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Mile High Club

Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty.    

Mission: Mile High Club

Mile High Club is an Epilogue mission that becomes available once you've completed the game. You have a time limit to fight your way through an airborne plane and rescue a hostage. The time limit differs on each difficulty level but on Veteran you only have one minute in which to complete the mission. This is by far the most difficult achievement in the game. The runthrough that earned me the achievement was a bit messy and I didn’t feel like it would have taught you much about the technique I used. So Brian from PS4Trophies has kindly let me include his video guide. I will, however, be including details of the technique I used which differs slightly in some areas. If you're new to the mission or need a refresher I recommend watching the video guide and reading my method. Then you can try each one and mix and match whichever approach to each section you feel most comfortable with.

Once again, thanks to Brian at PS4Trophies for his great work as usual.

First off I will say that no one technique is going to work every time, in fact even the best methods will take a long time to get right. And not just because of the practice you need but because of several variables that can mess things up for you, such as the A.I. suddenly becoming useless and not doing what they usually do or enemies not being affected by your flashbangs as expected. And worst of all, being blocked by an injured enemy you thought you'd killed because your character can't step over them.

Here are my promised alternate methods for each section so you can try a few different approaches in each area until you find one that suits you...

  • At the start you can knife the enemy that comes out of the toilet if you like but I got into the habit of just running past him to save a bit of time. Usually your team will take him out although sometimes they seem to fall asleep and he’ll shoot you in the back, but it’s right at the beginning so no big loss when that happens.
  • I switch to my pistol and hammer the guy on the left nice and quickly. Then throw a flashbang to the far end where the enemies come from. You should be starting to throw it as you enter the room you have to pass through on the left. Getting your throw right each time may take some practice.
  • As the flash bang is going off I would grab the shotgun dropped by the first guy I had killed, replacing the pistol. You don’t necessarily need the shotgun but I found it helpful. If you do decide to grab it though the pickup has to happen super quick in one fluid motion. If you take a couple of seconds finding the shotgun just restart.
  • Hopefully the shotgun has enough ammo left in the clip (it varies) to get you through this next section. Whether you have the shotgun or not you don’t need to kill everyone in this room. Most of them should be flashbanged still so only kill the ones you need to, the ones that are either blocking your way or are not affected by the flashbang. You’ll need to try and take out the 2 on either side of the T-Junction type area or they’ll continue to attack you even when you get to the next room, although you may be able to turn back and kill them from the next area while your teammates push up. I’m pretty sure there are more enemies in this first section than were present on the XBOX 360 version and it’s difficult to describe each one's location but you’ll be doing this a bunch of times anyway so you’ll come to learn where the enemies spawn, where they end up and which will be affected by the flashbang etc. The goal is to push through to the next area as quickly as possible while the enemies are flashbanged.
  • Head through the door on the left, take cover behind the seats there and throw a flashbang over them into the area ahead where the enemies are. When it goes off run to the little wooden barrier further up on the left and go prone but be aware of a couple of enemies that may still be on the right side near the barrier. The hull will breach sucking some of the enemies out of the plane while 3 others come down the stairs. You want to reload here while you wait for your team who will kill most of the remaining enemies. You can get stuck in yourself if your team are taking time to arrive. Be careful when you push up though, check behind the last row of seats in the center to ensure they’re all dead.
  • Now with my MP5 equipped I went up the stairs to the left (so I was on the right side once at the top of the stairs.) There are several enemies in this small section before the dividing wall. You want to push up while taking them out asap, then you can throw a flashbang into the next area before moving in to clear it out.
  • There are flashbangs on the table here so grab them and throw one into the corridor ahead. Equip your shotgun which should still be fully loaded from earlier and run past the enemies while they're flashed, shooting any that you have to. Some will come around the corner at the end so be ready for them with your shotgun.
  • Once you reach the door you’ll be given a few seconds to headshot the hostage taker without killing the hostage so take your time and make sure you have the shot before firing. The timer counts down in slow motion so there is no need to rush.
  • From here don’t forget to jump out the plane when your team opens the door.

This will take a lot of practice. Keep at it but take breaks if you feel yourself getting frustrated because that will impair your performance. Good luck and congratulations in advance!

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Comment #1 by Thug 4ng3l
Sunday, July 23, 2017 @ 02:26:13 PM
easiest method

Comment #2 by Thug 4ng3l
Sunday, July 23, 2017 @ 02:27:37 PM

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