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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Achievements

The Ultimatum

Complete 'Ultimatum', 'All In', and 'No Fighting in the War Room' on Veteran difficulty.    

See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

Nothing too difficult or out of the ordinary here. The only extra tips I'll mention for this one specifically are to check the rooftops as there are several enemies on the top of buildings during this mission. And that there are at least a couple of occasions when you can easily kill reinforcements as they rappel down from their choppers.

All In:
Use your smoke grenades to approach the first 2 tanks and destroy them with C4. The third one is easier to take out with an RPG though, due to all the enemies surrounding it. You need two rockets to finish it off and there are 2 on the floor in the open hangar along the right side from where you enter the area.

No Fighting in the War Room:
When you first start playing this mission you’ll notice the distinct lack of checkpoints. Don’t worry though, after you’ve died a couple of times it will start giving you checkpoints at the usual intervals. This mission is all about learning the locations of the enemies so you can push up safely but quickly due to the count down.

When you get to the corridor that is blocked off with wooden crates, where you need to go right or left to continue, I recommend running up to the crates and using them as cover to take out the enemies further down the corridor. It’s quicker and easier to take them out here than leave them until later. The corridors that go off to the right and left here both have enemies down at the end making it difficult to take any of them out as the ones down the corridor on the opposite side will shoot you in the back while you’re doing so. Throw grenades down there from an angle so they bounce off the wall down to the end or equip your grenade launcher and quickly side step past shooting a grenade down there as you do.

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