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Lord of the Prance

Equip yourself with Dazzle Wig, Mithril Rhythm Stick and Mithril Dance Boots.  

Dazzle Wig:

  • Needed: Fire Cracker Bow or Saruman, Bilbo's Fishing Ability
  • Treasure: Found in Chapter 10, “Flies and Spiders” in the section “The Elves of Mirkwood”, you will need a Fire Cracker Bow or Saruman to break the Mithril brick. Then, enter the secret area. Inside on to your right you'll see a skeleton next to a jacuzzi. You need to use Bilbo's fishing ability to fish for the Dazzle Wig in the jacuzzi.

Mithril Rhythm Stick:

  • Location: High Fells – “Bop ’til You Drop” (The High Fells, Night)
  • Cost: 1,000,000 Studs
  • Loot Material: 7 Mithril, 30 Sapphires, 20 Fish, 10 Gold
  • Needed: Saruman
  • Design: Travel to Rivendell. This is found at the southern edge of the area. Look for a rowboat in the roaring waters, and hop in. Row the boat to the left to reach a tiny island by some waterfalls. Use Saruman to break open the Mithril chest here, revealing the design.

Mithril Dance Boots:

  • Location: By water – “Two Left Feet” (Day)
  • Cost: 85,000 Studs
  • Loot Material: 5 Mithril, 10 Rubies, 10 Leather, 10 Carrots
  • Needed: Elf
  • Design: Travel to Rivendell. To reach this, you have to head through the passage at the eastern edge of the zone (the door icon). This leads to a rope coursed area. Use an acrobat like Legolas to cross the tightropes and flip poles; pull all three levers to reveal the schematic.

When you have collected both schematics, go to the Blacksmith in Bree. You have to craft the Mithril Rhythm Stick and Dance Boots there. Equip all three items and achievement will unlock.

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