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Guide By: StayonTarget
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 12/12 (200)
- Online: N/A
- Approximate Time: 10+ Hours
- Missable Achievements: None (Mission Select)
- Minimum Amount of Playthroughs: 1+ (Depending on Skill w/ Mission Select)
- Does Difficulty Affect Achievements: Yes (Mission Accomplished)
- Unobtainable/Glitched Achievements: None!
- Extra Equipment Needed: None, but DLC makes it easier.

This game is a remake of Choplifter. A game made in 1982 for the Apple II. Sega remade it in 1985 as a coin operated game. It has been ported over to many different systems over the years. The premise of the remake is a 3D sidescroller where you shoot bad guys, land your helicopter, and save people. There are many secret characters to save such as Steve from Minecraft, Duke Nukem, Super Meatboy, and so on. In order to 100% this game you much get 5 stars on all levels and complete bonus challenges.

Step One
The initial run through the game is what you may want to focus on. If you can't get five stars on some of the early levels, just keep progressing. While doing this you should try to pick up Scoop Sanderson and complete other secrets. Again, your goal is to just finish the levels.

Step Two
Five Star everything. There is a guide here. Refer to All Star below for help.

Step Three
Wrap up. This is the point where you should pick up any remaining secret people or Scoop Sanderson if you haven't already. Chances are you did because they contribute greatly to five starring everything. Along with the characters, this is when you may try to get Desert Rescue, Trigger Happy, Zombicide, Dinner is Served, and Oopies. All of these achievements can be gotten before you complete the game, but some are much easier with the best choppers.

Tips and Tricks

  • Stats Page: Unlike most games, this one has a stats page. There you can look at your total kills, playing time, people rescued, and so on. Use this to your advantage. It helps to know how far away you are from killing 10,000 people or 1,000 zombies.
  • Jets:  Whenever you see the jet fly by, go either high or low. When you see the red missile, go to the opposite side of the screen (top/bottom). So if I'm at the top of the screen when I get the indicator and go to the bottom, the missiles will fly right over and vise versa.
  • Gas Stations: Throughout the game there are gas stations you can refuel at. You can only pick up a certain amount of fuel at them.
  • Strafe: Learn to strafe back and forth. That is the only way you can get all the stars. Learn to shoot and move back and forth to hit certain targets but not be in range of others.
  • DLC: There are four current Chopper DLCs for this game. Each adding a new Chopper for 80 MSP ($1) or free. Some parts of the guide mention these. They make the game easier, but are not required for the full 200.

If you follwed the guide and roadmap, you should now have the full 200 in Choplifer HD. Congratulations!


[x360a would like to thank StayonTarget for this roadmap]

Mission Accomplished20
Complete the game on NORMAL     

This is unlocked with natural progression. It will come after completing the 30th level.

All Star20
Get 5 Stars on all levels    

This is the hardest achievement of the game. Remember to dodge, dip, duck, and dive. You'll learn by trial and error what works. Remember that you have rockets and to use them - especially when you have the Choppers with 20 or 40.

For the most part, the game isn't too hard to get five stars on. Especially since you can use a better chopper for the earlier levels once you unlock it. Learn which ones to use the small, fast helicopters and which to use the big slow ones. Levels with the injured people for the most part can be done with both types.

If you're willing to buy DLC, the Albatross and Night Avenger are very helpful for this achievement.

For further assistance, refer to this thread.

Complete all escape missions without killing anyone   

Escape missions are where you start with people to pick up and have to get to a hanger, bunker, or aircraft carrier. Basically, you can't shoot, smash, or blow up anything or anybody. So use something with good speed and armor. The only level that is difficult is the last escape mission.

If you're willing to pay for DLC, the Night Avenger is great for this.

Trigger Happy20
Kill 100 enemy soldiers on one level without restarting the level   (1) 

I got this on the level after the first zombie one. You can get it there while still completing the level in the required time. If the timer runs out, it doesn't end the level. Zombies, Chickens, and Goats do NOT count. Infantry Soldiers and RPG Soldiers do. The achievement will pop as soon as you kill the last person.

Complete a level by killing all the rescuees   

This is easiest to get on the first level. You save Scoop and his camera man. Just land your helicopter on one or both. If you are having trouble smashing them you can get them to board your helicopter then crash into the ground. Hard. The achievement will unlock upon level completion.

Unfriendly Fire20
Kill 10,000 enemies across all the levels   

This is fairly self explanatory. If you die or restart the level it counts towards your progress.  If you are going for five stars on all levels then this should come easily.

Complete Desert Rescue without letting any rescuees die   

This achievement is somewhat difficult. The hardest part is getting the injured man. You'll basically need to just practice and try over and over again. You'll get better at the controls and sooner or later you will get it. The rest of the people are super easy to pick up.

If you're willing to buy DLC, the Albatross chopper is great for this achievement.

Get the Scoop!20
Save Scoop on every level he is present   

He's very easy to find. If you see a billboard or his news van you know your close. Sometimes the pilots will say some remark about him (which means you've found him).

On some of the levels you only have three spots. So you may need to try to land so only scoop gets on, kill the cameraman, or come back later on with the four-man chopper.

No Stone Unturned10
Find all secrets   (1) 

If you die or restart the level it counts towards your progress. My stats only show about five thousand including zombies. If you are going for five stars on all levels then this should come easily.

Dinner is Served10
Kill 1000 chickens   

There are chickens throughout the game on various levels and you'll probably kill about 400-600 by the time you complete the game. The first level of the second section has a spot right next to the gas station (left) where 15 chickens spawn. Kill them, get the area off the screen, then go back and they'll have respawned.

Kill 1000 zombies   

If you really want to, you could get this in the first zombie level. If you do the level naturally, whether you five star it or not you can get 400+. You have to complete the level for the kill counter to count. If you kill 900 but you restart the level, it will not count.

Goat for IT!10
Make 100 goats faint   

This one was quite tricky. You have to make them faint and then kill them. In order for the progress to count you have to either die or complete the level. On the first level of the second section there are 15 at the start. Using this location, you'll only have to kill yourself or do the level 7 times.

Game Info


US January 11, 2012

HDD Space Required : 1.36 gb
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