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Destroy all the TVs showing Al-Asad's speech.  

Mission: Charlie Don’t Surf

For this achievement you need to destroy all the TV’s that are displaying Al-Asad’s speech during the Charlie Don’t Surf mission only. If you see the same TV’s during other missions don’t worry, they aren’t required. Some will get destroyed before you can get to them which is fine, I do recommend shooting them again though just in case.

I’ll list the TV’s that are easy to describe. The ones in the main room of the TV station though will be a bit difficult to explain because there are so many, so I recommend watching the video for those. The video covers all of them so watch it from start to finish if you’d find it easier…

Before you reach the TV station...

  • Downstairs in the first building you go into, on the opposite side of the room from where you enter.
  • Again, downstairs in the first building you enter, in the room off to the left that has the AK47 painted on the wall next to the door. Same room as a piece of intel.
  • Before you cross over the slightly raised street head to the right. It’s in the house at the end, upstairs. In the same building as some intel.
  • Now cross that raised street and look for a staircase on one of the buildings on the right. At the top, turn around to spot the TV on a table. Again, right next to some intel.

The first few rooms of the TV station...

  • Up on the wall in the first room when you enter the TV station itself.
  • In this same room turn around and it’s up on the wall to the right of the door you entered through.
  • From the last 2 head down the corridor and take your first right. In this next room up on the wall above the door opposite.
  • In the next room, on a table on the right.
  • When you’re about to exit this room through the door ahead of you turn back to the left and you’ll see it on the desk closest to the door.

The main large room in the TV station...

  • When you enter the large room with all the desks and a load of enemies clear them out then search the room thoroughly or follow the video guide to ensure you’ve found them all. There is one well hidden on the desk to the left as you enter the room and there is one mounted on the wall in one of the offices opposite where you enter. The rest are all on desks, tables, mounted on the wall or set into the walls in groups of 16.

After leaving the main large room...

  • In the next area you’ll climb some stairs and enter a kitchen. Hung on the wall on the left in this kitchen.

In the final room, the broadcast/recording studio (the mission will end in this room so don't take too long)…

  • 1 to the right when you enter.
  • 2 along the wall on your left.
  • 1 in the center of the room.
  • 2 in the little room on the right with the mixing desks.

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