Mad Tracks

Mad Tracks Achievement Guide

Guide By: infradude and Imapimp420o
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Bronze Rumble10
Gather at least 11 Bronze medals      

Finish third in a race 11 times in adventure mode. Can be done by achieving 11 silver or gold medals.

Can’t pick this10
Do not pick up any power ups for 3 laps in ‘Black Out’   

Finish the race 'Black Out' without picking up any of the power ups. Simple. Does not matter if you are first or last.

Win a pool game without pocketing the black ball    

Pocket all the balls that are your color but don't pocket the black ball. Probably the easiest achievement in the game.

Real fun10
Finish 5 challenges with friends on split screen   

Play local multiplayer 5 times with someone else.

Treasure hunt15
Find 5 golden flags in ‘Black out’     

You will need to set it so you will not spawn back to the race when you get lost. You can change this in options in the main menu.

Golden Flag #1 - It is in the drip tray.

Golden Flag #2 - Keep going around untill you are on the table, drive off of it and it right by the trash can you will see it.

Golden Flag #3 - Keep driving around and you will see the third under a bench seat in the corner.

Golden Flag #4 - Go back a little and you will see a ramp leading up to the 4th flag.

Golden Flag #5 - Go back down the ramp and you will see that the floor is elevated to your right. Keep following it around until you see a small ramp you can go up and it is to your right behind where the column was.

Unlock all power ups    

All you have to do for this achievement is to beat the game in adventure mode, doesn't matter where you place.

Chain racing15
Finish ‘Toy Race’ 20 times in a row    

Can be done in arcade or adventure mode. Just play the race 'Toy Race' 20 times in a row. Takes about 20-30 minutes.

Alien Hunt20
Find 5 golden Aliens in ‘Toy Race’     

Alien #1 - right behind you when you start. You have to be quick about it because it will reset you.

Alien #2 - when you start your incline down use a speed rocket as you approch the ramp to get to the next level where you will see the second alien.

Alien #3 - before you rush down from getting the second alien, stay near the edge to see the third over by the boxes in middle of two big stacks. It is hard to see but look for it on the right side.

Alien #4 - after you pass the UFO keep going straight. You will see a ramp; make sure you have a rocket and when you get up near the wall use the rocket to reach the alien before the game resets you.

Alien #5 - at the very end instead of going through the finish line go around it to collect the last alien.

Gold Struggle20
Gather all 15 Gold medals    

Finish first place in every race in adventure mode. If you bought the other two map packs you could finish 5 races in each first place and you'll get the achievement etc.

Finish 1st 5 times in a row against 5 hard NPC on ‘Speed Racer’     

Go into arcade mode and set the race to Speed Racer, while in the gaming lobby you are player one, make five other AI's (player 2, player 3, player 4, player 5, and player 6) Set the AI to Hard by pressing RB and LB, Beat the race five times in a row. Do not set the car to sport! It is much easier.

Ultra Fast Food40
Beat 1m15sec on 'Fast Food'    (3) 

The hardest achievement in Mad Tracks is Ultra Fast Food hands down. Play the race 'Fast Food' in arcade mode and set your car to sport. You will need to boost a lot for there are 2 laps in the race.

Silver Fight15
Gather at least 12 Silver medals     

Finish in either first or second place in twelve races in adventure mode.

Game Info
Load Inc


US May 30, 2007

HDD Space Required : 45.00 MB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $9.99USD
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