Halo: Spartan Strike (iOS)

Halo: Spartan Strike (iOS) Achievement Guide

Guide By: l Zleek l
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Higher than PC because touch controls]
- Offline: 20 [200]
- Online: 
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 8-12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [Mission Select]
- Missable achievements: None [Mission Select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: iOS Phone

Halo: Spartan Strike is essentially a sequel to Halo: Spartan Assault. It features top-down, Twin Stick shooting, Halo themed action. There are currently five operations with six missions each. While many features are similar to Spartan Assault you might find this game easier to complete.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Achievements are fairly straight forward in this game. You'll need to beat every mission in operation A-E. This will unlock five achievements for 50. There are also five mission specific achievements, one in each operation, that can be unlocked for 25. In addition to that, there are five Vidmaster achievements, one for the last mission in every operation. These are all worth 10 each. After doing those, you'll need to mop up any gold stars you haven't gotten. Your first gold star will unlock "Experienced" for 5, and after getting all golds you'll get "Battle hardened" for 20. The gold star requirements are shown as you highlight each level. Lastly you'll want to complete all Assault Ops in every mission to unlock "Thorough" for 20.

During all of the gameplay you'll likely unlock "Big Spender," and "GEN2," for 30. If not, go through and spend 10,000 credits, and use every armor upgrade.

This game is pretty easy compared to Spartan Assault and you'll hopefully be able to add another 200 in the beloved Halo franchise. Also note that if you buy this game on either Windows 8 or a Windows phone, you'll get the opposite platform for free, and your saved progress will transfer.

[XBA would like to thank l Zleek l for this Roadmap]

Welcome to New Mombasa10
Complete Operation A    

See "No Loose Ends" for more details.

Homing in10
Complete Operation B    

See "No Loose Ends" for more details.

Ready for Departure10
Complete Operation C    

See "No Loose Ends" for more details.

Home Sweet Home10
Complete Operation D    

See "No Loose Ends" for more details.

No Loose Ends10
Complete Operation E    

Simply complete every mission in the operation to unlock these achievements. 

You will need All gold stars in Operations A-D to unlock Operation E.

I Am Your Shield5
Keep the Elephant 100% intact in Operation A, Mission 3   

This achievement is easier than it sounds. The warthog turret doesn't overheat so you can just mow down all enemy forces. Watch your radar for any enemies, you shouldn't have any trouble keeping them away from your elephant. 

The only thing to watch out for, at least in my gameplay of the level, is at one point a grunt hides in a door way near the top of your screen, avoiding your fire. Once you move slightly past the door way the grunt will come out, thinking he's outsmarted you. Let loose turret fire and show him who's boss! Shortly thereafter the mission will end netting you this achievement.

Not a Scratch5
Keep the Wraith 100% intact in Operation B, Mission 4   

The safest way to do this is to actually not use the wraith unless necessary. There are a few times when you'll need to lower a gate by destroying the power source with the wraith, but just travel on foot and eliminate all enemies before advancing. As long as you aren't in the wraith and it's far enough back, no enemies will try to destroy it. I also recommend you pick up the Regen Shield since you'll be fighting quite a few enemies. 

You know you are near the end once you encounter an elite driving a ghost. Once you clear out the entire area use a ghost (if available) to drive back to your wraith. There might be a few grunts huddled around your wraith but just kill them, then get in the wraith and drive to the objective. Destroy the last power source and the mission ends for your achievement. 

Night Knight5
Do not allow the Watchers to resurrect any Knights in Operation C, Mission 4   

The main issue I found with trying this achievement was Ammo. Make sure to always have at least one weapon available to quickly take out watchers. As soon as you see them go near a fallen Knight, kill them. Conserve ammo on watchers and crawlers with melees as they are one hit kills. To keep track of fallen Knights, every time they should drop a Teleport armor ability, which makes their location easy to find. If possible, kill Knights as close to the little rings you stand on as possible so you don't risk one getting revived off screen. I also find using the Shock Chain ability helps if you are being overwhelmed by enemies.

As long as you are diligent in killing every watcher and keep track of your ammo and dead Knights, you should have this achievement within a few attempts.

Beam Dance5
Complete Operation D, Mission 5 without getting hit by a Focus Turret   

This one is fairly tough. Focus turrets are those annoying Forerunner laser turrets. They take quite a bit of damage to kill. Your best weapon will be pulse, plasma, and frag grenades. Also focus on using your armor ability to your advantage. 

There are two sections with the turrets. The first is objective: Kill all the Watchers. There are numerous turrets, make sure to stick to cover and destroy them before going out of cover. Be careful not to run out to kill them unless they have low health. Their charge up time before firing is very quick and will hit you unless you get lucky.

The second section is the Inner Campus. Turrets will spawn around the circular map. They only spawn once so if you take them out as they spawn, you should be safe. Just watch your radar for red dots that aren't moving. I like to use teleport, hide behind the turret, and then mash grenade so I throw as soon as possible to take them out. Once you are tasked to get to the campus to end the mission there will be no more turrets.

If you're struggling, buy the damage boost upgrade and it should only take one grenade to wipe out the turrets.

Mine Sweeper5
Do not get hit by any Proximity Mines in Operation E, Mission 2   

This includes avoiding all damage from needles shot out by mines on detonation. Just be careful and watch for any mines. 

You should be able to get this pretty easily if you just take it slow and watch for any and all mines and needles.

Earn your first Gold star   

Earn your first gold star. You'll likely get this in the first few levels. 

See "Battle Hardened" For more details.

Battle Hardened20
Earn all Gold stars in Operations A through E   

Each mission shows you what you need to get the gold star in points when you highlight it. 

In this game you can earn points in two ways:

  • Kills. These are your base points. The more enemies you kill the more points you get. Focus on killing every enemy on your map, even if you're not required to in order to move on.
  • Medals. This is where you can significantly increase your points. The best way to get points is through multikills and sprees. You get sprees by getting several kills in a row without being shot, and you can get them with different weapons. Multikills are a Halo classic, and are obtained by killing several enemies in quick succession. 

You shouldn't have too much trouble getting gold medals in this game if you have gotten the gold medals achievements in Spartan Assault. The score threshold is fairly low and easy to obtain. One extra tip I have for getting more sprees is using the bubble shield armor ability. You can fire out while enemies cannot fire in, allowing you to rack up some easy kills without fear of getting shot. 

After each mission you can view a detailed score report. Go ahead and check it out after you play a mission to see what enemies and medals are worth the most, and see what you can try and get more of. If you're really struggling, or just want to make things easier, you can purchase a score booster for 1,000 CR per mission.

Big Spender20
Spend 10,000 credits on loadout upgrades   

Before each mission you are allowed to modify your load out. You can earn credits by completing missions and Assault Ops. Also, you can get credits for completing campaigns in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. You get 3,000 credits per campaign completed, so if you beat all four you get 12,000 which is more than enough to unlock this achievement.

If you want to quickly obtain this achievement and for some reason don't feel like playing, simply select a mission, spend as many credits as possible, then abort the mission once it loads up. 

Use every Armor Ability at least once   

There are 11 armor abilities in this game. You have to use them all at least once to unlock this achievement.

The abilities are: 

  • Airstrike*
  • Overshield*
  • M2705 Regeneration Field (Regen Bubble)*
  • Seeker Drone*
  • Sprint (Default on mission A-4)
  • Bubble Shield (Default Mission A-5)
  • Proximity Mine (Available in Mission B-1 as pick-up)
  • Active Camo (Available in Mission B-3 as pick-up)
  • Teleport (Available after killing Knight in mission B-5)
  • Shock Chain (Available on mission C-3 as enemy drop)
  • Auto Sentry (Available on mission C-4 as enemy drop)

* = Indicates ability is available either default or as a purchase-able upgrade on mission A-2.

Vidmaster Challenge A10
Complete Operation A, Mission 6 with the Blind and Thunderstorm Skulls active   

I recommend you run through this mission at least one time before attempting this, since your map will be hidden by the Blind skull. This is a fairly easy and quick mission even with the skulls on. Just focus on running through the map as fast as you can, the only enemy I really stopped to kill was the Shade Turrets. Otherwise, just shoot as you run to limit the fire you're taking. After getting the second warthog and driving to the end you'll get this achievement.

Vidmaster Challenge B10
Complete Operation B, Mission 6 with the Hollow and Pacifist Skulls active   

This is really easy. Apply the skulls and start up the mission. Use the Kestrel vehicle to run over enemies and progress through the mission. You'll get into that courtyard and you'll have to 'survive' until the gate comes down. Just drive in a big circle splatter enemies and avoiding suicide grunts. If your vehicle gets damaged there is a second one on the top of this section.

After you get to the LZ you'll have to survive for another two minutes or so. What I did was just hid on the very top of the map (where the Pelican gets you at the end), behind one of the forerunner gate pillars on the edge of the cliff. I never got attacked or approached. It also makes it easy to end this mission because the objective is right next to you.

Vidmaster Challenge C10
Complete Operation C, Mission 6 with the Black Eye and Pacifist Skulls active   

For this mission I would recommend using the Overshield armor ability and buying the damage boost upgrade. You'll only want to be melee killing enemies, but you can also use grenades. Save your grenades for Knights, especially ones with scattershots. Otherwise regular Knights and Elites are two hit kills, and everything else is a one hit kill. While running to the bottom of the map to hijack the Covenant ship, just melee everything in sight while running through as fast as possible. You can skip the Chieftains by running by them.

Use the Overshield ability when your shields are really low, you'll be invincible for eight seconds. You should have any trouble if you follow this guide.

Vidmaster Challenge D10
Complete Operation D, Mission 6 with the Famine and Thunderstorm Skulls active   

This isn't too hard, although I recommend buying the damage boost upgrade.

Equip both skulls before the mission. You might find yourself low on ammo, but there's a trick. There are weapon crates on the Top right, Top Left, both by the pillars, and on the left side between the top left and bottom pillars. These weapons (BR, AR, and Shotgun) spawn near instantly so you can get a full weapon. Also, if you just stand near the crate while firing you essentially have infinite ammo. 

Pass the mission with the skulls on for this achievement.

Vidmaster Challenge E10
Complete Operation E, Mission 6 with the Hollow and Black Eye Skulls active   

Easiest way to do this is to use the overshield upgrade and power boost upgrade. Sit on the turrets the WHOLE time. With the damage boost you should be able to eviscerate every enemy before the get close to you. Also, your shields will not be affected as long as you're on the turret. Just make sure to jump off before it blows up, because that will kill you. 

You can blow up the shade turrets with the machine gun turret. For the one on the left and top of the map, use the top machine gun turret. For the one on the right you can use either one. I had to get off the turret to trigger the "other spartan" to get on the hornet, but I just used a rocket launcher, which is to the left of the top turret, and overshields to get close enough to make him run. Soon as he's running towards you turn around and get ready to get on the Hornet. Soon as you get on it the mission will end. 

Complete all Assault Ops for Operations A through E   

For a 'thorough' guide check THIS THREAD.

Honestly, you shouldn't have much trouble completing these. All of them are cumulative, and progress saves even if you abort the mission. Every Op is some form of "Kill X with Y" and should be easily completed within a few runs of the mission, if not a single run. Soon as you complete the last (out of 90) Assault Op, the achievement should unlock.

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