Brink Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7 and YipYOO
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 43 (1000)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 but multiple replaying of missions needed for rank 5.
-Number of missable achievements: 0 (Some achievements require ability points. There are more abilities than points. You can reset points with cost of a level).
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes. 'Tough as Nails' achievement requires Hard Mode but you could play on Versus instead for a possibly easier time.
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? None

Right away you need to know to play all your games on Versus or Hard to get the 'Tough as Nails' achievement. Just play all campaign missions this way to assure your 1000 comes without worry of multiple play-throughs. There is no way to check what levels you have played on what difficulty, or if you beat them on Versus or not. So to be safe, just play on Versus when doing campaign. If just going for XP, you can play with Easy bots in freeplay. Also, do not do the three star challenges until you have gotten every other achievement. Do the other ones to gain the unlockables and for free starter XP. Case in point, do the 1 and 2 star challenges before playing. As you level, the bots get harder for the mentioned challenges. You can create up to 10 characters, so just create a new one after you finish the game to grab the challenge oriented achievements.

Achievements can be earned in private matches or freeplay as well but not during challenges. Considering this, boosting certain things are possible. Go HERE to find boosting partners.

Step 1: Campaign on Versus Mode (or Solo Hard)
Before playing do all of the challenges from the main menu that give unlockables. That would be all 1 and 2 star challenges. Afterwards start Versus mode. It is important you play on Versus mode from the start of the campaign if you want the easiest time. This gives you more XP, ensures you unlock the needed Audio Logs, and potentially will make your campaign run faster. If you join in the middle of a match and win, for example, you'll still get credit but have only played half of it. You will unlock many achievements playing normally as the various classes. An extremely good class to play disregarding achievements is the Engineer. They can build turrets and place mines near Objective points to make it difficult for the opposing team. The turrets can earn you XP, boosting teammate gun damage, completing repair based objectives, etc. They seem to have the most things to do and can upgrade Command Posts. They are very defensive (repairing, removing hack boxes, and disarming HE charges). Many missions require you to defend until time runs out. This class makes that happen a lot easier.

Favorite Weapon: Kross SMG (Muzzle Brake, Front Grip, Yeotek Red Dot, SMG Drum Magazine). Some people complain there is too much recoil in this game. Using this weapon you will experience almost no recoil at all.

Step 2: Misc. Achievements and Rank 5
If you haven't been focusing much on achievements while playing campaign missions, go ahead and finish them off here while trying to earn 300,000 XP to reach rank 5 (level 20). Always play online modes even if private to get the extra 20%. This will make leveling much faster.

Step 3: Challenges
Create a new character to play the three star challenges with. Playing as a level 20 will be extremely frustrating because of the AI on your team not helping. Since it is a new character you will have to play all of the 1 and 2 star challenges over again, but it's worth it doing it all in this order. Once you ave completed them, you will have completed the game.


Step 4: Agents of Change DLC
You should start by completing the 2 new missions that are introduced in this DLC. You need to complete them both as the 2 different factions, meaning you need to complete 4 missions for the first 2 achievements, 'Science Maven' and 'Towering Achievement.'

Step 5: Agents of Change DLC
There are 3 achievements to obtain for killing an enemy with a certain piece of equipment and 1 for healing 3 people at once. You need to be rank 5 to be able to unlock all of these. You should work on trying to unlock these while playing through the 2 new missions, but if you don't unlock them whilst playing through the new missions, you can go back and choose any mission, even from the original game and unlock them there.

Step 6: Agents of Change DLC
The final achievement to unlock is for getting to level 24. The highest level originally was level 20, so you only need 4 more levels which shouldn't take too long. You will have gotten to level 24 by the time you have unlocked all of the other achievements.

The game's achievements overall are straightforward and easy. There can be some frustration with the game because of bot AI and also lag when playing online. There is nothing else to really do after gaining all achievements except wait for DLC which will most likely raise thel level cap. Because of the nature of this type of game, updates are also to be expected.

If you're looking for a guide that seperates achievements based on story, class, etc, then feel free to head over to this guide HERE made by Xx Overkill VR


[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 and Scotty for this Roadmap]

That's how you win a match10
While on defense, take down an attacker who's completing a Primary Objective    (11) 

You will get this easily while playing through the game. Just kill anyone that is trying to do one of the primary objectives. This includes all types: hacking, planting charges, repairing, etc.

Not over till the fat lady sings10
Take down an enemy with gunfire while knocked down    (35) 

Sometimes you will get knocked down but actually still be alive. Before you get up, kill an enemy. You get knocked down by melee attacks (not knife), explosives/grenades, or even by someone jumping down and landing on you (usually accidently).

Note: There is an ability called "Downed Fire" which lets you shoot while incapacitated. You must be Rank 5 to unlock it, but this ability is not required for the achievement, even though the achievement picture is the same as the ability picture.

Cut 'em off at the pass10
Close an enemy team's shortcut    (7) 

A really easy level to get this is on the Resistance mission What-If: Operation Babel. As an engineer, do either of the secondary objectives "Construct Main Barricade" and "Construct Side Barricade". If you keep dying, set up a private freeplay game with no bots on the map "Shipyard". You can now create it without trouble. If you start as resistance, change teams via in game menu.

Oh I'm sorry, was that yours?10
Capture an enemy Command Post    (3) 

During any form of play, press and open the Objective Wheel. Choose the objective to take over an enemy's Command Post. You can also find them by chance. They must be controlled by the enemy for the achievement to unlock.

Note: You cannot go to the spawn point and capture their main Command Post.

Not so sneaky now, are you?10
Reveal an enemy in disguise    (67) 

Required Class: Operative (or any other if you shoot them out of disguise)
Required Ability: Homing Beacon
Ability Unlocked: Rank 2

To get this achievement, the opposing team must have Operatives that are actively disguising themselves. You must then focus your aim on them (holding ) and reveal them. The game will not do it automatically. If you find another person with your gamertag, then you know they are a fake. If you see someone not shooting the opposing team, or doing any objectives, you can also figure they may be a fake. Is the other team ignoring them completely and shooting you? Suspicious team mates hanging around enemies without being attacked? You come into a zone plagued with enemies and one of your team mates, camping together. That is who you will want to focus your aimer on.

Note: You can also pick any class and just shoot them out of disguise. This achievement may unlock without you even being aware you were doing it.

You shall not pass!20
While on defense, prevent the attackers from completing their first objective    (4) 

This should come naturally and is easier on some levels. But an even easier way is to start up a private match with a defend based objective and let the timer run out. Remember, no bots. You can change sides if you're not on the defense side as well.

Was it the red or the blue wire?10
Disarm an HE charge    (4) 

Required Class: Engineer
Required Ability: Standard Engineer Kit
Ability Unlocked: Rank 1 (automatically unlocked)

There will be missions where the opposing team has a main objective to destroy something. There are a few secondary ones as well. Once a soldier on another team plants a charge, you must disarm it by holding on it.

Great shot kid! One in a million10
Take down an enemy by shooting a grenade    (33) 

Required Class: Any
Required Ability: Grenade Shooting (Universal ability)
Ability Unlocked: Rank 1

Throw a grenade by pressing . Now shoot at it while it's near an enemy (in the air, or on the ground). With a little luck you should be able to pull this off.

They never knew what hit them20
While on offense, win the match in less than 30% of the time limit    (16) 

This achievement can be pretty tough. To make it one of the easiest achievements in the game, start up freeplay with no bots. An easy one to do is Aquarium. Plant the charge, then escort the VIP. Of course there could be easier/faster methods. This is just an example.

The story has just begun100
Win both story campaigns (not including What-If missions)     (23) 

Complete every mission in both campaigns (Security and Resistance). Remember it's best to do this all in Versus so you can get all of the Audio Logs.

You've escaped the Ark75
Win all main missions of the Resistance campaign (not including What-If missions)     (2) 

See "Viva la revolution" achievement description.

The start of something big20
Win any mission, whether campaign or What-If    (3) 

You will get this upon your first win, as long as it's a campaign mission.

You've saved the Ark75
Win all main missions of the Security campaign (not including What-If missions)     (9) 

See "To serve and protect" achievement description.

Viva la revolution!50
Win every Resistance campaign mission, including What-If missions     (2) 

This requires you to complete each of the missions on the bottom set of missions (Resistance). You can do this in any mode while in campaign (solo, versus, etc). To see what missions you have completed, look to the right and you'll see a circle. If it is complete, it will be filled in.

Day 1: Getting Answers
Day 2: Breakout
Day 3: Chen's Plans
Day 6: Black Box
Day 7: Attack on CCity
Day 8: Airborne
What-If: Operation Babel
What-If: Critical Reaction

Use the wheel, earn more XP10
Complete an objective after first selecting it on the Objective Wheel    (4) 

First pull up your objective wheel with and use to navigate around. Choose any of the objectives to make it your priority. It will be highlighted. Now just complete it.

I think I know a shortcut10
Open a shortcut for your team    (8) 

There are a few levels this can be done. In Security campaign, the level Day 4: Dirty Bomb has a secondary objective "Construct Side Stairs". You will need to be an Engineer to complete this objective. On the Resistance mission What-If: Critical Reaction, as an engineer do the secondary objective "Repair the Bridge Access Panel". You can find these on your Objective Wheel to make them easier to find.

To serve and protect50
Win every Security campaign mission, including What-If missions     (2) 

This requires you to complete each of the missions on the top set of missions (Security). You can do this in any mode while in campaign (solo, versus, etc).

Day 1: Hostage Rescue
Day 3: Smash and Grab
Day 4: Dirty Bomb
Day 5: Prison Break
Day 6: Early Launch
Day 8: Fallout
What-If: Chopper Down
What-If: Grand Theft Aero

Tough as nails80
Win all storyline campaign missions (exc. What-If missions) in either Online Versus, or in Hard mode     (133) 

You will have the most luck doing this in Versus. Since you have to do Versus to get all audio logs anyways, then it's automatically what you must play. Only those who do not have online access might think to play on Hard mode. If you join a match that has 5 seconds left and your team wins, then that counts as a win even though you didn't start the match or do anything in it. If you seem to have horrible luck with this game, it might be best to quit out and try your luck getting into matches that are near over.

Well done!10
Complete your first 1 Star Challenge   (3) 

See "King of the world!" achievement description.

Very well done indeed!20
Complete your first 3 Star Challenge   (8) 

See "King of the world!" achievement description.

No I insist, you take it5
Use the last of your Supplies to refill a teammate's ammo rather than your own    (6) 

Required Class: Soldier
Required Ability: Standard Soldier Kit
Ability Unlocked: Rank 1 (automatic from start)
Just keep giving your team your ammo by holding when close to them and the game indicates that you can. Before your last reload of ammo, shoot a few but instead of reloading, give that pack away so that the bottom number on your ammo is 0 and your top is less than whatever full is.

It's a trap!10
Take down an enemy with a Satchel Charge     (4) 

Required Class: Soldier
Required Ability: Satchel Charge
Ability Unlocked: Rank 5

You can plant up to 3 at a time but you can kill an enemy with one depending on how close they are and what body type they are using. Press and hold where you want to plant the charge. It will explode if it is short or a grenade goes off near it. You can also make it explode when looking at it and the icon above it indicates you can detonate.

Who's bad?25
Complete all 1 Star Challenges   (5) 

See "King of the world!" achievement description.

You're going places, kid!20
Reach Rank 2    (1) 

See "Time to start a new character" achievement description.

Time to start a new character100
Reach Rank 5    (50) 

Rank 5 requires you to be a level 20. You will get most of your levels by playing through the campaign in Versus. Depending on how much you win, how well you do personally, and even what mission you play will result in how much XP you get. If you complete the match you get an additional 15%, and if you play online you get an extra 20%. This is another reason it's good to always play Versus. Even if you are doing solo missions, make sure you at least just set it to a private match to get that extra 20%.

Rank 1: 0 XP (level 0)
Rank 2: 15,250 XP (level 5)
Rank 3: 60,750 XP (level 10)
Rank 4: 148,000 XP (level 15)
Rank 5: 300,000 XP (level 20)

King of the world!100
Complete all 3 Star Challenges   (64) 

There are a total of 4 challenges to complete. You must do the first and second Star Challenges in order to unlock the 3rd for each. They hardly change and add a little bit more difficulty. Straight from Splash Damage out of the strategy guide, they state the higher you rank up the harder they become. So it's best to do the first couple for each challenge to get all unlockables, then play the campaign. Once done with campaign, create a brand new level 0 character to do the challenges with. After completing the 1st/2nd Star Challenges prior, and by learning lots of the game from playing so much and hitting rank 5, you should not have too much trouble completing them now.

Be More Objective: Here you must do objectives with the various classes. Your AI team will not help hardly at all. This is the most frustrating of the challenges. You will get shot randomly and get taken down quickly. Make sure you use the high ground often. Do this challenge first.

Parkour This: This is the easiest of the challenges. There are no enemies. Be sure to do this one last so you don't gain experience from it (so you don't gain a level).

Escort Duty: This mission can be a little bit tough but it's more about the time. If you keep killing enemies and moving on you will do fine.

Tower Defense: The way it works is there are 3 rounds with various amounts of enemies in each wave. You must kill them and protect the Command Post. Place a mine near the objective but not directly in front of it. An enemy has to step off of for it to detonate. If you die, it will be your safeguard. Also remember you can self buff your weapon damage and refill ammo by accessing the Command Post every time you need it.

Click below and you will find videos and more in-depth discussion on the challenges.

3-Star Challenge Guide by Maka

Well that was educational50
Collect all Audio Logs    (51) 

There are a total of 74 Audio Logs. To gain all audio logs you must complete levels in campaign. It does not matter if you have all bots or a mixture of humans and bots. If you join a match already in progress, you will still unlock the audio logs. Therefore, if you have trouble with this game you may want to keep joining random matches and hope you land in one that is almost over and your team is winning. Keep playing until you get them all. They seem to be random when they unlock, but playing Versus (every level) seems to work well. It's a possibility they unlock also with certain secondary objectives being complete, so make sure you focus on those at times just in case. If not boosting for getting to level 20, you should get this before you hit that rank.

You can get audio logs in solo mode, but either way, you will likely want to play versus to collect the rest and get the 'Tough as Nails' achievement easier.

To look a list and more detailed guide on the Audio Logs, please visit the guide thread below:

Audio Log Guide by A. Gamer

Note: You may play solo levels by yourself, without any bots and still unlock Audio Logs. If missing some logs, go ahead and try each level by yourself doing all objectives.

Smart decisions win battles10
Attempt to Revive an objective-class teammate over a non-objective teammate near a Primary Objective    (13) 

Required Class: Medic
Required Ability: Standard Medic Kit
Ability Unlocked: Rank 1 (automatically unlocked)

While a Medic, you will have no real objectives to complete like the other classes do. While at an objective, there are times when multiple people will get downed near it. If you revive the class which is tied to that specific objective, but they are both near it, then you will unlock the achievement. You can find these team mates by pulling up your objective wheel and seeing a team member's name.

Note: Like the description mentions. this must be a primary objective which are always gold on your objective dial. They are also listed before you start the missions.

I live… again!5
Revive yourself    (11) 

Required Class: Any
Required Ability: n/a
Ability Unlocked: n/a

When you get downed, wait around for a medic. Keep the box associated highlighted so that you do not respawn. Once a medic throws you a shot, hold to revive yourself.

Note: There is a medic ability where you literally can revive yourself without another medic needed. This is not what the achievement requires.

You can place another mine now10
Take down an enemy with a mine    (3) 

Required Class: Engineer
Required Ability: Mine
Ability Unlocked: Rank 1 (automatically unlocked)
The mine is an ability you get from the start. To place one, hit and place the mine somewhere you know enemies will be running by. The mine will not detonate until they actually step off of it. Therefore, you will want to place it near an objective but not right in front. Otherwise they can still get the objective done first and even possibly be killed by someone else.

Pump up the volume!10
Upgrade your team's Command Post    (8) 

Required Class: Engineer
Required Ability: Command Post Upgrade
Ability Unlocked: 3

You can only upgrade the command posts that you don't spawn at and that you already own. While in the class class/weapon screen, just let it sit there and it will upgrade automatically.

T'is better to give than receive10
As a Medic, using the Transfer Supplies ability, give the last of your Supplies away    (6) 

Required Class: Medic
Required Ability: Transfer Supplies
Ability Unlocked: Rank 2

As you run around as a Medic, you will get opportunity to refill your team's supplies. An interaction prompt will appear on the team member who needs them or is low. Refill by holding on them.

A bit of a headache5
Take down an enemy with a Cortex Bomb    (9) 

Required Class: Operative
Required Ability: Cortex Bomb
Ability Unlocked: Rank 4

With this ability, upon being downed, you will be able to detonate yourself and kill anyone standing nearby. To detonate, just hold down . Many times you will get downed while in close quarters, so you'll want to detonate right away. Other times if no one is near, just wait and there's a chance someone will run up to finish you off (common with bots).

Detonate a HE Charge    (2) 

Required Class: Soldier
Required Ability: Standard Soldier Kit
Ability Unlocked: Rank 1 (automatically unlocked)
There will be objectives in missions where you must plant this charge. Run to this objective and hold on it. A timer will start and you must protect the charge until it explodes. While on the list of missions, just highlight and anything that says "destroy" in it as an objective description means you will be planting a charge.

That mine you found? Disarmed!10
Spot a mine which is later defused by another Engineer    (150) 

Required Class: Operative
Required Ability: Standard Operative Kit
Ability Unlocked: Rank 1 (automatic from start)

In order to get this you must find a mine layed down by the opposite team. They are highlighted red for this class only. Look at the mine and aim at it. A bar will fill up and it will now be highlighted for the rest of your time. Now an engineer must come over and defuse it. The achievement can be somewhat tricky as it's rare for them to be defused, even by bots.

Note: You cannot be the Engineer that defuses the bomb you spotted. It must be someone else.

Complete an Operative Primary Objective within 5 seconds of breaking disguise    (25) 

Required Class: Operative
Required Ability: Standard Operative Kit
Ability Unlocked: Rank 1 (automatic from start)
To go into disguise, go to any dead enemy's body and hold . The only objective for an operative is to hack. Oddly, hacking breaks disguise and is usually fairly slow. Also, if you die, the other team will likely take off your hack box and cause you to do it all over again. The scenario the game wants was as follows: You died at 95% or so hacking. You spawn, get in disguise, and go back to the objective. You then finish the hacking. This is extremely rare and unlikely, especially against bots. So what you need to do is hack until 95%, disguise yourself with a body nearby (or create one), then finish the hack. Remember the disguise breaks when you start hacking.

Note: As long as you are in disguise when an operative objective is complete (by someone else) you will still get the achievement. You had to have been a part of the hack at some point.

DLC: Agents of Change
Price: TBD Achievements: 7 Points: 250
Science Maven50
Win Labs as both factions in Campaign Mode     (3) 

You need to complete day 21 levels as both factions and win.

Day 21: Lab rats - As Security all defensive tasks.

Defend Elevator Acess Door (Any class)
Defend the Bio-Sequencer (Any class)
Defend the Arkoral Sample (Any class)

Day 21: Synthesise This - As Resistance all attacking tasks.

Destroy Elevator Acess Door (Soldier class)
Repair the Bio-Sequencer (Engineer class)
Deliver the Arkoral Sample (Any class)

Towering Achievement50
Win Founders' Tower as both factions in Campaign Mode     (1) 

You need to complete Day 23 as both factions and win.

Day 23: Founders Keepers - As Security all attacking tasks.

Hack the Lobby Door Controls (Operative)
Destroy Elevator Obstruction (Soldier)
Destroy Office Door (Soldier)
Remove the Detonator (Engineer)
Dispose of the Detonator (Any class)

Day 23: Tower Defence - As Resistance all defending tasks.

Defend the Lobby Door Controls (Engineer)
Defend Elevator Obstruction (Engineer)
Defend Office Door (Engineer)
Defend the Detonator (Any class)
Defend the Detonator (Any class)

A burning Thing20
Kill an enemy with a Napalm Grenade    

Required Class: Soldier
Required Ability: Napalm Grenade
Ability Unlocked: Rank 5
Same as a regular grenade with fire damage. Select using and press to throw. Most effective when thrown into a group of enemies where heavy fighting is taking place. This will unlock when an enemy dies from the napalm grenade.

Kill an enemy with a Pyro Mine    (2) 

Required Class: Engineer
Required Ability: Pyro Mines
Ability Unlocked: Rank 5
Similar to the landmine but with fire damage. Select using and hold to place. Most effective placed next to objectives, especially in doorways. This will unlock if it kills an ememy when triggered.

Remote Control20
Kill an enemy with a UAV    (1) 

Required Class: Operative
Required Ability: UAV
Ability Unlocked: Rank 5

UAV remote controlled drone. Select using and hold to place, then hold to take control in first person view. You need to hold for a few seconds before to make it detonate. Most effective when flown into a group of enemies where heavy fighting is taking place. This will unlock when you detonate the UAV and kill an enemy.

Mutual Support30
Have a Field Regen Unit buff more than 3 players simultaneously    (14) 

Required Class: Medic
Required Ability: Field Regen Unit
Ability Unlocked: Rank 5
Health regen unit, Heals allies in small area effect. Select using and hold to place. Most effective placed next to objectives or where heavy fighting is taking place near your allies. This will unlock when 3 allies are being healed at the same time, allies do not need to be be damaged before they can be healed. Thanks to Tyger7 for confirmation.

Here a some level guides if you are having problems unlocking through normal play.

sera07 guide - Day 3: Chen's plans - Faction Resistance - 1st objective

Rush into the mainframe room, place the Field Regen Unit in the room surrounded by glass doors. This is a heavy fighting room and most of your allies will be in or around this room. This should unlock within 3 minutes.

Tyger7 guide - Day 1: Hostage Rescue - After completing 1st objective.

After the cutscene, run a little bit down the hallway and place the Field Regen Unit. You should have around 4 or 5 people walk throught it. A few seconds later the achievement will unlock.

Ark King60
Reach Level 24    (39) 

Once you reach level 24 which is 503,250 XP this will unlock.  Quickest way to level up I found is to pick operative class, kill an enemy then hack this body for comms hack then hack his body again to steal his disguise. Keep doing this for lots of XP.

There is a detailed method, explanation and video for boosting xp and ranks here. Thanks to Maka for XP guide.

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US May 10, 2011
Europe May 13, 2011

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