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Guide By: SaltySausage
There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 28 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 6-8 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None, can replay a case file.
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do Cheat's disable achievements: None
- Glitchy achievements None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? None

CSI: Deadly Intent is a lot like the first one. You don't have to have played the first one to know what's going on. It's sort of a point and click game, mixed with some mini games. This game is based off of the TV series of the same name. It is extremely easy as long as you follow a guide. If you don't follow a guide, this game will take a lot longer for you to get all of the achievements.

Step 1:
Follow this guide here to make things very easy for you. It's the PC guide but still works fine. Click here for that guide.

You should get every achievement with ease following this, except for the three Skill-based achievements. This guide sure does help through most of it, but won't hold your hand on the DNA strands. In order to get these you must do every DNA matching, Chemical matching, and Fingerprint matching perfectly. Don't worry about the microscope, as it doesn't count. I missed this one until the fourth case, when I figured out how it calculates your skill. Once you do your first technical mini game in a case, do it perfectly and you start at 100% skill. This can be found in the menu settings - refer to guide for more detail if you cannot find. If you are at 100%, then you are good to go on. As you progress, manual save before every encounter with the computer. After using it, check if you are 100%. If not, reload. It makes it easy!

Step 2: Mop Up
Well you should have all 1000 by now. If now you may replay any mission to pick up something you missed, or replay a whole mission if need be.

A very entertaining game and easy 1000 points. Don't expect any DLC from this game, as they just make more of them based on the new season's characters. If you choose to watch the videos in the guide, expect to have basically played the game twice, as you have watched someone do something, and then had repeated it. Instead skim through the written guide. After you gain 100% thoroughness you can skip every written thing about looking at stuff that doesn't result in you gaining evidence. If you do miss anything, the guide gladly shows you how to 100% everything in every level!

x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this Road Map

We Love CSI Fans!5
Watched the opening to CSI: Deadly Intent.   (2) 

Don't skip any of the opening videos and this will unlock.

Strong Reader5
Visit a case file.   

See Cinephile

Watch a movie from a case file.   
In the bottom right corner you should see your PDA; click on it, and you will get Strong Reader. After that, go across the top menu and click on "Reconstructions." Watch any of the videos and this will unlock.
View the Options screen.   

Go to your PDA and click "Options & Settings." That will unlock the achievement.

Broken Hearted80
Complete Case 1: Broken Hearted.    

Story related. Refer to the following thread for a full walkthrough:

Fingerprint Master20
Identify the fingerprint for Dr. Langston in Case 1.   (1) 
At one point, you will see Dr. Langston on the computer used to identify fingerprints. Simply identify the fingerprint the way you would for any other and you're done.
Heart Mender35
Reassemble heart-shaped ashtray in Case 1.    (6) 
There are a total of five pieces to the ashtray. One is in the victim's throat. Another is in a bag next to the bed. You have to wait until the body is removed. One is next to the desk on the floor. Later, when you get the search warrant to search Kathy's apartment, there is one in her closet. After that, when you interrogate the hotel owner, Charles, you will get his shoes and the glass will be on the bottom. After that, go to the lab and use the white table to piece the ashtray together.
Coulda Been a Contender80
Complete Case 2: Coulda Been a Contender.    

Story related. Refer to the following thread for a full walkthrough:

Chemistry Master20
Identify the chemical for Riley in Case 2.   (1) 
In the middle of Case 2, you should see Riley on the Chemical/DNA computer. Identify the chemical like any other and you're done.
Last Gasp80
Complete Case 3: "Last Gasp".    

Story related. Refer to the following thread for a full walkthrough:

DNA Master20
Identify the DNA for Juarice Briggs in Case 3.   
Identify the DNA for the older Lieutenant that you will run into midway through the case. Identify the DNA like the other DNA you've identified before and you're done.
Complete Case 4: "Extinguished".    

Story related. Refer to the following thread for a full walkthrough:

Document Master20
Identify the Document for Nick in Case 4.   (2) 
This is a tough one. There are seven layers of hidden text, and each of them have different colors of the rainbow. Keep in mind what colors of the rainbow you've discovered and try to get all of the colors.
Deadly Secret35
Identify the makeup worn by the victim.   
This is in Case 4. Go to the morgue after Doctor Robbins has picked up Levesque's corpse. Zoom in on him and look around his face. Once you see the sign signifying evidence, click it. Then use the liquid drawer to take the makeup off of his head. Identify it on the chemical computer and the achievement is yours.
Crime Scene Impersonator80
Complete Case 5: Crime Scene Impersonator.    

Story related. Refer to the following thread for a full walkthrough:

Touch of the Irish35
Collect all the bottles of Classic Cork.    (2) 
There are only two places where you can find the Classic Cork bottles, but there are three or four bottles in total. One of the bottles is right next to the victim. Another is behind the club where you find Gary, the witness. Click on the dumpster and look inside. You will find the Cork bottles, along with an apron. Grab the booze, and you're done.
CSI: Deadly Intent100
Completed all five cases of CSI: Deadly Intent.    (3) 

Once you've completed all five cases, this achievement will unlock.

Obtain at least a 65% thoroughness score in one case.   

See Meticulous

Obtain at least a 90% thoroughness score in one case.   

See Meticulous

Obtain a 100% thoroughness score in one case.   (3) 
In order to get 100% thoroughness, you have to make sure that all (and I mean ALL) of the evidence has a green check mark next to it, meaning that it's been fully identified. You can check this on the PDA, under "Evidence".
Good Cop10
Obtain at least a 65% cunning score in one case.   

See Master Inquisitor

Enhanced Interrogation Technique25
Obtain at least an 80% cunning score in one case.   

See Master Inquisitor

Master Inquisitor40
Obtain a 100% cunning score in one case.   
In order to do this, you cannot make ANY false accusations or present the wrong evidence for a warrant to Brass. I would recommend saving before making any accusations or asking for warrants. You can do this in the Options menu, under "Save/Load".
Lab Rat10
Earn at least a 65% skill score in one case.   

See Master Technician

Keeping up with the Hodges25
Earn at least an 80% skill score in one case.   

See Master Technician

Master Technician40
Earn a 100% skill score in one case.   (13) 
This set of achievements are the hardest to get in the entire game. In order to get 100% skill, you have to choose the right fingerprint the first time, click EXACTLY where the identifying qualities are, and you MUST match it to the correct area. You also need to use the correct tools whenever prompted. Lastly, you have to match the chemical side bars to the chemical itself PERFECTLY. Use the video walkthroughs to do this.
Secret Achievements
Just for Good Measure35
Identified both items incriminating Steve Tampson before his final interrogation began.   (11) 
This is in Case 3. In order to do this, you need the picture of the magazine with Tampson wearing the ring. You also need the thread from Clarinda's phone matched with the towel in Tampson's apartment. You'll be done after that.
Rub It In35
Interrogated Horace Willingham after he confesses.   (4) 
This is in Case 2. Near the end of the case, Horace Willingham, the owner of the MMA league, will confess to killing both men. The case does not end. All you have to do is ask him another question, and you're finished.

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US October 27, 2009

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