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Eyes and Ears

Find 30 enemy intel items.   

Look Sharp” will unlock upon picking up your fifteeth piece of Intel. There are thirty pieces of Intel in the game though so you need to grab them all for this achievement. If you miss any you can go back and get them via mission select at any time. If you grab one then die, quit the mission or restart the checkpoint that piece of Intel doesn’t need to be collected again. Thankfully the game lets you know how many are in each mission and how many of those you have collected. View the Mission Select screen to check your tally for any given mission or pause during gameplay to see how many you have in the mission you’re currently playing. Here are all the Intel locations, there are written directions under the video if you prefer text guides...


Crew Expendable
#01 - You’ll go down some stairs right at the start of the mission. In the room to the right that the drunk guy comes out of, on the table next to the sleeping soldiers.
#02 - In the first larger room with the cargo containers and the raised walkways on each side. Go down the stairs to your right as you enter and it’s there on the floor.

The Coup

#03 - At the start of the mission there will be four enemies, two in a small hut and two outside. The intel is in the small hut.
#04 - Upstairs, in the house in which you wear your Night Vision Goggles, an enemy will fire at you from behind a door. Facing that door the intel is in the room to the left, directly opposite the room with the informant.

Charlie Don’t Surf
#05 - Downstairs in the first building you enter, in the room off to the left that has the AK47 painted on the wall next to the door.
#06 - Before you cross over the slightly raised street head to the right. It’s in the house at the end, upstairs.
#07 - Now cross that raised street and look for a staircase on one of the buildings on the right. At the top, turn around to spot the intel on a table.

The Bog
#08 - In the first building you enter you’ll be told to man a mounted machine gun. Once you’ve finished with it your team will break through a door on your left that was closed before. In there on a table.
#09 - After taking out the tanks you’ll head through a hole in a mesh fence. Keep turning left in this next area and you’ll eventually come across the intel behind a palette of fruit.

#10 - After you get flashbanged leave the house and enter the building opposite. The intel is in this building on a table round to the right.
#11 - After heading through the greenhouses you’ll need to fight your way into a barn. In the area in front of the barn, the intel’s on a table under a makeshift corrugated iron roof.

War Pig
#12 - When following the tank it will turn a corner. Before that corner enter the building on the left. Upstairs the intel is on a bed in the second room.
#13 - On the opposite side of the street from the last one. Upstairs in the small building on the inside of the corner mentioned above.
#14 - You’ll get to an alleyway lined with a bunch of cars and there’ll be 2 machine guns firing at you from the building ahead. The intel is upstairs in that building, on a bed.

Shock and Awe
#15 - You’ll land in the chopper, make your way to a building and head upstairs to meet your allies. At the far right corner of this upstairs area is the intel on the floor.
#16 - Drop down from the building mentioned above and head into the small building ahead on the right. The intel is upstairs in a cupboard.

#17 - In the first building you come across with the large satellite dish outside. Head upstairs and it’s on a chest of drawers in one of the bedrooms.
#18 - Head to the building directly behind the one that’s on fire. The intel’s on a diner style table on the ground floor.

All Ghillied Up
#19 - In the church near the beginning. Climb the ladder up into the bell tower and it’s on the floor.
#20 - When MacMillan tells you to leave an enemy to him he’ll hit them with the butt of his gun. From here head to the right then turn left and kill the enemies there. The intel is on the barrels they were gathered around. If you’re going for Ghillies in the Mist restart the checkpoint after grabbing it.
#21 - After sniping an enemy at the top of a fire escape set of stairs head up those stairs and enter the room at the very top for this intel.

One Shot, One Kill
#22 - After exiting the apartment building where the dogs attack you look to the right and climb the ladder. Climb right to the top of the set of stairs and the intel is on the floor.
#23 - At the end of the level, when you set MacMillan down in his sniping position, look back in the direction you came from. To the far right of the area is a building with a closed door. Don’t stay too close to the door during the ambush and eventually it will open when a bunch of enemies spawn behind it. Once it does, enter the building for the intel.

Sins of the Father
#24 - At the start of the level you’ll clear out an area containing a restaurant. It’s in that restaurant to the left. Don’t wait around after killing the last enemy because you’re not given much time before being taken to the next area. You could always grab it while there are still some enemies alive to be sure.
#25 - While chasing Zakhaev’s son through the town you’ll be told to go through an alley on the left. Stay to the right in this alley area and climb the stairs you come to for the intel.

#26 - You’ll fight a load of enemies in an area with a couple of cars and a destroyed tank in the center. The building opposite has a B2 on it. Head into the open garage door on the left, then all the way to the right and the intel is in the room there on the desk.

All In
#27 - Destroy the first tank then head to the right. On the right hand side of this road is a building with enemies on the roof and balcony. It’s in the alley behind this building.
#28 - When you enter the next large open area with two more tanks enter the only open hangar on the right hand side. It’s on the floor on the right.

No Fighting in the War Room
#29 - When you get to the corridor with the red (alarm) lighting you can choose whether to go right or left. Go left, continue round the corner, then after a slight right hand turn look in the room off to the left. It’s on the table.
#30 - After using C4 to blast through a wall head up the steps and around the outside of the room to the office opposite from where you entered. The intel’s on the table.

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