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Remove the Bishops From the Board

Kill 1000 Watchers.   

Promethean Watchers are a highly advanced Forerunner A.I. that will only appear in Halo 4. Serving as defense units for Promethean Knights, you can always spot these pesky enemies hovering above their masters. In fact, Knights are the sole source of their spawn, via the carapace on the Knight’s back.

Given their guardian-like nature, they will prove to be very stubborn in battle. They provide covering support with Boltshots, project Hardlight Shields onto Knights, and even revive destroyed Knights in the midst of battle. If that wasn’t enough to prove their worth, Watchers will also redirect any thrown grenades back to you via a gravity displacement beam. With this mind, make sure to take on Watchers from afar with steady-shot weapons such as a Carbine or Battle Rifle. Getting rid of them early in battle will be necessary before focusing your attention on other enemies.

A perfect opportunity to grind out Watcher kills would be during the final mission of the Campaign, Midnight. From the Campaign lobby, go ahead and load up Rally Point Bravo on the aforementioned mission. As you run up the ramp and through the door into the next hallway, there will be four Watchers in this large chamber. You can opt to kill all four with your precision weapon, then reload the checkpoint to grind out the kills. Remember, these Promethean enemies only appear in Halo 4. Once you have killed a total of 1,000 Watchers, this achievement will unlock.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by rknb117
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 @ 07:50:15 PM

Any good mission to do this on in particular?

Comment #2 by BradleyThreat
Monday, December 15, 2014 @ 01:22:29 PM

I'm farming this on Shutdown, after you disable to first energy beam thingo that's supporting the Didacts ship. about 6-7 show up immediately after the checkpoint. killing/reload checkpoint/repeat. it's still going to take forever though!

Comment #3 by Chaotic Fiasco
Friday, December 19, 2014 @ 12:08:52 AM

Terrible achievement. Nothing but a boring grind.

Comment #4 by rknb117
Tuesday, December 23, 2014 @ 08:06:58 PM

Thank god for Spartan ops, Episode 5, chapter 1 is easily the best for this

Comment #5 by rsan88224
Monday, January 12, 2015 @ 01:43:04 PM

watchers are the worst!! but thats to 4 i am close to getting this now.

Comment #6 by HaloCompletionist
Monday, February 09, 2015 @ 03:07:10 AM


Comment #7 by WiggySan
Thursday, September 03, 2015 @ 09:34:08 AM

I found a good spot to grind this one. If you start up Spartan Ops Episode 4, Chapter 2 on Easy, then sit on the hill in the middle of the map with a DMR, the Knights in the base in front of you will infinitely spawn these guys every time you kill one. The best part is they don't try to fly away either, they just float there. With the Ammo loadout perk and a full backpack of DMR ammo, I could kill 23-25 before I ran dry. Then I just went to the ammo box in front of the crashed Pelican to refill. Rinse and repeat.

Comment #8 by blessthefall793
Monday, January 18, 2016 @ 10:59:04 PM

Spartan Ops Episode 5, Chapter 2 is a great mission to grind these guys out. Playing on Easy, you can easily kill about 25 Watchers in 5 minutes. There are also plenty of Knights and Crawlers to work towards those achievements as well.

Comment #9 by sin 1
Wednesday, June 08, 2016 @ 01:01:09 PM

I'm an easy going, team player that gets along with almost everyone.
Feel free to add me for co-op game-play and help with achievements.

GT: sin 1

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