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From the Shadows

Finish arcade mode with each Hidden character (Marvel vs. Capcom)  

Clear arcade mode with the games 6 hidden characters to unlock this achievement. There are two ways to use the hidden characters. The first is to input a code at the character select screen. The character select screen has an invisible timer, so you’ll need to have the code ready to input so the game doesn’t auto-select a character for you. 

Also note that when you're using codes, you’re not able to select a hidden character after you've already chosen your first character. It’s just because of the way you input the code and the inability to select a character you’ve already chosen.

Gold War Machine - Highlight Zangief then press:  x2,  x2,   x2,  x2,  x2,   x4,  x2,  x2,  x4,   x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x5

Hyper Venom - Highlight Chun-Li then press:  x4,  x4,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x4,  x2, 

Lilith - Highlight Zangief, then press:  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x4,  x2,  x4,  x4,  x2,  x4,  x2,  x4, 

Orange Hulk – Highlight Chun-Li then press:  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x4,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x4,  x4, 

Roll – Highlight Zangief then press:  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2 

Shadow Lady –  Highlight Morrigan then press:  x2,  x4,  x2,  x4  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x2,  x5

The other way to use the hidden characters is by unlocking them in the vault. As you play through the game, you’ll unlock vault points, which can be used to unlock rewards in the vault. It costs 150 points to unlock each character. Once you unlock them from the vault, you can select them by navigating outside the normal boundaries of the character select screen. 

If you're going for all the achievements, you should be able to get more than enough points to unlock them all, as long as you don't spend your points on other items beforehand.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by chrisarcade
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 @ 04:44:07 PM

Apparently there's 6 hidden characters..I have 4 of them, Morrigan, Venom, Roll and War Machine. Who r the other 2 ones and how do u get them?

Comment #2 by downown99
Monday, November 19, 2012 @ 09:03:12 PM

Roll, Gold War Machine, Shadow Lady, Orange Hulk, Red Venom, & Lilith...i've beat the game with them all several times but still no achievement...guess you gotta do them all before you leave the game:(

Comment #3 by downown99
Monday, November 19, 2012 @ 09:06:28 PM

found this after posting

btw the code is for getting the character (its a cheat code)

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