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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Achievement Guide

Guide By: Maka, Shiftie, & The BiggD
There are 19 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2.5/10 
- Offline: 19/19 (400/400)
- Online: 0/19 (0/400)
- Approximate amount of time to 4007-12 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: "The Only True Stopper."
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: "The Only True Stopper."
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon puts you in the boots of a cybernetic badass living in the distant future (2007), which is oddly neon and full of giant Mecha-Komodo Dragons that shoot laser beams. The island you're on is also inhabited by plenty of futuristic-neon animals and bad guys for you to blow up when you get bored, and a number of helpless hostages in dire need of a walking killing machine to come save the day. Don't forget to find as much futuristic intel while you're on the island, in the form of Doctor's notes, high tech CRT TVs, and VHS Tapes.

The seven story missions will give you at least the three secret achievements, most likely the Derp achievement (if you don't get it naturally), as well as progress towards the majority of the other achievements. You will need to do the side missions and collect all of the collectibles as well to reach maximum level for "Hail to The King," so it is recommended that you just get all of these out of the way at the same time, as some of the various missions and side missions send you to the same areas.

Playing through the seven main story quests will net you three secret achievements for a total of 80. During your playthrough, you will also naturally unlock "Blood Dragon Down" for killing your first dragon. "Derp" will also be obtainable during natural progression when you jump off the dam in the second Mission. Also, Running man can be will obtained immediately after liberating the first garrison. Once you liberate all the garrisons on the island, you will eventually unlock "Way to Go Garri-Son." Lastly, make sure you hunt and kill all 12 animal species and destroy a total of 5 “Braincages” in order to unlock "Murder Nature" and "Set Them Free."

Side Quests:
Side quests in Blood Dragon become available after you librate an enemy-occupied garrison. They are broken down into Predator’s Path and Hostage Situation quests. The former quests task you hunting down specific animals across the island while the latter requires you to free scientists whom are being held captive by a squad of Omega Force soldiers. Upon completing all the side quests, you will unlock "Kill Them All" and "Nice Like Jesus."

These achievements can be done at any time during your playthrough but are suggested to be completed before the main storyline has concluded. "Just the Tip" and "Dragon Slayer" require you to kill a single Dragon with your bow, and an overall total of 25 Dragons. Also make sure you headshot one of each enemy in the game in order to get "The Only True Stopper." "Hail to the King" is unlocked for reaching Level 30. You will gain XP in the game for just about everything, be it killing enemy soldiers, hunting animals or completing the quests, and should have enough XP by the time you finish everything. Lastly, "Tooled Up" will likely be the last achievement that unlock within the game. You will need to finish all 16 side quests, and recover all the 54 collectibles in order to unlock every weapon attachment. Once you buy all 25 attachments in the game, the achievement is yours.

There are a total of 54 different collectible to get: CRT TVs, Notes, and VHS Tapes, for a total of 3 achievements. You can either get these on your own (watch your minimap because the icons pop-up when you're close to the collectible), or buy the associated collectible map from the vendors you unlock as you take out the garrisons for the Way to Go, Garri-Son achievement. Unlocking one garrison in a region (NW,NE,SW,SE) will make the map available for purchase for $500, thus I recommend starting your game off by taking out 1 garrison per region to help you multitask for the duration of the campaign instead of setting aside time later on to grab any collectibles you missed.

If you still need help, or want to do this without the maps, check out Maka's guides here for videos and map coordinates.

Note: You can look at your collectible collection progress via the Data Console section of the menu. Looking at statistics will give you the number you have out of the total number, while the Collectibles tab will tell you exactly what ones you're missing as well as what rewards you'll get from gathering those collectibles.

Overall, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is an excellent Arcade title that will offer heaps of entertaining dialogue, fast-paced action and the ultimate urge to play kick more cyber ass upon completing the story. The Tutorial alone is enough to draw you into this fantastic open-world FPS and the fact that this title does not require the original Far Cry 3 game to play is great for those who wish to experience Blood Dragon on its own! The achievements aren't too demanding either, as they only task you with basic feats such as completing all the quests, finding a reasonable amount of collectibles, and killing a set amount of Dragons and enemy soldiers with specific weapons. None of the achievements are necessarily difficult but a few will require some patience. For a ten hour arcade game full of action, laughs, and replayability, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a title you’ll definitely want to check out this month!

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie The BiggD for this Roadmap]

Way to Go, Garri-Son20
Finish all the Garrisons   (5) 

Garrisons are essentially small enemy-occupied outposts around the island that act as safe houses and fast travel points once they are liberated. There are a total 13 garrisons on the island that must be captured. While there are multiple strategies to eliminating the enemy opposition within each garrison, it is best to approach each outpost quietly with a bow. Make sure to use your throwing dice to distract enemies, and chain any takedowns if the enemies are clustered together.

As in Far Cry 3, you can sneak into a base and shut off the alarm to cut off enemy reinforcements, and taking the entire base out without a whisper will grant you an XP bonus and some added fun/challenge(stealth weapons - especially the bow - are your best friend for that).

Kill Them All20
Finish all the Predator's Path Quests   (2) 

After taking out all the Omega Forces within a garrison, the Predator’s Path side quest will be available at a nearby console. Simply accept the quest and follow the waypoint to the designated area. Some of these quests will require you to pick up a specific weapon first, and then proceed to an open area where you can find your target. 

The target will either be a wild animal or an Omega Force soldier. Always try to take on these quests slowly and eliminate your target from a distance with little to no commotion. Once you complete all 8 quests, the achievement will unlock.

Nice Like Jesus5
Finish all the Hostages Situations   (3) 

After taking out the Omega Forces within a garrison, these Hostage Situations will also be available as a side quest. For these missions, you must follow the marker on the map to a secure location where a half a dozen guards are holding a scientist captive. 

Your goal is to take out all the guards and rescue the scientist. However, you will need to do this as silently as possible, as the guards will kill the hostage quickly if they spot you. Throwing dice and the bow will be extremely useful during these side quests. Once you complete all 8 quests, the achievement will unlock.

Murder Nature30
Kill all the Animal Types   (14) 

Around the island, you will stumble upon a multitude of wild species. In total, there are 12 different animals to look out for:

  • Black/White Tiger- Fairly common throughout the island; they're both aggressive and the hardest to take down and they also seem to become more powerful as you progress through the game (1-2 arrows to kill early on while 2-3 later in the game and they seemed to become more aggressive). You'll eventually kill some in the Tiger Fist Predator Mission.
  • Blood Dragon- The main animal foe of the game, these guys are massive color-shifting beasts that shoot lasers from their eyes (yes, lasers). Overall a pretty difficult foe to topple early on, especially without help from Cyber Hearts which can be thrown to briefly distract the Dragon and allow you to shoot them. Always be sure to aim for the shiny spot on their chest when they go to shoot their lasers at you.
  • Boar- Probably the most common animal. They travel in small packs of around 3, making them easier to spot. They're neither super aggressive or hard to kill.
  • Cyber Panther- Relatively common, slender white cat that can be fairly aggressive, but very easy to take down on any difficulty.
  • Cyber Shark- Very common off the coast of the island. Easiest to shoot if you're shooting at them from above (from a cliff or oil rig, for example), though it's entirely possible to hit their fin with and arrow (seems to work best) to kill them in one hit from the side. They also appear in the Mind the Teeth Predator mission, which gives you a guaranteed kill (use the c400).
  • Devil Goat- Concentrated mostly in the Southern half of the island, and even then it took me a bit to finally find one (possibly due to the spawns being affected by a Predator mission).
  • Mutant Buffalo- These guys are very common, and rather easy to spot due to their size and the fact that they're generally moving in groups of 3+.
  • Mutated Cassowary- A relatively common, giant bird, however this will be among the first few you get if you start off doing the Predator missions as they're the target of the first one.
  • Mutated Turtles- Only killable in the Turtle Killer Predator mission (from what I've seen), though you also see them later on when you don't have anything to kill them with.
  • Robo Crocodile- You run into one during the Turtle Killer Predator mission, otherwise you can find them along the rivers and lakes on the island (especially the main East/West river that comes from the dam).
  • Robo Dog- Robotic guard dogs that sniff you out when you try to sneak around near Omega Force people. They start appearing from the dam story mission and beyond.
  • Neon Snake- Can be frustrating for some due to the fact that they can be very hard to see, however you CAN hear them hiss when you're close. They love to hang out near ruins, especially around the starting area (near garrison 1).

You should be able to find each animal without a problem, as you will be exploring the entire island through the main quests, side quests, and while recovering collectibles. Plus, you can always set waypoints to their location since their location is noted as a small icon on the world map. Many of these animals will be taken care of through the Predator Path quests, so do not worry about missing any. Take note however, that snakes are the only animal that do not appear on the world map. They are usually found slithering around the ruins where TV Sets are located. You can also try setting a waypoint to X:541.8, Y:484.6; this will bring you to a section of the island where snakes almost always spawn. You can find them off the main roadway in the tall grass.


Set Them Free5
Destroy 5 Braincages   (9) 

As you progress through the main storyline, you will come across calm Dragons with red boxes around their heads, known as "brain cages." These brainwashed Dragons are timid and do not react to Cyber Hearts as the wild Dragons do. In order to destroy their Braincage, you will want to try to sneak up on them and then either throw an explosive near it, or shoot the red box on its head. After dishing out a minimal amount of damage, the Braincage will fall off, the dragon will become wild, turn bright red and attack. Simply destroy a total of 5 Braincgaes and the achievement is yours.

Just the Tip15
Kill a Dragon with the Bow   (16) 

This achievement can be extremely frustrating, but there is one method that should make it a lot easier. First of all, you want to find a garrison that you have not yet liberated, with a Blood Dragon nearby. Now, you'll want to go inside the garrison to disable the barrier. Once you do this, start throwing Cyber Hearts into the garrison to attract the Blood Dragon into the base where it will begin to attack all the enemies, thus clearing the outpost for you. However, once it does clear all the enemies, the garrison will not be liberated until the Blood Dragon is killed, and this is where you'll want to get your achievement.

At this point, make sure you fill up on ammo and have a bow equipped, which shouldn't be a problem because you are in a base with a vendor. Take down as much of the remaining health of the dragon using C400 and grenades, until there is almost nothing left. Using your bow, you will need to shoot the Dragon in the chest, where it is vulnerable. This can take some patience, so just make sure to heal yourself when necessary and restock ammo if you need it. Eventually, you'll hit it in the chest, taking away its remaining health to kill it and unlock this achievement.

Blood Dragon Down20
Kill Your First Dragon   (3) 

See “Dragon Slayer” for more information.

Dragon Slayer20
Kill 25 Dragons   (16) 

Whenever you come across a wild Blood Dragon, simply kill it by any means. The Dragons appear less frequently around the island post game, so it is suggested to work on this achievement right away after liberating the first garrison. 

A great method to killing these Blood Dragons is to camp out near a liberated garrison. The Blood Dragon will not be able to enter if the force field is up, but you will be able to damage it with explosives and gunfire from inside. Another great reason this tactic works best, is because it allows you to constantly refill your inventory (grenades, mines, ammo) once you are running low on firepower. 

If you have already beaten the main storyline, the Blood Dragons will spawn less frequently; however, you can follow this method below to boost the remaining Dragon kills.

  1. From the Main Menu, select "Campaign" then "Continue."
  2. Fast travel to the garrison located at X: 521.7, Y: 466.6.
  3. After spawning, exit the door to your right and proceed up the hill to the left.
  4. Throw a Cyber Heart, which will spawn a Blood Dragon.
  5. Kill the Dragon any way you want, although the Killstar is definitely recommended.
  6. After eliminating the Dragon, pause your game, and select "Save Game."
  7. After saving, press  to exit to the Main Menu.
  8. Repeat

If you still need kills after completing the game, the easiest place to farm them is the first garrison you captured (x521.7,y466.5). A dragon will spawn immediately South of it about 75% of the time if you wait around 2-5 minutes between attempts. Another location to check out is the NW base which is probably the second most common to have a Dragon nearby, with the added bonus of having a rapidly respawning medpack pickup a few feet away from where you arrive when you fast travel there. If you only need Dragon kills, check both garrisons and kill the Dragons if they're there. Save. Exit to menu. Load the save and repeat. One/usually both of the Dragons should be in their usual spawn areas, allowing you to kill one or both of them before relogging again and repeating the process until you have your kills. Much faster than spending an hr and a half running in circles like me.

What are You Reading For?20
Find all of Dr. Carlyle's Notes   (3) 

There are a total of 10 Notes within the game. You can purchase a collectible map at a vendor inside a garrison to reveal their location on the world map. There are four maps in total; North East, North West, South East, and South West. Each map will cost $500 and will only be available for purchase once you have liberated a garrison within that region of the island.

Getting 3 and 10/10 Notes will net you extended and really huge magazine for the Galleria 1991 respectively.

Check out Maka's guides here for videos and map coordinates.

The Greatest Format of all Time20
Find all VHS Tapes   (5) 

There are a total of 12 VHS Tapes within the game. You can purchase a collectible map at a vendor inside a garrison to reveal their location on the world map. There are four maps in total; North East, North West, South East, and South West. Each map will cost $500 and will only be available for purchase once you have liberated a garrison within that region of the island.

Getting 3 tapes will give you extended mag size for Kobracon and getting all 12 will give you max magazine size for the AJM 9.

Check out Maka's guides here for videos and map coordinates.

Hail to the King40
Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass   (6) 

The max level in the game is 30, which you will most likely achieve by doing all of the Hostage and Predator side missions, the garrisons, and finding the collectibles as you progress through the game. If you aren't 30 by the final fight, simply finish the game and use the ultimate weapon you unlock by doing so to grind out the remaining XP on Blood Dragons.

Running man30
After saving Darling, enter Combat Mode with a Dragon and Return to Stealth   (12) 

After reaching the specified point in the story (right after you take your first garrison), find a Dragon and get its attention and then hide behind something and tap  to crouch. If you do this fast enough the beast should lose track of you and eventually lose interest entirely, popping the achievement. This works in a similar fashion to the distract and evade type achievement in Far Cry 3, which means you can use the Cyber Heart item ( if you have one) to buy you some time to sneak away if needed.

Do note that you don't need to draw the Blood Dragon's aggro directly, you can just be sneaking around when it successfully kills whatever it started attacking (ex. it goes to attack a bunch of Cyber dudes while you're hiding behind a rock. Blood Dragon wins, sits there for a few seconds and walks away, achievement pops).

If necessary, you can opt to throw a Cyber Heart out into the distance to further distract the Dragon. The Dragon will pace the area and eventually his glow will turn dim yellow, and then neon blue/green. Once it has calmed down and is no longer in “Combat Mode” the achievement will unlock.

Tooled Up20
Own all Weapons Attachments   (20) 

There are a total of 25 weapon attachments that must be purchased for this achievement, which costs a total of $43,150. These attachments are not available from the start however; eight of the attachments will become available after completing all the Predator's Path side quests, while another eight will unlock after completing every Hostage Situation side quest. Furthermore, three attachments are tied into killing all twelve species of animals on the island and the last six are exclusive to recovering the TV Sets, Notes, and VHS Tapes across the island.

Make sure you loot every enemy solider, container/crate, and animal to maximize your wealth. If you want to save as much money as possible, there is a method of bypassing ammo purchase. Head over to a vendor inside a garrison and swap the weapon you need ammo for with another weapon. Swap it back to your previous weapon and you will now have full ammo. This method will save you a significant amount of money during your playthrough! The sum of attachments will be quite expensive, so don't leave any loot-ables unattended! Below, you can see a list of every attachment and the requirements for each:


  • Suppressor ($400) - Complete "Save a Nerd" Hostage Situation
  • Laser Sight ($400) - Complete "Birds with Attitude" Predator Path
  • Larger Mag ($1500) - Complete "Insane in the Braincage" Hostage Situation
  • Max Mags ($2000) - Recover 12 VHS Tapes


  • Light Barrel ($750) - Complete "Tiger Fist" Predator Path
  • Grip ($1000) - Complete "Unique Horn Dragon" Predator Path
  • Extended Mag ($1100) - Complete "Everyone's on a Boat" Hostage Situation
  • Full Auto ($2000) - Complete "Ruining Everything" Hostage Situation
  • Larger Mag ($1200) - Complete "Hunt the Sniper" Predator Path
  • Mag Pouch ($2000) - Complete "Mind the Teeth" Predator' Path
  • Laser Rounds ($3500) - Kill 9 Different Animals

Galleria 1991

  • Extended Mag ($750) - Recover 3 Carlyle Notes
  • Double Barrel ($1000) - Recover 9 TV Sets
  • Semi-Auto Upgrade ($1500) - Complete "Desperately Saving Susan" Hostage Situation
  • Real Huge Mag ($1750) - Recover 10 Carlyle Notes
  • Bandolier ($2000) - Complete "Save a Nerd - Part Deux" Hostage Situation
  • Quadruple Barrel ($2500) - Recover 18 TV Sets
  • Incendiary Rounds ($3750) - Kill All 12 Different Animals


  • Extended Mag ($1000) - Complete "Life's a Beach" Hostage Situation
  • High Powered Scope ($1000) - Complete "Turtle Killer" Predator Path
  • Fog Scope ($1250) - complete "He's Not Heavy, He's Big Boned" Predator Path
  • Aim Stabilizer ($1500) - Complete "Baiting the Hostage" Hostage Situation
  • Big Ol' Box of Ammo ($2200) - Recover 3 VHS Tapes
  • Semi-Auto Upgrade ($2750) - Complete "Insurance Scammer" Predator Path
  • Explosive Rounds ($3250) - Kill 6 Different Animals

If you are short on money post-game, you can visit THIS THREAD for a great method.

Jump Down from 50 Meters    (11) 

An ideal location to perform this jump is near a cliffside waterfall immediately after liberating the first garrison. The coordiantes you’ll want to mark are X: 524.3, Y: 463.9. Once the coordinates are placed, they will appear on the in-game map. Make your way over to the cliff, and simply sprint off the edge. When you land in the body of water below, the achievement will unlock.

You can get this through natural progression, or head to one of the many tall cliffs in this game. The earliest and the easiest being the waterfall immediately East of the very first garrison you capture. Stand next to the hang glider and jump off, into the water below. The achievement will pop once you hit the water.

The Drug of the Nation20
Find all TV SETS to Decrypt the Hidden Message   (3) 

There are a total of 32 TVs scattered throughout the neon wasteland. The TVs or old school CRT, so don't be looking for some fancy flat screens. They will have a staticy/snowy screen with Omega Force on it and you'll general find multiple TVs in one area, though only one will count toward the achievement.

Collectible location maps can be purchased for $500 at a vendor once you have captured at least one Garrison in the region (NW, NE, SW,SE).

Getting 9 and 18/32 will grant you double barrel and quad barrel shotgun upgrades respectively.

Check out Maka's guides here for videos and map coordinates.

The Only True Stopper15
Headshot Every Type of Enemy    (29) 

There are 11 different enemies in the game, so make sure you are on the lookout for them when liberating a garrison or tackling the main quests. Be sure that every time you see a new enemy you try to take them out with a headshot. The bow, Kobrakon sniper rifle, or a point blank blast from a shotgun all work well. For the two classes of Heavy enemies you will need to soften them up first or shoot them in the head multiple times with two exceptions: you can shoot them in the NECK with the bow (rather difficult, but still counts), or shoot them with an explosive round from the Kobracon (aim at the top of their head to more consistently get a headshot, and not an explosive kill, which doesn't count).

Make sure to note the differences between every enemy. Most of them can be told apart from the weapon they are using. Also, if you are using your "binoculars" to tag enemies, you will notice unique icons above their person which specify which category they fall under: Assault, Sniper, Runner, and Heavy. Below, you can see a list of all enemy types:

  • Assault - wielding a Fazortron Machine Gun
  • Elite Assault - wielding a Fazortron Machine Gun
  • Elite Assault - wielding a Galleria 1991 Shotgun
  • Sniper - wielding a Kobracon Sniper Rifle
  • Elite Sniper - wielding a Kobracon Sniper Rifle
  • Runner - wielding Molotov's
  • Heavy - wielding a Terror 4000 Gatling Gun
  • Heavy - wielding a Flamethrower
  • Undead - wielding a tantoo knife
  • Undead - wielding Galleria 1991 Shotgun
  • Undead - wielding Molotov's

Be sure to score your headshots on all the Undead enemies before completing Mission 6 because they DO NOT respawn around the island post-game. 

Additionally, make sure you do not miss the "Elite" variants of the Assault and Sniper soldiers. You can tell the Elite soldiers apart from their standard counterpart by their yellow outfits, whereas the regular soldiers have red/pink outfits. Overall, this achievement shouldn't be a problem if you are taking the combat slowly and making sure you headshot every new enemy you encounter across the main quests.

Note: This achievement is known to be glitchy, with headshots not always counting, so always try to aim for the head whenever possible.

Secret Achievements
Welcome to the Party, Pal10
Finished Helicopter Entry    (2) 

Story related. You will get this as soon as you gain control of your character at the beginning of the game.

One Small Step20
Finished First Garrison    (1) 

Story related. Shortly after the tutorial you'll be tasked with taking out your first garrison. Do that and the achievement will pop.

End Game50
Finished Final Showdown    (2) 

Story related. Complete the campaign for this to unlock.

Game Info
Ubisoft Montreal


US May 01, 2013

HDD Space Required : 1.32 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $14.99USD
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