Disney Fairies

Disney Fairies Achievements

There are 95 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

DLC: Episode 1: Hidden Treasures
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 20 Points: 200
Deja Vu15
Replay any location from the map. 
Tinker up the first hawk-shaped kite in the history of Pixie Hollow. 
Help Tinker Bell complete three different blueprints for her inventions. 
Earn three stars in every location on the map. 
Tinker Talent15
Help Tinker Bell repair Wendy's lost music box in Lost Thing Cove. 
Tap to see each of the four water beetles slide down the big blade of grass in Dewdrop Vale. 
Arrival Day10
Lift the flower to the council chambers in the Pixie Dust Tree. 
Help Tinker Bell find all of the Lost Things in all five locations. 
Craft a full order of kettles using Tink's newly repaired kettlemaker. 
Green Thumb10
Help Tinker Bell to wake up all of the sproutlings in all five locations. 
Light all of the crystal torches in Pine Tree Grove before doing anything else. 
Kettle Guru10
Assemble all the kettles without making any mistakes during the kettle making game. 
Send Cheese out with his delivery wagon in Tinkers' Nook. 
Build the springifier to plant Rosetta's seeds. 
Twig Appeal10
Tap to learn about each of the five houses in Tinkers' Nook. 
Help Tink assemble her light gadget. 
Ask Blaze to give you a hint. 
Pixie Pesterer5
Bother Tink by tapping her on the nose five times quickly! 
Find a mushroom in the Pixie Dust Tree. 
Discover Tink's talent during the welcoming ceremony. 
DLC: Episode 2: Saving Spring
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 20 Points: 200
Bait and Switch15
Find something tasty to lure Cheese into Needlepoint Meadow. 
Flying Colors15
Trade some pollen to the bee who is guarding a towel in Buttercup Canyon. 
Painted and Packed15
Create a contraption to repaint all of the mispainted ladybugs in Buttercup Canyon. 
Spring Cleaning15
Talk with Rosetta about the sprinting thistles in Buttercup Canyon. 
Spring Savior15
Lull the sprinting thistles in Needlepoint Meadow. 
Round up all the thistles with Cheese's help. 
Berry Mischievous10
Pop three different bubbles before they reach the berry pile in Buttercup Canyon. 
Cricket Care10
Reunite the cricket with her babies in Sunflower Gully. 
Gear Head10
Place all the gears from right to left while repairing the pulley in Tinkers' Nook. 
Insect Inspector10
Find the hidden water beetle in all five locations in Saving Spring. 
Look Out10
Make the mother cricket look back and forth five times on her seed pile in Sunflower Gully. 
Mussel Mirror10
Gather the rainbows into Tink's contraption using mussel shell mirrors in Sunflower Gully. 
Rainbow Arranger10
Create a contraption to sort out all of the spilled rainbows in Sunflower Gully. 
Thistle Wrangler10
Earn a 10x combo in Thistle Round-Up by herding ten thistles into the corral all at once. 
Berry Express5
Create a contraption that will transport berries out of Autumn Forest. 
Bubbly Berries5
Fill up the berry blower contraption with berries in Autumn Forest. 
Getting In Gear5
Repair the flower pulley's drive chain in Tinkers' Nook. 
Healing Talent5
Make mud medicine for the injured mouse in Autumn Forest. 
Find a pair of binoculars in Tinkers' Nook. 
Thorny Problem5
Build the thistle-tickling gadget in Tinkers' Nook. 
DLC: Episode 3: Once in a Blue Moon
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 20 Points: 200
Revelry Ready25
Build all eight of the scepters shown on the old blueprints in The Scepter Workbench. 
Charm Scout20
Find all eight of the talent charms hidden in chests throughout the adventure. 
Lofty Aspirations15
Fully assemble Tinker Bell's cottonpuff balloon in Cottonpuff Valley. 
Rise and Shine15
Wake up the slumbering bookworm in the Book Nook. 
Pick up the netted golden book in the Book Nook. 
Whole Lot of Net15
Find all of the rope that Tink needs for her cottonpuff balloon in Cottonpuff Valley. 
Save a scepter design that you created in freeplay mode of The Scepter Workbench. 
Come up with a plan to repair the old contraption in Fairy Tale Theatre. 
Win a game of Conductor Says with the orchestra animals in Fairy Tale Theatre. (1) 
Music Makers10
Return the orchestra animals to their podium in Fairy Tale Theatre. 
Stage Fright10
Talk to Verse about the script problem in Fairy Tale Theatre. 
Autumn Lights5
Find an orange lantern in the Council Chambers. 
Beetle Powered5
Set the water beetle into the wheel of the fire-tending contraption in Tinker Bell's house. 
Make the cuckoo clock cricket pop out of his clock in Tinker Bell's house. 
Expert Extractor5
Use tongs to lift the blueprint out of the bowl of berry paint in the Council Chambers. 
Scepter Synergy5
Help to assemble Tink's scepter design in Tinker Bell's house. 
Slime Swiper5
Wipe away the moonsnail slime from any slimy door handle in a single motion. 
Sludge Budger5
Clean away the slime on the blueprint cupboard in the Council Chambers. 
Shoo the snail on the floor in the Council Chambers completely out of view. 
Find all of the scepter parts that Terence 'organized' in Tinker Bell's house. 
DLC: Episode 4: North of Never Land
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 15 Points: 200
Blue Skies Ahead20
Score over 2,500,000 points in a single balloon ride in The Journey Home. 
High Flyer20
Fly back to Pixie Hollow in Tinker Bell's balloon. 
Lost Treasure20
Find the Mirror of Incanta in The Captain's Quarters. 
Sun Powered20
Melt the candle using mussel shell mirrors in The Captain's Quarters. 
Lucky Stars15
Activate the star multiplier three times during a single balloon ride in The Journey Home. 
Milkweed and Honey15
Lure the firefly to Tinker Bell's scare-rat contraption at The Marsh. 
Precise Schematics15
Complete the blueprint in the Marsh moving in order from left to right, bottom to top. (1) 
Quickest Contraption15
Assemble the ultimate scare-rat contraption in The Galley in under forty five seconds. 
Never miss a note with Tink's spider serenader while playing through any one location. 
Earn three stars in all five locations in North of Never Land. 
Lift the log to let Tinker Bell's boat float downstream at The Stone Arch. 
Complete a path to shore for Tinker Bell at The Marsh. 
Gourd Gatherer5
Release the gourd trapped in the rocks on the hillside at The Stone Arch. 
String Music5
Learn how to use Tink's spider serenading gadget at The Landing Site. 
Tickle the sleeping mouse at The Landing Site at least five times. 
DLC: Episode 5
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 20 Points: 200
Win a match of Mouse Polo by 15 points or more. 
Obstacle Ahead!20
Complete the Pixie Cart Derby without hitting a single obstacle. 
Slide Ruler20
Earn three stars in every level of Slug Slide. 
Championship Winner15
Win the championship trophy in the Pixie Hollow Games. 
Sweetly Specific15
Pop exactly 25 pieces of pollen during a single game of Flower Power-Up. 
Fancy Fieldwork10
Scurry ahead of the competition by winning a match of Mouse Polo. 
Game On!10
Earn three stars in every location in The Pixie Hollow Games. 
Goal Line Defender10
Win a game of Mouse Polo by allowing your teammate to score all of your team's goals. 
No Boost Needed10
Complete the Pixie Cart Derby without picking up any pixie dust. 
Stunt Driver10
Successfully navigate all three shortcuts in a single Pixie Cart Derby race. 
Tune-Up Tinkering10
Help Tinker Bell assemble a derby cart in the Pixie Cart Derby lounge. 
Open all the team lockers in the Pixie Cart Derby lounge in 90 seconds or less. 
Coaxed by Clover5
Lure the cricket off the handwraps in the Slug Slide lounge. 
Game Saver5
Grow a bushel of polo balls by cultivating the baby oak tree in the Mouse Polo lounge. 
Lantern Lit5
Turn on all four lanterns in the tunnel that leads to the Coliseum in the Slug Slide lounge. 
Mouse Medic5
Find a cure for one of your team's invaluable player: Cheese. 
Open the Ceremonies5
Find all the banners for the Opening Ceremonies in the Slug Slide lounge. 
Power Pollinator5
Set off a chain of 20x or more in a match of Flower Power-Up. 
Slug Maze5
Complete Level 26 of Slug Slide in exactly eight moves. 
Slip and slide your way to victory by completing a match of Slug Slide. 

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US March 06, 2013

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