Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 Achievements

There are 85 achievements with a total of 1650 points.

$#!&'s Getting Science30
Complete Case 3 of the Story 
All About the Points50
Accumulate 1,000,000 points in Online 
Bareknuckle Boxing10
Complete an entire episode without using a weapon 
Busy Day10
Complete 3 missions in a single day 
Combat Ready10
Unlock 10 Multiplayer mode-only skills. 
Obtain all of the Multiplayer Combo Weapon Blueprints. 
Door Crasher Special15
Complete Case 1 of the Story 
Complete your first Investigation 
Eyes on the Prize50
Complete Case 6 of the Story 
Family Photo10
Take a photo of 3 players at the same time in Multiplayer Mode 
Complete an entire episode without eating food 
Invasion on Main Street20
Completed Case 2 of the Story 
Like a Boss10
Kill a Boss in Multiplayer Mode 
Look Who's Coming to Dinner35
Completed Case 4 of the Story 
Man of the Year40
Completed Case 5 of the Story 
Survived Holiday Hell5
Survive Episode 1 
Survived the Boardwalk15
Survive Episode 3 
Time For Mini Golf10
Completed Case 0 of the Story 
A Whole New World5
Spend your first Skill Point 
Building a New You10
Spend 25 total Skill Points 
Get a Hit Streak over 200 then use a Skill Move (1) 
Take an S-Rank Photograph (2) 
Try on 100 different clothing items 
Get to Work10
Complete 50 Trials 
Hey Big Spender20
Spend 100,000 Scrap 
Hunting Grounds30
Discover every Location of Interest 
Idol Worship30
Find the Frank West Statue. Didn't there used to be more of these? (1) 
Collect all Blueprints in Story Mode 
Collect 30 Blueprints in Story Mode 
Left 100,004 Dead 230
Kill 200,008 zombies 
Master Journalist50
Get a Journalism Score of 100% 
Otis Would Be Proud20
Fully level up the Mall Emergency Shelter 
Rookie Journalist5
Solve one of the Mysteries 
Seasoned Journalist20
Solve all of the Mysteries 
Skilled Athlete20
Spend 20 Skill Points on Fortitude skills 
Skilled Brawler20
Spend 20 Skill Points on Brawling skills 
Skilled Shooter20
Spend 20 Skill Points on Shooting skills 
Skilled Survivalist20
Spend 20 Skill Points on Survival skills 
Stop Hitting Yourself5
Kill a zombie with a hunk of meat (1) 
Story Completionist40
Complete all Story Trials 
Survive the Food Court20
Survive Episode 4 
Survive the Plaza10
Survive Episode 2 
Tape It or Die AGAIN20
Create 50 combo weapons (2) 
Tape It or Die Fanatic50
Create 58 unique Combo Weapons 
Collect 5 Blueprints in Story Mode 
Vehicular Manslaughter20
Create 8 unique combo vehicles 
We Are Canceling The Apocalypse20
Create 5 unique Exo suit Power-Ups 
Workin' Hard40
Complete all Trials 
Z-Genocider 4: The Return20
Kill 53,598 zombies 
Zombie Destruction10
Kill 5,000 zombies 
DLC: Title Update
Price: Free Achievements: 2 Points: 150
Chopping Spree50
Beat the game on Hard difficulty. 
Biter's Remorse100
Beat the game on Blackest Friday difficulty. 
DLC: Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf
Price: TBD Achievements: 16 Points: 250
Mini Golf - Achieve a hole in one 
Mini Golf - Achieve par on a hole 
Holey Moley20
Mini Golf - Play 20 holes 
Shoot the Moon20
Mini Golf - Achieve an eagle 
Flip 'Em the Bird15
Mini Golf - Achieve a birdie 
Perfect Day15
Mini Golf - Play a perfect shot 
A Real Ball Buster10
Use a Ball Buster on another player 
Up to Snuff20
Mini Golf - Achieve par on a course 
Killer Drive15
Mini Golf - Kill 5 zombies in one shot 
Mini Golf - Kill 30 zombies on a course 
Mini Golf - Unlock all club types 
Mini Golf - Unlock a new costume 
Mini Golf - Unlock all cosmetic items 
Ball Busted!10
Be the victim of a Ball Buster 
#1 Ball Buster10
Use every Ball Buster on other players 
Club Membership10
Mini Golf - Unlock a new club type 
DLC: Frank Rising
Price: TBD Achievements: 17 Points: 250
Frank Rising - Collect 3 portable detection devices. 
Cool & Collected10
Frank Rising - Collect 10 organ coolers. 
Good Stock10
Frank Rising - Collect a princess wasp. 
Good, Smart, Super Weird Zombie10
Frank Rising - Unlock your first zombie ability. 
Hard Line20
Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising with the best ending on Hard difficulty. 
Killer Queen20
Frank Rising - Collect the evo queen. 
Living on a Prayer20
Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising... at a terrible price. 
No Compromise30
Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising with the best ending on Blackest Friday difficulty. 
Not the Good Stuff10
Frank Rising - Collect 10 cases of tainted Zombrex. 
Pack Leader20
Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising with the best ending. 
Royal Fool20
Frank Rising - Collect all of the princess wasps. 
Smart Food10
Frank Rising - Collect 10 brain jars. 
This Little Piggy20
Frank Rising - Recover 10,000 health by Feasting. 
Up and at 'Em10
Frank Rising - Survive your first night as a zombie. 
Frank Rising - Collect 10 evo wasps. 
Well Read10
Frank Rising - Collect 10 of Barnaby's research notes. 
Work Up an Appetite10
Frank Rising - Reach a Hit Counter of 50, then Feast. 

Game Info
Capcom Vancouver


US December 06, 2016

HDD Space Required : 36.32 GB
Price: $59.99USD
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