours20
Beat game using minimum brightness settings 

You need to beat every level, Abyss and Nightmare on the lowest brightness setting. You can change this setting in the main menu. It is advised to complete all levels on a higher setting first, so you know the layout of the levels, then go back and do it on the lower setting. You can see on the level select screen the lowest setting you have completed each level on. The best tip for the lowest setting, is to take things slow. You don’t need to rush, you just need to finish the level. Be cautious and make sure you wait and heal if you take any damage.

A little step for a Nep2no…5
Finish your first Abyss level 

Story related, cannot be missed.

Simply complete the first level.

It was just a bad dream5
Finish your first Nightmare level 

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the first Nightmare level.

Legend of the Abyss15
Beat all Abyss levels 

Story related, cannot be missed.

Beat all twelve Abyss levels.

Darkest corners of the Earth20
Beat all Nightmare levels 

Story related, cannot be missed.

Beat all twelve Abyss levels.

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