Kinect Fun Labs: Build a Buddy

Kinect Fun Labs: Build a Buddy Achievement Guide

Guide By: Blarghinator
There are 8 achievements with a total of 50 points.

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Difficulty to 50/50: 2/10
Approximate time to 50/50: 2 hours
Glitched Achievements: None
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Extra Equipment Needed: Kinect

Welcome to the exciting world of Kinect Fun Labs, where you download gadgets that are Kinect compatible and play around. Each gadget is free and comes with 8 achievements for 50 gamerscore. In this game you will bring an inanimate object to life, design a personality for it , and interact with it. This specific gadget will take longer than others and will take more effort but still fairly easy.

Step 1 
Building and Sharing. In this step you'll want to build your first buddy and share him. During this, be sure to crouch for 5 seconds. 

Achievements obtained in this playthrough:

  • Meet My Buddy
  • Buddy You're A Star
  • Getting to Know You
  • Toot Toot
  • It's alive.

Step 2
Personalities. On this step you will work towards obtaining all 8 personalities in the game, please refer to the guide for the information.

Step 3
Grinding. It is here in this step that you will finish all other achievements. Creating 25 total buddies and sharing ten times. 

Even though 'Build A Buddy' is a bit harder, it is much more interesting than the other three gadgets released as of now. It is still an easy 50 gamerscore more added to your total!

Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?10
Shared 10 times    (1) 

After creating a buddy you have the option to share. Simply use the share option 10 times. Note; It CAN be done with the same buddy all ten times.

Multiple Personalities5
Built all eight buddy personalities    (4) 

When selecting the qualities you must choose all of the below at least once:

  • Left - Left - Left
  • Left - Right - Left
  • Left - Left - Right
  • Left - Right - Right
  • Right - Right - Right
  • Right - Left - Right
  • Right - Right - Left
  • Right - Left - Left
Toot Toot!5
Held a crouch for 5 seconds    (5) 

When interacting with your buddy, crouch until the achievement pops.

Meet My Buddy5
Shared a video on your Friends Feed    (1) 

After creating a buddy you'll share him. You will be prompted to upon completion of interaction. Press 'Yes' twice to confirm the share.

Buddy, You're A Star!5
Shared a video to    (1) 

Refer to Meet my Buddy.

Getting To Know You5
Discovered all of your buddy's behaviors    

Upon completion of the interaction segment of the buddy builder this will unlock.

It's ALIVE!5
Brought an object to life    

You will recieve this upon finishing the final interaction with your first buddy.

Build A Buddy Pro10
Build 25 buddies    (9) 

All this achievement takes is a bit of grinding. Simply keep creating buddies over and over again. Note; Changing the personality does NOT count as creating another buddy.

Game Info


US June 06, 2011

HDD Space Required : 263 MB
Kinect: Required
No videos available
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