Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Achievement Guide

Guide By: Barad
There are 12 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 12 Achievements - 400
-Online: 0 Achievements - 0
-Approximate amount of time to 400 : 5 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None - Chapter Select
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty setting
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None

Release - 7th August 2013
Price - 1200msp

Credit to SSC MrNice for the videos.
Welcome to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This heavily story-driven adventure game will have you playing as two young brothers on a quest which require the pair to work together in order to survive and succeed in their actions. The game is stunning with some amazingly haunting and emotional moments which will take your breath away with the level the game reaches with it's beautiful environments and character interactions.

All 12 achievements are for performing various actions throughout the game. Although all of these actions can be easily missed, Chapter Select is available so you can go back and get anything you may have missed in your original playthrough. The only achievement that may cause some confusion for some players is Love Birds, see achievement for more details.

You will unlock Take a Break in the Prologue for 20G. Wishing Well, Bunny Buddies & Black Sheep are unlocked during Chapter 1 for 80G. You will unlock Falling Star in Chapter 3 for 20G. A Sad Tune, Windpipe & Love Birds are unlocked during Chapter 4 for 120G. You will unlock Call of the Giants in Chapter 5 for 40G. Finally, Behind the Curtain, Turtle Soup & Whale Song are unlocked during Chapter 6 for 120G. There are no achievements tied to Chapter 7 or the Epilogue.

Mop Up/Conclusion
After finishing the game, you will have unlocked every achievement in the game by following this guide but by any chance you did miss anything, simply replay your level by going into Chapter Select. This also refers to the Love Birds achievement as long as you quit after the save icon appears, you can continue to the next section.


Older brother move - Older brother interact -

Younger brother move - Younger brother interact -

[XBA would like to thank Barad for this Roadmap]

Take a Break20
You took a break from adventuring.   (3) 

This is unlocked at the very start of the game during the Prologue. You will start by pushing a cart with a man on it, keep going until you get to platform where you have to pull a lever to continue. Before proceeding, go to your right down the path which leads to a beach. There will be a pile of rocks you must interact with. (:rt: or :lt: - whichever brother you want.) Achievement will unlock once you start chucking the rocks in the ocean.


Wishing Well20
You threw someone's ball down a well… Shame on you.   (6) 

This is unlocked at the very start of Chapter 1. Once you start, walk down the path a little and you will see a girl playing with a ball on the right. Steal the ball by interacting with it as the younger brother then look behind and you'll see a well on the left. Throw the ball in the well.


Black Sheep40
Every family's got one.   (2) 

This is unlocked in the same area as Bunny Buddies, except instead of going down to the rabbits, you'll see that to progress through the level you have to go to the right and lower the bridge to proceed. Across the bridge are some sheep. Pick one up as the older brother while the younger brother holds the bridge on the treadmill and bring the sheep back to where the rabbits are. Now drop it on the same circular fireplace in the middle to make the sheep black.


Bunny Buddies20
You made the bunnies play nice.   (1) 

During Chapter 1, once you have passed the field with the dog chasing you and climbed up the vines, keep following the path until you see some rabbits jumping about in front of you on the path below. Go to them and pick up the white rabbit as the young brother and drop it on the circular fireplace in the middle to make the rabbit black.


A Sad Tune20
You made someone feel better.   (2) 

This is unlocked at the beginning of Chapter 4. Climb the rocks at the start and as you walk ahead you will notice a man trying to hang himself off a tree on the right path. Stop the suicide by having the big brother grab the mans legs and little brother climb the tree to cut off the rope. Then go to the back of the tree, drop down and move along the wall where you must pick up the little music box. Go back to the man and drop the box near him.


Love Birds60
You re-united the two love birds.   (10) 

This is a two part achievement covering Chapter 1 & 4. On Chapter 1, when you arrive to an area with the rabbits & sheep and before going across the platform, you will see a caged bird near the treadmill. Interact with the cage to free the bird.

The second part of the achievement takes place in Chapter 4, just after you unlock the Windpipe achievement you will make your way down the stairs past the professor. On the way you will see a telescope, interact with it as either brother and look near the bottom right where you'll notice the same bird sitting on a tree stem. Zoom in with for the achievement to unlock.

Note: If you forget to free the bird in Chapter 1 and finished the game, simply select Chapter 1 from the menu and free the bird but continue playing until the save icon appears. Now quit to the menu and select Chapter 4 and play until you telescope the bird which should unlock the achievement.

If you freed the bird in Chapter 1 but forgot to telescope it in Chapter 4 and finished the game, simply select Chapter 4 directly and play until you telescope the bird which will unlock the achievement.


You made the inventor dance.   (1) 

During Chapter 4, once you reach the professor/inventor from the mountain goats, make your way up from the left onto the stairs, use the cog, proceed and then instead of following the professor to his desk, go up the stairs to the musical structure. Now use the younger brother to continuously rotate the outside lever while the older brother pushes the inside lever to the 5th pipe down which will play music.


Call of the giants40
You sounded a giant horn.   (2) 

During Chapter 5 in the valley, once you drop the axe to clear a path to proceed, you'll have to balance across a log near the giant crossbow to get to the other side. Instead of going towards the left, take the path to the right and you'll see a giant horn. Blow the horn with the older brother.


Behind the Curtain40
You found a secret.   (4) 

This is unlocked at the very start of Chapter 6. As you move down the river and go down the right bend you'll see a blood filled waterfall on the right. Row though the waterfall to witness the ceremony.


Turtle Soup60
You helped the turtles to the sea.   (2) 

During Chapter 6, once you have left the boat and make your way down the path a little you will notice a large turtle. From the turtle, go to the path on the right and you will see 3 baby turtles in the area, once of which is on the platform above where you need to push the younger brother up there to slide the turtle down. Then interact with the all three of the turtles to push them down the slide right at the back end of that area you're in.


Whale Song20
You practised singing.   (2) 

This is unlocked shortly after Turtle Soup. Once you climb up and start following the woman, she will stop but you must keep running to the left past all the frozen people until you reach a bench. Have both brothers sit on the bench and enjoy the final moment.


Falling Star20
Make a wish.   (9) 

This is unlocked at the beginning of Chapter 3. After you make your way through the woods with the wolves trying to attack you, you will come to a cemetery. Instead of making your way down to the left, turn right and walk up where you will see a Statue. Interact with the statue with either brother and witness a shooting star.

Note: The achievement only seems to unlock for some people if you interact with the Statue with both brothers.


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US August 07, 2013

HDD Space Required : 662.54 mb
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