Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks Achievement Guide

Guide By: CrustyDirtDemon
There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
Offline: 24
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 5-10 Hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
Number of missable achievements: None (level select)
Do cheat codes disable achievements: Yes
Does difficulty affect achievements: No
Glitchy achievements: None
Unobtainable achievements: None
Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks. This is a very simple, reasonably quick 1K. The game is also extremely linear. Moderate collecting is involved, and none of the collectables are well hidden. There are no missable achievements due to the level select feature, but you may have to play one or two levels again to finish collecting the red and green Plumber Badges.

NOTE: Collecting the Badges can be tedious and playing the game without a collectibles guide is not reccommended. There is no feature to tell you which level you missed a Badge on. It is strongly suggested using DrJibba's collectable's guide throughout, it is very thorough and easy to follow and you can check off the Badges you have obtained. If you miss one you will know where to look.

Step 1:
Use this Collectible Guide and start the game.

Level 1:
Destroy 15 cars for Repo Man, the level setting is a downtown area and cars are scattered throughout. In case you don't unlock Repo Man you can just reload the level. Once you get to the end of the level and face the "Boss", you will be able to unlock; Smells Like Victory, Web of Defeat, That'll be 'Saur Tomorrow, Deafening Defeat, Road Rash, Splat!, The Iceman Cometh, Brain Power, Lights Out!, Mach Speed Mauler, and True Hero by using CrustyDirtDemon's method. The enemies infinitely spawn and you can knock out all of the "150 Kills" achievements during this one sequence. For the most part you won't die. If you get low on health, there are many different objects (boxes, pipes, A/C units, etc.) you can destroy to replenish your health. You can die and your kill count will not be reset, just let the game reload your checkpoint and keep going after the enemies. Start with one alien form and destroy the enemies until each achievement unlocks, switch to another form and rinse and repeat until you have finished unlocked all kill achievements. By the end of this level you should have 620.

Step 2:
Play through the rest of the levels using the collectable guide. Protector of Earth, Trash Compactor, Charmed, Power Outage, Freaked Out!, Chili Fries!!!, Voided D'Void are all story related and cannot be missed. This will earn 210.

Step 3:
You will unlock Primus Link Reestablished as soon as you get to the level, "Null Void" when you get your "Jet Ray" alien form back. Click the in and you should unlock the achievement grabbing you another 30.

Step 4:
Before facing the final "Boss", you should have both DNAided and Omni-tricked Out!. When you finish the last level Protector of the Galaxy will unlock. These three achievements will give you 140, assuming you followed the collectible's guide, you will have 1000.

If you missed any Badges, you can use the level select feature from the main menu to go back and grab anything you missed.


[x360a would like to thank XxBlueSpade2xX for this Roadmap]

Primus Link Reestablished30
Unlock All 10 Alien Forms    (4) 

All the Aliens are unlocked on level one; however the achievement can’t be unlocked until you have re-unlocked all 10 Alien Forms. Every level after the first level you will unlock one more Alien form, and upon beginning the 2nd to last level “Null Void” you will unlock your last Alien form. The achievement unlocks as soon as you choose the character “Jet Ray” and click the in.

Now, it's Hero Time!30
Fully Upgrade All 10 Alien Forms   

You earn upgrade points by killing enemies, and absorbing the yellow orbs that their dead bodies leave behind. The game forces you to kill all enemies in a particular area before moving on, so in essence this achievement can’t be missed. You will have enough to upgrade your final Alien form on the level “Null Void” about half way through the level.

Repo Man30
Destroy 15 cars in Bellwood   (1) 

Bellwood is the very first level and has cars scattered on the city streets. These cars can be destroyed by using the Alien Form “Humungousaur”. There are more than 15 cars to destroy, so this achievement will come with very little effort.

Protector of Earth30
Complete Bellwood    

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed…”

Trash Compactor30
Complete Vulpin    

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed…”

Complete Terradino    

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed…”

Power Outage30
Complete Encephalonus IV    

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed…”

Freaked Out!30
Complete Anur Phaetos    (1) 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed…”

Chili Fries!!!30
Complete MorOtesi    (1) 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed…”

Voided D'Void30
Complete Null Void    (1) 

“Story Related and Cannot Be Missed…”

DNAided 40
Achieve Maximum Health by Collecting 15 Red Plumber Badges    (2) 

There are only 15 “RED” Health Badges, and 15 “Green” Energy Badges in the game, none of these are hidden well and are not hard to find. You will obtain your 15th Health Badge/15th Energy Badge on the level “MorOtesi” shortly before fighting the boss for this level. There are only Badges in the first six levels, the final two levels “Null Void” and “Bellwood Revisited” has no Badges of either kind.

Also there are only five collectables in each level. Two of one color and Three of another color.

There is a Level Select option, so incase you missed a Badge don't worry. You can replay any level you want.

Click HERE for the full collectible guide.

Omni-tricked Out!40
Achieve Maximum Energy by Collecting 15 Green Plumber Badges    (5) 

Refer to “DNAided” for achievement description.

Smells Like Victory50
Destroy 150 enemies with Swampfire   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

Web of Defeat50
Destroy 150 enemies with Spidermonkey   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

That'll be 'Saur Tomorrow50
Destroy 150 enemies with Humungousaur   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

Deafening Defeat50
Destroy 150 enemies with Echo Echo   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

Road Rash50
Destroy 150 enemies with Cannonbolt   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

Destroy 150 enemies with Goop   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

The Iceman Cometh50
Destroy 150 enemies with Big Chill   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

Brain Power50
Destroy 150 enemies with Brainstorm   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

Lights Out!50
Destroy 150 enemies with Chromastone   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

Mach Speed Mauler50
Destroy 150 enemies with Jet Ray   

Refer to “True Hero” for achievement description.

True Hero60
Destroy 150 enemies with Ben   (1) 

For all of the “Kill 150 enemies with XXX character” the best spot to earn them in one short sitting is on the very first level, “Bellwood”. Start off the level by only fighting with Ben and only switching to the other Alien Forms when needed. Near the end of the level you will be forced to use “Spidermonkey” to climb up a drain pipe onto a roof. Here there will be a cut-scene that shows the Boss of the level. On this small rooftop there are infinite spawning enemies. As long as you don’t destroy the electrical box that is preventing you from progressing, the enemies will continuously spawn. Even if you die on this spot, the kills you acquired still count toward that characters kill achievement.

I was able to get all Kill based achievements at this spot in less than one hour. This is by far the best spot in the entire game since you have all Alien Forms in the first level, and the enemies die with one or two hits.

Protector of the Galaxy60
Complete all Levels   (2) 

This achievement unlocks after completing “Bellwood Revisited” which is the level right after “Null Void”

I would recommend using “Chromastone’s” (hold ) move on the Boss’s in this level. His move will drop the Boss’s very quickly making these normally tough enemies very easy to defeat.

After each level excluding the last level there is a Flying Segment that can be skipped by pressing the . I have verified that you don’t need to play these flying segments to unlock the “Protector of the Galaxy” achievement.

Game Info
Papaya Studio


US October 27, 2009

ESRB: Everyone 10+
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