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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Achievement Guide

Guide By: Jakez123
There are 10 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 10/10 (200/200 )
-Online: 0 /10 (0/200)
-Approximate amount of time to 200 3-4 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 12 playthroughs, 1 for each character 
-Number of missable achievements: None 
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No 
-Glitchy achievements: All except "Hello World" if you use a wired controller (see RoadMap)
-Extra equipment needed?: Wired Xbox controller (makes it easier).

Welcome to Blazblue. A 2 dimensional fighting game developed by Arc System works. Blazblue Calamity Trigger has a total of 12 characters and has a pretty simple achievement list which can be done in approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Glitch Notice: 
Let's say you load up Blazblue Calamity Trigger whilst you have your wired controller plugged in. Yet when you are on the main menu you press "Enter" on the keyboard, the game will assign your profile as the "keyboard" player. Since your account is assigned as the "Keyboard" player, achievements can only be unlocked when you use the keyboard, so let's say you played arcade mode using your wired controller, you would not unlock the arcade mode achievements as your profile is assigned as the "Keyboard" player and not the "Wired controller" player.

To simply avoid this glitch, go to the title screen, and press start on the device you'll be using most to unlock the achievements. So for example, if you were going to use your wired xbox controller to unlock a majority of the achievements, make sure you hit the start button on your xbox controller instead of the "enter" button on your keyboard.

Abbreviated Walkthrough: 
First of all, once you boot up the game (and as a result unlock the "Hello world" achievement) you should use your mouse to swipe the right edge of your monitor. This will open up a menu allowing you to change your settings. Go into Game options and change them to:

Game Difficulty: Beginner
Number of Rounds (Arcade): 1
Number of Rounds (Versus): 
Time Limit (Arcade): 30 seconds
Time Limit (Versus): 99 seconds

You can also open the settings menu by holding down the Windows key and pressing the "I" letter key.

Step 1 (Versus Mode):
First we're going earn all achievements except for "NOT BAD," "NOT BAD AT ALL!!," and "Unknown to defeat." We will be doing everything in Versus mode. If you have a wired controller this section will be very easy, if you do not however, it'll just be more tedious, but still very easy.

Step 2 (Arcade Mode): 
We will then be earning the last 3 achievements in arcade mode. Since the difficulty is set to beginner and there are 30 seconds per round, doing arcade mode with all 12 characters should take no more than 3 hours maximum.

A very easy 200 gamerscore game for a cheap price. If you're interested in the Blazblue series then I recommend that you get the console version of the game, but if you are looking for a quick boost in gamerscore then this is the game for you.

[XBA would like to thank Jakez123 for this RoadMap]

Hello World5
Started the Game   

This achievement will unlock once you press "Enter" on your keyboard or "Start" on your wired controller at the Main Menu of the game.

[ARCADE]Finished the Arcade Mode with any Character   


[ARCADE]Finished the Arcade Mode with all Characters.   

This achievement should take you roughly three hours to do. It requires you to complete Arcade mode with all 12 characters in the game. The characters are as follows:

  • Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Jin Kisaragi
  • Noel Vermillion
  • Rachel Alucard
  • Taokaka
  • Carl Clover
  • Litchi Faye-Ling
  • Arakune
  • Iron Tager
  • Bang Shishigami
  • Nu-13
  • Hakumen

Before you attempt to go for the achievement make sure your settings are as follows for Arcade mode:

Game Difficulty: Beginner
Number of Rounds (Arcade): 1 
Time Limit (Arcade): 30 seconds

This will allow you to easily win your fights as your opponents will hardly attack you or block. It will also allow you to stall for a time-out victory if you're having trouble with a certain character. Furthermore as you only need to win one round, it's quicker to earn the achievement.

Unknown to Defeat20
[ARCADE]Finished the Arcade Mode with out losing a match.   

This is easiest done with Jin Kisaragi. First, make sure your settings are as follows:

Game Difficulty: Beginner
Number of Rounds (Arcade): 
Time Limit (Arcade): 30 seconds

Jin Kisaragi is known for being a "cheap" character due to his projectile attacks and his infamous Ice Car.

His Ice Car can be used by inputting: Quarter-circle-backwards (QCB) + //. If done correctly, Jin will jump on a shard of ice and hit his opponent twice for massive damage. Due to the low difficulty setting, one can simply keep using the Ice Car move over and over again to kill the opponent, this is because they will hardly ever retaliate or block your attacks. I suggest using the  version of the attack, this is because it deals the most damage and travels the furthest distance.

Jin Kisaragi's Ice Blade can be used by inputting Quarter-circle-forwards (QCF) + //. I suggest using the version of the attack, as it is the fastest version. If done correctly, Jin will launch an Ice Blade at his opponent, dealing moderate damage. This can be used over and over to attain a time-out victory on your opponent as well as dealing tons of damage.

If you have 25 heat or more, you can use the  version for both the Ice Car/Ice Blade to use an empowered attack which will freeze your opponent for a short period of time. This costs 25 heat and deals more damage.

You will most likely obtain the "PERFECTS" achievement using this method.

Won a Perfect victory for the first time.   

A perfect victory is when you deplete your opponents life bar without being damaged yourself. This can be easily attained in Versus mode with a second controller. Select your characters and then simply use your main account to beat your idle opponent unlocking the achievement. 

If you do not have a second controller. Go to "Unknown to defeat" to get tips on how to use Jin Kisaragi to obtain this achievement.

Barrier Activate!!20
Activated a Barrier Burst more than 20 times.   

A Barrier Burst is activated by hitting all of the face buttons on an Xbox controller, or the J, K, L and N keys on the keyboard. Doing so will cause you to Barrier Burst. A Barrier Burst can be done once per round. Once you Barrier Burst you'll be put in a "Danger state" in which you take 1.5x more damage than normal. 

This achievement can be obtained in Versus Mode or whilst you're going for "NOT BAD AT ALL!!" It's best if you go for this achievement whilst doing the arcade mode achievements, simply beat your opponents to low health, then proceed to Barrier Burst before delivering the finishing blow. Once you Barrier Burst finish off your opponent. 

If you choose to do this in Versus Mode due to having a wired controller, change the settings to:

Number of Rounds (Versus): 
Time Limit (Versus): 99 seconds

Select Jin Kisaragi as your character. As soon as the round starts, barrier burst by hitting +++ and finish off your opponent. Keep repeating until the achievement unlocks.

I will Crush You!20
Made the opponent to Barrier Crush more than 5 times.   

Below the timer is the Guard Libra gauge. If you block attacks, the gauge will fill towards your direction. Once it has filled up and you are attacked again, your guard will be broken and you will be stunned for a brief period of time. This is what it's referred to as a barrier crush.

To earn this achievement, you will need to barrier crush opponents 5 times, this is cumulative and doesn't have to be done in one match.

If you have a wired controller. You can set yourself as Player 1 (Controller) and set the keyboard as Player 2 in versus mode. Choose any characters you want. Once the game loads up, simply block with Player 2 (Holding the directional key away from your opponent) and using your main account simply attack the guarding opponent. As you attack him the guage will fill in his direction and eventually his guard will be broken. Simply repeat 4 more times.

If you do not have a wired controller. I suggest changing the difficult to "Hell" and playing arcade mode with Jin Kisaragi. Simply use his Ice Car move (QCB + ) and the enemy will keep blocking the attack. Eventually their guard will break.

This is my wild...20
Won a match using moves activated by D button alone.   

The D button refers to the  button on the Wired controller or the L key on the keyboard. Every character has a unique Drive.

You must win a fight by using your drive only. This can be done in Versus mode with a Wired controller. Go to the settings and set the round to one. Then simply choose any character (for example Jin Kisaragi) and only use their Drive moves. You can use any variation of Drive move, for example you can use Down +  or Right + . As long as the move utilises a character's drive it will not void the achievement. Using any other move will void the achievement if it doesn't utilise a character's drive.

You can easily do this in Arcade mode using Jin Kisaragi. Make sure the difficulty is set to Beginner and the rounds are set to one. Once the fight starts simply use a combination of Standing +  and Down +  to constantly freeze your opponent to win.

Speed Star20
Won within a short time.   

This requires you to beat you opponent in under 30 seconds. If you use the Jin Kisaragi Ice Car Method for "NOT BAD AT ALL!!" you should have unlocked this achievement by now.

Won a match using the keyboard.   

Win using the keyboard. If you did not have a wired controller, you most likely have gotten this already. This can also be earned in Versus mode with a Wired controller. From the main Menu, hit ENTER using the keyboard so your main profile is assigned as the "Keyboard" player. Go into Versus mode and select your characters. Simply beat your opponent and this will unlock at the end of the match.

If you do not have a wired controller, make sure the difficulty is set to Beginner with 1 round and select Jin Kisaragi as your character. Once the match starts simply press the down key, left key and then the K key in sequence fast. If done correctly Jin will perform his Ice Car attack. Simply repeat until the enemy is dead.

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