Assassin's Creed: Unity

Assassin's Creed: Unity Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7 and bLaKgRaVy
There are 57 achievements with a total of 1300 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 42 [880]
- Online: 8 [120]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000:  40-45 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [can replay missions]
- Missable achievements: None but if you do not have Gold, there are at least four you can miss because of limited upgrade points.
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Glitched achievements: Sometimes it takes a while for the achievements to randomly unlock, later on. "Accurate Prediction" and "From the Past" are also claimed to have glitched.
- Extra equipment needed: No

  • Dead Kings DLC
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 3008-10 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

This Assassin's Creed focuses on the character Arno. We are in Paris and looking for revenge. Like normal, there are no difficulty settings to worry about. There are harder missions and enemies based on the gear you are wearing. You must purchase/upgrade your gear to make things easier on yourself. The collectibles are straight forward and most of them easy to obtain. The achievements come to story, collectibles, a few misc ones, and co op missions. The game doesn't demand 100% sync in everything, but it does require you to do so in the story. The game looks good but the actual gameplay is clunky and not very impressive. They have taken key elements away from the game that make do more fighting than sneaking. You cannot drag bodies and dump them in places, nor can you even whistle while hiding. They have stripped away multiplayer and added co op, but the co op is restricted to it's own missions and not the campaign. Luckily the game is easy enough and not very demanding on achievements. You should enjoy the experience and the storyline is one of the more interesting ones. 

Step 1 - Sequences:
Do the sequences in the story, and here and there work on other things as you please. When the missions start getting harder, take a break and go do other things in the world. Equipment is key here, so make money to buy better gear. You will want to renovate the Cafe-Theatre as quickly as you can. This will be a huge source of income and will change the pace of the game (because you can now buy much better things). Take in mind, you will not have all of the skills yet and will have to move on to co-op missions to collect the rest.

Step 2 - Co-Op:
Once you have good gear and know how to play the game, bite down on some co-op play and gain all of the achievements in this category. You can join clubs to find people or play with a dedicated partner from your Xbox friends list. The game also has matchmaking so that you do not have to plan out gaming nights with friends, you can jump in as you please. This is where you'll find the rest of your skill points, as they are earned and hidden throughout the missions here.

Step 3 - Finish exploration:
Now you must search for the last of the cockades and the chests. Do anything else you have to finish up. This might be somewhat of a grind depending on how many things you obtained or ran by.

Dead Kings DLC

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Your first order of business is to play through the six memories of Sequence 13 to unlock “Peace of Eden”. It is recommended that you complete the 11 challenges as you play to avoid the need for replaying anything. They are required for “Hydrogen Bonded”. During Memory 2, you can pick up the “Reign of Terror” and “Freedom Fighter” achievements. 

After Memory 3, all Suger’s Legacy riddles are available to solve. Two of them are story related and need to be completed before continuing onto Memory 4, so you can complete the last five at that time to unlock “Defender of Franciade” or wait until you have completed the sequence. 

The rest of the achievements can be completed post-story. Free all three outposts for “Liberator” and complete both the co-op and heist missions (solo or with a partner) for “Fraternité!”. There are four ‘Stories of Franciade’ to complete and two murder mysteries to solve that are necessary for unlocking “Hydrogen Bonded”. 

Once you have done everything mentioned above, your last task is to collect all the white and red chests, Napoleon Bicords and artifacts and to synchronize all three viewpoints. Once you’ve obtained them all, you will unlock the last achievement, “Hydrogen Bonded”. Congratulations!

Note: There are no Sync Points (to purchase skills) awarded in Dead Kings.

This will be one of the easier Assassin's Creed games. The game's pace feels most like AC2. The lack of content might disappoint some fans or those who purchased the game. If you love to complete games, rented the game, or "short but sweet" titles, then this is going to be a game for you. It will still take several hours, but the stress meter is very low.

[XBA would like to thank Tyger7 for this Roadmap
[XBA would like to thank bLaKgRaVy for this DLC Roadmap]

Youth In Versailles20
Complete Memory Sequence 1.    (17) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Pass over/under objects.
-Don't get tackled.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Attacks parried.
-Attacks dodged.

Memory 3 Challenges
-Don't get into conflict.

Complete Memory Sequence 2.    (6) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Perfect Parries.
-Smoke Bomb evasions.

Memory 2 Challenges

First Blood20
Complete Memory Sequence 3.    (9) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Cover kills.
-Keep up with Bellec.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Kills from hiding spots.
-Don't trigger any alarms.

Memory 3 Challenges

La Cour des Miracles20
Complete Memory Sequence 4.    (2) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Cherry Bomb lures.
-Phantom Blade kills.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Air Assassinations
-Phantom Blade Kills.

The Root Of Evil20
Complete Memory Sequence 5.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Brutes driven beserk.
-Doors lockpicked.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Pistol Kills.
-Pass over/under objects.

Memory 3 Challenges
-Alarms bells sabotaged
-Cover Kills

Secret Meeting20
Complete Memory Sequence 6.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Snipers driven beserk.
-Kills from hiding spots.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Double Assassinations.

Mystery Solved20
Complete Memory Sequence 7.    (1) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Enemies stunned.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Pass over/under objects.
-Lifts used.

Memory 3 Challenges
-Don't get knocked down.
-Staggering strikes.

Memory 4 Challenges

Bloody Trail20
Complete Memory Sequence 8.    (5) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Cover kills.
-Alarm bells sabotaged.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Ledge assassinations.
-Cover kills.

Road To Starvation20
Complete Memory Sequence 9.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Don't touch the water.
-Don't trigger any alarms.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Don't trigger any alarms.
-Rescue Thomas Levesque.

Memory 3 Challenges
-Don't touch the ground.
-Keep up with the Montgolfere.

Love And Duty20
Complete Memory Sequence 10.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Double assassination.
-Brutes driven berserk.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Enemies stunned.
-Snipers killed.

Down But Not Out20
Complete Memory Sequence 11.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Cherry bomb lures.
-Poison kills.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Cover kills.

Memory 3 Challenges

Curtain Call50
Complete Memory Sequence 12.    (5) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Memory 1 Challenges
-Don't let Elise get detected.
-Alarm bells sabotaged.

Memory 2 Challenges
-Doors lockpicked.
-Don't get into conflict.

Memory 3 Challenges
-Alarms bells sabotaged.
-Double air assassinations.

No Man's Land20
Complete all Rift missions.   (3) 

You will encounter a Helix Rift mission while playing naturally through the game. You are able to choose "play next mission" after completing one. These will be located around your map and the icons are shown in your legend. There are a total of seven different missions, with them grouped into different areas. 

Needs More Data20
Earn Data Bonuses in 3 different Helix Rifts.   (2) 

To earn a bonus in a Helix Rift, there will be a "challenge" on the screen for bonus data. Get to the amount on top of the screen and you will complete the challenge. Always rescue the assassin which gives you 250 points. This is not that difficult and you can just choose to "play next rift" at the end to continue going. Do this three times for the achievement. You do need to escape for the achievement to unlock, so do not let time run out.

Free a total of 10 trapped Assassins.   (4) 

Trapped assassins are in the Helix Rift based missions. The game will introduce you to them, and you can save one every attempt. This is very straight forward. Can only be obtained in the rifts. 

Blade In The Crowd20
Assassinate 100 enemies.   

You can assassinate enemies in several ways. As long as they are unaware of you, press  to assassinate them. This should come through natural progression. You can do this from hiding spots, corners, sneaking up on them, etc. 

I Want It All50
Complete all Single Player mission challenges.   (14) 

You will need to complete all of the challenges within all of the story mode sequences. Try to knock out most of them, but as you upgrade and progress they will become easier if you need to go replay them. Certain memories will require you have certain skills or equipment available. You will always want to have full ammo when going into any missions to insure you can do the challenges, otherwise you will be looting bodies trying to find things by luck.

Look at each memory sequence in the guide above to see what needs to be done ahead of time to prepare yourself. The bold on a word means you must have quantity of an item or unlocked that specific skills.

Renovate your first Social Club.   (1) 

See "An Old Internet Meme" achievement description for more details. You will have to renovate all social clubs and do all missions for them.

Falling From The Sky5
Perform 10 air assassinations.   (3) 

You can get this pretty early on in the game. While on a roof or high up position, press  when an enemy is highlighted in red. You can upgrade this ability to kill two people at the same time if they are near one another. This should come naturally as you play.

The Baguette Boyband10
Complete a Co-op mission.   (19) 

You can play Co-Op missions straight from your map or even in progression. There is random matchmaking as well as private lobbies. You need to complete them all for another achievement. 

Complete all training missions.   (16) 

Training missions are gained through progression of the story and unlocking skills. You must go into the menu and choose to play each one for this to unlock. Once you have done a training, it will mark it as complete, so you can tell which ones you have done.

Gentleman Cambrioleur30
Lockpick 20 chests.   (1) 

You will have three skills to upgrade to get yourself maxed out for lock picking. The red chests on your map mean they are locked. There are more than 20 of them in the game, so you will get this while going for the "Curiosity" achievement. You should always carry max amount of lockpicks with you, because even at top level lockpicking they can be difficult to time.

Open every chest in the game.   (19) 

All of the chests are already on your map as you sync the viewpoints. The only chests you must open for this achievement are the normal white ones, and the locked red ones. You will need to advance your lockpicking skill to the highest level to make them much easier to unlock. Always carry lockpicks around with you and grab these when nearby.

Visited Once30
Complete all Co-op and Heist missions at least once.   (68) 

Play every one of the Co-op missions to gain this. You can go into progress tracker and see what ones you have done. They are marked in gold when you have completed them.

Business and Pleasure20
Earn a total of 50,000 livres.   (2) 

Livres is your main form of currency in the game. By doing renovations to the Caf (theater), you will be able to gain extra money as time progresses. Money will slowly become easier to obtain. Doing more difficult missions will also grant you money. You will get this by naturally playing the game. The last mission for the Cafe-Theatre alone nets you 25,000. This does not have to be held all at once and can be spent as pleased.

And Stay Down!10
Perform a ground execution.   (10) 

A ground execution can be done after purchasing the required skill from the menu. This is actually one of the more difficult achievements to obtain because it's difficult to be in the position where you do a ground execution with a weapon other than your hidden blade. You must either tackle them or hold  (staggering strike) in order to knock them down without killing them. Then you must press  to do the strike. It can be glitchy and hard to obtain, so you will have to keep trying it until it unlocks. 

Panoramic View10
Synchronize all Viewpoints.    (6) 

The viewpoints are the eagle symbols on the map. They give you access to the map and all of it's contents and missions. You will want to get these done whenever you are around them. You must climb up to a high point where there is a nest and sync with .

Help Me!10
Complete 10 Crowd Events.   (4) 

Crowd Events appear at random and can be a few different scenarios. You might have to stop a thief, or kill thugs. Doing them will also gain you other awards (doing sets of them). They appear a lot more than you would think they do. 

Hand of Justice20
Solve a Murder Mystery.   (4) 

You only need to do one murder mystery. This is not story related, even though the game sort of teaches you how to handle the mystery in a memory sequence. You will eventually see an icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Start it up and do the first mystery which is really easy. Honroe is the monk you want to accuse after looking at all of the evidence. Afterwards you will get the achievement. Even if you are wrong and he is the last person you accuse, you will still gain the achievement. Wrongful accusations only lessen your rewards.

You can follow the murder mystery guide HERE if you would like help doing them all, though it is not required by any achievements. 

Ransacking Versailles40
Earn 100% completion of Versailles.   (14) 

There is a fast travel here via a stagecoach in front of the theater. This area of the game is not too large and can easily be done quickly. Open all of the chests and get all of the cockades for this achievement to unlock. You need only the white chests.

Accurate Prediction20
Complete a Nostradamus Enigma.   (2) 

See "From the Past" achievement description for more details. There are a total of 18 that you need to do.

Collect all Cockades    (5) 

These collectibles look like ribbons. They will appear on your map as you run around the area it is in. You do not have to even physically see it and you can be a decent amount of distance from it. The map shows how many you have out of how many possible for each district, which should make these very easy to find.

Don't Need It5
Drop 20 Money Pouches in the streets.   (2) 

Dropping the pouches is actually a skill that you must first purchase and then use 20 times around people. It will lose you a little bit of hard earned money. Time to pay for an achievement.

Patron of the Arts10
Watch a play in the Caf   (14) 

After renovating each part of the Cafe-Theatre, you will be able to watch plays in the room that is full of people. Go to the side on the right and you'll stand watching. It may take a while for the achievement to unlock, so you may choose to let it sit there while you do something else (or you can watch if you like them). 

Share the Wealth10
Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission.   (6) 

To get "all the rewards" in a Co-op mission, just play the same one three times and complete it. there are three rewards per mission, and you gain one each time you play and finish it. You will likely play some of them multiple times anyways, as you look around for the skill point collectibles.

Safe and Secure10
Perform all Social Club missions in a district.   (1) 

See "An Old Internet Meme" achievement descriptions for more details.

Room With A View10
Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony.   (10) 

After you renovate the Cafe Theater, there will be an upstairs area where Arno has his own room. To get there fast you can climb to the outside courtyard area and go in. This outside courtyard is above the actual Cafe symbol (the two masks). Head inside the room on the right. You should see a desk with an interaction glow on it that display customization. Near that is another door to a balcony. Head straight out and Arno will put his arms on it. Rotate the screen around and look at the view. The achievement should unlock shortly after.

Kill 20 enemies with a Long Weapon.   (1) 

In character customization you will find the gear loadout. Here you can choose various weapons. Choose a "long weapon" and equip it by pressing  in that menu. Use this to kill 20 enemies for the achievement. You can switch weapons as often as you want. You can even unlock upgrades for them, but will have to gain a good amount of story progression.

Kill 20 enemies with a heavy weapon.   

In character customization you will find the gear loadout. Here you can choose various weapons. Choose a "Heavy Weapon" and equip it by pressing  in that menu. Use this to kill 20 enemies for the achievement. You can switch weapons as often as you want. You can even unlock upgrades for them, but will have to gain a good amount of story progression.

Alternately: In the prologue, you will fight as a Templar with a heavy weapon. You can continue to keep killing enemies as they appear until the achievement unlocks.

Master Architect30
Complete all the renovations of the Caf   (10) 

Once you have the Cafe-Theatre unlocked, you may start to renovate it. There are only five different renovations and you'll be able to unlock them all easily as you gain the money to do so.

Kill an enemy with a lift counterweight.   (14) 

The lift can be used by going up to it and jumping on. You will cut a rope and be raised into the air, meanwhile a weight will go down hard opposite of you. An enemy must in that exact spot. If you stab an enemy there and then use it, before they completely die the weight can still give the final blow for the achievement. 

Never Say Die10
Revive a partner in Co-op.   (16) 

While playing Co-Op, if one of your partners gets downed, you can revive them by holding the  while next to them.

Merciful Killer20
Perform 10 non-lethal takedowns in a Co-op mission.   (8) 

To perform this non-lethal takedown, you must sneak up on an enemy and hold . This takes more time to do. It is okay if you fail and retry the mission, as long as it is in one sitting and you get 10 of these. You can opt to go into a private match by yourself and take care of it, since it is not the most efficient way to do things. 

Perform 10 Co-op sync kills.   (118) 

To perform a sync kill, you and a partner must be killing an enemy at the same time (assassination). You will probably get a majority of these without trying while completing the various missions.

The Bells! The Bells!10
Sabotage 5 alarm bells.   (2) 

To sabotage an alarm bell, go up to it and press . These are pointed out early on in the game and you will find them in various places. It should be very easy for you to get these by playing the game naturally. 

Secret Achievements
A Long Time Ago10
Complete the Prologue.   (2) 

This is story related, and cannot be missed. Can glitch and unlock later for some people.

An Old Internet Meme40
Renovate all the Social Clubs and complete all the Social Club missions.   (8) 

The social clubs are the house icons on your map. If they are red, they have not been renovated. Purchase all the renovations and do the missions inside of them. 

From the Past30
Unlock the Medieval Armor in the Caf   (14) 

You must complete all of the enigma missions. There are 18 total and they look like the scrolls on your map. They consist of following a riddle to locate various symbols around the environment. Follow the guide below to finish all of them.

You can follow the Enigma walkthrough HERE.

Must've Left it Open10
Lockpick 5 doors.   (2) 

There are certain doors in the game that are locked. It's best to have your lock picking skills at the highest level in order to have a higher success rate. Also, make sure to refill on lock picks when you need them. You have a limited amount of them that you can carry.

Sequence 5 Memory 1: There are several locked doors in this mission. Just bring lock picks and have lockpicking skill one unlocked. There are more than five doors in this area alone and they are all very low ranks. There is even a challenge for doing four of them.

I Got Skills20
Unlock all Skills.    (13) 

There are two ways to gain points for unlocking skills. You must do a mixture of both single player and co-op play in order to get these.

Play through the sequences to earn these as rewards. 

These will be hidden within the Co-op missions as well as earned from completing them. The ones you must find work like cockades. You get near them on the mini map and they will be displayed. You then have to go collect them.

DLC: Dead Kings
Price: Free Achievements: 7 Points: 300
Defender of Franciade50
Complete Suger's Legacy and recover the Eagle of Suger.    (16) 

The Suger’s Legacy riddles are exactly like the Nostradamus Enigma riddles in the main game. There are 7 total and the object of them is to locate a symbol using your Eagle Vision, interact with it, read the riddle and locate three more symbols to solve the riddle. To start each of these, locate an icon on the map that looks like a scroll, travel to it and interact with it to start the mission. They appear after you complete Memory 3, ‘A Shadow from the Past’.

Two of the 7 are part of the story and you cannot continue to Memory 4, ‘Raising the Dead’, without solving them. Since there are waypoints marking each symbol for them, videos are not included. Complete all 7 and you will have access to the Eagle of Suger, a powerful sword that emits a flash of light when you strike an enemy, blinding them. Locate the final scroll on the map to retrieve the sword and the achievement will unlock.

Solving these puzzles is a requirement for “Hydrogen Bonded”.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the video:

Free every outpost in Franciade.   (1) 

There are three outposts in Franciade: Cemetery, Courtyard and Windmill. To start these side missions, look for an icon on the map in these areas that looks like the front of a tent and accept the mission. These are available after you complete Memory 2, ‘The Book Thief’.

For these missions, you need to kill three officers in each outpost and then escape the area successfully. Within each outpost are three green circles, one for each officer. To find your targets, utilize your Eagle Vision. The targets will appear gold. After you locate them, they will always have a red diamond above their heads and on the radar. Each of the outposts are heavily guarded, so you must use your stealth skills as an Assassin to complete each one. Once you’ve completed all three, the achievement will unlock.

Freeing these outposts is a requirement for “Hydrogen Bonded”.

Reign of Terror25
Kill 5 enemies at the same time with a Guillotine Gun.   (6) 

The first opportunity to unlock this occurs immediately after you obtain the gun in Memory 2, ‘The Book Thief’.

After you free Leon from his cell and he leads you through some tunnels, a cutscene will play with him giving you the Guillotine Gun, a powerful explosive gun with a melee blade. He will then run off to look for a way to the surface, distracting the guards. Shortly after as you progress through the tunnel, you will stumble upon 6-8 unaware enemies and a tutorial on how to use the Guillotine Gun will pop up on the screen. At this point, hold to aim the gun then press and hold  for a blue circle to appear. Use  to move the circle around to get as many enemies inside the blast radius. When you’re satisfied, release  to fire the gun. If done correctly, you will kill at least five enemies and unlock the achievement. If not, just reload the checkpoint.

Thanks to VGFAQ for the video:

Freedom Fighter20
Kill 15 Raider leaders.   (3) 

The earliest you can unlock this is during Memory 2, ‘The Book Thief’.

Raiders are a group of underground dwellers searching for treasures and artifacts for the greater glory of Napoleon. Each group of Raiders has a leader, who is bigger and more brutish than the guards. A red diamond with a white star in the center appears over their head signifying who they are. When you kill a leader, the other guards will run off, so the trick is to kill the leader as quick as possible.

When you’ve reached Leon’s cell and killed the two enemies guarding him, speak to Leon but do not open his cell. Someone will scream “Intruder!” and two Raiders and a Raider leader will come running from around a corner to the right. To unlock this achievement quickly, when the leader appears, throw down a smoke bomb, kill the leader and allow the two others to escape. Then restart the checkpoint and it will restart at the point of them running towards you. Repeat this as many times as necessary to unlock the achievement.

If you don’t want to do it the checkpoint way, Raiders are generally found underground, and you will encounter quite a few of them as you play through Sequence 13. If you haven’t gotten the achievement by the time you’ve completed the sequence, as you explore the underground obtaining collectibles, you will stumble upon many of these enemies. They respawn so you can descend to the underground from the same location over and over again. Also, in the co-op mission ‘Last Rites’, it is necessary to kill at least 8 Raider leaders, so you can wait until you play that mission to get a majority of them or just keep entering and exiting the underground.

Hydrogen Bonded30
Achieve 100% synchronization in Dead Kings.   (7) 

To achieve 100% synchronization, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete all six memories in Sequence 13 and all 11 challenges (refer to “Peace of Eden”)
  • Free all three Outposts (refer to “Liberator”)
  • Complete all 7 Suger’s Legacy riddles and acquire the Eagle of Suger (refer to “Defender of Franciade”)
  • Complete the Heist and Co-op missions (refer to “Fraternité!”)
  • Complete all six Stories of Franciade
    • Last Will (unlocked after completing Memory 1)
    • The Eyes of the King (unlocked after completing Memory 1)
    • A Royal Hide (unlocked after completing Memory 1)
    • The Unopened Rose (unlocked after completing Memory 2)
    • Blind Justice [Murder Mystery] (unlocked after completing Memory 2 and only after you complete a Murder Mystery in the main game)
    • Equal Justice [Murder Mystery] (unlocked after completing Memory 2 and only after you complete a Murder Mystery in the main game)
  • Acquire all Collectibles (Chests [61 - white and red only], Artifacts [14], Napoleon Bicorns [26] and Viewpoints [3])
    • Franciade: Basilica
      • Artifacts: 3
      • Chests: 10 (White [2], Level 1 [5], Level 2 [2], Level 3 [1])
      • Napoleon Bicorns: 7
      • Viewpoint: 1
    • Franciade: Cemetery
      • Artifacts: 2
      • Chests: 8 (White [1], Level 1 [4], Level 2 [1], Level 3 [2])
      • Napoleon Bicorns: 4
      • Viewpoint: 1
    • Franciade: Windmill
      • Artifacts: 1
      • Chests: 7 (White [2], Level 1 [3], Level 2 [1], Level 3 [1])
      • Napoleon Bicorns: 4
      • Viewpoint: 1
    • Underground: Catacombs
      • Artifacts: 2
      • Chests: 13 (White [4], Level 1 [4], Level 2 [3], Level 3 [2])
      • Napoleon Bicorns: 4
    • Underground: Royal Crypt
      • Artifacts: 3
      • Chests: 10 (White [3], Level 1 [3], Level 2 [2], Level 3 [2])
      • Napoleon Bicorns: 3
    • Underground: Quarry
      • Artifacts: 3
      • Chests: 13 (White [3], Level 1 [3], Level 2 [4], Level 3 [3])
      • Napoleon Bicorns: 4

Note: Collectibles are only visible on the map if they’ve appeared in your field of vision. To resolve this, use Eagle Vision frequently. Even if you don’t physically see the collectible, it will appear on the map.

Complete the Heist and the Co-op mission in Dead Kings at least once.   (27) 

Dead Kings includes one Heist and one Co-op mission. Both of these are a 5-diamond difficulty. Although they are designed for two players, these can be done without too much effort solo. Complete each once for this achievement to unlock.

Holy High Rollers (Heist) (unlocked after completing Memory 2)
Last Rites (Co-op) (unlocked after completing Memory 4)

  • Reward: Sword of the Convention
  • Reward: Lance of Saint Denis
  • Reward: Lance of the Strong Arm

Completing these missions is a requirement for “Hydrogen Bonded”, but obtaining all three rewards in ‘Last Rites’ is not.

Secret Achievements
Peace of Eden100
Complete Memory Sequence 13.    (17) 

Story related, cannot be missed. Dead Kings is unlocked after you complete Sequence 5 in the main game.

There are a total of six Memories that make up Sequence 13:

  • Memory 1: Buried Words
    • Challenge: Don't Get Into Conflict
    • Challenge: Cover Kills 2/2
  • Memory 2: The Book Thief
    • Challenge: Don't Get Into Conflict
    • Challenge: Perfect Parries 5/5
  • Memory 3: A Shadow from the Past
    • Challenge: Pass Over/Under Objects 3/3
  • Memory 4: Raising the Dead
    • Challenge: Don't Get Into Conflict
    • Challenge: Air Assassinations 1/1
  • Memory 5: Under Lock and Key
    • Challenge: Rooftop Enemies Killed 3/3
    • Challenge: Headshots 2/2
  • Memory 6: A Crown of Thorns
    • Challenge: Double Assassinations 2/2
    • Challenge: Parries 3/3

Completing all memories and challenges is a requirement for “Hydrogen Bonded”. To avoid having to replay a memory, these are easily attainable in your first playthrough.

Game Info
Ubisoft Paris


US November 11, 2014
Europe November 13, 2014

Price: $59.99USD
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