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Girl Fight Achievement Guide

Guide By: Ryot Control
There are 18 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 17/18 (360/400)
-Online: 1/18 (40/400)
-Approximate amount of time to 400: 4+ Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple Local Player Matches and Three Online Ranked Matches.
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Extra equipment needed?: Turbo pad and a wired controller recommended.

Welcome to the Girl Fight Roadmap! This is a fairly low budget sci-fi fighting game featuring an all girl fighting cast. The game features a "Combit" currency system that rewards you for everything the player does during gameplay and is directly tied to several achievements to the list. 

Story Mode, Player and Online Matches:
Unfortunately, story mode leaves much to be desired; the game has a blanket generic ending for all characters and simply awards the player with an additional piece of art after completing the story mode. There is no real incentive for any player to play this mode, and can immediately dive right into player matches.

Fortunately, 17 of the 18 achievements can be earned in local player matches. As matches are played, Combits will accumulate to unlock level three, "Psi-Powers" required for the, "Maximum Psi" achievement.

Winning three consecutive matches in a row will also be relatively easy, since the player can create a ranked game lobby and dictate who they play against; making matching up with a boosting partner hassle free. These matches can be done anytime during the players grind and in conjunction to several other achievements.

Specific Wins Criteria:
Several achievements require the player to win a match within certain parameters. Those requirements are as follows:

  • Win 25 matches with 100% health
  • Win 10 matches with just throws
  • Win 10 matches with Seismic Fist
  • Win 5 matches with a Full Psi Meter
  • Win 5 matches with rear throws
  • Win 5 matches with just punches
  • Win 5 matches with just kicks
  • Win 1 match with two Tier 3 psi powers equipped
  • Win 1 match with less than 5% health

Win types can also be combined in one match, i.e. Ending a match with a rear throw in a match where just throws were used against an opponent who didn't fight back contributes to three or four quotas.

As fights are completed, "Combits" will accumulate and will be required to unlock two Level 3 Psi-Powers from the store. Expect to grind out about 80,000 Combits to unlock one 3rd tier power, but if you choose to unlock the Seismic Fist power first, you will find that the second power above it will unlock as well, saving you the trouble of unlocking it separately.

Once the player has two Third Tier powers unlocked, make sure to equip them at the character select screen after choosing your character by shifting right on the directional pad when choosing Psi-powers. Equip both Third Tier powers and finish a match to unlock, "Maximum Psi.

Cumulative Fight Data Achievements:
There are additional achievements with quotas that also must be met. These use statistics persistent through all matches played. These quotas are:

  • 25 first attacks
  • 10000 meters traveled
  • 1000 bars of Psi collected
  • 50 throw escapes
  • 100 matches played
  • 1000 attacks blocked
  • 10000 attacks executed
  • 1 match against each girl
  • 1 match on each stage

A possible recommendation to work on cumulative achievements require at least one turbo controller and one wired controller. Simply set the turbo controller to the A button in a player vs player match. Kicks also count as strikes and if used against a neutral standing character, will automatically win a match AND start a rematch infinitely. 10,000 strikes, 10,000 meters walked, 1000 bars of psi and 100 games won can all be worked on simultaneously. 

Online Ranked Wins:
Three ranked wins in a row must be earned online to unlock this achievement. Luckily, this game allows players to create lobbies to screen players to play against, making this achievement easy to get. Simply pair up with a partner, screen your opponents in the ranked match lobby and trade consecutive wins to earn this final achievement. 

Unfortunately this game is as shallow as the title implies, but at least it is solid enough to allow a fairly easy and straight forward completion, provided that the player is prepared for a short grind. 

"Neuro Killer" achievement graphic credited and provided by smrnov.

[x360a would like to thank Ryot Control for this Roadmap]

10000 Ways to Say I Hurt You20
Perform 10000 striking attacks.   

This is a cumulative achievement that requires the player to execute 10,000 attacks. The attacks do not have to hit, and can be blocked. The ideal set up requires a turbo controller auto-firing the  button against a second controller which would have the  button banded down in a local player match with infinite time. Achievement will unlock after 10,000 executed attacks. Progress can be checked from the main menu under statistics. Blocked and successful attacks all count for this achievement.

Another recommendation would be to simply turbo the  button in a player vs player match. Kicks also count as strikes and if used against a neutral standing character, will automatically win a match AND start a rematch. 10,000 strikes, 10,000 meters walked, 1,000 bars of psi and 100 games won can all be worked on at once.

Battle Hardened20
Block 1000 strikes in battle.   

In Girl Fight, the  button is the block button. If a turbo controller is available, simply set it on the second player to turbo punches and hold down the  button until the achievement unlocks. If feeling ambitious, "Psi like an Eagle" can also be worked on as the player builds Psi powers from blocking and using the Psi-damager power that deals no damage to the opponent, but allows to gain additional psi-bars.

Killer Legs20
Win 5 matches with nothing but kicks.   

In Girl Fight, the  button is the kick button. Win 5 matches using only kicks and the achievement will unlock at the results screen.

Kitty Has Claws20
Win 5 matches with nothing but punches.   

In Girl Fight, the  button is the punch button. Win 5 matches using only punches and the achievement will unlock at the results screen.

Knocked Off Her Feet20
Win 10 matches with nothing but throws.   

In Girl Fight, the  button is the throw button. Win 10 matches using only throws and the achievement will unlock at the results screen.

Neuro Annihilation20
Win 100 matches.   

Self explanatory. The player must win 100 matches to unlock this achievement. Set local player matches to one round to shorten the time required.

Win 25 rounds without taking any damage.   

Can also be done in conjunction with several other achievements. As long as the player wins the match without sustaining any damage, this achievement will unlock after the 25th perfect match on the results screen. 

Living on a Prayer20
Win a match with less than 5% health.   

The Life bar is the long orange bar running across the top of screen. Allow your character to be damaged until there is only a little orange remaining, then proceed to win the match to unlock this achievement at the results screen.

Hands Off Me20
Block an opponent's grab 50 times.   

In Girl Fight, the  button is the throw button. To counter a throw, the player must press  when the opponent begins their throw animation. Best done on local versus instead of the computer. Turn the match timer to unlimited, and continuously counter your opponent's throw until the achievement unlocks. 

Brawn and Brains20
Win 5 rounds with full Psi meter.   

Below the Life bar are 9 vertical yellow bars that make up the Psi meter. Simply win 5 rounds with all 9 bars fully lit and the achievement will unlock at the results screen. 

Psi Like an Eagle20
Earn 1000 bars of Psi.   

The game is slightly misleading in the way where it requires three special bars to make one Psi-bar. The best way to grind 1000 bars is to use the same setup for the, "Battle Hardened" achievement and activate the Mind Blast Psi-Amp between attacks. This attacks does not hurt the opponent, allowing the player to continue accumulating and expending Psi-power until the achievement unlocks.

VR Trooper20
Travel over 10000 meters in battle.   

Best done in local player versus match with infinite time the assistance of a rubber band and a wired controller. Set your rubber band to set the directional thumbstick to the up position to have the character do continuous side steps. Allow to sidestep until the achievement unlocks. 

Win 10 rounds with Seismic Fist.   

Seismic Fist is one of the powers available and is represented by an orange fist when choosing Psi-Powers. Activating the Seismic Fist attack requires at least 1 bar of Psi-energy, which is represented by three full bars on the special meter. Win 10 rounds using Seismic Fist as the final attack will unlock this achievement.

Win 5 rounds with a throw from behind.   

In Girl Fight, the  button is the throw button. Can be done in conjunction with the, "Knocked Off Her Feet" achievement as long as nothing but throws are executed in the round. Win 5 matches by finishing the fight with a throw from the opponent's back and the achievement will unlock at the results screen.

Maximum Psi20
Earn and equip two Level 3 Psi Amps and finish a match.   

One of the more time consuming achievements. In order to unlock Tier 3 Psi-Powers, the player must accumulate at least 80,000 Combits. (5000 for the first tier, 25,000 for the second and 50,000 for the final tier.) What I found however, was when purchasing the Seismic Fist Psi-Powers, it also unlocked the Mind Blast Psi-Amp as well; which saved me the trouble of accumulating an additional 80,000.

After unlocking at least two Tier 3 Psi-Amps, ensure that you select the appropriate power tier at the character select screen before the fight. After choosing your character, the player will be prompted to select two Psi-Powers. Highlight the two that you have purchased and adjust the power tier to max level. With two max level Psi-Powers, simply win the match for the achievement to unlock. 

Swift Attacks20
Strike the first blow in 25 rounds.   

Simply start 25 matches with the first strike bonus and the achievement will unlock on the 25th first strike bonus.

Worldly Warrior40
Fight against every opponent and fight in every stage in the game.   

Play against all characters and on each stage at least once in no particular order and the achievement will pop.

Stages include:

  • Firestorm
  • Apocalypse
  • Spaceport
  • Zendo
  • Mechbattle
  • Foundation
  • Warzone

Characters include:

  • Warchild
  • Chaos
  • Viper
  • Wrench
  • Shogun
  • Daisy
  • Ghost
  • Chrome
Neuro Killer40
Win 3 consecutive Ranked Matches online.   (21) 

Seeing how the game's online community was dead on arrival; finding players will be difficult but boosting can be easily done. When searching for a ranked match, the game will ask if you want to create a ranked match lobby. Saying yes will allow you to screen your opponents for your boosting partner. Win three ranked matches in a row to unlock this achievement.

Game Info
Kung Fu Factory


US September 25, 2013
Europe September 25, 2013

HDD Space Required : 1.74 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $9.99USD
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