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Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Achievement Guide

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There are 34 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 
- Offline: 34/34 (1000/1000)
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 10005 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 
- Number of missable achievements: None (Mission select)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear is an on-rail shooter that is a sequel to Heavy Fire: Afghanistan which was released on the PS3, PC, and Wii, but not on the Xbox 360. The entire game is on-rails, so if you’re not interested in those kinds of games, look away now. However, if you’re interested in a game where you will be able to obtain the full 1000  in under five hours, keep reading! 

The game will take two playthroughs, one on Rookie Mode, and then another on Veteran Mode which will be unlocked after completing Rookie Mode. Don’t worry, though, as each mission can all be completed in less than 8 minutes! There are also some radios (collectables) that you will need to find in some of the missions. Each radio will need to be found twice in each mission, once on Rookie and once on Veteran. Most of the other miscellaneous achievements will unlock as you progress through the game, but a few might have you replay one of the missions in order to get them. 

Step 1: Rookie Mode Playthrough + Collecting Radios: 
There are a total of 12 missions that you will need to complete on each mode. 8 of the 12 missions will each have one radio that you will need to find. The missions that will not contain a radio in them are all of the missions where you are not in first-person (5, 8, 10, and 11). Please view the radio guide below for the location of each collectible. 


Step 2: Veteran Mode Playthrough + Collecting More Radios: 
Veteran Mode will be unlocked after completing the Rookie Mode. You will need to collect all of the radios that you found in Rookie Mode all over again. Don’t worry as they are in the exact location that they were in on Rookie Mode. Veteran Mode is actually not too difficult; the only parts that you may have trouble with are the spots where you are in control of a turret and have to look each way to take everyone out. Luckily there are tons of checkpoints in each mission so you will not have to work your way up to the area you had died at. 

Step 3: Mop Up: 
If you have been following the Radio Guide while playing through the game, then you shouldn't have that many achievements left to unlock. If not, then you will have to replay the levels on each difficulty in order to find them. There is no tracker in the game that shows whether you've collected the radio in a specific level. 

Overall this a very easy game to complete. You may struggle with some parts of each level, and will die a lot, but with the fast loading screen when you die just keep trying and you'll eventually get past it.

[XBA would like to thank Rep for this Roadmap]

Big Flood50
Complete the 2nd mission.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Top Secret50
Complete the 3rd mission.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Hawk Eye50
Complete the 5th mission.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Base Defender50
Complete the 7th mission.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Apache Hero50
Complete the 8th mission.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Package Secured50
Complete the 10th mission.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

World Peace50
Complete the 12th mission.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Half Cleared25
Complete all missions on Rookie Mode.    (1) 

See "All Clear."

All Clear25
Complete all missions on Veteran Mode.     (1) 

Veteran Mode is unlocked after completing Rookie Mode. They are the exact same missions that you played during your Rookie Mode, just a little more difficult, obviously. By the end of Rookie Mode you should have unlocked most of the items in the armory. These will carry over to your Veteran Mode playthrough to make it a lot easier for you.

The items that I unlocked in the armory first were the LMG (Last Weapon), and all of the extra health slots. Don’t worry about the extra ammo magazines or the grenade slots until after you unlock the health and weapons. Remember that you can always redo how you have unlocked everything. 

During this playthrough you may have some trouble on the parts where you are in control of the machine gun turret. Reason is that you must look all directions in order to kill everyone. There is no cover at all so you will get hit A LOT. Don’t worry about getting killed as you will most likely restart at the same spot where you died, with a little bit more health to give it another attempt. The loading screens after getting killed are almost instant so just keep trying and you’ll eventually get past it.

Complete any mission without being hit.    (1) 

This is almost impossible to unlock on any of the missions in first-person, so don’t stress yourself trying to do it on them. 

You will easily get this on mission 11: Shattered Steal. You will be in control of a tank for the entire mission. Even if you get hit by another tank and die, you will still be able to unlock it after you’ve restarted the checkpoint.

Good Eye15
Complete any mission with 50% accuracy or higher.    

You should get this naturally by playing the game, but if you don’t, just replay the Prologue on the Rookie Mode. The AK will kill the enemies with only a shot or two, so you should have no problem getting 80% accuracy or better.

Local Hero15
Complete a level without causing any destruction.   

This can easily be unlocked on the Prologue of the game. When going through the mission, make sure you do not shoot any boxes, flower vases, or any other pots like that. Also make sure you do not blow up the red barrel at the end of the level, and the vehicles that the heavy gunners are on.

Perform a QTE perfectly in one level.    (1) 

You should have no problem getting this on the Prologue of the game as there is only one QTE (Quick-Time-Event) in the level. If you miss it, don’t worry about it as there are plenty of missions ahead of you to try it on.

Score 250 total kills.   

See “Johnny R.

War Hero25
Score 500 total kills.   

See “Johnny R.

Johnny R.50
Score 1,000 total kills.   

Pretty much story related as you will get well over 1,000 kills by the end of the game.

No Turning Back15
Complete the last mission on Veteran Mode without using checkpoints.    (3) 

For this achievement you must finish the mission flawlessly without any deaths. Make sure you have most of your upgrades unlocked in the armory (Extra health, ammo, grenades, etc.) I would suggest using the LMG which is the last weapon that you're able to unlock. 

The most difficult part during the mission is near the end where you will need to jump on the turret. There will be enemies coming from your left, middle, and right. There will also be two health pick-ups on your right and left. 

Make sure you don't shoot the health pick-ups until after most of your health is already diminished. ONLY start to pick them up when your health is almost gone.

Good Aim30
Perform 50 total headshots.   

See "Marksman."

Perform 100 total headshots.   

You should get this naturally while progressing through the game. You will notice that you got a headshot by the +20 that is shown after killing an enemy.

Perform 4 splash damage kills simultaneously.   (1) 

See “Crowd Crusher.

Crowd Crusher25
Perform 5 splash damage kills simultaneously.   (1) 

There are a lot of spots that you can easily obtain this on throughout the game. The easiest missions would be on Mission 5 and 11, as you are in control of an AC-130 and Tank the entire level.

Perform 5 headshots in a row.   (1) 

This is pretty self-explanatory. You will notice that you got a headshot by the +20 that is shown near the enemy after he is killed. Simply get 5 in a row and the achievement will unlock.

Chain Alpha15
Chain together 5 consecutive kills.   

See “Chain Beta.

Chain Beta25
Chain together 7 consecutive kills.   (1) 

Both of these can easily be unlocked on Mission 5 where you are in control of the AC-130. Throughout the level you will see targets that are lit up on the map. Use  to fire rockets and  to fire your mini-gun. Simply fire your rocket on one group of guys, then look at a different group and fire you mini-gun.

Radio Breaker10
Find and destroy 50% of special objects.    (1) 

See “Radio Silence.

Orders Disruptions 10
Find and destroy 75% of special objects.    

See “Radio Silence.

Radio Silence10
Find and destroy 100% of special objects.    (1) 

There are a total of 16 radios that you will need to collect throughout Rookie and Veteran Mode. Technically there are only 8 of them, but each radio MUST be found twice - one time on Rookie, and another time on Veteran. The locations of the radios do not change after switching to Veteran. 

-There are NO radios to be found on levels 5, 8, 10, and 11.
-You ARE allowed to quit out of the level after collecting a radio.

Please consult the Radio Guide below for locations of the radios:

Fire 25,000 rounds of ammunition.    (2) 

You should be pretty close to this by the time you finish Veteran Mode. If you still need to fire out more rounds, simply select the LMG in your armory and spray away!

Another good way of burning through some rounds is to load up Mission 7. This is the mission where you will be in control of the jet and have to destroy enemy turrets on the ships. At the very beginning of the mission where you need to destroy the turrets on the first ship, simply destroy them but don't shoot at the other objects on the ship. The jet will sway back and forth, so aim your cross-hair up in the sky and fire away. 

You can check your statistics on the Main Menu of the game by pressing .

Kill 500 enemies with an additional/special weapon.   

These weapons consist of Turrets, Rocket Launchers, and other weapons that you are in control of throughout the game. You should have no problem unlocking this as you will use these in mostly every level of the game.

Simple & Efficient25
Kill 250 enemies with a pistol.   (3) 

The Pistol will always be with you no matter what you change, and will have unlimited ammo. There is no way to actually switch to your sidearm when playing; it is only equipped when you run out of ammo.

If you still haven't unlocked this by the end of the game, enter your armory and reset all of your unlocked items (Only if you haven't unlocked extra ammo clips). Choose the first gun that you have unlocked and start up one of the missions. This way you can easily run out ammo in order to use your pistol more during the level. Just make sure you don't shoot any ammo bonuses so you can keep your pistol out.

Eagle Eye15
Achieve 100% sniper accuracy.   (4) 

There will be two situations in the game where you must cover your allies with sniper support. The easiest level to unlock this on would be Level 7 - Gonapal Camp. During the middle of the level you will eventually come to a tower that overlooks a few other buildings. There will be several enemies ahead of you on the roof, and a few more to the left of the building. Take them out without missing a shot and the achievement will unlock.

If you happen to miss a shot, simply fire at one of your allies and the checkpoint will restart leaving you with another chance to unlock it.

Red Boom15
Destroy all red barrels in one level.   

The easiest level to unlock this is the Prologue as there is only one red barrel. The barrel is located next to the truck at the end of the level.

Fragile World15
Destroy 200 total destructible objects.    

See "Collateral Damage."

Collateral Damage25
Destroy 500 total destructible objects.   

This should come naturally when working on completing the Veteran Mode. If you still haven't unlocked this by the time you finish, load up Level 5 - Lakari Village - The Guardian Above. Fire rockets near every building and you'll unlock this in no time.

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US January 29, 2013

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