Cabela's North American Adventures

Cabela's North American Adventures Achievement Guide

Guide By: Goots 88
There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 
- Offline: 28/33 (850/1000)
- Online: 5/33 (150/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 10005-7 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (See a "Real Hunting Story") - Stackable.
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Shooting Galleries:
My Gold Scores (Something to aim for).

  • Mirror Lake: 23130. 
  • Evergreen Mountain: 74435.
  • Camino Dorado: 55616.
  • Rimrock Valley: 49130.


  • Make sure difficulty is set to Pro Hunter Difficulty. 
  • Take your time throughout “episodes” as there is no time limit. Plus, when moving slow you get stealth kill bonus +100 and Stealth Movement Bonus +20. 
  • Big Slam’s are key. Before a Big Trophy is hunted make sure you kill one small animal and a bird. It will net you an additional 100 points. 
  • Also, on levels that involve you to make a duck call, use it as many times as you can. 20 points per call. See "Master Quaker.
  • On timed missions, shoot as many varmint as possible.
  • My strategy; Each level has 2 Big Trophy’s. DO NOT RUN until Trophy’s are killed (you will not get stealth bonuses). Kill a varmint then a bird and then slowly crouch near big trophy, call animal with  while you are in cover. As animal begins to approach kill with bow giving you Slam Bonus, Bow Bonus, Stealth Bonus, Heart (or Spine) Bonus, Call Bonus, Close Range Bonus for 600 points plus additional trophy points. Collect gold over trophys dead corpse, complete requirements for objective bonus. Rinse and repeat for 2nd trophy animal.

Gold Requirements (A+):
Please note these are my scores that I ended up getting and receiving A+.

  • Pennsylvania: Episode 1: 2334.
  • Pennsylvania Early Fall: 5185.
  • Alaska Early Fall: Episode 2: 4217.
  • Alberta Early Fall: 7470.
  • British Columbia: Episode 3: 6066.
  • Pennsylvania Fall: 5345.
  • Alberta: Episode 5: 6369.
  • Alberta Late Fall: 5520.
  • Episode 5: Montana: 1943.
  • Montana Winter: 6435.
  • Alaska Early Spring: Final Episode: 4201.

[XBA would like to thank Goots 88 for this Roadmap]

Open Season30
Finish your first hunting mission    

Story related cannot be missed.

Mutant Deer30
Take down at least one Albino Deer    (1) 


  • Whitetail Deer.
  • Play all 5 rounds to gain access to a “Unique Trophy Animal”.
  • On the 6th round you will get a Unique Animal (Big Rack, Mature Deer, Albino).
  • If the Trophy is not an Albino, restart hunt. DO NOT finish hunt if not an Albino, you will have to repeat steps 1-3.
  • My Strategy: Ran around level using HUB to locate the animals within the map. As soon as I spotted an animal I would zoom in on the animal, if the trophy symbol comes up within the scope, that is the Trophy Animal, the one you need to hunt to continue to next round.
Best Thanksgiving Ever30
Hunt 2 toms    
  • Play Episode 4: Alberta twice.
  • Alternate method as mentioned below by SKIN RIP: "Kill the tom then load last checkpoint and kill him again....pop "
Mutant Elk30
Take down at least one Albino Elk    

See "Mutant Deer"; except on Elk Trophy Hunt instead of Whitetail Deer.

Ringneck Warrior30
Hunt at least 10 pheasants    
  • Repeat Pennsylvania Fall as many times as you need to kill 10 birds. All Birds on level are pheasants.
  • Run / Shoot Shotgun in trees to make them flock or wait for Migration.
Take down at least 40 ducks    
  • Repeat Episode 1: Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Early Fall, or Episode 2: Alaska Early Fall. Repeat until 40 are killed.
  • Hard to miss. May be obtain from normal Play Through.
Undercover Hunter30
Take down at least 3 trophies from a Blind    
  • Story related cannot be missed.
  • Use Blind or Stand when given the opportunity.
Master Quacker30
Make at least 3 Awesome Duck calls   
  • In Episode 1: Pennsylvania. Use duck call until 3 awesomes achieved.
  • Hold  then release --> count 1,2 release. [-- -- -- -- --] Try and get 5 calls (noises) within one series. May just take a few tries and getting use to.


Trophy Sniper30
Take down 5 trophies with one shot each    
  • Clean Shot Bonus – 1 shot kill for 5 Different Trophies
  • I got mine while going for "The Mission Comes First" achievement in multiplayer.
Out of Sight!30
Hunt a Big Game Trophy from more than 80 yards   

Story related, cannot be missed.

Film Expert30
Film at least 2 episodes worth more than 100 points   
  • After each Big Trophy kill you will get an opportunity to film the kill.
  • Tip: If there are multiple animals near the kill site, try and get all animals within the lens for multiplier bonuses.
  • This should come throughout natural game progression.
  • After a film is over, you always have the option to edit to get another chance to obtain over 100+ points.
Gun Smith30
Make all your rifles and shotguns in the Gun Builder from unlocked parts   
  • You have 5 guns. 3 Rifles and 2 Shotguns.
  • Make sure all guns are equipped with an unlocked part (Receiver, Stock, Barrel, and Choke) and each part is painted with an unlocked paint scheme.
  • Made all 3 rifles
    Receiver .338 Special
    Stock: Thumbstock
    Scope: Extreme
    Barrel: Fluted Long
    Brake: Performer

    Made both shotguns
    Receiver: 12 GA Semi-Auto Modern
    Stock: Thumbstock
    Barrel: Standard Long
    Choke: Extreme
Them's the Brakes30
Unlock all muzzle brakes in the game   

Must receive A+ on all hunts. See Roadmap for Gold Requirements.

To Give is to Receive30
Unlock all the receivers in the game   

Must receive A+ on all hunts. See Roadmap for Gold Requirements.

Fully Stocked30
Unlock all the stocks in the game   

Must receive A+ on all hunts. See Roadmap for Gold Requirements.

A Barrel of Fun30
Unlock all the barrels in the game   

Must receive A+ on all hunts. See Roadmap for Gold Requirements.

I See You30
Unlock all the scopes in the game   

Must receive A+ on all hunts. See Roadmap for Gold Requirements.

Unlock all the paint schemes in the game   

Must receive A+ on all hunts. See Roadmap for Gold Requirements.

Full Arsenal30
Unlock all custom gun parts in the game   

Must receive A+ on all hunts. See Roadmap for Gold Requirements.

One with your Gun30
Take down a trophy with a fully customized firearm   

See "Gun Smith."

I Love My Gun30
Shoot down at least 10 different big-game species with a custom rifle   

See "Gun Smith."

Quit Diggin' in my Yard30
Obtain Gold medals in all Prairie Dog Shoot Courses   
  • Use Shotgun. LT to zoom in and aim
  • Lost Lake – Level 3
    • Use Shotgun in beginning to shoot the animals that come out of the front 3 holes. As soon as you get 3 Prairie Dogs in a row, the special Prairie Dog will appear. Hit Y and switch to rifle for the kill.
    • After Turnip (Red) Prairie Dog is accounted for, take your time taking out the rest, shotgun or rifle, user preference. Note: Shotgun only reaches Prairie Dogs in front section.
  • 3 in a row without missing a shot = Bonus Prairie Dog (Red Turnip)
  • Time Bonuses are key. More likely to get Gold with quick finishes, instead of racking up points w/ consecutive category kills
  • My Gold Scores (Something to aim for)
    • Sonora: 7500
    • Milestown: 7480
    • Old Homestead: 8210
    • Lost Lake: 8890
Hunting for Gold30
Obtain Gold medals in all Hunters Challenge Courses   (1) 
  • Birds are a must. They are the largest number of animals within the levels. The more birds killed, the higher Level you reach which equals more points per bird
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. Most I received Gold on 3rd run through. Become familiar with which animals are in which section so you know whether to have your rifle or shotgun ready.
  • Targets and Perks may also help. Know when to use your perks. Not a good idea to use your spread perk (widens the shotgun spray range) when a rifle section is coming up.

My Gold Scores (Something to aim for)

  • Mirror Lake: 23130
  • Evergreen Mountain: 74435
  • Camino Dorado: 55616
  • Rimrock Valley: 49130
Blood Hound30
Find 10 animal tracks   (2) 
  • Story related cannot be missed. The photographer will alert you when you are near tracks.
  • Keep note of A Icon on right side of screen. Press  when eye icon turns into animal tracks.
Crack Shot30
Obtain Gold medals for all Courses in the Shooting Galleries   (1) 

See "Quit Diggin’ In My Yard" and "Hunting for Gold."

A Real Hunting Story40
Finish the Career on Pro Hunter difficulty setting    

Story related cannot be missed.

A Sportsman Hunting Story30
Finish the Career on Sportsman difficulty setting     (1) 
  • See "A Real Hunting Story."
  • Stackable achievement with the above.
Sharp Shooter30
Finish an Online Match with at least 70% Accuracy   
  • Shoot 5 varmint (small game) with your shotgun ONLY. Make sure all 5 shots are hits.
  • Host Match -> Four Private Slots -> AI Bots: Enabled -> Start Match
Dirty Player30
Use at least 4 different Perks against opponents in an Online Match   

See "Greifmaster."

Use at least 8 different Perks against opponents in an Online Match   (1) 
  • Host Match -> Four Private Slots -> AI Bots: Enabled -> Start Match
  • Easiest Map : Canyon. Go into the valley of the Canyon and just keep shooting varmint. Small Game, look like pigs.
The Mission Comes First30
Complete 5 collected objectives in Online Matches   
  • Host Match -> Four Private Slots -> AI Bots: Enabled -> Start Match
  • Kill a Big Game Animal and walk over animal to collect gold bars = objectives
  • Objectives: Kill 3 varmint, kill 3 birds, record 2 Long Shots, etc.
  • Complete 5 of these.
  • This is Cumulative (Thanks to RecipeForHate). Does not have to be done in a single match.
Kill Stealer30
Kill an animal wounded by an opponent during an Online Match   
  • Must be completed w/ another player on live or against AI Bots.
  • Have other opponent shoot and wound animal (Must be a Big Game Trophy). Animal will now hunch over and walk very slow. Try and have them aim for legs or rear.
  • Kill the animal your opponent or friend wounded for achievement.
Season Premiere30
Successfully complete your first episode    

Story related cannot be missed.

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