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Superior State of Mind

[Challenge] Beat more than 100 challenges.  

In Challenge mode, you will have to perform certain combos with every character. There are ten challenges you can complete for each character and a total of 150 challenges (or 180 challenges with DLC) in the game. This achievement will require you to do a majority of them. The challenges can be dreadful, especially for people who are not experts at fighting games, because they require very precise timing and the combos themselves can be very lengthy. You will need a lot of patience and preserving to unlock this achievement.

If you find that a combo in one of the challenges is too long, you can try breaking it up into different parts. Learn parts of the combo and practice all of the parts until you can do them. Then, try doing the first part and when you have the last hit make sure you pause. Gather your thoughts for a moment and run the second part through your head, then unpause and immediately do the second part of the combo.

If you want to see a visual of the challenges being done to see what the combos in challenge mode are supposed to look at, VesperArcade has an excellent playlist that has a video for each character's challenges. It can be viewed here:

The Blazblue Continuum Shift II patch (Version 1.03) also changes the challenges 3-10 for most, if not all, of the characters. If you are having trouble with certain challenges, you can change to and from 1.03 to an earlier version like 1.02 to change what the challenge is. To do this, go to options, system options, and then system version.

If you have questions about a specific challenge, the Challenge Mode Help Thread from PS3Trophies has a lot of answers that may be able to help you:

The following characters are recommended to try using for this achievement:

  • Ragna (Challenges 1-8)
  • Noel (Challenges 1-8)
  • Rachel (Her challenges are easy if you can understand how to control the wind)
  • Taokaka (All Challenges on both sets)
  • Tager (All Challenges, but Challenge 9 on Version 1.03 is impossible due to a glitch)
  • Litchi (Challenges 1-7)
  • Arakune (All Challenges, although Challenges 9 and 10 may be troublesome because of the Bug Loop timing)
  • Bang (All Challenges as long as you are comfortable with his air dash kick)
  • Lambda (All Challenges, the set of challenges before Version 1.03 are easier)
  • Hazama
  • DLC characters (Makoto, Valkenhayn, and Platinum)

Credit to Cantz for providing the above character list.

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Arc System Works
Aksys Games


US July 27, 2010
Japan July 01, 2010

ESRB: Teen
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