Charlie Murder

Charlie Murder Achievements

There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points.

I Can Save The World20
Get the good ending.    (4) 
I Can Destroy The World15
Get the bad ending.    (2) 
I'm The King of Rock and Roll20
Get the good ending (Chaos playthrough)     (2) 
I'm All Sorts of Famous20
Get the good ending (Total Anarchy playthrough)     (14) 
I Fixed Your Heart15
Resuscitate a downed bandmate.   (1) 
I'm a Serious Musician20
Get 100% on any music minigame part.   (4) 
I'm a Knife-Wielding Lunatic10
Sever some limbs while dual-wielding machetes.   (4) 
I Made a Garden of Skulls10
Make a cluster of 5 healing totems.   (3) 
I Demolished You With The 80's.10
Crush an enemy beneath an arcade machine.   (3) 
I Steal Your Soul15
Rob 7 enemies of their souls.   (1) 
I Got a Tattoo10
Get your first tattoo! You look great.    
I'm All Inked Up20
Get ALL tattoos. Now you're a mage.   
I'm a Uniter10
Host a team attack, join a team attack.   (9) 
I Melt Your Face a Thousand Ways15
Poison, burn, melt, shock, explode, and shatter your foes.   (1) 
I Gave Them a Show20
Defeat King Tepes.    
I Battled a Ghost20
Defeat Lord Mortimer's phantom.    
I Brought Down a Giant10
Defeat the Boss Monster.    
I'm a Brewmaster10
Craft a beer.   (1) 
I'm Thorough20
Find all relics.   (100) 
I Have an Army10
Unlock an alternate band from the Sceniverse.   (3) 
I'm Cemetery Go Go Go10
Defeat Circe Bathory in St. Sanders Cemetery.    (1) 
I Removed a Stain10
Defeat the Lady in Tatters.    (1) 
I Cut the Supply Chain10
Defeat the Infested Roadie.    
I'm an Exorcist10
Defeat Beelzebaal.    
I'm a Reverse Repairman10
Defeat the Wretched Electronics.    
I'm the Hunter10
Defeat Vlad The Eternally Cold.    
I Earned an Organ10
Defeat the Gory Mound.    
I Collected a Being10
Accumulate Smockula's Body.   (6) 
I Like it Better This Way10
Dye some clothes. How does that look?   (1) 
I'll Give Birth to a King10
Eat a heart while in female form.   (8) 

Game Info
Ska Studios


US August 14, 2013

HDD Space Required : 369.98 mb
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