Merv Griffin's Xwords

Merv Griffin's Xwords Achievement Guide

Guide By: ConfederateSuga
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Crosswords Contestant10
Complete an online multiplayer game.   
See "Champion"
Complete an online game in first place.   
The online portion in this game is pretty much dead. You'll just have to boost your win/game, but your in luck because matching up should be simple. Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find a boosting partner.
Timed Mode Novice10
Complete a puzzle in timed mode in under 30:00 minutes.   
See "Timed Mode Hero"
Take the lead10
Come back from a deficit of more than $5000.    
This one is easy. Purposely miss enough questions to get to -$5000 and then start trying. You can pause at any time and research the answer, and can play on any difficulty (Easy).
No Peeking10
Win a normal difficulty game without using any hints.    
Again, you can pause the game at any time to research the answer. DO NOT hit at any time during this game.
Big Spender15
Bet $10,000 or more of your money on an Extra and win the question.    
Another easy one. In order to place a $10,000 bet, you must have $10,000 won already. When you get a bonus question, wager $10,000 and try answering the question correctly. Pick your favorite category (likely Video Games) and attempt to answer and if you're stuck, pause and research the internet.
Start an online multiplayer game as a spoiler and take over a front podium.   (1) 
This one is pretty simple, as well. Just go into an online match with 2-3 other people and hope you start as a spoiler. Act fast and answer correctly to take a front podium. Again, you'll likely need to boost this.

Achievement Trading Thread
Get a front podium back after losing one to a spoiler.   
Simple. Purposely miss a few questions while in the front podium until a spoiler takes your spot. Once you occupy a spoiler podium, answer a question correctly and reclaim one of the front podiums.
Timed Mode Adept20
Complete a puzzle in timed mode in under 15:00 minutes.   
See "Timed Mode Hero"
Timed Mode Hero25
Complete a puzzle in timed mode in under 6:00 minutes.   
This one can be hard, depending on how fast you read the questions and how fast you enter them in. Pause, and use the internet to research answers.
Win every trip possible.   
Every time you play a game, you have a chance to win up to 3 trips. There are a LOT of trips to be won, and you just need to keep playing. You can win 2 trips during the regular rounds and you have a shot at getting a third if you win the bonus round. Play on Easy with No Spoilers.
Sunday Best25
Win 5 games with 'Sunday' puzzles on Expert difficulty.    
This one sounds more intimidating than it really is. Since this one isn't timed, you can take your time answering the questions. Just be sure to ring in quick, because your opponent hardly ever gets an incorrect answer.

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