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The Search

Complete 'Charlie Don't Surf' on Veteran difficulty.    

See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

This is a slightly more difficult mission, depending on how you approach it. I suggest grabbing the Dragunov Sniper Rifle off the table in the first building so you can clear out enemies from a distance in the outdoor areas, while remembering to push up every chance you get. Be very careful in the room after the one with the weapons table. There are lots of places enemies can hide in here. Use grenades to flush them out.

When you reach the notoriously difficult TV station there is a large room with enemies that keep spawning until you press forward far enough. But I found an easy way of dealing with it. When you reach the room sprint anti-clockwise around the outside straight to the little corridor that goes off the room in the opposite corner, the one with the door you end up going through to continue the level. You might not get straight there in one run, you may need to take cover behind a few desks along the way and take out a few enemies that get in your face. And it may take you a few tries. You can even duck into the little room half way around and wait until the corner you’re heading for is quieter. Once you’re there though just hide around the corner at the end of the short corridor and wait for your team to deal with the majority of the remaining enemies because the spawning will have stopped. Poke out and help them if you like and you may need to finish off the final one or two yourself.

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