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Dungeon Hunter 5 Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Pants Party
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Online: 0
- Online: 20 [200]
- Approximate time to 200: 75-100 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect Achievements: No
- Unobtainable/Glitched Achievements: No
- Glitchy Achievements: No

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a free-to-play Action RPG. The game uses many timer-based walls to keep you playing day after day, as well as an intricate upgrade system where certain materials are only available in specific missions and/or on certain days of the week. Be patient and avoid using real money to speed up the process and your completion will come in time.

General Tips:
You want to try and get a few of the higher-tier chests (using gems) to get Tier 3 armor and weapons, as leveling these to Tier 4 and Tier 5 will pretty much be the only way to complete the game. As mentioned above, the items needed to level up your gear will be locked behind certain missions, difficulties, and days of the week.

Another huge help is getting friends who are high level to bring with you. The game is not co-op, but someone's actual character will come with you controlled by an AI. You can only use an ally once per day, which is yet another wall to progression built in. Use these higher level friends as tanks to receive any damage, and stay back using crossbows to deal damage yourself.

The achievements in this game are all story related and only require you to complete the 45 missions in the game for the full 200 Gamerscore. Do not worry too much about your own weapon types (elements) - just get the most powerful one you can and level it up - but instead get many friends that you can match up with the enemy types. Light vs. Dark, etc.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Not So Immortal10
Destroy the Immortal Gatekeepers.   

Complete Mission 2.

Saved civilians from being sacrificed.   

Complete Mission 4.

Perfectly Natural10
Defeat Nascira, the Undead Nature Elemental.   

Complete Mission 7.

Trial by fire10
Conquered the Ashken trials.   

Complete Mission 8.

Old friends10
Defeated Syrann.   

Complete Mission 10.

Running for glory5
Escaped and killed the cursed spirit.   

Complete Mission 11.

Heart Of The Forge5
Clean the forge of its Ashtak the Slitherer infestation.   

Complete Mission 12.

Acquired the pearl5
Acquired the Materia Pearl.   

Complete Mission 13.

Madness Quelled5
Send the Shehizim, the Vizier of Madness, back to the Void.   

Complete Mission 17.

Raising the spirits5
Raised the spirits of the past.   

Complete Mission 18.

Meeting new people5
Meet the hermit.   

Complete Mission 20.

Night of the Knight10
Prove your vigilance to the Death Knight.   

Complete Mission 22.

Order and Chaos15
Unsummon Arctoro, the Spirit of Order.   

Complete Mission 26.

New steel10
Help retrieve the sword.   

Complete Mission 27.

Eye for an Eye10
Delivered the beast.   

Complete Mission 28.

Sand In The Wind15
End the reign of Geonodon, the Crystal Drake.   

Complete Mission 31.

Cleaning The Filth15
Clean the marshlands of Vuiltoth's filthy presence.   

Complete Mission 36.

Defeated Syrann.   (1) 

Complete Mission 39.

No Encore15
Ensure Khiil Urd stays dead this time.   

Complete Mission 41.

Keep Your Blades Sharp15
Stop the Necromancer and let the kingdom begin to heal.   (2) 

Complete Mission 45.

This final mission is a little different than any of the others, where you would normally want a very high-level ally. Instead, bring someone completely worthless with you. The final boss of this mission will turn your ally against you, so you want someone you can defeat easily.

Otherwise, the entirety of the 45 Missions are simply a hack and slash/crossbow shooting gallery. Kill all the enemies in a given area to proceed, rinse and repeat until you finish the levels.

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