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Guide By: Ryot Control
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline 20/20 (200)
-Online 0/20 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 50+ Hours (Due to luck based achievements).
-Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple plays through five themes.
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Welcome to the Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) Roadmap! Microsoft Jackpot is a free to play game available on the Win 8 platform that simulates the gameplay of five unique themed slot machines. The achievements are based on the accumulation of coins earned in game, the levels to unlock all betting values and the themed, luck based achievements on each board. 

Money Management and the Level Grind:
The most involved achievement in this game requires you to reach level 70 to unlock the final bet value for the, “Sky’s the Limit” achievement. To reach level 70, the player must simply spend coins to earn experience, no winning required. So the root to completing this game involves earning enough coins to play.

As a free to play game, it is designed to provide you a small allowance of 750 coins every 30 min as a reward for watching one of their streaming advertisements. (There is also an option to earn 25 clovers which supposedly improve chances for successful payouts, but the difference seems negligible). Unless specified otherwise, most luck based achievements can be earned on the lowest denomination of 20 coins per spin and only influence the payoff multiplier. 

There are three, “legit” ways to bankroll the cumulative 100k and one-million coins. The first would be just to be very lucky and pull good payoffs, which is highly improbable. The second way to farm coins requires the player to watch the advertisement every 30 minutes. The internal windows clock can be manipulated to advance the timer, but may become a time consuming grind. The final way would be to simply pay for the coins; and as easy as it is to fall into that convenience, will still not help you with your luck in unlocking other achievements and is highly not recommended either.

(DISCLAIMER: MAY BE PATCHED IN FUTURE UPDATES) There is one exploit that can be taken advantage for low risk, high return payoffs; but this method requires for you to be at least level 13 to have the WILD OCEANS theme unlocked. 

The scatter bonus for WILD OCEANS is called "Deep Dive" and requires three sea turtles to appear anywhere on the play area in one spin. For the sake of the coin grind, the player will be playing minimum 20 coin bets on fast play to expedite the grind. When two sea turtles appear on the playfield, the game will begin to slow the final two reels for dramatic effect. In this time frame, begin tapping on the,”MAX BET” button below your total bet indicator. If there is a winning payout on the board in addition to your scatter bonus, the game will have a very small window of opportunity that will allow you to max your bet BEFORE ENTERING DEEP DIVE. This allows the player to increase the multiplier of the Deep Dive bonus spins with the minimal risk of 20 coins a spin. Repeat as necessary to generate the revenue to reach level 70. 

Mo Money, No Problems:
Once the money is no longer an issue, it is simply a matter of luck to successfully fulfill the requirements for the remaining achievements. Unless directed otherwise, all achievements can be achieved on the 20 coin minimum bet.

This game is a nice distraction to play while your attention is focused somewhere else. Once the coin financing issue in the game has been addressed, it is a matter of relying on time and dumb luck for the spins to give you exactly what you need for this completion.

[XBA would like to thank Ryot Control for this RoadMap]

Deep Blue5
Unlocked the treasure chest in Wild Ocean   

The scatter bonus for the WILD OCEAN slot machine is activated by getting three sea turtles on the playfield in one spin. To unlock this achievement, the player must roll thirteen sea turtles in one bonus session of Deep Dive to reach the treasure chest bonus. After three and eight sea turtles have been rolled, the player must choose between three bubbles for up to three additional bonus spins. The achievement will unlock once the player successfully receives the treasure chest bonus.

Unlocked the Wild Ocean theme   (2) 

The WILD OCEAN theme becomes unlocked when the player reaches level 13. Keep gambling coins to earn enough experience to meet the requirements for this achievement.

Sky's the Limit10
Unlocked all bet amounts   

To unlock the final bet amount, the player must attain level 70. See the roadmap for guidance on how to reach level 70.

The Completionist15
Completed one of each Collection type   

As the player gambles coins, special collection icons (Cherry / Bell / Triple Bar) will be randomly be revealed on the final reel in gold. Once all three collections has reached level two, (i.e. finding 50 of each) this achievement will unlock. There is no way to control what type is collected, but the amount collected is determined by the size of the player’s bet.

Let's Go Streaking10
Got a payout for 10 spins in a row   (1) 

To earn this achievement, the player must have ten consecutive spins that result in a pay reward. The best place to attempt this achievement would be during the DEEP DIVE scatter bonus on the WILD OCEAN theme. As the player successfully progresses the bonus, the additional wilds increases the probability that the next spin will be successful. The achievement unlocks immediately after the tenth successful spin.

Reached a lifetime total of 1,000,000 coins   (1) 

This is a cumulative achievement that is simply unlocked after you have won a total of one million coins. This may or may not include coins purchased with cash. 

World Tour10
Played only one spin in each theme consecutively   (3) 

The final theme, YEAR OF THE DRAGON is unlocked when the player reaches level 18. When all five themes are made available, play only one spin of any value on each theme. Achievement will unlock after the 5th bet is made on the 5th theme.

Bettin' Man5
Used 5 different bet amounts in 5 consecutive spins   

To unlock this achievement, the player must be at least level 9 to unlock the 500 coin betting value. On any theme, play the 20, 40, 100, 200 and 500 bet values consecutively. Achievement will unlock after the 500 coin bet results.

Easy Street5
Used autoplay 10 times in a row   

The AUTO PLAY button is located on the right side of the playfield above the FAST PLAY button and to the left of the SPIN button. For the sake of earning the achievement, set your total bet to 20 coins, and click the AUTO PLAY button to let the game automatically run its course. The achievement will unlock after the tenth spin results.

Choose Wisely10
Entered the treasure chamber 5 times in Treasure of the Ancients   

Ancient Temple is the scatter bonus for the TREASURES OF THE ANCIENTS theme and is activated by getting three green native masks on the playfield in one spin. In the bonus feature, the player will pick from a number of stones to reveal coins, keys to continue to the next bonus or a skull to end the bonus feature. Reveal three keys without finding a skull to reach the final treasure chamber where you use the keys for additional coins. Reach that final treasure chamber five times to unlock this achievement.

Feline Lucky10
Got 5 jaguars in a row during a single spin in Treasure of the Ancients - wilds count!   

Jaguars are actually two different icons in the TREASURE OF THE ANCIENTS theme. One is the obviously the cat like tile, the other not so obvious one is actually the green masked icon. (Turns out it is a jaguar mask.) Align five similar tiles (to include WILD tiles) to a payline to unlock this achievement.

Sweet Tooth15
Reached the final candy box in Sweet Riches   (2) 

Taste Test is the scatter bonus for the SWEET RICHES theme and is activated by getting three chocolate boxes on the playfield in one spin. In the bonus feature, the player must choose from a selection of chocolate and match filling colors to get various amounts of bonus coins. While trying to avoid three “strikes,” the player must find the required number colored fillings for any bonus for three box challenges to reach the final candy box. The achievement unlocks once the player completes the final candy box.

Sugar Rush10
Got the 3x candy cannon multiplier in Sweet Riches   

The unique bonus to the SWEET RICHES theme is the potential for multiple payoffs on a single bet. As payoffs are cleared from the field, more candy drops from the top with the chance to create additional winning combinations. Above the SPIN button is an indicator of the current bonus multiplier that is dependent on how many candies have been cleared from the play field. Clear enough candy to receive a x3 bonus in one spin to unlock this achievement.

Ocean's 1010
Got 10 or more wilds during a single free spin in Wild Ocean   (4) 

The scatter bonus for the WILD OCEAN slot machine is activated by getting three sea turtles on the playfield in one spin. As the bonus feature progresses past three and eight revealed sea turtles, key icons will be converted to WILDS icons. Closer to the end of the bonus feature the player will have three total sea creature icons converted to WILDS icons and allow the best opportunity to unlock this achievement. The achievement unlocks the moment ten or more WILDS icons are on the playfield at one time.

Light Up the Sky10
Launched 3 or more fireworks in a single game of Year of the Dragon   

The scatter bonus for the YEAR OF THE DRAGON slot machine is activated by getting three lit firecrackers on the playfield in one spin. As the bonus feature progresses, blue rockets will appear to advance the multiplier bonus. On occasion three blue rockets will appear on the playfield on one spin and the player will be prompted to choose one; which will result in additional bonus spins. The achievement will unlock when the player gets the chance for bonus spins three times in a single bonus round.

Lion Tamer10
Got 3 lions during one spin in Year of the Dragon   

The unique bonus to the YEAR OF THE DRAGON theme is called the, “Lion Dance” and is randomly activated by just playing the YEAR OF THE DRAGON theme. When the Lion Dance activates, a number of Chinese lions will affect the reels to add additional WILDS icons. When at least three lions affect the playfield, the achievement will unlock.

Not So Fast10
Captured any villain in Jackpots Are Forever   

The scatter bonus for the JACKPOTS ARE FOREVER slot machine is activated by getting three diamonds on the playfield in one spin. “Getaway” is unique as the player must roll more WILDS than the villain before they reach the end to “capture” them. Choose EASY when given the option for difficulty for a higher chance for success. The achievement will unlock after the successful capture of any of the four villains.

Good Intel10
Triggered the Villain Wilds feature for all four villains in Jackpots Are Forever   

Villian’s Wild is actually not the scatter bonus but an event that activates randomly while playing the JACKPOTS ARE FOEREVR theme. There are four unique villain dossiers that can appear when activated and the achievement will unlock after the fourth character bonus has completed.

Nest Egg15
Had a balance of 100,000 coins   

This achievement requires a total balance of 100,000 coins available to the player. This can be done by any of the coin farming methods mentioned in the roadmap. Once this sum has been reached, the achievement will unlock.

Daily Allowance10
Collected the 5th daily coin bonus   

A time based achievement. The player will be rewarded for returning to the game every 24 hours with larger amounts of coins every consecutive day. Simply boot the game every day for five consecutive days or manipulate the computer’s internal clock for this achievement to unlock on the fifth day.

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US July 03, 2014

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