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Guide By: Corrupt.
There are 17 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 17 [200]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 200+ hours [Over many weeks/months] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Dragon Mania Legends is a free to play online only strategy game, although most of the game is played in single player, the online element involves using friends dragons to help you and sending/receiving gifts. You can also battle online for experience and coins. You are tasked with building breed, raise and train a small army of dragons and battle your way against the vikings and their dragons to reclaim your islands. The game is bright and colourful, and the achievements are all really simple but due to having to wait for dragons to hatch, food to grow, and buildings to build in real time, this will take a very long time to finish. The game is cross play between Windows and Windows phone, and any progress or achievements you unlock in one will load and unlock on the other the next time you start it up.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
There are a few miscellaneous achievements, but you will get most achievements naturally by following the quest line. You can spend real money to progress faster, but the game is easily beatable without spending a penny. You ultimately need to get to and beat quest 68, which is pretty far into the game. All dragons have strengths and weaknesses depending on their elemental stats, and level up with feeding and training. Make sure you are using the correct elements against their opposite elements, and you will also need to be pretty close in levels to your opponent in order to beat them. Play the game whichever way you want in regard to what dragons you get, follow the quests to get most of the achievements. If you are stuck or unsure of anything, the Dragon Mania wiki can be found HERE.

There may be a few achievements that you don’t yet have, but by the time you beat quest 68, you probably be most of the way there. Anything you need should now be a matter of a few clicks here and there in different parts of the screen or menus.

Dragon Mania Legends is a bright and cheerful game, although similar to many games of this type can become tedious, especially when grinding to level up your dragons towards the end of the game. The completion will take a while, but at least if you own a Windows Phone and a Windows 8/10 device, you get two completions.

[XBA would like to thank Corrupt. for this Roadmap]

Golden Opportunity10
Collect 50,000 Gold from habitats   

You collect gold from habitats in after various amounts of real life time. The longer you leave the habitat without collecting, the higher it gets, although it will max out after time if not collected. The amount of gold you get is dependent on the level of the habitat and the level of the dragons inside the habitat. 50,000 isn’t a massive amount, and you should get this quite early in your achievement journey.

Academy Action10
Upgrade the Academy to level 2   

Your Academy is in the top left corner of your island, and when upgraded to level 2, you can upgrade attacks to level 2, which is handy. You will need to upgrade the Academy as part of one of the quests, so don’t save your money up for this, just spend it on whatever is required for the quest you are on. The upgrade costs 40,000 coins, but with more habitats you can have more dragons and gain more money regularly, which is more useful in the long run.

Top Teacher10
Feed a dragon to level 15   

To feed a dragon, you will need a habitat with that element’s dragon in it, and a temple of the same element. To feed a dragon, you will obviously need some food. Food is grown on farms, and different types of food take different amounts of times. The longer it takes to grow, the more expensive it is, but the cheaper it will be in the long run if you are patient and wait for it. More expensive food gives you more food “units”. Farm your food whichever way you want, then feed your dragon until it gets to level 15. Each level takes double the amount of food, starting with 4, so you will need a total of 8,400 to reach level 15.

Beat the boss10
Beat the boss at ELIZA'S FACTORY.   

This boss is available on quest 68, and is tough to get to, let alone to beat. On every battle, you can see what dragons you are facing so you can choose your dragons accordingly. If you have a similarly leveled dragon with an opposing element, you should be able to win the fight, or if you have any dragons that are really overleveled, they should be okay too. The boss at Eliza’s Factory is a level 23 Thunder Wolf, which is an Energy and Metal dragon. You will need a set of pretty decent dragons for this, or have a friend with a great dragon you can hire.

Show off10
Win 750 fights   

This is cumulative, and is counted from any campaign levels, submarine levels, daily challenge fights and arena fights. The campaign levels do not have to be unique, you can grind the first level over and over again for a guaranteed win if you like. This will take a long time to get due to the fact every fight you do costs power, so you need to wait for power to regenerate between fights in real time. You will probably be there or thereabouts by the time you get the rest of the achievements.

Master Carpenter10
Build 7 buildings or habitats   

This will come naturally as you play through. You will need to build many, many buildings such as farms, habitats and temples. Following the quest line you will build more than seven fairly early on in your game.

Human Bulldozer10
Clear 50 obstacles   

You will need to clear obstacles such as trees, rocks and flowers, in order to make space to place your buildings. Obstacles cost gold and take time to clear, the amount of gold and time depends on the size of the obstacle. There aren’t enough obstacles on the first island alone, so this isn’t attainable until you buy the second island.

Star Pupil10
Win 50 fight with a 3-star rating   (3) 

The early fights in the campaign are easy to three star, especially once your dragons have levelled up a few times. You can replay the same fight 50 times if you like, but it is recommended get "Beat the boss" first as you will likely get quite a few on the way there. Any fight in any of the game modes count for this.

Persistent Prospector10
Send dragon to explore the ruins 20 times   

Each island has ruins on them, and you need to send your dragons into them 20 times. On the first island, there is the Mystic Cave and the Ghost Ship. You can first access the first of these, Mystic Cave, at level 10 - although you need to build it first. Different missions into the ruins will need different elemental dragons and at specific minimum levels, so you cannot just grind this quickly, you will have to wait until you have the dragons needed. Each mission has a chance to get a Chronisian Seal, of which you will need three for "Master of Chronos."

In the Zone10
Score 5,000 Perfect Hits   (1) 

Every attack you make with a dragon, there is a possibility of getting a perfect hit, you need to confirm the attack when you are in the sweet spot of the bar. Depending on what dragon is used, the sweet spot will be easier to hit. You need 5,000 of these across all game modes, and it is quite likely you will still need a few by the time you have everything else finished. As it costs energy to fight battles, you want the battles to last as long as possible. This gives you more chances to get perfects, so don’t just concentrate on the early battles as you will win too quickly. The battles in the submarine are quite good for this, as you battle two sets of dragons consecutively, but take only one lot of energy.

Friendly Fighter30
Give gifts to friends 15 times    (26) 

Needless to say, you will need at least one friend who has this game for this one. You can add friends who already have the game through Facebook, or invite people to play. The don’t necessarily need to have XBL, just play the game on any medium. If you wait until you are level 25 you can join a clan, and invite players from there to become friends. You can send one gift to each friend per day, so this will take a minimum of 15 days.

Dragon Traning Pro10
Train your dragon flawlessly 25 times   

Once you hit level 8, you can start to train your dragon. This is a minigame, which involves vikings and maidens being thrown into the air, and you need to swipe the vikings and leave the maidens. The higher level the dragon, the harder the training, so it is best to use lower level dragons for this. The lowest level dragon you can train is level 4, so use one of them and it will be pretty straightforward. To do this flawlessly, you must get all vikings and miss all maidens. Do this 25 times for this one.

Dragon Nutritionist10
Collect 150,000 Food from your farms   

You will be collecting food from your farms constantly while playing through the game to feed your dragons. There are different foods you can grow, the cheaper food take less time to grow, but you get much less; and the more expensive stuff takes much longer but is better value over all. You will collect way over 150k while going for other achievements, so this will come naturally.

Buy 25 dragons   

This is another achievement that will likely come naturally, as you will need many different types of dragon for the different fights. However, you can get this right from the start, and actually make a little profit!. Each fire dragon costs 100 coins, and if you buy it and pet it three times, you will make 20 gold per pet. Then sell it for 50 coins, and you are 10 coins in profit!

Friend in Need10
Hire a Friend's dragon 10 times to win battles   (3) 

For campaign fights, if you have friends you have the option to hire their dragons to help you in battle. You need to do this 10 times for this, and win the fights where you hired them. If you have a friend with much higher level dragons than you, this can come in real handy for some of the tougher fights, so try to get some friends in high places!

Master of Chronos10
Collect 3 Chronosian Seal Shards from Ruins   

 Refer to “Persistent Prospector” for more information.

Finish the tutorial    

Simply finish the tutorial upon starting the game for the first time. This will be the first achievement you unlock, just follow the steps given to you.

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