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Guide By: Smokez
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 6 [90]
- Online: 6 [110]
- Appropriate amount of time to 200: 5-9 Hours
- Minimum Number of Playthrough's needed: 1
- Number Of Missable Achievements: None!
- Glitched Achievements: None!
- Do Cheatcodes disable Achievements: No Cheats

Ahhh Bomberman. One of the age old games that is still enjoyable to play, at any time, ever. You, the little cute Bomberman as you are, run around trying to kill other cute Bombermen. The XBLA has a ton of new features to warrant a purchase, and is one of the most fun games on XBLA.

Abbreviated Walkthrough
1. One of the best things to do first is to play each gametype and each map 3 times. This way you will get used to the game, the rules, and have a brief idea of the strategies needed to win. Once you do this, we can start getting achievements. The easiest one in the game we should start with, eh? To be safe, do all the single player achievements with 3+ CPU players.

2. Head over to the zombie gametype. Make sure you're versing 3 computer players. This doesn't have to be online. really, all you have to do is win the match. Try and grab most of the powerup's to gain the upper hand. Win a zombie match with the 3 computer players to unlock "Paint The Town Red!" (10).

3. Try zombie again, and put on every power up. Grab the Dangerous Bomb (the red bomb) and Full Fire (glowing yellow flame) when they appear. Wait till most of the blocks are clear, then start laying bombs. With these 2 power ups, it will cause an explosion of about 1/3 of the screen. As soon as you plant the bomb, run like hell! If you can take out 3 players at once (computer players), you will unlock "The Name's Bomb, Dangerous Bomb" (10).

4. You should know now that the aim of zombie is to gain the most amount of tiles before time runs out. You're going to need to step up your game for this. By the end of a zombie game, you need to have 130+ tiles. Try not to die, at least near the end, because all of your tiles disappear. Claim 130+ tiles at the end of a zombie game to earn "Joy Of Painting With Bomberman" (20).

5. Do a standard game, and turn on the super revenge carts. This entitles that, when you die, you will be placed on the screen outside of the map inside a revenge cart. You have the ability to fire bombs out of your cart, and the longer you hold it, the farther the bomb. Once you kill someone in a revenge cart, you will take their place on the map, and they will be in the revenge cart. Do this, and win the game, to earn "Totally Bombed!" (10).

The best thing you can do now is to just keep playing the game. Make sure you have 3+ CPU players. Basically, win 15 games, of any type, with any rules, as long as there are 3 CPU players, to earn "Exterminator" (10).

7. Yay, your last single player achievement! You may have noticed the costume select screen. Your objective is to collect 60 costume balls. Easiest way to get this is to head over to Plunder Isle. Make sure the spawns are inside the blocks. Set the time for 2 minutes. The computers will be stupid, so you will have more than enough time to run inside and grab every power up. At the 1:00 mark (or close to) a costume ball will spawn. it's basically a round rotating ball. The CPU players rarely go for these because they aren't power up's. Collect 60 of these balls to unlock "EXTREME MAKEOVER!" (30).

8. Now onto online. Play online for a bit to see if you can find players, or if not, head on over to the achievement trading thread. Your objective is to win 5 online games in a row. To make this easier on yourself, sign in as many guests as you can to take up spots, making there less other players to join. Concentrate your fire on the opponents, then get your main guy to kill the guests. It has to be 5 in a row, mind you. Do this to obtain "Completely Unstoppable!" (10).

9. Host a zombie online match. You should easily know how to play zombie by now. All you really have to do is kill 25 people in this match. Again. sign in guests to get this really easily. Do this to obtain "You Die So Good!" (15).

10. Remember those costume balls you got before? Now they come in handy. With 60 balls, you should have the full cowboy outfit. dress up in it. Now head on over to the achievement trading thread, because if you're not boosting for this, it is HARD. Basically, get in another match with 3+ players. All of them need to be dressed in the cowboy outfit as well. In fact, every one of them has to be dressed up as a cowboy, only cowboys are allowed. Basically, kill another cowboy to earn "The Good, The Bad and The Bombed" (20).

11. Basically the same as above. Dress your character up in the Bomberina Ballerina's clothes. Now head on over to the online player, with all of these other Bomberchicks. All you have to do is win the match. You will unlock "Girl Power!" (20).

12. This is almost impossible without boosting. Luckily, you only need one person for this though. Host a ranked tournament. Get your friend to join. Win 10 consecutive matches in this tournament to obtain "Did I just win...AGAIN!" (25).

13. All you have to do now is win 30 online games. you should be awfully close to this after getting the other achievements. You can just sign in a guest and make him kill himself each time. Win 30 matches to earn "The Bomb!" (30).

Luckily, this is one of those games that's still fun to play even after you get the 200. Experiment with all the different costumes, learn new tricks for each map and gametype, and become the most explosive bomb in the world!

[XBA would like to thank Lordvader178 for this Roadmap]

Paint the Town Red!10
Win a Zombie match in Local Play against 2+ computer players.     (2) 

Easiest way to do this is have the bots on easy and play on Classic. Get as many speed boosts and flames as possible and have the Dangerous bomb. If you do get the Dangerous bomb you can also easily get 130 blocks if you don't die and "The Name's Bomb, Dangerous Bomb".

The Name's Bomb, Dangerous Bomb10
Take out 3 CPU players at once in a Local game.     

Play Classic, Zombie with 3-5 CPU players on easy. Get Dangerous bomb with full fire and you should easily acquire this because the more blocks you have the more they will try and steal them. So just place them on there blocks and it will happen. I did mine on accident.

Win 15 Local matches against 3+ CPU players.     (2) 

If you are having trouble winning 3 players on just it to 1 bot and keep them on easy. Play on Classic and Bombing Run for the game mode. Then you can just make the game up to 10 matches with all the power ups on, fireproof, no Skulls, and Power-Downs off. And by the time you finish a 2nd game up to 10 you should easily get this.

(Please take note that you have to be connected to xbox live to unlock this. Thanks Lonsta)

Totally Bombed!10
Win a Local match against 3+ CPU players after being in a Super Revenge Cart.     

Play a game of Paint Bomb on Classic. Time Limit 1:00 Positions Fixed , Scavenger on and Revenge Super. Kill yourself as soon as the game starts. You will then be put on the outside in a cart shooting bombs into the board. Kill someone and you will swap places. Once in the game get the most painted blocks and kill of the other guys. If it happens to be a 1v1, you against the Computer and you have the most blocks you can easily kill yourself and win.

Completely Unstoppable!10
Remain undefeated for five consecutive 4+ player Xbox Live games.    (14) 

Start a player match and Invited 4 friends. Make it 10 rounds so that way 2 of you can get it in 1 game. Once the game starts just have everyone kill themselves for 5 straight matches and after the 5th match it will unlock. Then do so for the other 4 people. If you have 2 or more controller you can just sign them in and beat them. (From ZEE)

You Die so Good!15
Score 25 Frags in an Xbox Live Zombie Match.    (3) 

Start up a Private Zombie Match on Classic and set the Time Limit to 3 or 4 Minutes. Invite 4 players if you would like to also work on "Completely Unstoppable!" or just 2 players will work with a longer time limit. Then just have your friends let you kill them till the game is over. Once you reach 25 it will unlock.

The Bomb!15
Win 30 Xbox Live games.    (8) 

Win 30 matches not games. So while boosting for the other online achievements you can up to about 15 while working on those or just make a private Bombing Run match on Classic up to 10 with a friend. After the 3rd game of 10 matches it will unlock. Then return the favor if your friend doesn't have it. Another thing you could do is sign in a guest and make a private match and commit suicide on that controller.

Joy of Painting with Bomberman20
Claim 130 or more tiles in a Local Zombie match against 3+ CPU players.     

Play a Zombie match on Blast!, Turn Power-Downs and Skulls off, Scavenger on, and Power-Ups fireproof. Then get alot of fire and speed. Once you have those get the Dangerous bomb and have fun. Remember that if you die you lose all your powerups and tiles so be careful. And if you kill the computer they do the same so you can always steal there powerups when you kill them. I got 160 in a game so 130 should be really easy to achieve.

The Good, The Bad and The Bombed20
With the full cowboy outfit, Frag another cowboy in an Xbox Live match.    (16) 

You will need, Clint Bombwood's Hat, Clint Bombwood's Chin, and Clint Bombwood's Chaps. Then setup a Bombing Run on Classic player match up to 2 wins with a friend who is also dressed up like Clint and take turns killing each other.

Girl Power!25
With a full female outfit win an Xbox Live 4+ player girl only match.    (14) 

While boosting for "Completely Unstoppable!" have everyone wear Bomberina Ballerina's Bun, Bomberina Ballerina's Face, and Bomberina Ballerina's Tutu since you start with those. And since your boosting for "Completely Unstoppable!" it will unlock after the first match. You can Also sign in more controllers and on the sign in screen edit them as the same thing your wearing.

Did I just Win…AGAIN?!25
Go on a winning rampage and win 10 consecutive matches in a Ranked Tournament.   (8) 

All you need is 1 other friend to get this and have him search for this game type and as soon as he joins start it. Ranked Match, Tournament, min and max Number of matches 10 min and max 3 players, min and max time limit 9 minutes. If someone does join you could either ask them to leave, join you, or don't say anything until they do and start it.

Collect 60 Costume Balls.      (1) 

They are the floating crystals that appear in different spots during the game. If you play 2 minute matches they will fall at 1:02 but sometimes they don't. If you play on Plunder Island -Outside against another controller just clear out the boxes until it falls then kill eachother. There are a total of 72 Costume Balls. 24 Hat Parts,24 Head, and 24 Outfits. You start out with 4 Hats, 4 Heads, and 4 Outfits.


Credit : Zee for tips on Girl Power! and Six to Eight for tips on EXTREME MAKEOVER!

Game Info


US July 18, 2007

Resolution: 1080i
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-8
ESRB: Everyone
HDD Space Required : 44.51 mb
No videos available
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