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Kill 1000 Knights.   

Promethean Knights are another form of advanced Forerunner A.I. that will only appear in Halo 4. These warriors prove to the most serious threat in battle due to their increased survivability via Watchers, advanced heavy weaponry, and the ability to teleport in combat.

Armed with Light Rifles, Binary Rifles, Scattershots, and even Incineration Cannons, you’ll have to make sure to tackle combat with these warriors in an intelligent manner. Much like Covenant Elites, Knights often lead groups of Promethean Crawlers into battle and have energy shields that recharge at a faster rate than that of Elites. When squaring off against these foes, bring your best; Shotguns and the Noob-Combo will prove to be beneficial.

A perfect opportunity to grind out Knight kills would be during the final mission of the Campaign, Midnight. From the Campaign lobby, go ahead and load up Rally Point Bravo on the aforementioned mission. Continue through the mission normally until you reach the small armory that houses the Gravity Hammer and other UNSC and Promethean weaponry. Here, grab whatever weapon you'd like, perhaps a Scattershot and the Gravity Hammer and proceed through the portal.

When you emerge inside another room, there will be one Knight facing away from you, as well as four other Knights deeper in the chamber. Because the game gives you a checkpoint inside the armory, you can kill all the enemies in this chamber and then restart the checkpoint to continue the grind. Remember, these Promethean enemies only appear in Halo 4. Once you have killed a total of 1,000 Knights, this achievement will unlock.

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