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[Score Attack] Beat Score Attack mode.  

Score Attack returns in this installment of Blazblue and it comes back even harder than the previous game. There are 14 opponents in Score Attack mode you must fight against that are set on a difficulty harder than Hell, and the last four are particularly dreadful because they are in their Unlimited versions. The last four in order are Unlimited Hakumen, Unlimited Hazama, Unlimited Ragna, and Unlimited Rachel. 

To make this a little easier, you can try using the second controller trick when you are about to die. First, you should go to settings and set the arcade settings so that the difficulty is beginner, each round is only 30 seconds and that there is only one round. Have some type of second controller connected to the Xbox; it can be any type of controller from a normal controller to something like a guitar or a drum. Play through score attack as you normally would, and if you feel like you are about to die and lose a match, hit the  on the second controller. Now, you are going to have to fight a character which you should beat very quickly thanks to the settings you were supposed to change earlier. After this match, you can continue Score Attack and redo the match you were about to die during. This trick can be used as often as you would like so do not be afraid to use it if you feel like you are about to lose a match.

One strategy to beat Score Attack mode is to use Jin. If the enemy is far away from you, use his Hishoken attack (236B/↓?→) and use Musou Senshozan (aka Ice Car, 214C/↓?←) if the enemy is close. You can also try throwing them occasionally to freeze them for a few seconds. However, you must be careful with using some of these moves against certain opponents. For example, you should use Hishoken a lot and not use Ice Car often in the match against Unlimited Hakumen because he can counter the Ice Car attack.
Another strategy is to choose Tager because he has the most health. His Gigantic Tager drive (360°B/360°) causes a lot of damage so you can try spamming this attack against your opponents.

For more in-depth character specific strategies for Score Attack mode, please check out the Score Attack Strategy Guide from PS3Trophies:

Below are some general tips to follow for Score Attack. Thank you Cantz for the information!

  • Block often and use pause buffers to look for openings to attack
  • Beware of Unlimited Hazama's life-sucking ring! Stay away from it unless you know you can get a good hit
  • Do not play offensive against Unlimited Rachel unless you know you are going to get a hit because she will not let you get close to her easily
  • Avoid being near an opponent who is about to wake up without blocking because you will be punished for it
  • Use combos that will do a decent amount of damage and that you can perform consistently
  • Know your character well and practice a lot with them
  • Pay attention to how the opponent acts during the match; each character tends to do things continuously throughout the match
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Arc System Works
Aksys Games


US July 27, 2010
Japan July 01, 2010

ESRB: Teen
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