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Dead Rising 4 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Darth Villainous
There are 85 achievements with a total of 1650 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 36 [730]
- Online: 14 [270]
- Approximate amount of time to 1650: 100+ hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [Realistically 2 or more]
- Missable achievements: None - Chapter Select
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes – 2 Chopping Spree [beat the game on Hard] & Biter's Remorse [beat it on Blackest Friday]
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No [though the game is very glitchy in general]
- Extra equipment needed: Internet Connection
- Collectibles: Yes, but you can get in-game maps for them

  • DLC: Title Update
    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Online: None
    • Time to 150: 10-20 hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Offline: 13 [220]
    • Online: 3 [30]
    • Time to 250: 10-20 hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Frank Rising
    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Time to 250: 4-15 hours
    • Unobtainable: None

While I feel that Dead Rising 4 has been unfairly attacked by critics as a bad game, it is without a doubt the weakest in the series (well, maybe apart from Off the Record, considering that was pretty much a cut and paste job of Dead Rising 2). While most of the achievements are easy enough, there are some that will require a great deal of grinding, both in the single player and online.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
While you can theoretically complete everything in one playthrough, it’s not realistic to do so, considering the game is considerably harder on Blackest Friday difficulty. Thus, it’s recommended to do one playthrough to get all collectibles/level up your character/complete all trials (except the "kill 250000 zombies" one), and to tackle the harder difficulty settings later.

Once you've beaten the game on normal, gotten all the collectibles, etc., I'd recommend going to multiplayer, for two reasons: 1) Any kills you get will count towards the "kill 250k" trial, 2) As you play multiplayer you will unlock gold weapons, which are stronger and sturdier versions of combo weapons. They are quite useful for Blackest Friday difficulty.

Once multiplayer is complete, the next step is Blackest Friday. After that, your final step will be to grind out 250,000 kills. To give you an idea of how long that will take, after completing every other trial in the game, I only had a little over 100,000 kills. So, yeah, it's a huge grind. It is worthwhile to start up a new game for this, and put the difficulty back to normal, since zombies die quicker/your weapons last longer/etc. Your final 3 achievements should all pop at the same time when you finish the final trial by getting 250,000 kills - they are "Story Completionist," "Workin' Hard," and "Master Journalist."

Finally, as a general tip for single player, be aware that there are shortcuts within the mall that lead to the various safe houses (though you have to find the safe houses first to unlock them) - they are as follows:

  • North Peak safe house - Medieval Town, between Medieval Town Museum & Mr. Chef's
  • Old Town safe house - take the stairs down north of the bathrooms in the hallway between Kiichiro Plaza & Carribean Cove
  • West Ridge safe house - Miami Boardwalk, north of Cameron's Cameras on the west wall

The multiplayer portion of the game is restricted to the mall part of the map. There are 4 levels (“episodes”) in which your objective is to survive and complete semi-random missions until the safe room opens up at 9 PM, after which you have 3 real-life minutes to get there. Each episode is split into 2 days, meaning you have to return to the safe room twice to complete the episode.

Things to note:

  1. 1 hour in-game translates to 1 minute in real time. Thus, one game is just under half an hour real-time.
  2. If you die while playing solo, it’s game over. If you’re playing with others, the entire team has to get wiped for it to be game over, and you can respawn as long as someone else is alive (and the game isn't in the "return to the safe house" phase).
  3. It’s recommended to get all the weapon blueprints in single player before starting multiplayer, as it will unlock them for both modes.
  4. The location of the safe house for Day 1 is semi-random (any store that has flashing red lights on it is a possibility). Day 2 is fixed, as follows:
    1. Episode 1: King Hiro Arcade (2nd Floor, Kiichiro Plaza)
    2. Episode 2: Super Punch Comics (2nd Floor, hall between Caribbean Cove & Miami Boardwalk)
    3. Episode 3: Party Poppers (1st floor, hall between Amazon Food Court & Medieval Town – far closer to the Food Court than Medieval Town)
    4. Episode 4: Toy Rex (1st floor, hall between Amazon Food Court & Medieval Town – basically right in the middle of the hall, at the top part)
  5. PP is not the same as multiplayer points. You can see the latter on the lobby screen next to your level.
  6. The “kill X number of zombies” missions do not count for your progress towards anything except PP and multiplayer points, unless it’s one of the missions you get at the start of the day.
  7. Some missions are glitchy – ex. During “Kill the Obscuris Lieutenant,” he often spawns outside of the map. Nothing you can do if that sort of thing happens. The only exception I've come across is the "clear all enemies out of the holiday zones" one - that will still complete when you kill all the zombies, the waypoints on the map just won't update until it's 100% done in all areas.
  8. Speaking of glitches, if someone quits on you in the middle of the match, it will occasionally make the match unfinishable, as the 9 PM “return to safehouse” order won’t trigger, and the clock just runs endlessly. If that happens (the error, not the quitting), cut your losses and quit.
  9. If you’re having a difficult time, a good tactic to level up quickly is to start a private solo game, and simply visit every store in the mall; you’ll get a decent amount of PP for each one.

Note that, as with the single player campaign, there are several training manuals that give you specific skills you can’t get otherwise. They can be obtained in any episode:

Amazon Food Court

  • Final Blow: In the hotel at the reception desk.

Caribbean Cove

  • Evasion: In Homerunners on the 2nd floor of the hall between Kiichiro Plaza and Caribbean Cove. It's sitting on the ground on the raised platform.
  • Precision Targeting: This is on top of one of the masts of the pirate ship.

Central Plaza

  • Food Inventory +2: This is on a large fountain at the mall entrance (southeast corner of the map).

Kiichiro Plaza

  • Skill Move Efficiency: This is near the door to the kitchen inside Oh-San's Sun & Moon Sushi.

Medieval Town

  • Inspiring Presence: This is in Freytag Home Furnishing, on the 2nd floor, which can be accessed just via the northwest exit from Medieval Town. The book is in the back of the shop on a washing machine.

Miami Boardwalk

  • Elemental Critical Hits: The upper-left corner of the map, behind the door that goes to the sewers (between Slappy's Fun Shack and Habana Smoke Emporium).
  • Inventory slots: Miami Boardwalk Raceway (the store, not the track itself). It's on the counter with the "See Your Results" sign.

The following achievements require playing multiplayer. Some achievements can be done solo in private lobbies, while others will require boosting or playing legit with others. See each achievement for more info:

Survive Holiday Hell
Survive the Plaza
Survive the Boardwalk
Survive the Food Court
Like a Boss
Bareknuckle Boxing
Busy Day
Family Photo
Combat Ready
All About the Points
Workin' Hard
Tape It Or Die Fanatic

The vast majority of achievements will come naturally as you play through the story on various difficulties and complete trials. The only things you might need to mop up are: finishing the "create all combo weapons" trial, creating all the combo vehicles ("Vehicular Manslaughter"), equipping all types of exo suit power-ups ("We Are Cancelling the Apocalypse"), finding the Frank West statue ("Idol Worship"), and killing a zombie with a hunk of meat ("Stop Hitting Yourself"). After that, it's just a matter of grinding out 250,000 kills.

DLC: Title Update

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
This just added two difficulty modes to the game, Hard and Blackest Friday. They do stack. While it’s possible to get every achievement in one playthrough, it’s recommended to at least do a normal playthrough first to level up. If you're around level 80 when you start, you shouldn't have any difficulty playing through the story.

DLC: Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The long-promised Mini Golf DLC. While most of it is easy, unfortunately a few of the achievements require grinding. That said, everything is fairly straightforward, and most achievements will come during natural play. As for the collectibles, you buy them with money you earn. You earn money (“zenny”) by completing trials, killing zombies, and hitting the ball into coins on the course.

It’s best to focus on the trials first, as by the time you complete all of them, you will need to grind out anywhere from 500,000 to 800,000 zenny to be able to buy all the items from the shop (depending on how much you earned outside of what you got from the trials).

Note that you cannot unlock any achievements or trials in couch co-op – everything is strictly solo play or online multiplayer. Given that this game mode is dead (I never found a single match when searching) you will likely have to get a partner from the boosting thread.

DLC: Frank Rising

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Basically this is Overtime Mode from previous Dead Rising games (and really should have been on-disc, as it finishes the story… but I digress). The time limit is back, too: you have an hour and a half to beat it once you finish the first mission.

As with the main campaign, you can theoretically do everything in one playthrough, but it’s unlikely. It's highly recommended to play through on normal first, and get all the collectibles and finish all the trials. That might take a few attempts, as you will likely run out of time. Note that, unlike the main campaign, when you start a new difficulty, the only skills/traits that carry over are the ones you get from completing trials. Any skills you get by getting Princess Wasps are reset.

Dead Rising 4 presents a fairly easy achievement list, but it is also one that will take a long time.

[XBA would like to thank Darth Villainous for this Roadmap]

$#!&'s Getting Science30
Complete Case 3 of the Story 

Story-related, unmissable.

All About the Points50
Accumulate 1,000,000 points in Online 

Online required. This will come over time as you kill zombies, complete missions, revive people, etc. Note that while PP and multiplayer points are not exactly the same, where you’re at PP-wise is a fairly good measuring stick. I was level 69 when I got this.

Bareknuckle Boxing10
Complete an entire episode without using a weapon 

Online required. Self-explanatory. Can be done in solo private. You have to make it to the safehouse both days without using a weapon of any kind. It's easier if you’re a higher level or are playing with others. You don't have to complete any missions, so if you're having trouble you can just avoid zombies on day 1, and just wait in the safe house on day 2 (see the overview for locations).

Busy Day10
Complete 3 missions in a single day 

Online required. Can be done in solo private. As noted, the “kill x zombies” missions don’t count unless they’re given to you at the start of the day. Thus, this is only possible in episodes 2-4, as there aren’t enough missions in episode 1. The missions you get are semi-random: there are a limited number of them, and if you play enough, you’ll start seeing repeats.

Combat Ready10
Unlock 10 Multiplayer mode-only skills. 

Online required. Like the multiplayer combo weapons, these come from completing trials. Refer to "Workin’ Hard" for more information.

Obtain all of the Multiplayer Combo Weapon Blueprints. 

Online required. You get these by completing multiplayer trials. Refer to "Workin’ Hard" for more information.

Door Crasher Special15
Complete Case 1 of the Story 

Story-related, unmissable.

Complete your first Investigation 

Story-related, unmissable.

Eyes on the Prize50
Complete Case 6 of the Story 

Story-related, unmissable.

Family Photo10
Take a photo of 3 players at the same time in Multiplayer Mode 

Online required. It's easiest to do when everyone is in the safe room while waiting for the match to start. While it’s easy enough to find a full game at the time of this writing, down the road you may need to get people from the boosting thread.

Complete an entire episode without eating food 

Online required. Self-explanatory. This can be done in solo private. You have to survive to the end. It's easier if you’re a higher level or are playing with others. It’s ok if you’re revived or healed by others, you just can’t eat anything. As with "Bareknuckle Boxing," you don't actually have to complete any missions, you just have to get to the safe house both days.

Invasion on Main Street20
Completed Case 2 of the Story 

Story-related, unmissable.

Like a Boss10
Kill a Boss in Multiplayer Mode 

Online required. This can be done in solo private. Bosses only spawn on day 2 of an episode. To get them to spawn, you’ll have to complete or fail all missions in day 2 (by fail, I mean actually fail the objective, not just run out of time - ex. if you have to bring a car to a location and it gets destroyed before you get there). Then all players must go to Kiichiro Plaza to ring the Doom Gong (which requires everyone to be in or near the circle – if people are being unresponsive/uncooperative, I recommend kicking them if you’re hosting - there's a trial to kill 50 bosses, which is enough of a grind as-is), which spawns the boss. All this must be done before 9 PM – if the boss is already spawned and the clock goes ticks 9, you can still defeat him and get credit. Just be aware you have to kill him before midnight.

The bosses on episodes 1 and 2 are easy enough if you come prepared for the fight (which means: come with weapons and health items: a good ranged weapon like an auto shotgun is recommended for episode 1 and a good melee weapon like an ice sword is recommended for episode 2). It’s not worth fighting the boss on episode 3, as he’s a tank who takes forever to kill (he soaks damage unless it’s acid damage). I didn’t bother fighting the boss on episode 4, as it’s not necessary, and I figured it wasn’t worth it after the episode 3 one.

Look Who's Coming to Dinner35
Completed Case 4 of the Story 

Story-related, unmissable.

Man of the Year40
Completed Case 5 of the Story 

Story-related, unmissable.

Survived Holiday Hell5
Survive Episode 1 

Online required. Refer to "Survive the Food Court" for more information.

Survived the Boardwalk15
Survive Episode 3 

Online required. Refer to "Survive the Food Court" for more information.

Time For Mini Golf10
Completed Case 0 of the Story 

Story-related, unmissable.

A Whole New World5
Spend your first Skill Point 

 Refer to "Skilled Athlete" for more information.

Building a New You10
Spend 25 total Skill Points 
Get a Hit Streak over 200 then use a Skill Move (1) 

Just find a big crowd of zombies and have at them. Once you hit 200, hit + to use a skill move. If you’re having difficulty, I recommend using the Split Shot combo gun to rapidly build up your meter.

Take an S-Rank Photograph (2) 

Self-explanatory, you’ll have to take many to complete the trials. If you’re having difficulty, just find a huge crowd of zombies and snap a pic.

Try on 100 different clothing items 

Self-explanatory. They must be different items, i.e. you can’t just try on the same pair of pants over and over. You can keep track of what you’ve unlocked by going to any mirror in any safe house. There are well over 100 clothing items in the game, so this should come fairly easily.

Get to Work10
Complete 50 Trials 

Refer to "Workin’ Hard" for more information.

Hey Big Spender20
Spend 100,000 Scrap 

This may sound like a lot, but it’s not. You can buy items from vendors in single player and vending machines in multiplayer. Once you’ve spent 100,000 scrap (the yellow coins that drop when you kill zombies/destroy stuff), it will unlock. The total is cumulative between single player and multiplayer.

Hunting Grounds30
Discover every Location of Interest 

There are 163 locations in the game. Once you find one, an icon will appear over it on the map. Thus, if there’s no icon, you haven’t been there yet. While most locations are colored in white on the map, there are some that are not (and there are some white-colored areas that aren't actually locations). Also, don't forget that there are 3 floors to the world map (basement, 1, & 2 - though the basement doesn't have any locations.) Finally, note that if you start a new playthrough, the locations you've found do not carry over, and will reset back to 0 (though if you've completed the trial, it will stay completed).

Here’s a video of the completed map:

And here's a list of locations that are relatively easy to miss and/or cannot be accessed until a certain point in the story:

MALL - 86 locations total

  • McQueen Portrait Studio (2F, Central Plaza)
  • Hamburger Fiefdom (1F, Medieval Town)
  • Spa Afrodisia (2F, hall between Medieval Town & Amazon Food Court)
  • Virago Hotel (1F, Amazon Food Court)
  • Virago Standard Room (2F, hotel in Amazon Food court - left side of hallway)
  • Virago Standard Room with View (2F, hotel in Amazon Food Court - right side of hallway)
  • Virago Honeymoon Suite (2F, hotel in Amazon Food Court - right side of hallway)
  • The Thirsty Amazon (center of the Amazon Food Court)

OLD TOWN - 32 locations total - note that the ones that are on the 2F will show up on the 1F of the map for some reason

  • B. Ready Insurance (2F, accessible by climbing the emergency stairs outside, same building as Big Buck's Hardware)
  • Fire Hall (not hidden, just not accessible until you go to it during the story in case 2)
  • Apartment Above Dodd's Drugs (you go to this during the story; it's on the 2F, accessible by climbing the emergency stairwell outside)
  • Apartment Above Cameron's Cameras - climb the stairs inside Cameron's Cameras
  • Vacant Offices (2F, accessible by climbing emergency stairwell outside - located directly SE of Colossus Express, or SW of Buffy's Laundromat)
  • Low Income Hotel Room (2F, accessible by climbing the emergency stairwell on the same building as Big Bull's Meat Shop)
  • Junk Yard (has 2 locations: the Junk Yard itself, & McKenzie Auto) - you go to this in the main story during case 2

WEST RIDGE - 23 locations

  • The building directly west of Chakra Flex Yoga has two locations in it: Submega & Cruz Tanning Salon
  • The SW corner (Mountain Ridge Estates Gated Community) is not accessible until you go there during the main story in case 3 (there are 5 locations there, including the Gated Community itself)


  • Kent Farms Fruit Stand - along the main road on the west side, about a third of the way to North Peak (a little northeast of Barnaby's estate)
  • Fireworks Stand - along the main road on the west side, about 80% of the way to North Peak
  • Willamette Hydroelectric Station (the dam) - you'll go here during the main story in case 2
  • Barnaby's estate - not accessible until you go there during the main story in case 3

NORTH PEAK - 17 locations

  • Kippax Cement - You can get this before you go there in the story by going to the lower level of the construction site immediately west of Freytag Furniture Factory
  • Willamette Army Reserve - NW corner of the region, you don't need to go in (though you do visit it during the story), just near it
  • Willamette Train Yard - south part of North Peak, you'll go to this during case 3


  • Tornado Convenience Shop - gas station in NE part of the map (not accessible until case 3)
Idol Worship30
Find the Frank West Statue. Didn't there used to be more of these? (1) 

This is in North Peak on the roof of Nickolls Ink. It's actually a statuette, not a statue. Here’s a video showing the exact location:

Collect all Blueprints in Story Mode 

There are 47 weapon blueprints in story mode, plus 8 vehicle ones – some are given to you as you progress through the story, others you have to find in the world. Thankfully, once you level up your safe houses, you can buy maps in them that will lead you to blueprints.

If you don’t want to wait to level up your safe houses, you can get the locations HERE.

Collect 30 Blueprints in Story Mode 

 Refer to "Innovator" for more information.

Left 100,004 Dead 230
Kill 200,008 zombies 

Self-explanatory. Unlike some of the earlier games in the series, this does not have to be done in one playthrough. This will likely your second-last achievement (completing all the trials being the last). Make no mistake: it is a grind, despite the fact the kill count combines your single player and multiplayer kills. DLC kills do not count. I recommend getting all other achievements first (apart from the ones that require you to complete all trials, since the final trial requires you to kill 250,000 zombies total), and then loading up case 5 on normal so there are large crowds everywhere. From there, just drive over zombies (preferably using combo vehicles such as the Tread Maker) à la other Dead Rising games. Probably the best spot I've come across for this is the church in West Ridge, located between "Ned and Ann Teaks" and "The Brieder Family." There are about 2000 zombies in that area, and when you drive away a bit and come back, they respawn. It's also fairly close to the safe house, where you can buy a Tread Maker, and Tom's farm, where you can make one (in the barn at the back).

Note that it may take more than 200,008 kills, as it didn't pop until about 202,000 for me. Which isn't a big deal, since you need 250,000 for the final trial anyway. Check your achievement progress percentage on the dashboard if you hit 200,008 and it doesn't pop.

Master Journalist50
Get a Journalism Score of 100% 

This description is misleading – basically it means you have to 100% the single player part of the game. Meaning, you need to complete all single player trials (which includes killing 250,000 zombies), and unlock all skills. The latter requires finding all the single player training manuals, and getting to level 100.

Single player training manuals can be found at:

  • Mall
  • Evasion – In Homerunners, on the 2nd floor of the hallway between Caribbean Cove & Kiichiro Plaza
  • Skill Move Efficiency – In the safe house, available to buy once it reaches level 3.
  • Old Town
  • Final Blow – In Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles
  • Precision Targeting – In the safe house, available to buy once it reaches level 3.
  • West Ridge
  • Food +2 – In the safe house, available to buy once it reaches level 4.
  • Inventory Slots+ - In the safe house, on the 2nd floor
  • North Peak
  • Elemental Critical Hits – In Freebirds Gun Shack & Shooting Range
  • Inspiring Presence – In the safe house, available to buy once it reaches level 4

For more info on the trials, see: "Story Completionist."

Otis Would Be Proud20
Fully level up the Mall Emergency Shelter 

Requires saving 15 survivors in the mall. If they die, that's ok, they respawn infinitely.

Rookie Journalist5
Solve one of the Mysteries 

 Refer to "Seasoned Journalist" for more information.

Seasoned Journalist20
Solve all of the Mysteries 

As with the other collectible achievements/trials, you can buy maps in safehouses leading you to each collectible. When looking at your map, don't forget there are 3 floors to it (basement, 1F, and 2F).

Skilled Athlete20
Spend 20 Skill Points on Fortitude skills 

These are fairly self-explanatory. Every time you level up you’ll get skill points used to unlock skills. Sometimes you’ll also get them for completing trials. You’ll need to reach level 100 to unlock all skills in the game (which is a requirement for "Master Journalist"), so you should get these easily enough if you play through the story and grind out kills.

Skilled Brawler20
Spend 20 Skill Points on Brawling skills 

 Refer to "Skilled Athlete" for more information.

Skilled Shooter20
Spend 20 Skill Points on Shooting skills 

 Refer to "Skilled Athlete" for more information.

Skilled Survivalist20
Spend 20 Skill Points on Survival skills 

 Refer to "Skilled Athlete" for more information.

Stop Hitting Yourself5
Kill a zombie with a hunk of meat (1) 

You’ll have to weaken the zombie first, since you only get one hit with a hunk of meat. Depending on your level and unlocked skills, the number of hits it takes to weaken a zombie to the point of death will vary, so it may take a bit of trial and error. Can be done in single player or online.

Story Completionist40
Complete all Story Trials 

The single player trials are as follows. Note that your multiplayer stats will count towards most of these as well:

Photography – Note that all photo achievements stack, i.e. if you need to take a B and an A-rank photo, and you take an A-rank one, you’ll complete the trial for both.

Any C, B, A, & S rank photo
Self-explanatory, you’ll get these as you go for others.

Brutality photos: B, A, & S rank
Just take a photo of lots of dead zombies.

Capcom Tribute photos: any rank, A rank, & S rank
To get the S rank, you have to take a pic at Jo Pop in Kiichiro Plaza:

Destruction: B, A, & S
Basically you have to kill a huge group of zombies with non-elemental grenades or sticky bombs, and take a photo of the explosion as you kill the last one. There can’t be any living zombies in the photo. I found it easiest to do with sticky bombs, though the guy in this video just used grenades:

Drama: B, A, & S
Stuff involving good survivors (ex. survivors fighting zombies) will get you this. The more people/zombies in the pic, the better.

Horror: B, A, & S
Just take a photo of a huge group of zombies.

Outtake: B, A, & S
Basically you have to put some silly hats/masks on zombies, and then take a group photo of them. This guy did it with only 4 of them in a big crowd, but if you have a smaller one you’ll need to put more hats/masks on them:

Conspiracy: B, A, & S
Anything with soldiers in it will be a “Conspiracy” photo. Easy to do if you find soldiers with a large group of zombies.

Combined Conspiracy/Destruction B rank (“War Zone”)
You have to get a photo of the military fighting zombies while an explosion goes off. I found it easier to do with a sticky bomb than with grenades.

Combined Horror/Outtake B rank (“The Silly Dead”)
Take a photo where some zombies are wearing silly hats/masks, and some zombies aren’t.

B rank of humans fighting zombies
This one’s easy enough, just find a large enough group of humans and zombies fighting. Load up the later chapters if you’re having trouble.

Combined Brutality/Horror A rank (“Slasher Flick”)
Take a photo of lots of dead zombies and live ones.

A rank of soldiers and zombies fighting
Self-explanatory. The more zombies/soldiers you have in the photo, the better.

A rank of soldiers and survivors fighting (“Man’s Inhumanity to Man”)
A good spot for this is Medieval Town during chapter 5.

Take a photo of 3 fresh zombies feasting (“Feeding Frenzy”)
Easily done during chapter 1 when you’re on your way to the mall safehouse for the first time, when you first open the doors that lead to the emergency hallway where the safehouse is. Here's a video showing the exact spot:

Note that the zombies sometimes don’t spawn where the guy is in the video – if that’s the case, double-back and go through the emergency hallway entrance that's directly behind the pirate ship, and they’ll be there.

Take a photo of a human transforming into a zombie before your eyes (“No Hope Left”)
There are many places you can get this. If you’re having trouble, you can do this in case 4 in the military base when you go down the stairs immediately after doing an investigation in a room with a large cage in the center.

Catch at least 3 zombies falling in one photo (“Lemmings”)
The lower floor of the Amazon Food Court is a good place for this. Another one is the area by the escalators at the mall entrance.

Any rank photo of a fresh zombie mid-pounce (“Pounced I”)
This can be tough to get, it’s a good idea to clear the area after you find a fresh zombie while you try for it. You have to take a picture of it while it’s trying to pounce on you.

Any photo of a evolved zombie mid-pounce (“Pounced II”)
Same as Pounced I, but with an evolved zombie.

Any photo of 5 & 10 fresh zombies
The construction area halfway between North Peak and Old Town is a good place to get this.

Any photo of 5 evolved zombies
A good spot for this is during the main story while you're on your way to the final boss in the sewers during case 5:

Another good area is earlier in case 5 when you're ascending the construction site to rescue Hammond - while the exact number of evos seems to vary, there are often 4 evos on the 2nd floor, 4 on the 3rd, and 5+ on the 4th. You'll likely have to lure enough of them into a group.

A third area where it can be done is when you’re in the military base in case 4 after you get the objective "Sabotage the generator." This one's a little harder since you either have to clear out the soldiers before they kill any of the evos, or wait for the evos to respawn by not destroying the generator, but it can be successfully done, as this guy did:

Photograph every person of interest
These are not necessarily the only locations you can find these people, but they are the first time you see them. All of them are encountered as you follow the story:

  • Frank - Take a selfie at any point
  • Vick – Case 0 or case 6
  • Brad – Case 1 at the beginning or case 6
  • Connor – Case 1 in the hotel (he can also be found later in the farm sections)
  • Darcy – Case 1 at the end (after you find all the impaled/dead soldiers and investigate the area)
  • Jessa – Case 2 at the beginning
  • Paula – Case 2 in City Hall Archives in Old Town
  • Isaac – Case 2 in Tom’s Compound
  • Tom – Case 2 in Tom’s Compound
  • Hammond – Case 2 at the High School
  • Jordan – Case 2 at the High School
  • James – Case 2 during the boss battle
  • Dr. Blackburne – Case 3 when you rescue her
  • Dr. Barnaby – Case 3 – take a second picture of the photo of Dr. Barnaby after you’ve scanned it for evidence
  • Commander Fontana – Case 4 during the boss battle
  • Calder – Case 5 briefly when he throws bombs at you. Cannot be done in case 6.

Take one photo of every category
This will come naturally as you work on the others.

Combat – Thankfully, unlike Dead Rising 3, anything with multiple tiers stacks, i.e. when you finish tier 1, tier 2 does not start at 0. As noted earlier, your multiplayer and single player stats will combine for these.

Kill 100, 250, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000, and 250000 zombies
The biggest grind of the game, and fairly self-explanatory. Unfortunately, 3 achievements are tied directly to this (along with a 4th one, kill 200,008 zombies, which you'll get along the way).

Kill X number of zombies with the following combo weapons/vehicles:
These are all self-explanatory. If you don't want to make them, you can buy them from safehouses once they've been levelled up.

  • 300 with the Warmonger
  • 200 with the Kill-O-Watt
  • 200 with the Plunger Lure
  • 200 with the Tripod Zapper
  • 200 with the Tread Maker
  • 200 with the Electric Axe
  • 100 with the Roto Killer
  • 400 with the Bazooka Cannon
  • 200 with the Gandelf
  • 100 with the Flaming Helmet and/or Jurassic Barf

Kill 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, & 500 fresh zombies
This will come naturally over time. Fresh zombies are the fast ones that charge at you, but don’t have antlers. They’re found all over.

Kill X number of fresh zombies with the following weapons:
Another self-explanatory one.

  • 30 with the Acid Maul
  • 30 with a keyboard (Both computer keyboards and music keyboards are ok for this)

Kill 10, 25, 50, and 100 evolved zombies
These are the toughest zombies. They have antlers on their heads and can take a beating. They become more frequent as you progress through the story. I find the best way to kill them is to build up your combo meter and hit them with a + attack using non-combo weapons, since most of them will insta-kill them. Using ice swords are ok too, as they slow the evos down a little; they’re too quick for most firearms if you’re aiming manually.

Kill 10 evolved zombies with the Fish Launcher
Best to weaken them first, the Fish Launcher isn’t very powerful.

Kill 10, 25, 50, and 100 hostile survivors
Kill 10, 25, 50, and 100 soldiers
Kill 10 and 25 Exo-Troopers
Kill 10 Flametroopers

These are all self-explanatory.

Kill X number of human enemies with the following weapon:
Self-explanatory again.

  • 10 with hockey sticks
  • 50 with the Ice Sword
  • 100 with Deck the Halls and/or Glass Knuckles

Kill X number of any type of enemy with the following weapon/vehicle:
All self-explanatory again. You can buy these weapons/vehicles in safe houses if you don't want to make them.

  • 100 with Acid Rain
  • 300 with any traps (Floating Lantern, Suckmaster 3000, Santa Traps)
  • 300 with any of the following laser guns: Holey Terror, Umbrella Gun, Ion Cannon
  • 200 with the Ornament Gun
  • 100 with the Magic Wand
  • 200 with the MowerHawg
  • 100 with the Creep Fryer
  • 200 with the Cryonic Commando
  • 200 with your fists and/or close quarters weapons (boxing gloves, etc.)
  • 100 with the Frostee Penguin
  • 200 with the Bogey Monster

Burn 250 zombies
Freeze 250 zombies
Burn 250 zombies with acid

All self-explanatory.

Exploration – These consist of actual exploring as well as building combo weapons.

Create any 15 combo weapons of the following types.
These are all fairly self-explanatory. You can make 15 of the same weapon for these:

  • Blunt
  • Bladed
  • Unarmed
  • Elemental
  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Launcher

Create all 51 single player combo weapons
Note that weapon blueprints you get in multiplayer (and can subsequently create in single player) do not count.

The game won’t tell you which ones you’ve made (though you can see which ones you've unlocked), so I recommend keeping track with a pen & paper.

Also note that you must create one of each elemental type of Grenade (Ice/Fire/Acid) with the martini shaker, and also one of each elemental type of Santa Trap (Ice/Fire/Acid again)

Destroy 100 vehicles
While you can drive them til they wear down, it’s easiest to just grab a rocket launcher/grenades/vehicle with weapons/etc. and use them to destroy any vehicles you find. Note that the vehicles you destroy have to be ones that are drivable, or at least have their lights turned on (indicating that they still have power).

Destroy 50 holiday decorations

Discover 25, 50, 100, 150, and all 163 locations across the city
You can keep track of every building/store you’ve gone into by checking your map – if it has an icon over it, you’ve visited it. If it’s blank, you haven’t. See "Hunting Grounds" for more info.

Get all the collectables
As you level up shelters you can buy maps from vendors in them. These maps show you the locations of all the collectibles, which is why I don’t feel it’s necessary to post detailed locations for them. The collectible trials are:

  • Photograph 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 100 zombie tags (These look like shadows that have been spray-painted on walls.)
  • Newspapers (all 41)
  • Podcast recordings (all 12)
  • Cell phones (all 87)
  • Vick’s Logs (all 15 - some of these will be given to you automatically as you progress through the story)

Level up an Emergency Shelter to level 2 and 5
Level up all emergency shelters to level 5

You level up emergency shelters by first clearing them out, then by rescuing civilians in the surrounding area. If you fail to rescue someone, don’t worry, new ones will always spawn.

Find all 31 panic rooms
You’ll need to find keys for these. As with everything else, you can buy maps from vendors in safe houses that lead you to these. Here's a LIST if you have any problems finding them.

Buy 200 items from vendors
Self-explanatory. Vending machines in multiplayer also count for this.

Buy all 28 maps from vendors
Single player only. These only become available as you level up safe houses.

Buy 50 combo weapons from vendors
Self-explanatory. Vending machines in multiplayer count for this.

Survive the Food Court20
Survive Episode 4 

Online required. These can be done in private solo matches. As noted in the overview, to survive each of the episodes, you have to get through 2 days in-game, which should take just under half an hour real time. To unlock episode 2, you have to complete any 3 missions in episode 1. To unlock episode 3, complete any 8 missions in episode 2, and to unlock episode 4, complete any 12 in episode 3.

Note that you don’t actually have to complete any missions to survive, just get to the safe house at the end of both days.

Survive the Plaza10
Survive Episode 2 

Online required. Refer to "Survive the Food Court" for more information.

Tape It or Die AGAIN20
Create 50 combo weapons (2) 

Self-explanatory. You have to get blueprints in order to be able to create combo weapons. However, once you have a blueprint, you can create the same weapon over and over 50 times.

Tape It or Die Fanatic50
Create 58 unique Combo Weapons 

Online required. There are 51 combo weapons in the single player game, meaning you have to make the other 7 in multiplayer. (Technically, you can make them in single player, but you have to unlock the blueprints in multiplayer first.) As noted elsewhere, you get multiplayer blueprints by completing trials. As for single player, you will earn some blueprints as you progress throughout the story, and others have to be found. You can buy maps that lead you to them as you level up safe houses.

Collect 5 Blueprints in Story Mode 

 Refer to "Innovator" for more information.

Vehicular Manslaughter20
Create 8 unique combo vehicles 

This requires you to create one of each type of combo vehicle. The game won’t tell you which ones you’ve made (though it will tell you which ones you've unlocked), so I recommend keeping track with a pen and paper. As with the combo weapons, you can buy maps in safe houses that will lead you to blueprints.

We Are Canceling The Apocalypse20
Create 5 unique Exo suit Power-Ups 

When you’re in an exo-suit, you will come across items marked as Power-Ups – simply press to equip them. You have to do this for all 5 different types: Ice (easy to find in the mall in restaurants), Military (often found in the open world, and also during case 4 at the military base), Vacuum (often found in the mall by bathrooms, and also during case 5 while you go to rescue Hammond), Zero (beat the game to unlock this one in safe houses), and Electric (arcade machines - an easy one to find for this is during the final boss battle).

Workin' Hard40
Complete all Trials 

Online required. For this, you have to complete all the single player and multiplayer trials in the base game. Thankfully, everything is cumulative (i.e. it’s not like Dead Rising 3 where when you finish tier 1 of a trial, tier 2 starts from 0 again).

For more info on the single player trials, refer to "Story Completionist." As for the multiplayer trials, they are as follows. If I didn’t list what a particular rank unlocks, it’s because it just unlocks PP and/or money:

Create 1, 5, & 10 gold combo weapons
Self-explanatory. Obviously you have to unlock gold weapons to be able to make them. You can find gold bars as random drops, or buy them from vending machines once you've done the "loot 20000 scrap" trial. The last rank unlocks the Solid Gold skill.

Kill 1, 10, 25, & 50 bosses
As noted in the overview, these only spawn on Day 2 of an episode. After you complete or fail all the missions given to you at the start of a day, all players must go to Kiichiro Plaza to ring the Doom Gong. It’s recommended to farm Episode 1 or 2 for this, as they’re relatively easy. Regardless, this is a real grind - it is likely the only multiplayer trial that will take longer for you will be the 250 missions one, and it's very possible this one will actually take more time.

Rank 1 unlocks the Spray & Pray combo weapon, which can be used to heal allies. Rank 3 unlocks the Gold Electric Axe, and 4 unlocks the Gold Ice Sword.

Kill 1, 10, 25, & 50 loot zombies
Loot zombies are fresh zombies that are dressed like snowmen or gingerbread men and are wearing backpacks. This will come naturally as you play. Ranks 1-3 unlock tiers of the Grave Robber skill; rank 4 unlocks the Gold Equalizer.

Complete 1, 25, 100, & 250 missions
Likely the last multiplayer trial you’ll finish, this is the biggest grind of the multiplayer trials – particularly because the “kill X number of zombies” trials don’t count, unless they’re given to you at the start of the day. Once you've leveled up a bit and taken care of the other trials, I'd recommend playing the later episodes - even though they're harder, they have more missions you can complete.

Rank 3 unlocks the Gold Blambow; rank 4 unlocks the Gold Ornament Gun.

Complete any 3 missions in episode 1
Unlocks episode 2. They do not have to be done in one game.

Complete any 8 missions in episode 2
Unlocks episode 3. They do not have to be done in one game.

Complete any 12 missions in episode 3
Unlocks episode 4. They do not have to be done in one game.

Complete any 15 missions in episode 4
Unlocks exo suits. They do not have to be done in one game.

Complete 1, 10, 25, & 50 days
“Completing” a day means surviving it, i.e. getting to the safehouse at the end. Ranks 1-3 unlock tiers 1-3 of the Quick Study skill; rank 4 unlocks the Gold Bazooka Cannon.

Revive another player 1, 10, 25, & 50 times
This is best done via boosting, as it’s a real grind otherwise. Load up an episode 1 private match with a friend, and proceed to one of the nearby escalators outside of Medieval Town. Take turns throwing yourselves off the 2nd floor and reviving one another. If one of you is leveled up a bit already, it’s recommended that person finish his or her 50 revives first. They should then start up a new game in a different save slot – their character will start at level 1 again, meaning they’ll go down super quickly. Once both people have the revives, the person who loaded a new game can go back to their original one.

Rank 2 unlocks the Thick Skin skill; rank 4 unlocks the Gold Laser Sword.

Heal others for 1000, 5000, 10000, & 20000 health
This is relatively easy enough, even without boosting. You can just follow another player throughout the episode and heal them as necessary. The hardest part of this is actually getting the healing items – you’ll either have to play as Connor (he starts with one), unlock the blueprints for them so you can make them, buy them from vending machines, or find them as random drops.

Rank 4 unlocks the Rocket Bandage combo weapon.

Loot 5000, 20000, 50000, & 100000 scrap
Self-explanatory. These will come naturally. Rank 2 unlocks the Investment skill; rank 4 unlocks the Jackpot skill.

Eat 10, 20, & 30 times in one day
Can be done solo. Basically keep grabbing a bunch of food, run into crowds of zombies, and heal yourself every time you get hit. Best done on episode 1. Rank 1 unlocks the Potluck skill.

Survive a day without anyone dying or eating food
Unlocks the Food Bank skill. Can be done in solo private. It’s easier the higher your level. If you’re having trouble, you can do this in day 2, and just proceed to the safe house (see the overview for locations) and wait there.

Survive a day and complete a mission without anyone killing a zombie
Unlocks the Frostbite skill. Can be done in solo private. Obviously some luck is required, as the mission itself has to be one that you can complete without killing anything. I'd recommend hanging out at the safehouse location/finding somewhere you won't be attacked after you complete the mission.

Finish a day where everyone is revived once, but no one dies (“I Get Knocked Down”)
Unlocks the Surgeon skill. You’ll likely have to boost this in a private match (it can be done with 2 people), as this doesn’t happen naturally very often (or ever). Everyone is either good enough to not go down at all, or bad enough that they die quickly.

Kill the most zombies in a day 1, 5, 10, & 15 times (Zombie Killer MVP)
Requires playing with at least 1 other person. Rank 3 unlocks the Out With a Bang skill, rank 4 unlocks the Gold Ion Cannon.

If you’re trying for this legit and are having difficulty, I have two words for you: Split Shot. Either buy 2-3 of them or make them (the latter requires having the blueprint from single player, and then combining a lead pipe with any regular firearm). It’s also preferable to have bought the skills that increase your ammunition for assault rifles (the Split Shot maxes at 480 bullets, which means you can fire continuously for a minute or two without stopping). After that, go to Caribbean Cove where the pirate ship is, and unload on the zombies there – there are usually several hundred in the area. Other good locations are the mall entrance (southeast part of Central Plaza) and the lower floor of the Amazon Food Court, though the latter depends on what episode you're on.

Kill the first zombie in a day 1, 5, 10, & 15 times
Requires playing with at least 1 other person. If you’re having trouble with this, you can shoot zombies through the fence at the start of the day. Just be considerate of others and don’t do that once you’ve unlocked the max rank for this.

Rank 2 unlocks the Gold Floating Lantern, rank 4 unlocks the Gold Acid Maul.

Reach the safehouse with less than 50 health.
Can be done solo. Find some zombies when you’re near the safehouse at the end and get hit until you’re below 50 health. It could be useful to have a partner to revive you in case you lose too much health.

Lose more than half your health from falling damage without dying
Easiest done when you’re a low level, as once you level up the percentage of health you lose when you fall will be less. Just find somewhere that has a 2nd floor and jump off.

If you do goof up and level up a lot before trying for this, you’ll have to lower your health significantly before jumping; you have to lose more than 50% of your current health (not your max health).

Heal 3 different people in a single day
This is in a single game day, not a real-time day. Obviously requires playing with a full game of 4 people. You’ll need to either unlock healing items by completing multiplayer trials, find those items as random drops, buy them from vending machines, or play as Connor, since he starts with the healing spray weapon. Note that it only has 60 ammo, so be careful with it.

Kill 500 zombies in a day as a team
Can be done solo, but is obviously easier as a team. See the method above for Zombie Killer MVP if you’re having trouble.

Be the first to arrive at the safe house 1, 10, 25, & 50 times.
This is the most troublesome of the online trials that can’t be done solo, since it’s a grind, and you can only get one per day. As such, this should be priority number one if playing legit. As noted in the overview, keep an eye out for stores with flashing red lights, as one of these will be the safe house in day 1; as for the day 2 safe houses, refer to the overview for their locations.

The first 3 ranks unlock the various tiers of the Stock Up Skill; the last unlocks the Gold Flaming Sword.

Z-Genocider 4: The Return20
Kill 53,598 zombies 

 Refer to "Left 100,004 Dead 2" for more information.

Zombie Destruction10
Kill 5,000 zombies 

 Refer to "Left 100,004 Dead 2" for more information.

DLC: Title Update
Price: Free Achievements: 2 Points: 150
Chopping Spree50
Beat the game on Hard difficulty. 

 Refer to "Biter’s Remorse" for more information.

Biter's Remorse100
Beat the game on Blackest Friday difficulty. 

These do stack, so if you want to go that route you can. That said, I’d recommend being at a high level before starting this (I was somewhere in the 80s).

Some general tips/things to note:

  • Keep moving. Avoid combat when you can. If surrounded by a big crowd, just clear out enough zombies to be able to keep moving.
  • Don't bother with the maniac side-missions.
  • You take way more damage than you do on normal. Likewise, health items restore way less health (150 health once you have all the health-related perks). Some bosses/exo suit troops can kill you in a couple of hits if you get too close, so keep your distance.
  • Weapons break way faster, and guns generally only hold about a quarter of the ammo that they do on normal. However, for some reason, the amount of grenades you can hold wasn't nerfed.
  • On a related note, Gold weapons (especially ice swords and roto killers) are highly recommended, since they're stronger and last longer than regular ones. Unlocking them requires playing multiplayer, however (see "Workin' Hard" for more info).
  • As noted on "Hunting Grounds," your found locations will reset when you start a new game. Almost nothing else will, however - your level, perks, safe rooms, collectibles, blueprints, even panic room keys will all carry over (well, most of your panic room keys - the one on Tom's farm doesn't).
  • It's good to carry multiple Split Shots at all times to deal with crowds, as well as melee weapons that can quickly clear a path for you (the Gold Roto Killer is a good one for this)
  • While the game is definitely harder, it's not impossible, particularly if you start leveled up.
DLC: Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf
Price: TBD Achievements: 16 Points: 250
Mini Golf - Achieve a hole in one 

Not as hard as it sounds, this is minigolf, after all, not real golf. If you’re having trouble, the very first hole is good for this, as are a couple of holes on the 2nd course, Golden Apple Vineyards.

Mini Golf - Achieve par on a hole 

Par is the number of shots it’s supposed to take to get it in the hole. The game tells you what it is in the upper-right corner. Just get the ball in the hole in that exact amount of shots; no more, no less.

Holey Moley20
Mini Golf - Play 20 holes 

Self-explanatory. As noted in the overview, couch co-op games do not count. They do not have to be different holes, though where's the fun in that?

Shoot the Moon20
Mini Golf - Achieve an eagle 

An eagle is when you get the ball in the hole in 2 shots on a par 4, or 3 shots on a par 5. If you’re having trouble, the 2nd course, Golden Apple Vineyards, has a couple of holes where you can farm these.

Flip 'Em the Bird15
Mini Golf - Achieve a birdie 

A birdie is when you get the ball in the hole one below par (ex. if par is 4, you need to get it in 3). This should come naturally.

Perfect Day15
Mini Golf - Play a perfect shot 

Simply press A when the swing meter reaches the “sweet spot,” the very center of the green part. This gets easier with better clubs, as the sweet spot gets bigger.

A Real Ball Buster10
Use a Ball Buster on another player 

Online required. Refer to "#1 Ball Buster" for more information.

Up to Snuff20
Mini Golf - Achieve par on a course 

The sum total on all your holes on a course must be at par or better. You can go over par on an individual hole, so long as your final total for the course is at or below the overall par. Golden Apple Vineyards is an easy one for this.

Killer Drive15
Mini Golf - Kill 5 zombies in one shot 

Just hit the ball into a big crowd of zombies.

Mini Golf - Kill 30 zombies on a course 

Self-explanatory. If you’re having difficulty, some of the later courses have more zombies. Also, you can ignore trying to actually get the ball in the hole and just go for kills.

Mini Golf - Unlock all club types 

You buy them from the shop. This will cost a total of 535,000.

Mini Golf - Unlock a new costume 

Just buy one from the shop. The cheapest one is 20,000.

Mini Golf - Unlock all cosmetic items 

This is the most time-consuming achievement from the DLC, as everything costs a total of 1,902,000. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 535,000 for clubs
  • 466,000 for balls
  • 500,000 for exo suits
  • 401,000 for helmets

Even when you finish the trials, you will be several hundred thousand short of the amount you need. Thus, grinding is required. Once the trials are done, note that you will actually earn far more money going for coins/kills than you will for actually trying to get the ball in the hole.

Ball Busted!10
Be the victim of a Ball Buster 

Online required. Refer to "#1 Ball Buster" for more information.

#1 Ball Buster10
Use every Ball Buster on other players 

Online required. There are 9 different Ball Buster types. When you hit a ball buster, the one you get is entirely random:

  • Ball swap: Balls swap places
  • Bouncy ball: The ball bounces crazily when it hits the ground
  • Fast swing meter: Your swing meter moves quickly
  • Hidden swing meter: Your swing meter is hidden
  • No arc: You can't see the arc of your shot
  • Personal obstacle: An obstacle spawns in front of the ball (I saw a swinging anchor and a door that opens and closes)
  • Randomizer: Makes the swing meter go crazy
  • Reduced shot power: Shot power is cut in half (in practice this means the swing meter only goes halfway up)
  • Small sweet spot: The sweet spot to hit the ball is smaller

This can take awhile – it took my boosting partner and I about 5-6 hours to do it (ironically, we got it on the same hole). Some notes that are helpful:

  • It doesn’t matter who the roulette wheel settles on – even if you end up hitting yourself, it still counts.
  • If you hit a ball buster but your ball goes out of bounds, the roulette wheel won’t pop up, and it won’t count. An exception to this seems to be if it’s your final shot of the round (i.e. shot number 7). I had the wheel pop up a couple of times when this happened.
  • If the other person has already sunk their ball in the hall, the roulette wheel won’t show up. Ergo, the strategy for this achievement is to not get the ball in the hole until all ball busters are off the course.
  • If the other player is already affected by a ball buster, and you hit another one, the roulette wheel won’t pop up.
  • Related to this, the person who shoots next is always whoever’s farthest away from the hole. Thus, if the other person is already under the influence of a ball buster, and it’s your turn to shoot, you have no choice but to get your ball closer to the hole than them.
  • I found Golden Apple Vineyards had the easiest Ball Busters to hit.
Club Membership10
Mini Golf - Unlock a new club type 

Simply buy a new club set from the store once you have enough money. Level 2 clubs cost 10,000.

DLC: Frank Rising
Price: TBD Achievements: 17 Points: 250
Frank Rising - Collect 3 portable detection devices. 

There are 3 portable detection devices; once found, they permanently reveal the locations of collectibles on the map. The devices automatically appear on your map as collectibles as soon as you enter a new area. Their locations are as follows:

  • Mall: Amazon Food Court, just before the north exit. You’ll come across this early on as you follow the mission waypoint.
  • Old Town: Just south of the center of old town, near a Princess Wasp.
  • West Ridge: At the end of the road that leads to a dead end in the southeast corner of the map.

Collectibles unlock the only permanent abilities that carry over when you start a new game, so you’ll probably want to get them all before trying Blackest Friday difficulty (your collectible progress will carry over if you start a new game). Note that there’s one collectible in Central Plaza on the 2nd floor that you can only get during the intro mission.

Cool & Collected10
Frank Rising - Collect 10 organ coolers. 

Refer to "Bloodhound" for more information.

Good Stock10
Frank Rising - Collect a princess wasp. 

Story-related, unmissable.

Good, Smart, Super Weird Zombie10
Frank Rising - Unlock your first zombie ability. 

Story-related, unmissable.

Hard Line20
Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising with the best ending on Hard difficulty. 

 Refer to "No Compromise" for more information. The difficulty achievements stack.

Killer Queen20
Frank Rising - Collect the evo queen. 

Story-related, unmissable.

Living on a Prayer20
Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising... at a terrible price. 

Beat Frank Rising without getting all the Princess wasps.

No Compromise30
Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising with the best ending on Blackest Friday difficulty. 

Not only do you have to complete it on hard with the best ending (refer to "Pack Leader" for info on that), but you have to beat it on the hardest difficulty. The problem with this is, the only traits that carry over when you start a new game are the traits you get from trials. As such, it’s strongly recommended to get all collectibles and complete all trials before trying Blackest Friday.

General tips for Blackest Friday:

  • Keep moving (unlimited sprint from one of the collectible trials is a must). Don't get into unnecessary battles. If the objective doesn't explicitly tell you to kill soldiers, and they're not directly in your way, don't engage them.
  • Once you've got it, roar will be your best friend. Once fully powered, it does everything from clearing out large groups of zombies (and refilling your feast meter along the way) to taking out soldiers. It will be your primary weapon against exo troopers.
  • Once you get roar, most of the challenges will become relatively easily. One exception is the first "feast to survive" challenge, which you're likely to get before you have roar. Don't just spam X - make sure you dash every couple of hits. The other exception is the last trial (to fully upgrade roar), where you will face two survivors armed with fire & ice swords. Use pounce to disarm them (they'll still do a lot of damage, but will no longer insta-kill you).
  • If you die (and you will), it will reload your last checkpoint, but the clock will keep ticking. The clock will stop, however, once you enter the final room (which is laughably easy compared to the part that comes before it). I probably died a dozen times (twice at the fire & ice guys, and a bunch of times at Barnaby's estate), and finished with about 10 minutes to spare, so there's enough time if you keep moving.
  • The hardest part by far is clearing out Barnaby's estate of soldiers and exo troopers. The best tactic against the exos is to use cover to run in close, hit them with a strong roar (hold ), and then run away until it recharges. Rinse and repeat. You can also insta-kill regular soldiers with a fully-powered roar. Also, watch out for the rocket launcher guy in the basement. For that fight, it's best to lure the flame exo trooper upstairs to give you space to run. If the rocket launcher guy follows, hit him with a roar.
Not the Good Stuff10
Frank Rising - Collect 10 cases of tainted Zombrex. 
Pack Leader20
Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising with the best ending. 

Just beat Frank Rising while getting all the Princess Wasps. Not as hard as it sounds – on normal, at least - since you will automatically get waypoints to all of them on your map as you progress through the story.

Royal Fool20
Frank Rising - Collect all of the princess wasps. 

These are marked as grey diamonds on your map. You do not have to do anything to unlock the locations for them; they will pop up as you progress through the story. You’ll have to do various missions when you get to them (kill enemies within the time limit, survive for a minute, etc.) They're all pretty straightforward, and if you fail you can just try again. Note that this does have to be done in one playthrough.

Smart Food10
Frank Rising - Collect 10 brain jars. 

Refer to "Bloodhound" for more information.

This Little Piggy20
Frank Rising - Recover 10,000 health by Feasting. 

You’ll get this over time (and in this instance, by "over time" I mean relatively quickly, probably during your first playthrough) – instead of doing special attacks when you build up your combo meter and press +, you’ll feast and recover health.

Up and at 'Em10
Frank Rising - Survive your first night as a zombie. 

Story-related, unmissable.

Frank Rising - Collect 10 evo wasps. 

When you kill evolved zombies, they leave wasps behind. You have to collect those wasps 10 times. Does not have to be done in one game.

Well Read10
Frank Rising - Collect 10 of Barnaby's research notes. 

Refer to "Bloodhound" for more information.

Work Up an Appetite10
Frank Rising - Reach a Hit Counter of 50, then Feast. 

Self-explanatory. Just hit + once your combo hits 50.

Game Info
Capcom Vancouver


US December 06, 2016

HDD Space Required : 36.32 GB
Price: $59.99USD
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