Microsoft Jigsaw

Microsoft Jigsaw Achievements

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Into a Jam5
Complete the first pack of Jigsaw Jam.   (1) 
Speed Demon10
Complete a Jigsaw Jam pack with 3 minutes or more to spare on the clock.   (1) 
First Unlock5
Unlock a puzzle in Classic Jigsaw.   (1) 
Easy on the Eye5
Complete 10 Easy puzzles in Classic Jigsaw.    (1) 
Came to Play5
Play your first Daily Challenge.   (3) 
Create a custom puzzle and export it.   (3) 
Jiggity Jig10
Complete 15 Medium puzzles in Classic Jigsaw.    (1) 
Tough Cookie10
Complete 20 Hard puzzles in Classic Jigsaw.    (1) 
Earn all four difficulty stars on any 10 Classic Jigsaw puzzles.    (1) 
Hungry for Puzzles10
Unlock all of the puzzles in the Food Collection.   (1) 
Puzzle Expert10
Complete a puzzle in Classic Jigsaw at Expert difficulty in less than 60 minutes.    (2) 
Chain Reactor10
Complete Jigsaw Jam Pack 2-6 without breaking an Accuracy Chain.   
Jam King15
Get 3 stars in every pack of the first two Jigsaw Jam collections.   (2) 
High Scorer10
Achieve a score of more than 50,000 in a single Jam Pack.   
Go for the Bronze10
Win 12 bronze Daily Challenge badges.   (5) 
Go for the Silver10
Win 10 silver Daily Challenge badges.   (1) 
Away from the Edge15
Complete an Expert Classic Jigsaw puzzle by finishing the interior before attaching any edge pieces.    (6) 
Great Expert15
Complete 25 Expert puzzles in Classic Jigsaw.    (5) 
Jigsaw Jammer10
Complete two Collections in Jigsaw Jam.   (1) 
Go for the Gold15
Win 8 gold Daily Challenge badges.   (1) 

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