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I’m Rich!

Gather 5000000 gold  

Note that this achievement is cumulative and does not need to be done in a single playthrough.

Gold comes in many shapes and sizes throughout the levels. It starts as small coins and eventually turns into jewels and gems as you progress to higher and higher levels, with each being worth increasingly more gold. Gold items will eventually reach a maximum value around level 30 or so, and at that point the treasure chests, which are often behind walls, are worth the most amount of money. Naturally you'll want to uncover as many tiles as possible in each level to collect all of the gold in each level. However, there are some tips that will help you get as much gold as possible. Here's the best way to maximize the gold you collect:

  1. Every fifth level (level 5, 10, 15, etc.), which is the last level before a Mummy Shop, will ALWAYS contain a bunch of treasure chests behind walls. Because of this ALWAYS save your dynamite for these levels.
  2. Playing a bonus level automatically grants you a clover power-up which doubles the value of all gold you collect. To exploit this, DO NOT collect gold during the level until after you uncover as many tiles as possible. If you collect all of the gold in the level only to uncover a bonus level near the end, you just missed out on doubling all of the gold you just collected in that level.
  3. Putting 1 and 2 together, if you find a bonus level on one of the fifth levels, you stand to make a ridiculous amount of profit if you use your dynamite to uncover all of the treasure chests after you've gotten the clover power-up.
  4. Because of the previous 3 tips, ALWAYS refill your dynamite bag completely at every Mummy Shop. Once you find a bonus level and double the value of all gold, you'll want to collect everything in the level to get as much gold as possible.
  5. Always check the entire map for bonus levels. When you get to the later levels (30+), you'll be getting a solid 32,000 gold per bonus level. Sometimes you'll even get double that, and leave a bonus level with a hefty 64,000 gold!

This will likely be one of the last achievements unlock in this game, especially depending on how long it takes for all of the upgrades to show up in the Mummy Shop for you. You can view your progress at the main menu to see your cumulative total.

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