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Like a Boss

Kill a Boss in Multiplayer Mode

Online required. This can be done in solo private. Bosses only spawn on day 2 of an episode. To get them to spawn, you’ll have to complete or fail all missions in day 2 (by fail, I mean actually fail the objective, not just run out of time - ex. if you have to bring a car to a location and it gets destroyed before you get there). Then all players must go to Kiichiro Plaza to ring the Doom Gong (which requires everyone to be in or near the circle – if people are being unresponsive/uncooperative, I recommend kicking them if you’re hosting - there's a trial to kill 50 bosses, which is enough of a grind as-is), which spawns the boss. All this must be done before 9 PM – if the boss is already spawned and the clock goes ticks 9, you can still defeat him and get credit. Just be aware you have to kill him before midnight.

The bosses on episodes 1 and 2 are easy enough if you come prepared for the fight (which means: come with weapons and health items: a good ranged weapon like an auto shotgun is recommended for episode 1 and a good melee weapon like an ice sword is recommended for episode 2). It’s not worth fighting the boss on episode 3, as he’s a tank who takes forever to kill (he soaks damage unless it’s acid damage). I didn’t bother fighting the boss on episode 4, as it’s not necessary, and I figured it wasn’t worth it after the episode 3 one.

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