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Fallout 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Pants Party,mmartynn, NFaMuS one, Cacky, YOUN
There are 72 achievements with a total of 1550 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 0/10
-Offline: 72 (1550)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 5-10 minutes
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 0 playthroughs
-Number of missable achievements: 0 achievements
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No.
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: Yes; PC

*NOTE: Check THIS site to see if your PC has the minimum requirements to run Fallout 3*
*NOTE: For those wishing to complete this game legit, see the original roadmap here

Welcome to Fallout 3 (PC)! This game is one of the easiest games to complete. Next to Avatar and Backyard Football, it is easier than any other game with achievements. Although players can choose to play through the game just like on the Xbox 360, players who want the full 1550 can skip that step. There is a simple method to unlock all achievements within 5-10 minutes.

The Exploit:
In Fallout 3 (PC), there is a simple exploit that players can use to obtain all achievements within 5-10 minutes. While at the main menu, click the “~” button. This will create a command. Type out “addachievement1” through “addachievement72” and all achievements will unlock, from Vault 101 Citizenship Award(#1) to Alien Archivist(#72).

Fallout 3 (PC) is exactly like Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360. It’s the same fantastic adventure through the D.C. Wasteland. For those looking for a great game, you won’t find anything better. However, for those that are looking for a quick gamescore fix, then you won’t find anything easier.


[x360a would like to thank Yunder for this road map]

Vault 101 Citizenship Award10
Got the Pip-Boy 3000   (7) 

After finishing the quest for Baby Steps you will immediately flash forward to the age of 10 and be awarded your Pip-Boy.

The G.O.A.T. Whisperer10
Took the G.O.A.T.    (1) 

After your birthday party and learning a few basic game skills (Growing Up Fast) you will flash foward yet again to the age of 16. You will then begin Future Imperfect and be required to take the G.O.A.T.

If you are aiming to have a specific type of character, be sure to read the article linked under G.O.A.T. above for what answers you will need.

Note: Be sure to grab the bobblehead off your father's desk. This is one of two chances you have to collect it.

Completed "Escape!"    (1) 

Again you will flash forward, to the age of 20 this time. You will now need to follow your father and escape the vault. Your main goal will be marked on your compass. See Escape! for more info.

Note: From here out there is a lot of travel. You can use this Interactive Map to find where to go.

Note for PC Users: You can use the console command "tmm 1" to populate your map with all locations in the game. Doing so will allow you to fast travel everywhere from the start. See "One Man Scouting Party" for more info on using this command.

To open the console, hit the "~" key located next the the number 1 on your keyboard. Simply type "tmm 1" and hit enter after hitting "~" to activate it. It will say "All Map Markers Added" if you did it right.

For a complete list of cheat codes, item codes and other useful glitches/exploits, see here. Nothing found on that page will disable any achievements, so feel free to use them all if you need to.

Following in His Footsteps20
Completed "Following in His Footsteps"    (1) 

Once you are in the Wasteland, head to the town of Megaton. Speak with Moriarity in the saloon at the top/back of the town. You will need to get info about your father's whereabouts, as usual there are a few different options to procede.

Once you find that he went to Galaxy News Radio, head there and aid the Brotherhood soldiers in killing all the mutants, including your first Super Mutant Behemoth. After they are all dead you will be able to use the intercom on the GNR building to enter. Speak with Three Dog upstairs to find out your father has already moved on.

See Following in His Footsteps for more specific info.

Galaxy News Radio20
Completed "Galaxy News Radio" 

This quest is obtained from Three Dog at the GNR building. He will ask you to retrieve a comm dish off a Lunar vehicle in the Museum of Technology. Head there and enter the West Wing to retrieve the dish. From there you will need to head to the Washington Monument to place the dish on top. After that, head back to Three Dog at GNR to end the quest.

See Galaxy News Radio for more specific info.

Scientific Pursuits20
Completed "Scientific Pursuits"    
After speaking with Three Dog, head to Rivet City to try and find your father. Head to the Science Lab and speak with Dr. Li to learn that he has yet again moved on. Set off for the Jefferson Memorial and enter the door labeled "Gift Shop." Head to the control room of Project Purity and find Audio Tape 10. Listen to it to find that he has gone to Vault 112. Set off for Vault 112 where a robot will ask you to put on a new outfit and use one of the Tranquility Loungers.
See Scientific Pursuits for more specific info.
Tranquility Lane20
Completed "Tranquility Lane"    (1) 

After using the Tranquility Lounger you will be put into a computer simulation. You will talk with a little girl named Betty who will force you to do bad things around town, ultimately ending in your killing everyone. This course will obviously lead to quite a bit of bad karma.

Instead, you can go into the Abandoned House and interact with the objects in the front room to initiate the Chinese failsafe. Use this order: Radio, Glass Pitcher, Gnome, Glass Pitcher, Cinder Block, Gnome, Bottle. This will lead to good karma.

Once you have done either method, talk with Betty again for an exit door to appear. Use the door and speak with your father outside the simuation.

See Tranquility Lane for more specific info.

The Waters of Life20
Completed "The Waters of Life"    (1) 
After finishing Tranquility Lane your father will ask you to go with him back to Rivet City. You can say no and just meet him there later, doesn't matter which you choose. Once you do go back to the Science Lab there you will have a short conversation and then be asked to meet the scientists back at Project Purity. Head to the Jefferson Memorial to meet them.
Once there, your father will ask you to perform a few simple maintenance tasks to get the facility running. Just as you finish the last one, the Enclave shows up to take over the operations. (Spoiler) Your father then sacrifices himself so you can the other scientists can escape. Leave the Rotunda via the left door and find a sewer grate just to the left of that. Keep moving through the tunnels until you eventually come out the other side to the Brotherhood of Steel Citadel. Once Dr. Li gets you access to the city the quest will end.
See The Waters of Life for more specific info.
Picking up the Trail20
Completed "Picking up the Trail"    

Directly after The Waters of Life ends, this quest begins. You will be instructed to find the location of a G.E.C.K. Scribe Rothchild may be able to help. Find him in the lab and he will point you to a Vault-Tec computer. Check the Vault 87 item list to see it has a G.E.C.K. Return to Rothchild to learn of the vault's location. Unfortunately you will have to go through the Lamplight Caverns because of radiation levels outside the vault.

When you arrive at Little Lamplight you will be stopped by a child, Mayor MacCready. You have three ways of getting into the city. With a high speech skill you can talk your way in. With the Child at Heart perk you can also talk your way in. Without one of those, you will be forced to do the Rescue from Paradise quest. If you have already done that you can get in no problem, if you haven't you will need to do so now.

Now that you're in the city, you need to access Vault 87. You can either use speech on MacCready or Princess to gain entrance to Murder Pass which will be filled with enemies, or you can use speech on MacCready to learn about the door that won't open. Once you learn of that, speak with Joseph to restore power to the terminal for the door. Hack the terminal for entrance to the vault.

See Picking Up the Trail for more specific info.

Note for PC Users: If you're having trouble getting the speech options to work for the last part of this quest, use the console command "tcl" to enter No Clipping Mode. This will allow you to walk through anything. Walk through the door, then turn Clipping back on. Voila, instant access.

Rescue from Paradise20
Completed "Rescue from Paradise"    
You can either do this while progressing the main storyline (note its position in the achievement list) or you can start it at any point by doing the Strictly Business quest, or simply paying the guard out front of Paradise Falls 500 caps (if your speech skill is high enough).
If doing it during the main quest, speak with Mayor MacCready in Little Lamplight to accept the quest. From here, you will still need to gain access to Paradise Falls by doing Strictly Business or bribing the guard. Then you either need to do a long stealth-oriented sequence of events to break the children out, buy them for 2000 caps (1200 if you have high speech) or simply kill the entire town of slavers. You'll get good karma for the Town Slaughter since they are slavers, but if you have not already done Striclty Business you will lose your chance. So, be sure to do that before killing anyone in the town as they will all turn hostile if you kill any of them.
If you choose to do this as a side-quest before coming to it during the main story, the process of completing it remains the same, but you won't actually get the quest until speaking with Eulogy Jones. I would suggest just buying the kids. Once you have completed this and Striclty Business, feel free to kill the entire town for karma, human kills and experience.

See Rescue From Paradise for more specific info.

Finding the Garden of Eden20
Completed "Finding the Garden of Eden"    

Whichever way you chose to finish Picking Up the Trail, you will enter the vault in the same spot. Proceed through the vault until you get to the Test Labs to find an intelligent super mutant named Fawkes. You can either set off the fire alarm to free Fawkes who will help you fight and retreive the G.E.C.K. from the highly irradiated section of the vault, or attemt to brave the radiation and get the G.E.C.K. yourself. Either way, once you attempt to leave the vault with the G.E.C.K., you will be knocked out, ending the quest.

See Finding the Garden of Eden for more specific info.

The American Dream20
Completed "The American Dream"    

When you awake from being knocked out, you will be locked up and interrogated. Refuse to deal with Atumn; eventually the President of the Enclave will interrupt and allow you to leave and meet with him. On your way to the meeting, you will hear a command over the loudspeaker that you are to be killed. Prepare for some heavy fighting on your way to the President. Follow the mission marker on your compass until you finally get to the President.

During this conversation, you can attempt to convince the President to self-destruct. It doesn't really matter either way. After the conversation, grab the FEV virus he offers and leave the base. Head back to the Brotherhood Citadel to speak with Elder Lyons. You can give up the FEV during this coversation or hold on to it; again, doesn't matter much either way.

Note: Make sure to grab the bobblehead in Colonel Autumn's office before speaking with the President. You won't be able to get it after this.

Take it Back!40
Completed "Take it Back!"    

WARNING: The point of no return is during this quest. I would suggest finishing any achievements or side-quests you need before speaking with Sarah Lyons.

Speak with Sarah when you're ready to finish the game. You will head outside and follow the giant robot from the Citadel back to the Jefferson Memorial. Again enter the Gift Shop door and head to the Rotunda where the control room for Project Purity is located. Colonel Autumn will be waiting for you. With a high speech skill you can convince him to step aside. Otherwise, just kill him. However, the control room is now completely irradiated and is about to self-destruct.

You have three options now to finish the game:

  1. Sacrifice yourself or Sarah to enter the room and activate Project Purity. The code for the console is 216.
  2. Inject the FEV virus into the water filter.
  3. Do nothing and let the place explode.
Big Trouble in Big Town20
Completed "Big Trouble in Big Town"   (1) 

Warning! Make sure you do this quest before doing Strictly Business. Red is a main part of this quest, but she is also one of the four people you need to enslave for Strictly Business. Slaving her before doing this quest will void it. You can have Strictly Business active (and should, so then once you finish this quest you can just enslave Red right away).

As soon as you enter Big Town, one of the residents should talk to you and have you speak with other residents to find out about the missing people. Ask around and you will be sent to the Germantown Police HQ. You will need to break Red and Shorty out of the HQ. Once you get back outside you can fast travel back to Big Town to end the quest.

See Big Trouble in Big Town for more specific info.

The Superhuman Gambit20
Completed "The Superhuman Gambit"  

Upon entering Canterbury Commons you will witness a fight between the Mechanist and the AntAgonizer. Once it finishes, you will be approached by a man named Uncle Roe who will ask you to help stop them from coming around, the only option seeming to be killing one of them. You can head north to kill the Ant lady or south to kill the robot dude. Alternatively, you can use a high Speech skill to convince them to either leave town or give up their careers. Whichever method you choose, return to Uncle Roe to claim your reward.

See The Superhuman Gambit for more specific info.

The Wasteland Survival Guide20
Completed "The Wasteland Survival Guide"   (1) 

This is either one of the longest or shortest quests in the game, depending on how you wish to finish it. Speak with Moira in the supply shop at Megaton to acquire the quest. If you take the long route, you will have 10 various tasks (see the link below) to complete that will take you from one end of the world and back. If you choose the short option, you'll finish it in the same conversation as you start it. If you need the experience, go ahead and do the entire quest. If you don't, talk your way out of it.

To talk your way out of it you will need a high Speech skill. So either focus on that early or come back for this quest later in the game. Ask her about one of the missions and then ask why she can't do it herself. Eventually you should have an option to tell her the idea isn't good and she should not write the book. Once you convince her of this the quests ends and you will still get the achievement without running all about the Wasteland.

Warning! It is possible to lose this quest if you blow up Megaton during another side-quest. Moira will survive as a ghoul initially, but she may be killed by Raiders on her way to the Underworld once she turns into a ghoul. To be safe, disarm the bomb when doing "The Power of the Atom."

See The Wasteland Survival Guide for more specific info and all 10 missions.

Completed "Those!"   (1) 
To begin this quest you will need to find a boy named Bryan Wilks who is usually just outside Grayditch. He will ask you to find his father in town. Their house is near the diner. Once you find him (dead) report back to Bryan who will most likely now be hiding in the Pulowski Preservation Shelter next to the diner (it is a big metal tube). You tell Bryan that you will stop the ants which will send you to the Marigold Metro Station. Navigate quite a ways until you find a small office with a Dr. Lesko inside. He will tell you about the experiments he is doing and ask you to deal with the situation by killing the ant queen's guards. You can either stop after killing the guards like he asks, or just kill the queen and be done with the situation. Either way you can now report to Bryan that the ants are done. However, Bryan now has no family and no place to live. He will ask you to find his aunt Vera who owns the hotel in Rivet City. Go there and ask he to take Bryan in. She will agree and upon delivering the news to Bryan back in Grayditch you will finish the quest.
See Those! for more specific info.
The Nuka-Cola Challenge20
Completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"  (1) 

To receive this quest, speak with Sierra Petrovita in Girdershade. You will have to take a short tour and then she will ask you to find 30 Nuka-Cola Quantums for her. There are a total of 90 to find throughout the Wasteland. See the link below for their locations.

See The Nuka-Cola Challenge for more specific info.

Note for PC: Instead of the tedious searching, open the command (hit "~") and type "player.additem 000284F9 30" which will give you 30 Nuka-Cola Quantums right away.

Head of State20
Completed "Head of State"   (1) 

This quest is aquired at the Temple of the Union from their leader Hannibal. You ultimately have three tasks to complete this. First, head to the Museum of American History and locate a picture of the Lincoln Memorial building. Then head to the Memorial itself to make sure there are no mutants there. There aren't any mutants but there are a bunch of slavers. Considering Hannibal and his friends are freed slaves, there is clearly going to be a decision here. You can do a few things: either kill all the slavers immediately and report back to Hannibal, tell them where the slaves are and help them, tell them where the slaves are and fight against them, or tell them nothing and report back to Hannibal who will want to mount an attack. I would suggest just killing them on the spot. Once you give Caleb the picture and tell Hannibal the place is clear, they will set out for the Memorial. Fast travel over to the Mall Northwest Metro Station to meet them and finish the quest. You might have to wait for them to show up, so hit Back (360) or the T key (PC) to wait a few hours.

See Head of State for more specific info.

The Replicated Man20
Completed "The Replicated Man"   

This quest is acquired from Dr. Zimmer in the Rivet City Science Lab. He wants you to find his missing andoid and sends you to speak with Dr. Preston (also in Rivet) who gives you a holotape. You will either need to collect 2-3 more of these from various place (see the link below), speak with Winthrop in the Underworld, speak with Moira in Megaton or continue doing other things until you are approached by a woman named Victoria Watts (she can show up anywhere). If you collect the tapes or speak with Winthrop/Moira, you'll find that a man named Pinkerton did a surgery on the android. You will find Pinkerton in the broken bow section of Rivet City. He will tell you who the andoid is (turns out to be Harkness, the dude who first greeted you to the city) and you can either convince the man he is an andoid (he'll kill Zimmer), or unlock his memories (Zimmer will reclaim him). If you met with Victoria Watts, she gives you a piece of the android, which you can present to Zimmer as if the andoid is dead which ends the quest much more quickly.

See The Replicated Man for more specific info.

Blood Ties20
Completed "Blood Ties"   

This quest will be acquired in the saloon of Megaton from Lucy West. She asks you to deliver a letter to her family in Arefu. Head to Arefu to find out that her parents are dead and her brother is missing, apparently underground with some vampires. Head to the Meresti Trainyard and into the Metro Station to find The Family's hideout. Once inside, there are a few options of gaining the passcode to Ian's meditation room. See the link below. Once you have it, use the terminal upstairs and enter his room to find out what he did and then show him the letter from Lucy to convince him to leave. Report this back to King in Arefu to finish the quest.

See Blood Ties for more specific info.

Completed "Oasis"   

To being this quest, head to Oasis at the north of the map. Inside you will have to undergo a ritual to be allowed to speak with "Him." Once you do so, you'll be able to speak with Harold (the only person to appear in all three Fallout games) who has essentially been overtaken by the roots that were growing on his head, become rooted in this spot. He asks you to end his suffering and destroy his heart. He also advises against burning him because it would hurt.

Leave his chamber and head toward the map marker to find two of the Oasis residents talking. After their conversation, Birch will give you some sap and Laurel some linment. Continue on to the caverns and head to Harold's heart. You now have a few options: destroy the heart and kill him, give him the sap to stop his growth or apply the linment to increase his growth. Whichever you choose, head back to Harold to finish the quest.

See Oasis for more specific info.

The Power of the Atom20
Completed "The Power of the Atom"   

In Megaton, Lucas Simms will ask you to disarm with the bomb in the middle of the city or Mister Burke will ask you to detonate it. Either way you go, you need a minimum explosives skill of 25, but it is suggested it be closer to 50. If you disarm it, find Simms again to end the quest. If you detonate it, head to Tenpenny Tower to set the bomb off with Burke and watch the explosion. Detonating the bomb will automatically give you the most negative karma possible in the game.

Note: If you choose to blow up the town, make sure to get the bobblehead out of Simms' house before you do so.

See The Power of the Atom for more specific info.

Tenpenny Tower20
Completed "Tenpenny Tower"   

Head to Tenpenny Tower to being this quest. Once the ghoul Roy leaves the intercom, use it and either pay caps or use a speech challenge to enter the tower. Once inside, speak with Chief Gustavo. He will ask you to kill Roy (who you just saw outside) who lives in the Warrington Tunnels. You can go ahead and kill Roy in the tunnels, or speak with him and instead agree to help him gain residence in the tower. Note that killing him is the only option to spare the lives of the people in the tower.

If you want to help Roy instead of killing him, you have two options. You can speak with Herbert Dashwood and convince him to give up his copy of the basement key, then use that to unlock the door to let the feral ghouls in to murder everyone. You will lose a ton of karma this way. Instead, you can talk with Tenpenny and ask him that if his residents are alright with the ghouls, would he allow them to live there. He agrees and you will need to speak with Edgar Wellington, Millicent Wellington, Anthony Ling, Lydia Montenegro and Susan Lancaster. You essentially bully them into agreeing, but once they've all been convinced, return to Tenpenny to finish the quest. Both of these options result in all the tower's residents being murdered, as even though the residents agreed to letting the ghouls in (for the second method), Roy kills them all anyway.

See Tenpenny Tower for more specific info.

Note: Make sure you do this quest before or at the same time as Strictly Business. During Strictly Business you will have to enslave Susan Lancaster. You can do this in private without the rest of the tower turning hostile, but if you are caught the other residents will try to kill you and you might not be able to finish the quest. You might also want to be working on You Gotta Shoot 'em in the Head at the same time, though it doesn't matter much since you can fast travel between locations.

Strictly Business20
Completed "Strictly Business"   

Strictly Business is acquired when you visit Paradise Falls. Aside from bribing the person out front, completing this quest is the only way of getting inside the town. If you do bribe him, simply speak with him again and you can still get the quest. Make sure you do not tell him you don't like slavery or the town will turn hostile and the quest won't be available.

You will need to shoot four targets with the Mesmetron, then speak with them and convince them to put a collar on and go to Paradise Falls. If you can get each person alone, you can have this done without the town they live in freaking out on you. If you are seen, everyone will immediately turn hostile. The four people you need are:

  • Flak from Rivet City
  • Red from Big Town
  • Susan Lancaster from Tenpenny Tower
  • Arkansas from Minefield
You will receive negative karma everyone time you enslave someone and there is a big chance you will piss off entire towns doing this quest, so it is suggested you save just before doing the quest, then finish it and reload your previous save.
See Strictly Business for more specific info.
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head20
Completed "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head"   

To acquire this quest, speak with Crowley inside the Underworld. He will ask you to kill a few people with an incentive for shooting them in the head, then collect keys from them. You can kill them any way you'd like if you just want to finish the quest, or you can actually just acquire a key from each of them. You can pickpocket the key or use speech challenges to get them in a variety of ways.

Now there is another option to finish the quest instead which may be better for you. Once you have the three keys from Ted, Dukov and Dave, head to Fort Constantine and use the keys to open some doors and retrieve the power armor held within. This is still considered a successful completion.

One final option is to speak with Tenpenny and warn him that Crowley is alive and wants him dead. He will offer you money to instead kill Crowley. Doing so will also complete the quest.

See You Gotta Shot 'Em in the Head for more specific info.

Stealing Independence20
Completed "Stealing Independence"   

To acquire this quest, speak with Abraham Washington in Rivet City. He can be found inside the Capitol Preservation Society. Head to the National Archives and enter to find a woman named Sydney who was also sent by Abraham. She'll ask you to help in fighting off some super mutants, then she'll join you to look for the Declaration. Once you enter the room with the Declaration, a robot who thinks he helped sign the document approaches.  With good speech or science skills you can immediately get past him through dialogue. Otherwise you might need to retrieve some ink from the Arlington Library so he can forge a copy to give you. Whether you have the real deal or the forgery, doesn't matter. Return it to Abraham to complete the quest.

See Stealing Independence for more specific info.

Trouble on the Homefront20
Completed "Trouble on the Homefront"   

This quest will not be available until after completing The Waters of Life. Once you have done that, return to Vault 101 (where you grew up) and tune in to the radio frequency on your PipBoy. You will find a distress signal from Amata. Head into the vault. From here you have a large variety of ways to finish the quest. I chose to simply convince her to stay in the vault. see the link below for all the options.

See Trouble on the Homefront for more specific info.

Note: This is your last chance to grab the bobblehead on your father's desk.

Agatha's Song20
Completed "Agatha's Song"   

To acquire this quest, speak with Agatha at her house.She requests that you retrieve a rare violin for her from Vault 92. You can either go to Vault-Tec HQ (she gives you this location) or just head right to Vault 92 (check the link for its location). Either way, you will need to enter the vault and find the Sound Testing section. The violin will be laying on a table in one of the testing rooms. See the link below for directions inside the vault. Once you have the violin, return it to Agatha to finish the quest.

See Agatha's Song for more specific info.

Reilly's Rangers20
Completed "Reilly's Rangers"   

You can either acquire this quest from a distress signal near the National Archives or from speaking with Reilly herself in the Underworld. She is in the medical station. You will need to convince the doctor to wake her up (speech challenge) or try yourself (medical challenge). She needs you to rescure her rangers from on top of the Statesmen Hotel. You can only get inside from the second floor, through a walkway from the Our Lady of Hope Hospital. Head to the hospital, through the walkway and to the roof of the hotel. The rangers need you to find a Fission Battery to repair the elevator. Head back to the room that accessed the roof and find a robot in a closet on the first level. Search it for the battery. You can of course grab this on your way instead of backtracking after. Once the rangers fix the elevator, you now just need to fight your way out of the hotel.

See Reilly's Rangers for more specific info.

Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma    (1) 

See "Last, Best Hope of Humanity" for more info.

Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma    

See "Last, Best Hope of Humanity" for more info.

Reached Level 8 with Good Karma    

See "Last, Best Hope of Humanity" for more info.

Harbinger of War20
Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma    

See "Last, Best Hope of Humanity" for more info.

Pinnacle of Survival20
Reached Level 14 with Neutral Karma    (1) 

See "Last, Best Hope of Humanity" for more info.

Ambassador of Peace20
Reached Level 14 with Good Karma    

See "Last, Best Hope of Humanity" for more info.

Scourge of Humanity30
Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma    

See "Last, Best Hope of Humanity" for more info.

Paradigm of Humanity30
Reached Level 20 with Neutral Karma    

See "Last, Best Hope of Humanity" for more info.

Last, Best Hope of Humanity30
Reached Level 20 with Good Karma    

To get all of these in a single playthrough, you will need to make sure you save your game at levels 7, 13 and 19 and do all three of them before moving on and before saving over your old save file. Also be sure to save a side-quest or main quest for just before reaching each of the required levels to make it easier.

I would suggest being good at first. Getting bad karma is the easiest, so staying good the entire game will make it easier to handle these. Get your achievement for good, then reload your save. Go on a murder spree until you hit neutral, then turn in your quest to reach your target level. Reload your save yet again. Go on an even bigger murder spree until you hit bad, then turn in your quest to reach the target level. Repeat this process for each set of achievements.

Note: See "Silver-tongued Devil" for a few infinite speech challenge loops. You will gain experience for every speech challenge won, so these will also aid in getting to the level you need without messing up your karma situation.

Note for PC Users: I would suggest just playing the entire game out once being either good or bad as these sets of achievements can be done in about 30 seconds each. Start a new game and while you are looking at your father in his scrubs, go ahead and open the command console and type "player.setlevel 8"and this will grant you the neutral level 8 achievement. Open the console again and type "player.setlevel 14" and finally "player.setlevel 20" for all three neutral achievements. Quit out and start another new game. Open the console and type either "rewardKarma 1000" or "rewardKarma -1000" to get to good or bad karma, depending on which one you still need. Repeat the steps for using the commands to obtain levels 8, 14 and 20 for the last set of achievements.

Made one of every custom weapon   

There are 7 custom weapons to make for this achievement. To make them you will first need to find a schematic for the particular weapon, then obtain all the parts for said weapon. Once you have all that, find a workbench (Moira's shop in Megaton) and create the weapon. You have at least two chances for each schematic, some as many as four. Use this to find them all.

As for obtaining the parts, they can all be found in/around the houses of Minefield, bought from Moira in Megaton or the junk merchant in Rivet City or purchased at the Scavenger Shop SW of Tenpenny Tower (red building, visible from the entrance to Warrington Station). Only the Nuka-Coa Quantum, Deathclaw Hand and Radscorpion Poison Gland can not be found in those locations. See "The Nuka-Cola Challenge" for a link to those locations. Deathclaw Hands can be looted off Deathclaws in the Deathclaw Sanctuary. Radscorpion Poison Glands can be looted off pretty much any Radscorpion which are all over the place.

For a list of all the weapons and the items needed, see here. It is the large quoted section with all the spoiler tags.

Note for PC Users: Instead of searching about for the schematics, you can use the following commands to obtain them.

  • Dart Gun - "player.additem 000BAFFA 1"
  • Bottlecap Mine - "player.additem 000BAFFB 1"
  • Deathclaw Gauntlet - "player.additem 000BAFFC 1"
  • Nuka-Grenade - "player.additem 000BAFFD 1"
  • Railway Rifle - "player.additem 000BAFFE 1"
  • Rock-It Launcher - "player.additem 000BAFFF 1"
  • Shishkebab - "player.additem 000BB000 1"

(For some reason these codes didn't not work unless I specified how many I wanted, hence the space and the number one after all of the codes.)

Unfortunately I do not have a list of codes for all the components (except the Nuka-Cola Quantum, again see that achievement for the code) so you will need to spend some time hunting down all the parts for the weapons. You can not get the achievement simply adding the items themselves to your inventory, they must be created from the workbench for the achievement.
Doesn't Play Well with Others20
Killed 300 people   

If you are a very thorough explorer, you should get this with little issue. Most abandoned buildings have a handful of raiders inside. You will get quite a few toward the end of the main quest when going up against the Enclave as well. Killing slavers is always acceptable as well.

To mop up the remains of the achievement, simply save your game and go on a killing spree. Take out entire towns until you get it, then simply reload your previous save.

Note for PC Users: Instead of bothering with bad karma, use the console command "player.placeatme 0002F6C4 X" to spawn a generic raider, with "X" being the number of enemies you want to spawn at the same time. This depends entirely on how good your computer is. If you try something ridiculous like 200, you're going to crash your game. I wouldn't do more than 15-20 at a time unless you have a really good machine.

If you use the code "tgm" you will enable God Mode, allowing you to wipe out these large groups with no effort (unlimited health and ammo). You can also use the code "player.additem 00004322" to give yourself the Alien Blaster weapon which fires very quickly with a high damage output.

Slayer of Beasts20
Killed 300 creatures   

All Radscorpions, Mirelurks, etc. count toward this achievement. You really shouldn't have any trouble getting this if you do all the side-quests and main quests. If for some reason you still don't have it toward the end of the game, wander the Wasteland and kill scorpions as they show up. Deathclaw Sanctuary is a good hunting ground as well.

Note for PC Users: You shouldn't need extra help for this either, but use "player.placeatme 00073E07 X" to spawn a dog, again with X being the number you want to spawn.

Silver-Tongued Devil20
Won 50 Speech Challenges    

You may be cutting this achievement close toward the end of the game, so I would suggest putting quite a few points into your Speech skill early so you can work on it the entire time. While speaking with characters, you may be presented with dialogue choices that say "[Speech] %" with a number being in there for your success chance. The higher the speech skill, the better the chance you'll get away with whatever you're going to say. There are quite a few in the Underworld (at least five just after accepting the quest from Crowley, speak with other ghouls in the city), as well as at least one or two per quest. Speak with everyone possible as even some non-quest related people can have challenges.

There is an infinite speech challenge in Big Town to exploit. When you arrive, speak with Bittercup and agree with her that no one understands you. Once she talks about her dating Pappy, end the conversation and go talk to Pappy. Begin with "You came here with Bittercup, right?" and if he doesn't get upset you will win the challenge. Be warned though, if you do lose this challenge the loop will disappear. Try to make sure you have 100% success chance before using it.

I was able to find another infinite loop in Little Lamplight. You need high Intelligence for it though. Talk with Knock Knock and ask her what her job is. She will explain her role in helping morale and offer to tell a joke. Agree to hear it, but then you will have the option of interrupting the joke with an "[Intelligence]" dialogue choice. She will think your joke is funnier but tell you what hers would have been. You now have an option to lie and say her joke would have been funny too. Once you win that speech challenge, you will still be able to ask her about her job and repeat the entire dialogue over and over.

Data Miner20
Hacked 50 terminals   

When you come across a locked terminal you will have the option to hack it to access its features. Do this whenever possible. This guide said it all extremely well, so read up on that on how to successfully hack and use the same guide to find the locations of enough terminals for the achievement.

Note for PC Users: When you find an unlocked terminal, open the command console and click on the terminal. The name and code for the terminal will appear at the top of your screen. With that still onscreen, type "lock" to lock the terminal at the easiest setting. Now go ahead and hack it. Once it is hacked, relock it and repeat until you have the achievement.

Keys are for Cowards20
Picked 50 locks   

When attempting to pick a lock, your lockpick will break if you try to pick unsuccessfully three times. To avoid breaking the pick, exit out after two attempts and then re-enter the lockpicking screen. There are hundreds of doors to pick in the game. Putting points into the Lockpicking skill will obviously help for harder locks. For a safe that can be picked and locked indefinitely, head to Farragut West Metro Station. You can pick the safe found here and then lock it via the nearby terminal, then pick it again and repeat until you get the achievement.

Note for PC Users: If you don't feel like finding the safe listed above, use the same console command process as for "Data Miner" but instead click on the door/locker/safe you want to lock and subsequently pick. Repeat until unlocked.

One-Man Scouting Party20
Discovered 100 locations   

While traveling for side-quests, bobbleheads, behemoths and everything else in the game, you should get this achievement with little effort. If you reach level 20 and need some help, take the "Explorer" perk. This will show you the locations on your map but still allow you to "discover" the locations.

Note for PC Users: If you have used the "tmm 1" code to show all the locations, you will not receive credit for finding the places when arriving at them. All you have to do is open the console back up and type "tmm 0" to turn the locations off. Once you exit the console you will "discover" whatever location you're standing in. Type "tmm 0" again to hide that location and you will again discover it when you close the console. Repeat this process until you have "found" that same location 100 times.

Psychotic Prankster10
Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing   

Note: Save before attempting this achievement.

When crouching you are able to attempt to steal from someone's pockets. While in the inventory screen, move a grenade or mine from your side to theirs. Once you leave the screen, the grenade or mine you planted will explode and kill them. I would suggest reloading your save after getting the achievement if you did this in a city as the entire city will probably now hate you.

The Bigger They Are…20
Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths   

There are five behemoths total in the game. Their locations and some strategies to defeating them can be found here.

Note for PC Users: Instead of running around finding these guys, use the console command "player.placeatme 0001CF95 X" where again X is the number you want to spawn. I'd suggest one at a time unless your system can handle it, in which case a fight against all five at once for the achievement would be fun, even with God Mode enabled.

Yes, I Play with Dolls10
Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads    

See "Vault-Tec C.E.O." for more info.

Vault-Tec C.E.O.30
Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads     (1) 

The locations of all 20 bobbleheads can be found here. I have mentioned above in certain achievements/quests the two that can be missed. The other 18 can be obtained at any point in the game, unless you blow up Megaton which I also mentioned above.

Note for PC Users: Again, to save you a lot of time and searching, use the command "player.placeatme 38832 X" to spawn a number of bobbleheads on the ground around you, X being the amount. This will spawn the exact same one but it doesn't matter for the achievement. You don't have to collect all 20 different ones, just 20 total.

DLC: Operation: Anchorage
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 100
Aiding the Outcasts20

To start this quest walk around for a little bit once loading up the game a good place to go would be The Citadel that's where my signal came up in about 30 seconds so I recommend fast traveling there. Once you get the signal fast travel to "red racer factory" and head south there will be a door off to your left if your walking south that is hidden in a corner called "Door to Baileys Crossroads Metro" that's when you know your going to right way. Once in the tunnels walk around following your marker and once out of the tunnels you will get to escalators. Walk up them to be greeted and proceed to fight clearing the building up ahead. Once through you will get to the Outcast Outpost and you will need to go down the elevator. Once inside you will speak to many people which will lead you into to a simulation. Once in it you will unlock the achievement.

Map on where to start quest:

The Guns of Anchorage20

This mission is started the second you enter the simulation. Once started you will be guided through paths in the cliffs which will lead to a building where you will go through it for a while. This whole path is straight forward and hard to drift away from. If your worried about ammo and falling off the ledge and health don't be because falling off just warps you up and there are infinite ammo and health packs everywhere. But once through the building you will come to an outside cliff area with three giant guns. You must place explosives on them and walk away and continue on doing to the same for the others. Once done you will be warped to another area where the achievement will unlock.

Paving the Way20

Get debriefed on the mission and then talk to Morgan. He will give you stuff you need for your squad. Now go to the terminals and choose what you want your squad to be. You need to use both terminals before you can leave. Once out head to your right to pick up your guns and ammo. Now head to the North west toward to the goal that says destroy two fuel tanks. Once there plant explosives on 2 of the tanks to finish that part of the quest. After you will be warped back to the mission briefing room. Choose another command set at the terminals and get ready to go. [personally I chose the Fire equipment because it was easier] Once that's done head to the Listening post and be careful there are a ton of guys and a lot of them have rockets so watch out. Once you make your way through the train track and through a broken building you will come to stairs. Climb those stairs and entering the building once inside follow the path all the way through and at the top killing everyone you see. Once at the top you will clear this part of the quest and be taken back to the mission briefing room where the achievement will unlock.

Operation: Anchorage40

Once you are able to move leave the debriefing room and head toward your marker you will enter some trench's. This path is straight forward with its bends of course but you get the drift. You will follow this around till you get to a giant open area with pulse mines everywhere. You must hit the switch found in the building toward your marker. Once hit head toward the factory and the door will be blown open and your able to walk in. Talk to the general and if you have good speech you can convince him to kill himself and if not then you will have to fight him. Once done you will talk to someone and the simulation will end. Once out head straight toward the locked door. Use the terminal next to it to open and once you walk in the last achievement is yours.

DLC: The Pitt
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 100
Into The Pitt20

 To activate The Pitt DLC, just load up a previous save and wait about one minute or so.

Follow the marker on the map and you will meet up with Werhner and talk about traveling to The Pitt. Follow the map marker and get the slave outfit. After meeting back up with Werhner, follow the map marker to the tunnel entrance and active the hand cart to travel to The Pitt. Follow the path with Werhner. After he opens the gate, continue across the bridge. Follow the road after the bridge and to the right. The gate at the end of the road will be opened for you. After the conversation, enter the door on the left.

Unsafe Working Conditions20

 After you complete the first quest, this becomes active. You must make contact with Midea then travel to the Steelyard for your first taste of Ingot collecting. After collecting, you drop 10 Ingots to the guard, then head back to Midea. You will then listen to a speech by Asher, then you go to sign up for the Arena. After a series of three battles in the Arena, this achievement will unlock.

Free Labor40

 The final quest. After the Arena, you must travel to Haven. Here, you will speak with Ashur. Now, after this conversation you speak with his wife Sandra (follow map marker). You now have a big choice to make, and your choice will decide which route you travel to finish the quest. Given that this is a major spoiler, check my walkthrough for the choices you have. Either way, once you finish the quest, you will unlock the achievement.

Mill Worker20
Found All 100 Steel Ingots    (3) 

 This is quite a time consuming achievement, but quickly obtained with the help of the guide in the link below.

Click here for a full guide of Ingot locations.

DLC: Broken Steel
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 6 Points: 150
Death From Above30

After completing Take it Back!, you'll find yourself in the clinic at the Citadel. Elder Lyons will meet you and tell you about the situation. He then sends you to Scribe Rothchild. Speak to the Scribe and he'll tell you that the Enclave are still communicating, despite Raven Rock being destroyed. Rothchild then sends you to meet Paladin Tristan in the Rockland Car Tunnel, do so and talk to Tristan. Next, you have to assist the Brotherhood in taking out the Enclave, follow Liberty Prime, taking out the Enclave as you go. Eventually, the Enclave will destroy Liberty Prime, talk to Tristan and he'll send you into the nearby building. Fight through the building and you'll find a computer room. Download the data from the mainframe and return to Scribe Rothchild.

Shock Value30

After completing Death From Above, talk to Tristan and he'll tell you about a new mission. This time, you'll have recover a Tesla Coil from an old Power Plant. Tristan tells you that you can enter the plant through the sewers in Olney. Once you find the entrance to the sewers, enter and you'll meet two ghouls. Talk to them and they'll run away. Now, proceed through the sewers, be careful though, there are lots of Deathclaws. Once you enter the Power Plant, make your way towards to the tesla chamber. If you need to, use the terminal to deactivate the nearby Sentry Bots. Once you have the Tesla Coil, return to Paladin Tristan.

Who Dares Wins30

The final mission; Paladin Tristan asks you to enter the Enclave's base at the Adam's Air Force Base. Firstly, you'll need to make your way to the White House Plaza, from there, enter the Metro and fight your way through. At the end, you'll reach a train that you'll have to ride. After the ride, you'll end up at the base. Proceed through the base, and you'll eventually come it a Mobile Base Crawler. Check the terminals as you go, one of them gives you access to the Crawler. After finding the right one, enter the Crawler and make your way through, killing Enclave as you go. You'll eventually come to the Orbital Strike, activate it and watch the fireworks.

Reached Level 30 with Bad Karma    

When you are close to level 29, make a new save. Earn some XP to reach level 29. When you hit 29, use the Here and Now perk. This will immediately make you level 30. For the level 30 perk, select Devil's Highway. This will make you very bad and the achievement will unlock.

A good way to get some quick XP is by collecting Super Mutant blood packs for Tristan. After completing Who Dares Wins, speak to the Paladin in the Citadel and he'll set you the mission. Collect blood packs from Super Mutants and take them back to Tristan. Two good spots for Super Mutants are the Germantown Police Station and the area surrounding the Washington Monument. Be sure to be well rested, and you'll recieve an XP bonus when handing the blood packs to Tristan.

True Mortal20
Reached Level 30 with Neutral Karma    

Use the same method as for Devil, except take the Karmic Rebalance perk.

Reached Level 30 with Good Karma    

Use the same method as for Devil, except take the Stairway to Heaven perk.

DLC: Point Lookout
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 100
The Local Flavor20

Complete the mission "The Local Flavor" in Point Lookout; it's the first mission you receive. The mission will start right when you arrive at the boat to get to Point Lookout. When you arrive at Point Lookout, you head Southeast to the Calvert Mansion (will be marked on your map) and help the ghoul Desmond defend the mansion against Tribals by exploring the west and east wings of the mansion, respectfully, and sealing off infiltration points. After that, the Tribals will come in numbers through the front door. Kill them and talk to Desmond about the Tribals and he'll ask you to infiltrate the Tribals and find out their aim in attacking the mansion.

Walking With Spirits20

Complete the mission "Walking With Spirits". Mission can only be done after "The Local Flavor" mission, and will be received upon completing said mission. When you arrive at the base of the Tribals (the Cathedral), they will ask you to go into the Sacred Bog (far west) and get seeds from the big Punga fruit in the Grotto. This is your Rite of Passage to gain entrance to the Tribals. Upon arriving in the bog, you will have to follow the river and rocks towards the giant Punga fruit, all whilst fighting various Mirelurks. After activating the Punga, travel back through the bog, amongst a bunch of weird goings-on. You reach the end when you meet a man standing by the bomb that's in the middle of Megaton. You then regain consciousness and have to trek your way back to the Cathedral.

A Meeting of the Minds20

Complete the last mission in the Point Lookout main story arc, "A Meeting of the Minds". Note that several missions take place between this and the "Walking With Spirits" mission. In this mission, you arrive back at the Calvert Mansion to see it go up in flames. You report back to Desmond in his built-in bomb shelter, and he asks you to follow him to the Lighthouse, where Professor Calvert's brain is taking refuge. Follow him the Lighthouse, but be sure to stick close as he doesn't move unless you're near. The Lighthouse laboratory is guarded mostly by Turrets and other various robots. Fight through the lab, into the room where Calvert's brain is. You can either listen to his babble and go through with killing Desmond for him, or you can silence him yourself; your choice.

Noted frustration: After battles, Desmond will not move unless you first progress a little. Don't wait around for him after battles.

Bog Walker40
Discovered all locations within Point Lookout   

Here is a quick map for the general idea of where all the locations are located at.

Locations Map

There are 29 locations to discover. Arguably, the quickest and easiest way to do this is to travel to the Point Lookout Pier and, following the list from below, head west in a circle around the map. The locations are all roughly near each other and shouldn't take too long to find.

The list of places are as followed:

01. Point Lookout Pier
02. Pilgrim's Landing
03. House of Wares
04. The Homestead Motel
05. Ofie Clan Plot
06. Disaster Relief Outpost
07. Dove Delta
08. Blackhall Manor
09. Grower's Shack
10. Sacred Bog Entrance
11. Lil' Tyke Playhouse
12. Flooded Sinkhole
13. Trapper's Shack
14. Jet Crash Site
15. Trash Heap
16. Marguerite's Shack
17. Turtledove Detention Camp
18. Truck Wreckage
19. The Ark & Dove Cathedral
20. Ark & Dove Resting Grounds
21. Wrecked Seatub
22. Coastal Grotto
23. Herzog Mine
24. U.S.S. Ozymandias
25. Haley's Hardware
26. Ritual Site
27. Beachview Campsite
28. Calvert Mansion
29. Point Lookout Lighthouse

Note: There is a 30th location called Sub Recovery Site, which you find during the quest "The Velvet Curtain", but you don't need this for the achievement

DLC: Mothership Zeta
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 100
Not of This World20

After receiving the transmission, make your way to the Alien Crash Site. When you arrive, you'll be abducted. You'll soon find your self in a holding cell with a woman named Somah. She'll say that if you start a fight, the Aliens will arrive and you'll have an opportunity to escape. After escaping, you'll see a young girl named Sally. Free her, and she'll take you through the ship. Soon, you'll enter a room with four bodies that are frozen in ice. After freeing them, the achievement will unlock.

Among the Stars20

Now, you'll need to destoy three generators that are located through out the ship. One is in the Hangar, one is in the Robot Assembly and one is in the Cyro Lab. Once all three are destroyed, you'll gain access to the Decompression Chamber. Enter and chamber and put the spacesuit that you recovered from the astronaut on. Once you begin the space walk, find the panels and activate them. Finally, enter the transporter that has just activated.

This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough…40
Completed     (1) 

Now it's time to escape. Activate the nearby teleporter and you'll meet up with Sally. Now, make your way through the ship until you reach Death Ray Control, once there, destroy the four generators. Next, head through the Living Quarters, killing the hostiles as you go. Once you enter the Bridge, you'll have to kill the Alien Captain. Do so and a hologram will appear. Finally, you'll have to destroy the attacking space ship. When it blows up, the achievement will unlock.

Alien Archivist20
Collected all Alien Captive Recordings     (6) 

There are 25 recordings on the spaceship. You MUST collect the first 19 before you go on the space walk. If you don't, you'll have to redo the entire DLC

Alien Audio Log Guide

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