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Fishdom 3: Special Edition Achievement Guide

Guide By: Necrophage33
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 20 [200]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 25-30 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: "Broad spectrum" is glitched in a good way
- Extra equipment needed: None

Fishdom 3 is primarily a match-3 puzzle game with some minor simulation parts thrown in. How the game works is that you play match-3 puzzles which earn you money. You then spend that money in the "lobby" area to buy fish for your fish tanks, decorations to decorate your tanks, extra tanks, etc. Buying things is what gives you XP to level up, and leveling up unlocks more stuff in the shop. Unlike other match-3 type games, there isn't a move limit in the levels and the time limit is so long that you will never run out of time. This make for a very casual experience with virtually no stress during this completion. It's mainly just going to require a lot of time to level up far enough to do everything. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The ultimate goal here is to get to level 48. That's when you unlock the Sea Turtle, which is the last fish you need to buy for "Ark" and you need to buy ten of them for the "King of the Turtles" achievement. So all of the work you do is going to be focused on getting to level 48 as quickly as possible, while obtaining all of the other achievements along the way.

Match-3 Aspect
Many of the achievements are cumulative and will come naturally as you progress to level 48. While completing the match-3 puzzles, there are a few achievements you will need to specifically focus on and do at some point since they likely won't happen naturally. They are:

  • "Chain reaction"
  • "Limits of possibility"
  • "Tactician"
  • "Temporary Insanity"
  • "Hunting for pieces"

I recommend getting these out of the way as early as possible while the levels are easier. You can very easily pair "Chain reaction" with "Temporary Insanity" and probably "Tactician" too, and you can also easily pair "Limits of possibility" with "Hunting for pieces." Refer to their solutions to knock them out as easily as possible.

Lastly for the match-3 side of things, you should aim to complete puzzles as fast as possible assuming you aren't going for one of the achievements listed above. You want to try to get a gold time on as many levels as possible, not just for the achievement but also to make more money. There's no move limit in levels so make moves as quickly and often as needed to finish levels quickly to shoot for gold times. One important thing to note: NEVER waste time replaying a level after you beat it to try to get a gold time. This is a waste of your time. There is more explanation in the "Time is money" achievement solution.

Simulation Aspect (Managing Your Fish Tanks)
On to the simulation aspect of decorating your tank. To progress to level 48, you absolutely need to focus on decorating your tank with decorations. The "Perfect aquarium" achievement requires you to fully decorate 5 fish tanks, and this will take a ton of money. As you earn money, continually buy more decorations for your tank until you max it out and receive the largest trophy. Once you do, save up money to buy the next fish tank, and then repeat decorating it until it is maxed out. Continue doing this until you have five tanks maxed out and unlock "Perfect aquarium." This will take you until at least level 40 to do, meaning you should make sure you do it continually along the way to level 48.

Once you've gotten that achievement, now it's time to start saving up to buy aquariums, backgrounds, and fish. You'll need to buy a total of 10 aquariums, all of the backgrounds, and one of each fish (although you won't have all the fish unlocked yet). This will cost a lot of money, but you'll need to keep making money to reach 1,000,000 earned cumulatively. Once you earn "Inexhaustible Vein" for 1,000,000 lifetime money earned, sell everything you own: all of your decorations and fish. The decorations aren't needed anymore once you've gotten the "Perfect aquarium" achievement, and you don't need to own all of the fish at the same time for the "Ark" achievement. So you'll make more money by selling everything and can use it to buy more of what you need, further helping you level up. Once you finally reach level 48, buy ten Sea Turtles and as long as you've already bought ten aquariums, all the backgrounds, and all of the other fish along the way, that should wrap up your completion.

Fishdom 3 is a pretty fun and very stress-free match-3/simulation game. There's never any sense of urgency and all of the levels are very casual to play. Decorating your fish tanks is easy and relaxing to do. The only downside is the amount of time you need to spend playing the match-3 games over and over to get money to level up, which will likely end up feeling like quite a grind once you've unlocked most of the earlier achievements. It's still a simple and enjoyable completion though for any fan of the genre.

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Chain reaction5
Make a chain of 3 explosive devices   

To unlock this achievement, you have to set off an explosive that also triggers at least two more explosives. Keep in mind that unlike other similar games, you don't actually need to switch explosives to set them off. You can tap on them twice to make them explode in place. This is handy in many situations.

You could attempt to create three explosives close to each other, but it's easier to let this happen naturally. There are many levels in the game that essentially require you to make explosives to progress, and the levels are set up to allow you to create explosives right from the start. When you get to one of these levels where you make two explosives right from the start, just make a mine or other explosive between them so they're close enough to set each other off.

Use lightning 50 times   

This is cumulative across all levels played. Lightning will be present on the board in some levels, but it also appears after every 7 explosives you use in a single level. Some levels won't have much if any explosives, but some levels you'll continually get mines and fireworks often. Using 7 explosives will make lightning pop up to use.

This will almost unavoidably come naturally as you progress. You'll play a good chunk of levels on your way to level 48 that use lightning as part of the level design, and you'll get enough inadvertently along the way to reach this total.

Hunting for pieces15
Remove 1,000 pieces on a single level   

It's possible but unlikely this will happen naturally, but it depends on how good you are at the game - the longer you take to complete a level, the more likely you are to get this achievement. Since you'll probably need to focus specifically on the "Limits of possibility" and maybe even the "Chain reaction" achievements, when you go for those achievements in a game, if this achievement doesn't unlock, keep making matches until it does, then finish up the level.

Collect 100 artifacts   

Artifacts are objects hidden inside dirt or boxes, and you'll see them flash onscreen and give you decent money. You'll also see them on the level complete screen. Artifacts are pretty scarce through many of the levels, but you must collect all artifacts in a level to complete it, so this achievement is actually unavoidable while progressing to level 48.

Gold rush10
Collect 500 units of gold and diamonds   

Units of gold and diamonds are buried inside dirt, and you can usually see gold flecks indicating that section of dirt has gold or diamonds inside. You're required to collect all gold and diamonds to complete a level, so this achievement is actually unavoidable while progressing to level 48.

Limits of possibility20
Create 10 matches in 10 seconds   

This is the toughest achievement in the game but thankfully there's a pretty decent chance it will come naturally as long as you always move quickly. To force it though, you can wait until you have a larger level without anything restricting you, such as chained or frozen tiles, and then map out ten moves. You then will want to work your way from top to bottom, as bottom matches will throw off top matches. The other important thing to realize for this is that you don't need to wait for the matching chain to end before making another match. As soon as you make a match, go make the next while tiles are still falling. If it's easier for you, you could even use two hands to swipe very quickly, one right after another.

True to your vocation5
Complete 200 levels   

This is a cumulative total and will come long before finally reaching level 48. This will unlock somewhere before the halfway point of your journey to level 48.

Clear off 120 pieces in one move   

This achievement may be elusive for some time, and it's actually most likely to just happen inadvertently as you progress. You'll need to complete 400-500 levels to finish this game, so you've got plenty of opportunities. There are two main ways to force this to happen though:

  1. Create a ton of explosives near each other. Set off a chain reaction to destroy tons of tiles and then hope more matches happen as they fall.
  2. Make a solid use of electricity to eliminate a common tile and hope the combos keep coming.

Either way you'll want a large open level to do this on, one where combos are more likely as tiles fall. I got this with electricity on a big level. When electricity shows up, identify a tile next to it you'll use and purposely match away other tiles from the board to fill the board with as many of that tile as possible, then use it with the electricity to eliminate a lot of tiles and you should get lots of combos as the board fills back up.

Temporary Insanity20
Use all types of explosive available on a single level   

There are four types of explosives available. Here's what they are and how to make them:

  1. Firework - incidental combo match of 5
  2. Mine - intential match of 5
  3. Dynamite - match of 6
  4. Missile - match of 7

As you play, fireworks and mines will be pretty common. Dynamite and missiles are pretty rare to make naturally unless a level is set up for them already or you plan it out. There are some levels in the game that are intentionally designed to be set up for making missiles or dynamite right from the start to allow you to destroy certain parts of the level. I recommend waiting until you get to one of these levels, particularly a level where you make a missile, then purposely make a dynamite too. It's very likely you'll make fireworks and mines along the way, and they're pretty easy to set up. Once you've made all four types of explosives you also need to detonate them all to unlock the achievement.

Inexhaustible Vein20
Earn 1,000,000 coins   

This is a cumulative lifetime total earned. The only thing that does not count towards this total is if you sell fish or decorations to get some money back. This total only comes from money earned from completing levels.

This may seem like a massive amount when you start out, since you'll only be getting a couple hundred coins per level, but eventually you'll be getting multiple thousand coins per level. The ways you can influence your money earned are by completing a level within the golden time limit, and by leveling up. You get a gold time bonus and a level bonus when you finish a level, and these can be significant. This is why it's important to not hoard money. Spend it to continually level up, so you continually make more money. You should also be shooting for gold times on every level, although the difference between a gold time and silver time is pretty small, so don't worry too much about that and definitely don't replay any levels to try for gold times.

This achievement will come naturally as you progress to level 48 for your last achievements. You'll likely unlock this somewhere around level 40 as long as you keep leveling up whenever you have enough money and continually get gold and silver times.

Good student10
Gain enough Experience to reach Level 25   

The only way to gain experience in this game is to purchase stuff from the shop. The fastest way to level up, in terms of XP received per coin spent, is by buying fish. However, since there is a finite number of fish your aquarium can hold and since you will need to spend your money on decorations to upgrade your tanks for the "Perfect aquarium" achievement, this is the most efficient way to level up while working on all achievements:

Right from the get-go, always spend your money on decorations for your tank. The "Perfect aquarium" achievement is a long term achievement that you'll need to work on constantly as you progress to level 25 and ultimately to level 48. The higher your level, the more money you get from completing levels, so you definitely don't want to stockpile money. That being said, there's no need to continually buy the cheapest decoration over and over again. What I would do is gauge how many of the most expensive decorations I'd need to reach the next level, save up money, and then buy them to level up. Any levels you play while you could have been a higher level are just a waste of some extra money you could be earning.

Refer to the "Perfect aquarium" achievement solution for how to properly manage your money for the bulk of the game. Once you fully upgrade five aquariums, there's no need to buy more decorations. Buy fish, since they get you more XP, and you should have lots of capacity for fish in your tanks now. You should make it a point to buy each type of fish, since you'll need to anyway for the "Ark" achievement. Also save up and buy more aquariums until you have ten for the "Great aquarist" achievement. Aquariums give you the same XP ratio as fish, so it's worth buying those when they unlock.

Once you've upgraded five aquariums fully, bought ten aquariums total, and bought each available fish, you can actually then sell all your fish and all your decorations to make some money back. You can then use that money to buy more fish to get more experience, and then sell them and repeat until you're out of money. This will give you a sizeable XP jump at this point. You can then continue to play levels and spend money on fish to level up as quick as possible.

Experienced designer5
Spend 10,000 coins decorating your aquarium   

This is a cumulative total of all decorations purchased for your aquarium. You'll be spending far in excess of 10,000 coins to fully upgrade five tanks for the "Perfect aquarium" achievement, so refer to it for more details on decorating your aquarium. This achievement will unlock very early in your time with this game, definitely by the time you reach level 12-15 or so.

Broad spectrum10
Get all the backgrounds for your aquarium   

There are a total of 8 backgrounds you can buy for your aquarium, and the last one unlocks at level 40. However, this achievement is glitched: every time you quit the game app and relaunch it, however many backgrounds you currently own are once again counted toward the cumulative total for this achievement. So you could actually just close and launch the game 8 times to unlock this achievement without having to spend any money on backgrounds.

Great aquarist10
Get 10 aquariums   

Every few levels you'll unlock the ability to purchase a new aquarium. Once you reach level 37, you'll unlock the ability to purchase as many aquariums over 8 as you want. They have a steep increase in price and are the most expensive thing to buy, so you'll need to save up money to buy them. I highly recommend buying a new one as soon as one unlocks because they give you a lot of XP, so it's better to use that towards reaching level 48 rather than buying them later when you don't need the XP.

For loyalty5
Play the game for an hour   

Considering you will need to invest well over 20 hours into this game to complete it, this achievement will come naturally and will unlock very early along the way.

King of the Turtles5
Buy 10 turtles   

Turtles are the last fish specie to unlock, and they unlock at level 48. This is what the entire grind to level 48 is for - to unlock the sea turtle. Once you reach level 48 (refer to the "Good student" achievement for tips on leveling up) you'll need to buy ten of these, and each one costs 11,000. This is quite a lot of money. By this point in the game though, you should have already fully decorated five aquariums for the "Perfect aquarium" achievement, you should have earned enough coins for the "Inexhaustible Vein" achievement, and buying your first turtle should unlock the "Ark" achievement. So if you haven't already, sell all of your decorations and all of your fish to make money back on them, if you haven't done so already. This should make you a decent amount of money to buy more sea turtles. Then sell back those sea turtles to make more money, repeating until you're out of money. Now you'll just have to play some more levels to make enough money to buy ten total, which will unlock this achievement finally.

Perfect aquarium10
Receive the highest trophy for 5 beautiful aquariums.   

To unlock this achievement, you'll need to buy enough decorations for your aquariums to get 5 of them to the largest trophy size. This will take a long time and a lot of money to do, so you should start working on this from the moment you start the game, and don't stop until you finish the fifth aquarium. You'll unlock the ability to purchase your fifth aquarium somewhere around level 25 or so, but reaching the biggest trophy will take a ton of decorations. Each successive aquarium takes more decorations to upgrade to the next level. You essentially should be spending all of the money you earn from levels on decorations. Continually upgrade your first aquarium until you get the biggest trophy, and buy decorations as soon as you can afford them. Buying them levels you up, which means more money, which means buying more decorations. Once you fully upgrade your first aquarium, save up money to buy a second aquarium. Now repeat the process, but this time it'll take longer - more accessories - to fully upgrade this aquarium. Continue with this pattern until you have five fully upgraded aquariums.

This will take a ton of time and money. Expect to be close to level 40 by the time you finally finish this. Don't waste money on fish or anything else until you have this achievement done, since it'll take the majority of your time and money to complete this.

Strong stamina10
Unlock bonus levels.   

The bonus levels unlock upon reaching Level 30. Refer to the "Good student" achievement solution for more information on leveling up. Considering you need to get to level 48, this achievement will come naturally as you progress.

Time is money10
Complete 100 levels within golden time.   

On the right side of the screen during levels, you'll see a bobber dropping lower as time goes on. The gold cutoff is about a third of the way down and the silver cutoff is about two thirds of the way down. To unlock this achievement, you need to finish a cumulative total of 100 levels within the gold time limit, which you'll also get a gold time bonus for.

You should be shooting for the gold time on every level, and most levels aren't too hard to get the gold time. Some will require you to use explosives to progress fast enough, such as levels with lots of chained or frozen tiles.

You're going to have to play upwards of 500 levels to reach level 48, which is your ultimate goal. It's highly unlikely you'll make it that far without achieving gold time on 100 levels, but if you do, there's a workaround for this achievement. Go into settings and switch on Relaxed mode. This removes the time limit from levels, so every level you complete will count towards this achievement. You could do this right from the start, but I don't recommend it. Doing so removes the time bonus you get from completing levels, significantly reducing the amount of money you get. Since you need money to level up, and leveling up is the rate limiting step, you're just slowing yourself down by doing this from the start. If you don't have this achievement by the time you reach level 48, then you should switch on Relaxed mode and earn the last of the money you need toward buying ten sea turtles, and all levels you complete will count towards this achievement.

Buy one fish of each species   

There are a total of 18 species of fish you need to buy for this achievement, which includes the sea horse and the sea turtle. You'll unlock species as you progress, with the sea turtle being the last one to unlock, at level 48. This is the longest grind in the game, getting to level 48. The "Good student" achievement solution has more information on leveling up. Once you reach level 48 you'll unlock the sea turtle. Purchase one of each to unlock this achievement. Keep in mind that you don't need to own all of the species at once. Once you've bought a fish, you can sell it and use the money to buy other fish.

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