Adera Achievements

There are 66 achievements with a total of 800 points.

DLC: Episode 1
Price: Free Achievements: 18 Points: 200
Gimme A Hint5
Use the Hint button five times.   
Amateur Collector5
Gather five collectibles.    
First Find5
Gather your first collectible.    
Revive Hawk with water and a medkit.   
Mad Tapper5
Receive three rapid-tap warnings in a Hidden Object scene.    
This Way, That Way5
Travel back and forth between the same 2 scenes 4 times in 30 seconds.   
Dear Diary5
Use the Journal.   
Keen-eyed Sleuth10
Complete a Hidden Object scene without using the Hint button.    
Orb Heirloom10
Obtain the Vision Stone from the locked box in James's office.    (1) 
Canyon Pass10
Find the three animal tokens and unlock the canyon gate.    
Ritual Chamber15
Enter the hidden valley of Adera through a secret chamber.    
Quetzal Aflame15
Discover the way into a hidden city.   
Across the Chasm20
Avoid a deadly fall with a little help.    
A Helping Hand15
Show your friends what you’re doing in Adera using the Share charm.   (7) 
Zealot Collector10
Gather 40 collectibles.    
Attention to Detail20
Gather all the collectibles in Episode One.    (3) 
Aderan Paragon20
Complete all of Episode One without using the Hint button.    (3) 
Focused Mind15
Solve all the minigames in Episode One without skipping.    
DLC: Episode 2
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 15 Points: 200
Why Did It Have to Be Bees?15
Chase away the bees and enter the mysterious Aderan city.   
Memories of Amaro15
Observe a childhood memory of Jane and her grandfather, Amaro.   
The Glow15
Pour the glowing mixture into the base of the sundial.   
Trials and Tribulations20
Complete the Aderan trials of strength, intelligence, and faith.   
The Life Cycle20
Properly place the missing items on six statues.   
So Close15
Arrive at the tower where Jane believes Amaro is located.   
Date with Destiny25
Enter the Great Hall and speak with the Elders.    
Page Flipper5
Revisit each page of the Journal.    
Missed It by That Much10
Build the tower of stones on the far-right platform in the strength trial.    
Patience Is a Virtue10
Complete Episode Two without receiving a rapid-tap warning.   
Master Puzzler10
Complete Episode Two using the Hint Button no more than five times.   
It's Not Just a Toy5
Find a use for the kaleidoscope.   
Hidden Object Master10
Find every item in a Hidden Object scene in under 30 seconds.   
Casual Collector10
Find more than half of the hidden collectibles in Episode Two.    
Catalog of Wonders15
Find all 45 hidden collectibles in Episode Two.    (1) 
DLC: Episode 3
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 7 Points: 100
Escape Artist15
Fashion a crude rope and escape through a crack in the floor.    
Snake Charmer10
Chase snakes away from the clogged water channel.    
Surface Dweller15
Escape the Aderan underground and make it back to the surface.    
Pulse Perfection10
Miss no more than three taps while shifting the boulder in the cave pool.    
Steam Punk15
Obscure the stone mask's vision in the bath house.    
Glyph Master25
Use the key glyphs to open the door to Amaro's Tower.    
Aderan Intuition10
Complete Episode 3: Escape Into Light without using a single hint.    
DLC: Episode 4
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 6 Points: 100
The Tower20
Find your way into Amaro's tower.   
Bookworm 15
Enter Amaro's hidden library.   
Invisible Reader15
Reveal the contents of the secret note inside Amaro's library.   
We Have Liftoff 30
Build Amaro's flying machine and escape the tower.   
Master Cartographer10
Find all landmarks through the observatory telescope in under two minutes.    
Master Astronomer10
Line up all the planets in the celestial observatory in 15 moves or less.    
DLC: Episode 5
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 20 Points: 200
Thanks for Flying Adera Airlines10
Make a successful emergency landing in your glider.    
Home Away From Home10
Discover Amaro's secret workshop behind the waterfall.    
The Plot Thickens10
Discover the encapsulation cocoon in Amaro's testing chamber.    
Knight Champion10
Complete the Knight's Tour chess puzzle in Amaro's cave without undoing a single move.   
I've Seen This Symbol Before...10
Examine seven symbols of Adera in Part 1 of the episode.   
Race to the Finish15
Escape the abandoned plaza and make your way into the jungle.    
A Little Help From My Friends10
Find the Radicals' hidden camp and make your introductions.    
No Node Left Behind5
Complete the Blue Grotto orb game without losing a single node to an orange sphere.   
Tap Tap Tap5
Pop 20 bubbles in the Orb Shifting game within the Jungle Cavern.   
Bridge Builder5
Complete the Vine Bridge game in only six moves.   
Modern Art10
Repair the glass mural and open the path to the corrupted swamp.    
Orb-Colored Glasses10
Unlock the orb's ability to see through illusions and take it for a test drive.    
Grandfather? Grandfather!15
Reunite with Amaro.    
Family Moment5
Find the picture of Jane’s mother.   
I’ve Definitely Seen This Before10
Examine ten symbols of Adera in Part 2 of the episode.   
Balance Has Been Restored30
Stop the Elders' plot and save the Aderans from encapsulation.    
True Mastery15
Complete Episode 5 on Trailblazer difficulty using no hints.   
Fire Wire5
Complete the Glider Wire Puzzle and the Radicals’ Camp Wire Puzzle in less than one minute each.   
Fill every available space in all three levels of the Wire Puzzle on the falling glider.    
Labyrinth Leader5
Complete the Maze Puzzle in the Great Hall with only 10 maze rotations.   (1) 

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