Metal Slug XX

Metal Slug XX Achievement Guide

Guide By: PineappleJoe
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Mission 1 Clear10
Clear the 1st mission.    
See "Mission All Clear".
Mission 2 Clear10
Clear the 2nd mission.    
See "Mission All Clear".
Mission 3 Clear10
Clear the 3rd mission.    
See "Mission All Clear".
Mission 4 Clear10
Clear the 4th mission.    
See "Mission All Clear".
Mission 5 Clear10
Clear the 5th mission.    
See "Mission All Clear".
Mission 6 Clear10
Clear the 6th mission.    
See "Mission All Clear".
Mission 7 Clear10
Clear the 7th mission.    
See "Mission All Clear".
Mission All Clear30
Clear all the missions.    (2) 
Shoot everything that moves. Seriously. You can get all these achievements simply by putting the game on beginner difficulty, choosing any character and going through all seven missions, as long as you keep firing and throwing grenades you should be fine. All bosses have fairly obvious weak points and will blink a yellow colour when you are doing damage to them. Some people have had problems with the tiny wind up boxes, these are small yellow boxes with a crank on them, simply line yourself up with them and hammer quickly to turn the crank and gain the result.
Metal Slug XX Master50
Clear all the missions without continue.   (10) 
Good luck with this, I suggest playing on beginner and choosing Ralph as he seems to get a free life every so often. He can be knocked down and not die, unlike the other characters. Learn the levels, boss patterns and progress at your own speed. Don't rush off into a level and pay attention to where all your enemies are.
Frontal Attack15
Use a frontal attack to kill boss.   (1) 
The description for this achievement "Use a frontal attack to kill boss" can be misleading. What it requires you to do is finish off the first boss (at least that's where I did it) using the "Special Attack" of the metal slug. Grab the metal slug (Tank thing) in the third main area of level 1 (You can do this on beginner to make it easier) and keep it with you all the way to the boss (Next area). Now shoot the boss until it's nearly dead (It should look fairly shabby and be smoking a lot) then when it pops out to your right, hit and you will jump out of the metal slug allowing it to do a sort of kamikaze attack on the boss, if you kill it doing this, the achievement will unlock.
100 MORDEN Soldiers15
The 100 hiden MORDEN soldiers appear.   (3) 
There are 100 P.O.Ws (Guys with long hair tied up and hidden in levels) who need to be rescued, there are a 100 in total and as long as you have rescued them once, regardless of if you die as long as you complete the level they will be saved. HOWEVER I have saved all 100 and the achievement still hasn't unlocked.
The Paths of Fate20
Find all the paths.   (1) 
Although it sounds hard to find all the different paths through the levels, it only applies to a few. With the level select feature you can just go back and find the next path after you have completed the level.

In the first mission, there are two routes you can take. When you get to the area with the tank you will see a barrel of TNT and some rubble, you can blow it up and continue to the right. Or crouch down and walk underneath the platform with the tank on to fall into a new area.

In the fifth mission, there are three routes you can take. At the end of the second area (with all the parachuting) you can either continue to the right, or go left through the wall into a secret passage that ends in a teleportation tube. You can also jump over this tube to get to the secret alien base.

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