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There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 
- Online: 20 [200]
- Approximate amount of time to 200200 hours [Over the course of weeks/months]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: Several, see notes below
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: See roadmap note
- Extra equipment needed: None

  • DLC: Title Update
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 200200 hours [at the same time as main game]
    • Unobtainable: None

Imperia Online is a persistent massively multiplayer online real strategy game that has been going in various versions since 2005. This game has you building up from a small village into a large city, expanding into new territories and provinces, while growing your army and managing your resources. The game is very in depth, but at the same time easy to learn and is quite addictive. The way this game differs from many is that each game lasts a finite amount of time, lasting between a month and three months depending on the realm speed. When the time is over, that “realm” finishes, and the game will start again. You won’t keep any of your assets, you will need to enter a new realm and start again. The game is cross play between Windows Phone, Windows and the browser version, Playing on the browser version is the best way to do it, as you can do more quests than the Windows/WP version. Just make sure to not claim any rewards for achievement quests as they can glitch - finish the quest and then use the Windows version to claim the rewards so the achievements unlock properly.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
When starting a new game check to see how long is left in the realm - make sure you have at least a month left in it to ensure you will have enough time to get everything done. All achievements are tied to in game quests, so the longer you have to get quests done, the better. Realms are different speeds - a standard game, or x1 realm lasts for three months, up to a x10 realm which lasts a month. When choosing a realm, think about how often you can check your device and get stuff done. It is all good choosing a x10 realm, but you will need to check your game every hour or so to make sure you are progressing at a good pace. A x1 realm is a lot lower maintenance. Just follow the quests given and if you put a bit of time and effort in, you will 
Get everything the game has to offer. The DLC title update added more quests, but they are mixed in with the regular game so you will work on them naturally when playing through the game. If you don’t get everything in your first realm, start up a new realm and try again. Some great help about everything game related can be found on the game’s website, which can be seen HERE.

Imperia Online is a very addictive game, but a few of the quests you come across can be annoying. This said, that doesn’t take much away from the fun. The game is very deep and can draw you in very easily and can be a bit of a time sink if you let it. The finite realms keep you engaged and motivate you to go back more, but you probably will anyway! All the achievements are quest related, so if you play enough you will get the completion - nothing is really hard about it. Have fun!

[XBA would like to thank Corrupt. for this Roadmap]

Candidate for quest follower5
Complete 5 quests 

See “Junior quest follower

Junior quest follower5
Complete 10 quests 

You will get this pretty early on in the game, as there are tons of quests to do. You can see how many quests you have completed by clicking on the achievements icon (the trophy) and going all the way to the left. Quests can be anything from training a unit, placing a building or buying wood. Most of the early ones are pretty easy as you will either have what is required to get them done and can place/train/buy etc what you need quickly.

Junior Archery Barracks builder5
Build 2 Archery Barracks in a holding 

This one is very simple and will probably be one of the first achievements you get as it is an early quest. Go to your Town Hall, then to Military Constructions, then to Archery Barracks. Upgrade the barracks to level 2 then claim your reward for this one.

First step towards festivals5
Build level 1 of Town square 

When you get the quest, go to Town Hall, then Economic Constructions, then Town Square. Once this has been built, claim your reward.

Social contacts5
Write a message to a player 

This quest is one of the starting quests, so you can do it straight away. Enter the map, then look around and find a player that is local to you, can tap on them. Select “Message”, them write anything you like and hit send. Once you claim your reward, the achievement will pop.

First steps in royal diplomacy10
Enter into a dynastic marriage 

This one of the more annoying achievements to get, as you will need to do a bit of planning and networking to do this. It will take a bit of time until the quest appears too, so this will likely be one of your last achievements. Basically, you need to marry one of the Great People in your imperial family to one in another player's’ imperial family. To do this, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, you need to be in the same alliance as the other player. You need to know the gamertag of the other person, and have them agree to either marry the person you send or to send you the person you need. The great people both have to be older than 16 and have not been married before (they cannot be a widow/widower). You will need to communicate with the other player to make this happen. You can just send people out and hope for the best, but to guarantee you don’t waste opportunities, plan it out for guaranteed results as you may be sending out people to inactive players. 

Once you have this all set up, there are two possible scenarios.

If you need to send a person out, first open the Palace. Then go to the family tree and select the person you wish to send out, and click “Marry Abroad”. Search for and select the player you wish to send them to and send them. The other person has 24 hours in a regular (or x2) realm, 12 hours in a x4 realm, or 5 hours in a x10 realm to accept the marriage, after which time the person will return home.

If you are receiving a person, you will get a message when they arrive. Open the Palace, go to the Family Tree and click on Marriage Candidate. Click Marry, then chose the great person you need them to marry, then confirm. Once you claim your reward, the achievement will unlock.

Secret Achievements
Economic researcher candidate5
Build University 3 

Once you get the quest, go to Town Hall, then Economic Construction and upgrade the university twice. This won’t take too much resource and won’t take long at all. Claim the award and you will receive the achievement.

Population growth begins5
Research Medicine 1 

You will unlock this during the tutorial, so this will be the first achievement you unlock, and the game will pretty much hold your hand for this one. You need to simply go to the University and research Medicines. Once you have claimed your reward, the achievement will pop.


First step towards banking5
Research Banking 1 

Once the quest has showed up, you need to got to the University and research Banking. A prerequisite for this is that you have Trading researched, so if you haven’t done that first you will need to get that done. Once you have finished researching Banking, grab your reward and the achievement.

Learn how to spy5
Research Espionage 3 

Once you have the quest, go to the Military University, and research Espionage twice. This will put you on level 3 and finish the quest. Once it is done, claim your reward, unlocking the achievement at the same time.

Junior commander of archers5
Research Range Attack 3 

Once you have the quest, go to the Military University, and research Range Attack twice. Your achievement will unlock when you claim your reward.

Junior spy trainer5
Hire and mobilize 50 spies 

This achievement can only be claimed once you have the quest unlocked, however many spies you hire and mobilize. Spies are recruited from the Cavalry Barracks and each spy costs 250 wood and 250 iron, so you will need to invest 12,500 of each resource in total. This quest does complete retroactively, so any spies you have before the quest is unlocked will count towards this. Once you have it done, claim your reward and grab your achievement.

Noble beginning5
Have 6 great people in your empire 

To be able to get this achievement, you need to unlock the quest. This is very late in the quest line as far as achievement related quests go, and you will need to have completed the Dynastic Marriage quest (see “First steps in royal diplomacy”) before you get to it. The actual quest itself isn’t too bad, you will have most if not all 8 or more great people by the time you get to it. Any emperor, nobles or members of the imperial court who are ruling at different posts count as great people. This includes spouses of emperors and nobles, and any children they have. The only tip I can give is make sure your medicine research is high so your people live longer. Claim your reward once you have this to get your achievement.

Junior pilgrim10
Get 2 rewards from the casket in Temple 

As with other achievements in this game, you will need to have this quest unlocked, which is a little ways into the game. The temple is in the top centre of your map, where you can get daily rewards from the caskets. Sometimes you won’t get any reward, but chances are you will. Collect two rewards and then your reward for finishing the quest and this achievement will unlock.

Wise sovereign10
Reach 10 000 net points 

See “Experienced sovereign

Junior lord of populous empire10
Reach 18 000 population in the entire empire  

Once this quest is unlocked, you need to reach or have already reached 18,000 population. Your population will grow organically as you play through and complete other quests, but having a good medicine level will help you as your citizens will live longer. Once the quest is done, collect your award and the achievement will unlock.

Team player10
Make an alliance or join one 

This quest is unlocked from the start, so you can do this any time. You will need to be in an alliance for some of the other quests, so it is advised to join one rather than create one. You can join an alliance by a friend inviting you to one, or by finding somebody in an alliance and sending them an application from their profile. If you want to knock it out quickly, just go to the Alliance menu and creating one. Note that you cannot be in more than one alliance at a time, so if you do this you will need to leave it. Go to Alliance, then Members, select your own name and hit Leave Alliance.

Help with supply wagons20
Send from Caravan Station at least 5000 gold, all at once, to an ally  

This quest is available from the start, but will take a few steps to complete. First of all, you need to build a level 3 Caravan Station. Next, you need to go to the Siege Workshop and hire and mobile three supply wagons - you should be able to finish these for free. Next, you need to send gold to an ally. You need to be in an alliance for this, but do not need to communicate or arrange this with your ally. Send 6,000 gold, as there is a 1,000 gold tax that needs to be included that you need to be aware of. Once you claim your award for this one, the achievement will pop.

Senior sovereign30
Reach 50 000 net points 

See “Experienced sovereign

Experienced sovereign40
Reach 100 000 net points 

For all of the achievements regarding net points, you will need to have the quest unlocked. There are quite a few quests regarding these, but the ones for higher amounts of points will take a bit of getting to. The net point value is the amount of points your empire is worth, and takes into account the size, population, upgrading of buildings, research and recruiting soldiers. It also takes into account how you have allocated your workers. Following the questline is the best way to get your net points value up as it will guide you through how you should ideally be playing through the game. This will be one of the last achievement related quests you earn, if not the last so will likely be the last achievement you get. It will unlock once you claim your reward.


Junior wood seller10
Sell 1000 wood 

Once the quest is unlocked, you need to go to the Marketplace and sell 1000 wood. There is a commission when selling at the Marketplace, so you are selling 1000 at once, you actually need to sell 1111 so there is 1000 left after commission. The game will indicate the market value, so offer your wood out quite a bit below that. Resources can be advertised there for 24 hours, and as soon as somebody buys your wood, your reward will become available. Claim your reward for the achievement..

Junior conqueror20
Take control over 2 provinces 

Once you have the quest available, you need to take control over two provinces. You can either take an empty square or an independent city, but they have to be in a square adjacent to your province. To be able to annex more provinces, you must first research Centralization to certain levels depending on how many provinces you have. Centralization is expensive and will take a while into the game until you can research and afford to research it, but when growing your empire is vital. It is recommended to take over an independent city rather than an empty square if you have the option as it is cheaper and if you take over it will have a larger population and more starting buildings. Just make sure you have a half decent military if the independent city has a large population. You can always send a spy or two there to scope out what you may be dealing with. After your second province is controller, your reward will be available - take it to unlock the achievement.

Small depositor15
Research Banking 5 and take a deposit with small interest 

When the quest is available, you need to research your Banking up to level 5, if you haven’t already. Once you have this, you can make short and long term loans, with varying degrees of interest (you can at lower bank levels, but the interest is negligible). Take out a short term loan, and wait until the end of the term (as short as 4 hours), and when you collect with your interest, your reward will unlock and pop the achievement.

Trade post founder35
Found a trading post 

You can’t start this until you have the quest available. Trading Posts can be found on the map, but you will need a couple of things before you can found one. You will need to research Trade Administration and Trade Logistics to give you the ability, and will need to find an empty trading post on the map. You cannot attack a trading post founded by somebody else, you need to find an empty one. Finding an empty one greatly depends on where you start on the map and if your neighbors are actively playing or not, so there is an element of luck to finding one. Once you have founded your Post, the reward and achievement will unlock.

Junior looter10
Plunder 20000 resource in attacks on independent cities  

Once this quest is available, you need to get 20k in resources across all attacks on independent cities. This is cumulative and takes into account what you have already gained. Every time you attack an independent city and win, your reward will be resources. The size of the city will relate to how much reward you get, but make sure you have plenty of supply caravans to carry your loot as they will leave what they can’t carry. Once you pass 20k, the reward will become available - claim it for your achievement.

Fortress constructor20
Build Fortress 5 

When you have access to this quest, you need to build your Fortress up to level 5. Chances are, your Fortress in your main province will be there or thereabouts - just continue to upgrade it up to 5, and claim your reward for the achievement.

Master of Supply wagons20
Hire 250 Supply wagons 

Once the quest is available, you will need to have hired 250 Supply Wagons cumulative. This takes into account any you have already hired. You will need to first have a Caravan Station, then go to the Siege Workshop to hire more wagons. Once you have 250, claim your reward and achievement.

Junior warrior of honor30
Reach Honor 20 

You will need to wait for this quest to become available before you can get this. To raise your honor level, collect daily bonuses, win field battles and Fortress Sieges losing less than 10% of your soldiers, and kill enemy soldiers. You will lose honor for recalling your army too early (within 15 minutes of sending them), pillaging, and attacking players outside of your range. The description is slightly misleading, as the honor level you need to reach depends on what realm type you are playing in. A x1 realm needs level 20, a x2 needs level 10, and x4 and x10 need levels 5 and 2 respectively. Once you finish the quest, claim your reward for the achievement.

Skillful governor20
Reach governor’s level 10 

Once this quest is given to you, the achievement is available - not before. Any Great Person governing a province will gain experience as you play. The larger the province and higher the population, the faster the experience will be gained and the faster they will level up. You can speed up this process by buying EXP books with the premium currency of diamonds you are given when you start the game. Go into your Great Person’s stats and you will have the option to buy these. Once one gets to level 10, the reward will become available and the achievement will unlock once you claim it.

Skillful general20
Reach general’s level 10 

When the quest is available, you need to assign a Great Person as a general, and raise them up to level 10. The hard way to do this is to be very successful in battle, fighting often against strong opponents always winning with very low losses. Even with a lot of success, you may not get to level 10 before your game ends. The easiest way to do this is buying EXP books with blue diamonds. This is the premium currency in the game, but you are given enough when you start a new realm to buy enough to get you there without spending real money. Go into your Great Person’s stats and you will see the option to use the books.


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