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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Achievements

Deep and Hard

Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.    

I’ve included some tips here that apply to most areas in the game but I will also include some more mission specific advice under each mission's achievement to help with the more difficult sections.

General tips for Veteran…

  • You don’t have much health at all so when you take any damage whatsoever get back into cover and wait for it to fully regenerate (i.e. all red blotches to disappear from your screen.)
  • Some areas have infinitely spawning enemies if you don't push up (or at least enemies that keep spawning for a long time). So don’t always just hang back sniping. Try and move forward any way you can even if it means making a run for it and hiding or trying to trigger the next checkpoint.
  • Try and learn the spawn mechanics of the levels though, because clearing out enemies from a distance is easier if there is only a finite number of them. Even if the enemies do keep coming there may be a break between waves allowing you to push up after taking out a group of them.
  • When you see an enemy chopper come in to drop off reinforcements aim at the ropes hanging from it and shoot as many enemies you can as they rappel down. Each one will only require a single bullet because that will cause them to fall and the fall will kill them. This will thin out the number of troops you have to face on the ground.
  • Unlike most games your teammates are actually helpful so use them. Pushing forward slightly will usually get them to move up with you and take out some enemies while you just hide in cover.
  • Use cover and stay right next to some when in combat so as soon as you take a hit you can duck back to safety in the blink of an eye.
  • Check your corners. Nothing is worse than taking out a large group of enemies then getting popped in the back by someone you missed as you push up and having to redo the whole section. Make sure you get them all and move up cautiously from cover to cover even when things seem quiet.
  • Be wary of injured crawling enemies that you may not notice but can mess you up pretty quick with their pistol.
  • Don’t forget to check the rooftops. If you’re dying a lot out of the blue it could be an RPG or sniper killing you from on top of one of the buildings.
  • When you get killed take note of who it was that killed you and why. Then next time be aware of them. That way the more times you fail the more familiar you’ll be with the enemy locations and the easier it’ll get.
  • Remember you can fire through most thin walls and bits of cover so if you see someone hiding don’t wait for them to pop their head out, just hammer the cover they’re hidden behind. Don’t assume they're dead until you see their body though.
  • Don’t forget your explosives etc that are displayed in the bottom left of the screen and are equipped via the d-pad. Familiarise yourself with what items are available to you at the start of each mission and don’t forget to use them, they can really help.
  • If all else fails just cross your fingers and make a run for it. You’d be surprised how often it works. There are usually bits of cover dotted all over so if you just sprint for the next checkpoint making it harder for enemies to hit you you can always duck behind cover on the way if you need to regenerate your health before continuing on.
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US November 04, 2016

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