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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Achievement Guide

Guide By: ponypo2001
There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
- Offline: 25 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : <5 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do Cheat's disable achievements: No Cheats

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs ranks alongside Night at the Museum and Avatar as simply one of the easiest games on the 360. It's also pretty fun while it lasts. You'll be looking at the full 1000 in less than 5 hours. Anything you may miss can be obtained by replaying levels and you can grind anything else out till you unlock your achievements.


By playing the first stage you will unlock Hydronic Foodpod, Licked It, Rockin' Roller and Food'onaut. The next stage contains a spaghetti rope so if you desire you can obtain Pasta Power there. Anytime you see a bread wall, pasta ladder, oil droplet etc, continuously exploit it to unlock all the corresponding achievements.

By playing the missions, you will almost certainly unlock Grub Drubber for finishing 5 levels with full health. If you have trouble with this, simply replay mission 1 over and over. This takes around 2 minutes and is almost impossible to lose health on if you are careful.

When you come to your first roast chicken enemy,l ure him into the honey and use your boxing glove to knock him over. Continue punching him till he is free of the honey and let him get stuck again. Knock him down 9 more times for Chick Nixxer.

As long as you are destroying all foodstuffs on each level, you will be obtaining blueprints like crazy. Getting all of these (by destroying all foods on a level, usually 30 per mission) nets you Foodnik and Ultra Foodnik. This is also necessary to get the true ending. Thankfully,i f you miss anything, you can replay till your heart's content. Only the first mission and a later ice cream level will require a second playthrough. When you have the fully upgraded heat gun, you need to jump and melt an ice cream but unless your gun is fully powered, it will not do enough damage before you hit the ground. All other foods can be destroyed on your first play of each mission.

One thing to watch for to cut down on grinding time later is that each time you see a marshmallow (they are the big white lumps that stomp up and down on the ground), and you have your blade weapon, equip it and cut the marshmallow instead of melting it. Do this to 25 time and you will get Sugar Slayer. You will still be forced to grind some kills for this later, so simply load up the level "Mount Foody." Proceed and kill the first marshmallow with your sword then carry on till you get to the radish. Kill that then melt the 2 ice lollies. Bounce up the left ledge and kill the mallow there. Once it's dead, jump off the ledge to your death and you will respawn at the radish. Repeat this until your achievement unlocks.

You get 2 achievements for completing the game. The first comes after killing the last boss. If you got all blueprints, he really is a softie and dies in one hit. This will unlock Tour de Fork. Run through the next 3 small sections and you will unlock Ultra Food'Onaut.

Finally, be sure to press start on a second controller at some point during a level and you gain a lovely 20 points. After that, simply drop the second controller back out and carry on.

If at this point you're still missing an achievement, simply replay the appropriate mission until you get it to pop. Enjoy your new 1000 !

x360a would like to thank ponypo2001 for this Road Map

Complete 1st mission.    

This is a story related achievement.

This will come after finishing the first mission. The whole level takes a few minutes and is over once you clear the chili off the floor and save the children.

Max Food'onaut30
Complete 1st Act.    

This is a story related achievement. 

This comes after finishing Act 1.....that's it! Nice weather we're having isn't it?

Rockin Roller10
Clear Bridge for OOS.    

This is a story related achievement. 

You will get this one midway through the first level. After crossing the waffles in the water, you will need to melt a huge ice lolly. Do so and drive your Outtasighter machine across.

Licked it10
1st time kill an enemy.    (1) 

This is a story related achievement.

Second achievement you will get. Simply melt the first snowman you see. For an easy time, circle strafe round him while shooting him and he will never land a hit.

Party of Two20
Play coop mission.   (2) 

Second Controller Requred

Press start on another controller and it will unlock. From there drop out. The game is not easier with a second person, due to collecting a lot of Hydronic Foodpods.

1st time get an upgrade.   
Each time you get all the food on a mission and after your credits are tallied, you will be able to purchase upgrades. My personal advice is to grab the heat gun upgrades first as this helps you to kill the gummies quickly by melting them (and also goes towards an achievement). Also, once the gun is level 3, you can collect 2 out of reach foodpods so upgrading this early really is a good idea.
Castle Master30
1st time play in the jelly mold.    (2) 
This is another story related achievement and will be awarded after starting the jelly castle level.
Buck this BBQ30
Going to the FLDSMDFR.    (1) 

This is a story related achievement.

This is taking you into the last sections of the game. Do not fear however, all levels are still re-playable once you complete the main game.

1st time get the Blueprint Piece.   (1) 
Earliest you can get this is after the 2nd level due to there being an out of reach foodstuff on the first mission. Simply destroy all food in the second mission and you will unlock your first blueprint at the end of it.
Pasta Power30
30 times using the spaghetti rope.   
This can be earned on the second level in approx 5 mins if you want to grind it out. Simply attach to the pasta rope again and again, 30 forking good times.
Bread Head30
30 times using the bread to climb.   (1) 
Another achievement to grind out as you are unlikely to get it by the end of the game. Simply climb the honey coated bread. Drop off and climb again. Repeat until you hear the magic noise.
Pumped 50 drops.   
You can also grind this one in the same spot as the first bread wall. However, you do a lot of sucking during the game so this one will almost certainly come through natural progression. In case the description isn't clear, the drops it wants you to pump are the blobs of goo scattered on the floor that you suck up with your Upsucker.
Get 20 life points.   (1) 
This is going to sound mad now, but you may actually have to go out of your way to get this as the game really is that easy. Basically take a hit once in a while and then pick up a life ball. Repeat 19 more times.
Grub Drubber40
Clear 5 levels with full HP at the end.   
Basically this achievement does NOT require you to finish each mission with a full bottle of brown sauce. Oh no, it merely wants you to have full health at the end of 5 levels. If you don't get this naturally though the course of playing the game, just replay mission 1 over and over as it only takes about 2 minutes.
Chick Nixxer40
Make 10 roasted chickens fall on ground.   (4) 
Basically, get your Bigacious Pow and smack some poultry. When you encounter your first chicken, lure it into the honey on the ground and punch it. It'll fall on it's backside. Hit a few more times to knock it out of the goo and let it walk back into it. Knock it down 9 more times and 40 points are yours. I hope you're happy with yourself.
Bear Buster40
Kill 25 gummies by heating.   (1) 
This simply requires you to smite down 25 gummie bears with heat. You can use your heat gun or melt them with your Upsucker. This will easily come in a regular playthrough, but if not you can replay a level if need be.
Sugar Slayer40
Kill 25 Marshmallows by cutting.   (1) 
The marshmallows are the large white things that drop up and down and try and crush you. Simply cut them to size with your Chopper-er rather than melting them. You will not get this through normal playthrough so use this tip. Replay the level "Mount Foody." Progress through the level making sure to cut the first marshmallow with the sword. After killing the radish (enemy that spits pink gas), melt the 2 ice lolloies and bounce up the left ledge and cut the mallow there. Then walk off the edge and die and you will respawn at the radish. Repeat this cycle until you are done.
Mr. Twister60
Kill 10 spaghetti tornado by using pick.   
You will have enough tornadoes to kill during the game so don't worry about grinding this one out. To destroy them simply stick your fork in them and walk backwards away from them. If you walk far enough, they will die. With each upgrade to the forkamajigger, it will reduce the distance needed to walk to kill them.
Tour de Fork!60
Finish the game walkthrough.    

This is a story related achievement. This will come with natural progression through the game and beating the last boss.

Ultra Foodnik60
Get all upgrades.   (1) 
As stated, destroy all hydroonic foodpods on each level and you will have all the upgrades towards the end of the game. Each weapon has 3 upgrades and you will always have enough to upgrade them as clearing each mission nets you enough to buy them.
Ultra Food'onaut100
Finish Game with Final Ending.    (1) 
The final ending is obtained by finding all blueprints and then laying the smacketh down on the last boss. After escaping his lair, you will have your final achievement.
Dishin' Out!100
Destroy all the Hydronic Foodpods in the game.    
Most of these are very easy to spot, but I would like to post a link to a great guide found Just follow it as you beat the levels and you will have to only replay a small portion of a level or two. There are 30 in every level, except in the last chapter which doesn't have any.

Food Collectible Guide
Kill 500 foods (NPC+DOOR+HYDRONIC FOODPOD) in the game.   (1) 
Kill baby yeah! I got this one shortly after finishing the first act. 100 points for killing food. Gotta love it. This takes into account enemies killed, scenery smashed and also the hydronic foodstuffs.
1st time get the Hydronic Foodpods.   
This will almost certainly be the first achievement you get in the game. Simply melt the first ice cream you see and it will pop.
Chow Hound30
100 Hydronic Foodpods destroyed.   
This is gained by simply destroying all foodstuffs on each level. Earlier levels have around 15 on each but it ramps up to 30 per level later on.

Game Info
Ubisoft Shanghai


US September 15, 2009
Europe September 11, 2009

ESRB: Everyone
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