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The Shot

Complete 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One Shot, One Kill' on Veteran difficulty.    

See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

All Ghillied Up:
Nice easy mission, you can remain undetected the whole time (which you need to do anyway for the "Ghillies in the Mist" achievement). Just follow MacMillan’s orders and stick close to him during the crawling and running sections. Make sure to only kill enemies when no other enemies can see them. Restart the checkpoint if you mess up because that will be quicker than fighting off the waves of enemies that come for you when you’re detected. See "Ghillies in the Mist" for more tips.

One Shot, One Kill:
This is one of the hardest missions in the game. At the start, when all the enemies start pouring in, the trick is to keep moving. Snipe the few that run across to the left but try and do so without stopping. Then when you reach the bottom just run around to the right toward the building you’re headed for, ignoring all the other enemies.

When carrying MacMillan take the first left and put him down at the far corner of the building. Turn around and kill the enemies behind then clear out the ones ahead. Put him down again at the small set of steps slightly further up and kill the last few enemies that spawn here.

The final section can be a nightmare. First off, remember to lay your ten claymores down before you put MacMillan in his sniping spot because when you do he’ll give you his claymores and you can only carry ten. You can hide away (which we’ll talk about in a moment) but I found the first section not too bad to do legit. If you lay the claymores in strategic areas such as between fences and cars where enemies will have to bottleneck, and also up near where you entered the level (where the majority of enemies spawn in) then you can stand in the little booth between the Ferris Wheel and Bumper Cars and snipe away. In here you can duck down for cover when you need to.

For the next part though, when the choppers drop off reinforcements, there are several professed “safe spots” you can hide in. None of them are true safe spots as grenades can reach you occasionally. Plus the worst thing about them is that loads of enemies will be left for when you need to run and grab MacMillan and take him to the chopper that comes to collect you. The one that ended up working for me was in the booth on the opposite side to the previous one we mentioned. Standing where MacMillan is and looking at the enemy spawn it’s to the far left. Go prone and back up into the corner but keep watching the door as enemies will occasionally run by. I think the reason it worked is because it’s closer to MacMillan than the other so-called safe spots you may have read about and there aren’t as many enemies on this side of the area. When you grab MacMillan flick your right analogue stick right and left as you move with him which seems to help you avoid incoming fire somewhat. Be careful you don’t get stuck up against one of your allies while trying to board the chopper, circle around them and get in.

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