FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Achievement Guide

Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 0/20 [0]
- Online: 20/20 [200; connection to server only]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 2-4+ hours [depends on luck]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Around 5 [complete games]
- Missable Achievements: 0
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheats disable achievements: No cheats
- Cloud Saving: Yes [Facebook login required]
- Extra equipment needed: Windows 8.1 Tablet or PC

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the annual soccer release from EA, following in the heels of the launch of FIFA 14 last year on Windows Phone. As you might expect from the name, this year's iteration is all about Ultimate Team; the base game modes have been removed. All games must be played with your home-grown team. Luckily, all 20 achievements can be obtained quite easily without spending any money on in-app purchases. As mentioned, the game is currently listed as FREE in the Windows Phone Store.

Step 1: Finish the tutorial game
Quickly complete the tutorial game that automatically starts when you boot up the game for the first time. Achievements are DISABLED in this game, so feel free to skip it if you are a mobile FIFA veteran.

Step 2: Miscellaneous achievements
All of the achievements can be obtained by playing Quick Match games with your Ultimate Team. This mode allows you to select any opponent, set the game length, and choose your difficulty. This will make all of the achievements a breeze. See the individual achievements below for the best method to unlock them all. You should be able to knock out all the achievements in less than four hours, including the more luck-based ones.

FIFA 15's freemium model may not be ideal for players that want the complete soccer experience. However, the achievements are unaffected and can all be earned entirely for free with little, if any, skill required.

NOTE: Some portions of the guide are written assuming you are using Classic touch controls. You can toggle these before starting each match. If using keyboard controls, you will need to adapt some procedures to your input method.

SYNCING PROGRESS WITH WINDOWS PHONE: Progress of your Ultimate Team between the Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions of the game is shared. Achievements however are not. You can complete this version, then take your higher-ranking team to Windows Phone and start out with a little boost and time saved. All achievements must be re-earned. In order to get cloud saving across devices and platforms, you must log-in to Facebook.

[XBA would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this roadmap]

Corner Maestro 15
Score off the post or cross bar in a match.   (4) 

This achievement requires that you score directly from a corner kick and is one of the trickier achievements in the game. Corner kicks are awarded when the ball crosses the offensive end line and goes out of bounds, having last been touched by an opponent. The easiest way to get corner kicks to the dribble the ball down near the goal line. Then come in towards the net from a bad angle and take a shot. More often than not, the ball will be saved by the goalie, but will deflect out of bounds, awarding you a corner kick.

To score directly from a corner kick, the player taking the kick must be awarded the goal. Once you enter the corner kick camera angle, swipe left or right to rotate the camera until you are shooting directly along the goal line, or just a shade off the line. Then just swipe straight up towards the net as fast as you can. With any luck, the ball will either go directly in, or bounce of the goalkeeper and go in. Either one will unlock this achievement. However, if it bounced off a defending player (other than the keeper), it will count as an own goal and NOT unlock this achievement. This achievement will likely take many many attempts to unlock. It really requires more luck that skill. Earning a corner kick is very easy, so this achievement shouldn't take too long to obtain.

Scoring directly from a corner kick will also satisfy the requirement to unlock the "Long Range" achievement.

Clean sheet 5
Finish a match without conceding a goal.    

This achievement requires that you finish a game without giving up a single goal. Playing on Beginner difficulty in a Quick Match against a weak opponent, it will almost be impossible not to get this achievement. The opposing team will be terrible. Simply finish the game without giving up a goal (even a 0-0 tie will do) to unlock this achievement.

Fairplay 5
Receive no yellow or red cards during a match.   

See "Feather touch"

Feather touch 10
Have no fouls awarded against your team in a match.   

This achievement requires that you complete an entire match without committing a single foul. Unlocking this achievement will also unlock "Fairplay," which requires that you don't get carded for an entire game. On Beginner difficulty, it is hard to actually get a foul. As long as you avoid using the "Slide" button while on defense, you should be good to go. You can always just load up a game and do nothing the entire match, since the standard tackle button can occasionally result in fouls as well. There is a small chance that one of your AI teammates will commit a foul. To counter these odds, make sure you are playing with the half length set to 2 minutes (the minimum). Both "Feather touch" and "Fairplay" will unlock at the end of the game.

Natural born talent 20
Score a goal with your GK!    

This achievement requires that you score a goal with your goalkeeper. While in a game on Beginner difficulty, pass the ball backwards to your goalkeeper. Once he has it, use sprint to dribble the entire way down the field, cutting through defenders with ease. Make your best move and shoot to score. This is very easy to do and will take a few tries or less in most cases.

Attacking Rage 15
Win a game with 10+ shots on goal and 70% shot accuracy.   

This achievement requires that you win a game while taking 10 or more shots and maintaining 70% or more accuracy. This is quite simple to do on Beginner difficulty. Set the half length to longer if you think you wont be able to reach 10 shots. Every time you get near the net and press the shoot button counts as a shot. 70% of the shots you take must go in or be saved by the goalkeeper. Blocked shots don't effect your accuracy, but shots that miss the net and go out of bounds do. Your strategy will be to dribble close to the net and shoot as much as possible. You can check you total shots and accuracy (divide Shots on Target by Total Shots) only on the stats screen at half time. Once you feel that you have more than 10 shots with at least 70% of them on target, feel free to not take anymore shots. Just let the clock run out. The achievement will unlock at the end of the game.

Iron Defense 10
Win a game without conceding a goal and with a 70% successful tackling rate.   

This achievement requires that you win a game without giving up any goals and while maintaining at least a 70% tackling rate. This is quite simple to do on Beginner difficulty by simply holding the "Press and Tackle" button the entire game while on defense and avoiding the "Slide" button. Stealing the ball from the opponent counts as a successful tackle, while tripping them and earning a foul is an unsuccessful tackle. Also remember you must win and post a shut out in the process.

First Step 5
Win your first match.    

This achievement simply requires that you win a single match by scoring more goals than your opponent. This will unlock at the end of the game, if you outscored your opponent.

Aerial Threat 5
Score with a header after a cross.   

This achievement requires that you score on a header after crossing it over. Basically what you need to do is get the ball and take it into one of the offensive corners of the field. Dribble around until your teammates set up in from of the net on the far side. Use the two finger swipe towards the offensive zone on the screen to set your team into Attack mentality if they are not crashing the net area. From the corner, cross the ball over by aiming towards the middle of the field and long-holding the pass button. This will make an aerial cross towards the middle of the field. While the ball is in the air, tap shoot and aim towards the net. If the ball goes to one of your other players, they will attempt score out of mid-air. Sometimes this will be a header, sometimes it will be something else. There is a little bit of luck involved here. Eventually you will get the header animation and if the ball goes in, the achievement will unlock instantly.

One-Two Master 10
Score a goal after successfully pulling an one-two move.    (2) 

This achievement requires that you score a goal after completing a successful one-two pass. A one-two pass is basically a give-and-go, but has a specific button sequence to perform it. First, when you have the ball , tap the pass button twice quickly. This will pass the ball towards another player on your team. When the ball is on the way, tap the pass button again. As soon as the other player receives the ball, he will immediately pass it back to your original player. Then proceed to score a goal to unlock this achievement. This achievement was a bit glitchy. It can take several correct attempts of the one-two pass to finally unlock the achievement. If it doesn't unlock, just keep at it, paying attention to perform the one-two move close to the opponent's net and also trying to score immediately upon receiving the final pass (i.e. don't dribble too much with before shooting at the end).

Give It Your All 10
Score with an injured player.    (3) 

This achievement requires that you score a goal with an injured player. Your first objective will be injuring one of your players. Injuries occur somewhat randomly, but you can increase the odds of injuries by using a player with a decreased fitness (think fatigue rating). Tired players get injured more. It is best to leave this achievement for last (so some of your players are already increasingly fatigued). Before a game, place your player with the lowest fitness in the striker position. Set the game length to maximum, difficulty to Beginner, and choose a weak opponent. Each time you control the ball, pass it to the fatigued player. Have him sprint toward the goal. Once entering the penalty box and approaching the keeper, dribble around with the idea of getting the keeper to chase and tackle you. If you do it correctly, the keeper will trip you and your player will fall hard to the ground. This animation is the best chance of getting injured. It may take five attempts, or fifty. Just keep at it. Once your player gets injured (a red cross or X-shape will appear over their head), spend the rest of the game trying to score with them. The achievement will unlock mid-game.

Hat Trick 10
Score 3 goals in a match - with the same player.    

See "A Handful of Goals"

A Handful Of Goals 15
Score 5 goals in a match - with the same player.    

These achievements require that you score 3 and 5 goals in a single match with a single player. This is easily obtainable in Quick Match against a weak opponent on Beginner difficulty. As soon as you switch to or pass to a player, their name will be displayed briefly. Focus on always passing the ball to the same player (one of your strikers is ideal), then sprinting down the field and shooting. If you are concerned about not getting this, set the match length to the longest possible time, 10 minutes.

Defence Is the Best Attack 15
Win a game while scoring only with defenders.   

This achievement requires that you win a game while having only scored with players in the defender positions. This is most easily obtained by playing a game on Beginner difficulty with 2 minute halves. As soon as the game starts, pass the ball to one of your defenders in the back. Have them dribble down and score. Once you are leading, pass the ball around to kill the clock. The achievement will unlock at the end of the game.

A Job Well Done 10
Win by scoring with all your starting line-up attackers.    

This achievement requires that you score at least one goal with each of the attackers in your starting line-up. Before starting a game, in the My Squad screen, you can set your starting line-up. Make sure your formation is set to 4-2-3-1. This formation only has one attacking position, shown as the player at the top. Remember this player's name and make sure to score a goal with him. The achievement will unlock at the end of the game. Do not alter your formation during the game.

Inspiration 10
Score with a subbed-in player.    

This achievement requires that you score with a player that has been substituted. During a game, pause and go to the Squad screen. In the bottom right corner, tap Subs to reveal your players that are available for substitution. Drag a sub onto the field to replace a striker. At the next play stoppage (i.e. ball out of bounds, foul, goal etc.), a cut scene will show your sub coming onto the field. Now just focus on passing to them and scoring. The achievement will unlock immediately upon scoring with a substituted player.

Long Range 10
Score with a shot more than 30m away.   

This achievement requires that you score on a shot that was taken more than 30m from the goal. See "Corner Maestro" for more information, as this achievement will unlock simultaneously.

One on One 5
Score after going 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper.   

This achievement requires that you score a goal while being one-on-one with the goalkeeper. On Beginner difficulty, take one of your attacking players with the ball and make a bee-line for the net. You need to pass all the defenders so that no one stands between you and the net. Then you shoot and beat the goalkeeper for the score. This is so easy; it will come without effort, possibly being your first achievement.

Last Man Standing 5
Get possession after performing a sliding tackle as a last defender.    

This achievement requires that you perform a successful sliding tackle as the last defender back. This is most easily obtained on Beginner difficulty against a similarly-rated opponent in Quick Match. Let the opponent gain possession and dribble towards your net. Use the "Switch" button to manually clear out defenders by moving them forward, until only one stands between the opponent and the net. This defender is the last defender. Switch to that player and use the joystick to approach them and hit the "Slide" button to tackle the ball away. If done correctly, the achievement will unlock immediately. The achievement can be glitchy, in that it sometimes just will not pop, or may pop when you are not even using the last defender back.

Woodwork & In! 10
Get possession after performing a sliding tackle as a last defender.    (2) 

This achievement requires that you score a goal off the post or cross-bar. This is mostly luck-based and happens relatively frequently. Just keep shooting to score and eventually you will get the lucky bounce required to pop this achievement.

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