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There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 30
-Online: 2
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3, Adventures, Free Play, and Time Trials
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed?: Kinect, a second human being

All the achievements are fairly simple, except "Platinom Nom Nom". This makes the full 1000/1000 much more difficult, but you can expect an easy 980/1000. Besides that one, this game is more like a 3/10 for difficulty.

Welcome to Kinect Adventures. For the best experience, you should have 6-10 ft. of space between you and your TV for absolute accuracy. Also try to remove any obstacles on your sides if you can, as some of the game requires you to move far left and right. It could be the difference between Gold and Platinum. You may also want to stretch out, because you're going to have to jump around and move a lot. Don't be surprised if you're sore the next day!

There are 5 different activities with each one having 6-9 different levels or courses. The levels for each activity aren't drastically different but there's some variety. This will likely be your first experience with the Kinect sensor so you'll be able to look past some of the repetitiveness of the game. The main chunk of achievements will come through your Adventures, Free Play, and Time Trials playthroughs, with a little cleanup for various other tasks.

General Tips:
20,000 Leaks-
Something you might not realize right away is that for leaks in front of you, you need to lunge or stick your arm ahead of you to plug those leaks. You can't simply wave your hand in that area. More advanced levels will require you to plug leaks on the sides of the tank, as well as areas of the floor. These are hard to miss so make sure to glance down there periodically for the lobsters that poke the holes there. You will also have to plug several holes simultaneously. Use every part of your body, including your chest and head to plug these leaks. Overall these are fairly easy.

River Rush-
In general, you want to take "the high route". I'd also say that 95% of time you want to jump off a ledge or a cliff rather than simply falling off it. Try to figure out what will register as a jump without tiring unnecessarily. You can lean side-to-side for subtle movements, and sidestep for larger moves.

This game is a balance between hitting the ball hard and simply blocking the ball to keep things rolling. Hitting the ball hard will allow you to engulf the ball in flames and will shoot through several blocks. However, if you have multiples going and they happen to be the ones that score bonus pins, it's wise to just keep them all going as long as possible. Always get your hand (or feet or body) in front of the ball before it gets there, rather than simply taking a tennis stroke at it. If you do go for a hard hit, "wind up" your swing without moving your hand away from that area. Missing it would be more crucial than not getting a flame hit. If possible, aim for ball/pin multipliers.

Reflex Ridge-
This, more than any of the games, involves physical activity. This will leave you the most tired and the sorest the next day. Learn what the Kinect registers as a jump because you'll be doing a lot of them. You'll want to jump when you are sure you are clear of obstacles; don't get too fancy. If you need to duck or dodge something, focus on that so you get the pins for avoiding obstacles. Now when the coast IS clear, jumping is very important, as the time bonus is a huge chunk of the pins you get.

Space Pop-
Always pay attention to the edges as bubbles come out where the holes light up. This game sometimes seems hectic, but after 2 or 3 tries you realize there is a certain spot for each pattern where minimal movement is involved and you can collect lots of bubbles by simply standing or floating there. With your arms stretched out, you can collect four rows at a time. With that said remember your moves and be calm but quick with your movements.

Adventures Mode:
Adventures is basically the activities bundled up in groups of 3-5 levels requiring to get a certain medal or complete them under a certain time. There are 3 tiers of difficulties and one final adventure. This breaks down into 3 Basic Adventures, 8 Intermediate Adventures, 8 Advanced Adventures, and The Ultimate Treasure final adventure. None of them are practically hard, and none of them ever require Platinum Medals. This is why it is great to start with Adventures as you can get used to the game and Kinect while completing beginner tasks.

You will unlock various items beating these 20 Adventures:

  • Multiple Achievements
  • 11 Living Statues
  • 10 (5 male, 5 female) Avatar Awards
  • Time Trials

When you earn Living Statues, you should record all of them, and upload one of them. If you forget you can do them later however.

Free Play:
While there are multiple achievements surrounding Free Play, essentially what you need to do get them all in co-op (online or off), and earn a Platinum Medal on every level of every activity. Co-op is a lot of fun, although a bit clumsy. Your best bet is to hope for as many Platinum Medals in co-op as you can then finish the rest by yourself.

Time Trials:
The Time Trials are unlocked throughout Adventures Mode. The requirements are very lax for these as you gain more time by collecting pins.

Once you mop up some uploading, sharing, and viewing achievements, and play both an online AND offline co-op session, you should be done. Congrats on an exhausting 1000!

Best Buds20
Have a friend join you while playing an activity or challenge    (26) 

As soon as your Kinect recognizes a second person this will unlock, no need to even finish the activity or challenge. This will not unlock online, you need another person locally to play with.

Just Like Being There20
Play any individual activity with another player online    (66) 

From the Main Menu, select Play Online. Select one of your friends if they are playing or select Random Player to match up with someone other than one of your friends. Complete any activity regardless of score.

See a photo get taken    (8) 

See "Captured Captions."

View a saved photo    (3) 

From the Main Menu, go to Show Off & Share. Now select Photos, then select a day where photos were taken and view them.

Recording Artist20
Record 2 Living Statues    (1) 

See "Recording Master."

Recording Thespian30
Record 6 Living Statues    (2) 

See "Recording Master."

Sharing Is Caring20
Upload, or see someone upload a Living Statue or photo to the Internet    (5) 

After you earn a statue in Adventures Mode you can record a "living" one and then after choose to upload it. If you skip this step Statues are also located in the Show Off & Share section. You can then record, view, or upload them there as well.

Variety Pack20
Play all activities in Free Play    (1) 

Complete one level of each activity.

  • 20,000 Leaks
  • River Rush
  • Rallyball
  • Reflex Ridge
  • Space Pop
Captured Captions30
See 10 different captions on your photos    (4) 

By default, photos are set to [ON]. There are usually 3 photos taken per activity, so you should have 10 after about 4 of them.

Shining Example40
Get a Gold Medal in all activities in Free Play    (8) 

Earn at least one Gold Medal in each of the five activities.

Play every level in Free Play    (5) 

Each activity consists of nine levels, except River Rush, which only has six (for a total of 42). Complete each one of the them in Free Play once regardless of score. Try to do this in conjunction with "That's What I Call Teamwork!"

Basic Training20
Earn a Silver Medal, or see one earned, in all Basic Free Play levels    (2) 

See "Solid Gold."

Silver Spoon30
Earn a Silver Medal, or see one earned, in all Intermediate Free Play levels    (3) 

See "Solid Gold."

Shining Advancement40
Earn a Silver Medal, or see one earned, in all Advanced Free Play levels    

See "Solid Gold."

14k Gold30
Earn a Gold Medal, or see one earned, in all Basic Free Play levels    (8) 

See "Solid Gold."

18k Gold40
Earn a Gold Medal, or see one earned, in all Intermediate Free Play levels    (2) 

See "Solid Gold."

Solid Gold50
Earn a Gold Medal, or see one earned, in all Advanced Free Play levels    (9) 

Unlike "Shining Example", you will need to get Gold in all 42 levels spanning the five activities if you want all these medal achievements. Each activity has 3 of each Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels, except River Rush which has two of each.

Participate in the reward ceremony for the Space Loot Adventure     (3) 

See "Fulfilled Your Destiny."

Davy Jones' Blocker30
Participate in the reward ceremony for the Sunken Treasure Adventure     (3) 

See "Fulfilled Your Destiny."

Participate in the reward ceremony for the Around the World Adventure     

See "Fulfilled Your Destiny."

Warm up25
Participate in all Basic Adventures' reward ceremonies     (2) 

See "Fulfilled Your Destiny."

Participate in all Intermediate Adventures' reward ceremonies     (5) 

See "Fulfilled Your Destiny."

Advanced Degree75
Participate in all Advanced Adventures' reward ceremonies     (7) 

See "Fulfilled Your Destiny."

Fulfilled Your Destiny50
Participate in every Adventure reward ceremony     (4) 

A ceremony takes place after you have beaten an Adventure set and earned a patch. Along the way you'll earn Living Statues, Avatar Awards, and of course, all these Adventure achievements. There are 3 Basic, 8 Intermediate, 8 Advanced, and The Ultimate Treasure! final adventure.

Recording Master50
Record all 11 Living Statues    (24) 

You earn statues playing through the Adventures Mode. If you skip over the recording part after you earn them, you can go to the Show Off & Share section and record any you accidentally missed.

Time Flies30
Successfully complete all Reflex Ridge time challenges, or see them completed    (8) 

See "Court Adjourned."

Happily Ever Rafter30
Successfully complete all River Rush time challenges, or see them completed    (2) 

See "Court Adjourned."

Court Adjourned30
Successfully complete all Rallyball time challenges, or see them completed    (11) 

The time challenges are located under the Main Menu but you have to play through Adventures Mode to unlock them all. If you capable of getting Gold on other activities these time challenges should be easy. Just collect pins to keep your time going.

Secret Achievements
That's What I Call Teamwork!50
Played all levels with multiple players    (98) 

The description is a bit deceptive, you just need to play all 42 levels in 2-player mode, regardless of score. Must be done in Free Play.

Oooh... Shiny!10
Earned a Platinum Medal, or saw one earned, in any level    (16) 

Best done on a Basic difficulty level. Rallyball seems to have easy Platinum requirements. You get great bonuses in this activity if you can clear the board fast and this is easy to do if you happen to hit a multi-ball in the beginning. Only unlocks in Free Play.

Jump The Shark10
Made the shark jump while recording the Dive In! Living Statue    (17) 

Simply jump in the air while recording your Living Statue of the shark.

Platinom Nom Nom20
Earned a Platinum Medal, or saw one earned, in all Free Play levels     (97) 

The hardest achievement in the game obviously. Remember, if you received Platinum in Adventures Mode, this does not count, you have to do them all in Free Play. While it is a blast to play co-op it doesn't seem to offer any advantages so it's best to attempt this solo. Some games require a lot of jumping and sidestepping so you'll likely get tired. Make sure you are well rested for the more grueling of activities.

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US November 04, 2010

Kinect: Required
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